hadley played this part so well

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Whay.. why Tom kissed a guy!? it's a part of a scene of coriolanus or what? @.@

Hehe, it’s a scene from Coriolanus, between the title character and Aufidius, played by Hadley Fraser. 

Now, it’s been years since I read the play, but I definitely remember getting homoerotic subtext between those two characters. They’re so obsessed with one another that it gets a little…well, heated.

In fact, there’s even…hang on let me find it…

Here we go:


Know thou first,
I loved the maid I married; never man
Sigh’d truer breath; but that I see thee here,
Thou noble thing! more dances my rapt heart
Than when I first my wedded mistress saw
Bestride my threshold. 

Basically, this is Elizabethan for: “Yo, Coriolanus is so hot – he’s hotter than my wife was on our wedding night, ya feel me?”

But wait there’s more!


I have nightly since
Dreamt of encounters ‘twixt thyself and me;
We have been down together in my sleep,
Unbuckling helms, fisting each other’s throat,
And waked half dead with nothing.


Aufidius is dreaming about battlefield ‘encounters’ with Coriolanus. They’ve been 'down together,’ 'unbuckling’ things, and 'fisting’ body parts.

So yeah. 

- Mona