they say he stole her,
as if Persephone were only something to be coveted
and not a goddess in her own right,
as if she were not as feared in their realm as he.

they say that he corrupted her,
that Hades’s flower wilted under the stench of his death
but they forget that Spring is rebirth,
that if anyone could be touched by the underworld and flourish,
that it would be her.

they say that he tricked her,
that she did not want to stay.
but they forget how the winter drags on,
how each year it creeps in sooner,
leaving bones aching for a hint of her warmth,
and it is not because he will not let her leave
it is because
she does not want to go.

—  C.B. 
Did he visit you, after he stole your memory?
‘No,’ Bob murmured. His lower lip quivered. ‘The other one did.’
Percy’s thoughts moved sluggishly. ‘The other one?’
‘Nico.’ Bob scowled at him, his eyes full of hurt. ‘Nico visited. Told me about Percy. Said Percy was good. Said he was a friend. That is why Bob helped.’
‘But …’ Percy’s voice disintegrated like someone had hit it with a Celestial bronze blade. He’d never felt so low and dishonourable, so unworthy of having a friend.

The House of Hades by Rick Riordan

This is terrible, really. It shatters my heart in million pieces.

I love Nico, he himself is so often forgotten that he never forgets about other people. He has a big heart, it’s just that he shows it to very few people. 

  • Percy: Nico can you pass the jelly beans?
  • Nico: no.
  • Percy: please?
  • Nico: no.
  • Percy: whyyyyy!
  • Nico: because they're not your type.
  • Percy: bu-wait-HEY! THATS MY LINE!
  • Nico: Nico says no.

Persephone (/pərˈsɛfəni/, Περσεφόνη)

She loved her power,
the Queen of the Dead,
to forever reign
in the fires of hell.
She wore her crown
like a beacon;
a beautiful queen,
plotting against her king.
They never wanted you
to know the hunger of Persephone,
how she starved for something
other than pomegranates.  (x)

- A stranger is one who feels unsettled wherever he goes. He will continue to do so till he reaches his home i.e. paradise.

- A traveller is one who is usually light in possession. The lighter his bags, faster is his clearance.

- A traveller is always prepared to go home.

- Nothing is more comfortable for a stranger and a traveller than home.

May Allah make us live like a traveller and guide us always in this travel to Jannah.

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you’re all dead to me.
—  something we know Hades has said to the other Olympians. oh the irony.