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inspired by pjo ship week 3: silena beauregard & charles beckendorf

(in the order that fit best on the graphic) badlydrawnpj | hadesgymshorts | heyannabeth | percyourhero | reynajellybeans | the-olympus | olympiandemigods

I love each one of you and your beautiful, flawless blogs. <3

art credit: chloisssx3 on deviantart

Today (04/12) it’s the birthday of one of the most amazing graphic makers from this fandom! Nica darling, i wish you THE BEST, hope you have an amazing birthday! I don’t even know if you’ll see this today (i understand you’re in semi-hiatus) but i just want you to know how much i admire you. Thank for being there for me, not only for sharing Jeyna feels, but for everything really.

I love you sweetie, have a great birthday <3