hades stop it

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Hades is not Hell

Hades is just where people go after they die there’s no suffering no fire it’s just where you go unless you’re really fuckin bad then they chuck you into Tartarus

Stop applying Western Christianity symbolism to a mutitheistic religion that isn’t even remotely similar I’m begging you please


“Also, I will not tolerate cusses in this household, Nico.”

a headcanon, leaning on meta: bianca was supposed to the prophecy child. you know how the pjato prophecy said that it would be a child of the big three, but it never specified, and over time everyone just reached a consensus that percy was the prophecy child because thalia and nico’s chances were cancelled out? well, clearly, thalia passed the responsibility to percy and hades tried to trap percy so nico could be the prophecy child, so this gives off the idea that the position was open to any of them, but what if it wasn’t? what if bianca was literally supposed to be the prophecy child, what if the fates literally had her name written down, set in stone, chosen from the beginning, but it never happened, because she died so quickly. it’s a possibility, so humor me and just… imagine

Heavens help the fool who crosses her,
My springtime hurricane,
She can woo men with her beauty
And tear them down in the same breath.

My celestial goddess,
Made of iron and roses,
Wrapped in the moonlight she dances in when the sun has grown tired of her basking.
She’s unstoppable and undeniable,
And in such a way fit to be the wife
Of a god with an unmovable heart
But she moves it everyday, anyway.
Just like her to be so stubborn.

Heavens help the fool who crosses her, not because I am her husband, but because she is my wife,
All beauty and terrifying justice
Far too fierce to ever be stopped.

—  A.E.C || Hades on Persephone
Song of Themyscira | Ten

Summary: As an Amazonian warrior, you’re invited to Man’s World by Diana Prince. Ares, angered by the situation, decides to send an army, led by his son, to disrupt the peace. Will James be able to follow through, or will the Amazonians keep the peace?

Pairing: James ‘Bucky’ Barnes x Amazon!Reader

Word Count: 2.4k

Warnings: Language

A/N: Is this the end? || SoT masterlist

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Look To The Dawn


Warnings: the sappiest, fluffiest shit (you have been warned)

Hope ya’ll like it!!!!!! Ari xxx 

Nico di Angelo couldn’t believe it at first, but he was in love.

With Will Solace.

Nico remembers that with Percy falling in love was like being thrown into a storming ocean with lead weights. No one was there to save him; he struggled to keep his head above the water.  Each harsh wave sent him deeper and deeper into the sea of his thoughts, drowning him. After some time, he just gave in to the water, and sunk to the bottom, alone and cold. 

With Will, it was different, slower. Instead, it was the sunrise at dawn. The sun gradually warming up the midnight air. The sky fills with hues of soft yellows and oranges that blend perfectly with the night sky. Suddenly, you realize it was a new day in front of you with a million opportunities. It was absolutely breathtaking, and no matter how many mistakes you make in that day, dawn always comes. 

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Speedy Canary, Hades x Persephone AU.

       …..how wonderful….

                       ….how strange….

                                   ….to be loved by something…..

                                                          …..that hates all else…..

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yoongi as hades is major sin

does this make holly cerberus? holly is the cutest cerberus ever in that case

but it really is a major sin. yoongi’s outwardly dark demeanor (though he’s actually a gummy bear) matches perfectly with the underworld. hades rarely leaves the underworld which suits yoongi. 

hades tends to be stern and unyielding, especially when it comes to prayers. do you know how attractive an indifferent yoongi would be? it really shouldn’t be that hot, but succeeding in getting his attention is a laudable accomplishment. he takes a lot of pride in his job, though, always working on expanding his horizons. 

he certainly looks like the god of the underworld and wealth here

Hellish Queen Persephone;

blooming flowers intertwined

with lush golden hair.

                                              Heavenly King Hades;

                                              sharp thorns sat atop

                                              a raven black head.

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how would they go about go deciding to have a kid? like would he just say "i'm gonna put a baby in u" and she agrees on the spot or would she bring it up to him one night during their heart to hearts before bed after she gets back and had spent time with a mother and her baby? or would he bring it up one day after feeling like they're missing something?

Deciding to have a child wouldn’t be a sudden thing, that’s for sure.

They’d be laying in bed one night, Hades completely bare because it’s how he likes to sleep, while Y/N is all cozy in a wool-threaded nightgown as they’re tangled up in the sheets, legs intertwined and breathing mingling.

There’s nothing sexual about it. They’re just cuddling, talking about what had happened throughout the day and sharing chaste kisses every now and then, Harry sponging his lips softly against her’s, down her chin and across her cheeks, smiling fondly against her eyelids as he hears her giggling.

And she’s hugging him to her tightly, hand knotted into his hair, twirling the silky locks around her fingers and sighing blissfully at the low, soothing thrum he releases against the pulse of her neck. His lips vibrate over her throat, resulting in Y/N drawing back slightly in a heap of laughter, the sensation tickling. And he just grins wider, drawing one of his warm legs from between both of her’s and throwing it across her hip, straddling her with his knees as he digs his face deeper into the crook of her shoulder, blowing raspberries into the sensitive flesh. And Y/N’s a mess of squeals, trying to push him off because it’s too much, but Harry’s too endeared and in love and too entranced by the beautiful smile on her face to stop.

Hades’ hands are coasting up her sides, squeezing at her squishy muscles and tummy, holding her down with his chest pressed to her’s. She’s crying out for help and squirming in his strong arms, calling him names and claiming to get revenge and he just can’t help but love her so damn much.

And now, at this moment, with the corner of her eyes crinkled up in glee and her nose scrunched up, teeth showing in a big smile, is when it clicks into place for him.

Harry pulls back from her neck, breathless from fighting to hold her down, panting against her lips as his eyes shimmer a rainforest canopy green. He pushes his hair back from flopping across his forehead, giving her an intense, heartfelt once-over, his next words sudden but confident nonetheless. “I want a baby.”

Y/N’s entire body goes still under him, her expression of carefree joy melting into one if serious shock. She blinks her big innocent eyes up at him, hands coming up to cradle his jaw, gaze flickering over his face, searching with intent. Her voice is small and shaky. “You what?

But yeah– yeah, this is definitely what Harry wants. He wants a tiny munchkin running around in a small toga, wearing his gladiator sandals because he wants to be a fighter like him. Wants to teach him sword-fighting skills and spirit-communication so his son could learn to lead the Underworld alongside him and his wife. Wants to bring one of the Muses down to help him learn how to play the flute so he could grow up and charm a pretty girl one day.

And if he were to have a girl, he wants to run around the castle with her on his shoulders, telling her about how her uncle Zeus could mold clouds into sky chariots. Wants to let her put jewels and bows in his hair and paint his cheeks with rouge, all to see her pretty smile. He wants to feel her fall asleep on his chest with her tiny head pressed right next to his heart as he kisses her small hands and rubs her sensitive back.

Hades just wants a child to call his own as well as to call Persephone’s– a physical embodiment of all their love for eachother, walking around the very halls of this palace. And he wants one now.

“I want…I want a child, Y/N.” He whispers softly, eyes vulnerable and pleading.

Y/N can see just how scared he is of what her reaction will be, but under the thin veil of anxiousness, she can see a type of certainty to his words. He means it– truly means it. There doesn’t seem to be a doubt in his mind.

“You want…Really?!” And suddenly her eyes are welling up with tears of joy, her arms wrapping tight around his neck and pulling him down to kiss her fully. She herself had dreamt of a child every now and then, but wasn’t sure of where he stood on the matter, so she’d held back. So, having Hades say it first was a huge relief to her.

Harry’s laughing into her mouth, tears of happiness wetting his cheeks and gathering at the crest of his upper lip. “Yes, really. I want one, and I want one with only you.”

She gives a short burst of giddy excitement, pecking all over his face. “Gods, you have no idea how happy this makes me, Har. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a while now.”

“Yeah?” He brushes their noses together lovingly, thumbing over her cheekbones with affection. “Well, when do you wanna start trying, then, love?”

“Right now.” She murmurs, reaching down and giving his bare bum a squeeze, blushing when she sees him raise an eyebrow in amusement.

“Y'wanna start now, sweetheart?” Harry’s already trailing a hand up her thigh, spreading them apart from eachother as he plants suckling kisses down her jaw. “Want me in you?”

She nods frantically, nails digging into the right muscles of his back as she feels him slide up against her clothed heat.

“Gonna fuck you nice and hard and put a baby in you, pet.” He’s already pushing her underwear to the side, his cockhead trailing up and down her folds temptingly. “Yeah, darling? Y'like that? Gonna give me one, yeah?”

“Gods, Harry, please…” Her ankles lock around his back, pulling him into her as he rocks himself gently against her center, teasing. “Fuck me.”

And then he is, pressing inside her tightness with a weak grunt, eyebrows rising in pleasure as his eyes flutter in utter euphoria. He surges all the way forward up until the hilt, teeth worrying her bottom lip into his mouth as he starts thrusting at a slow, tender pace, the corners of his lips twitching in blissful glee. He grabs one of her hips roughly to pull against his, his other hand going to cup her neck, keeping heavy eye contact with her as he buries himself deep within her warmth.

“Let’s make a baby, baby.”

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Voltron pjo Au. Is Zeus now angry or furious on the monsters for hurting his son Shiro. I know he is! Including Hades?!

[Voltron PJO AU] One of the rare times Hades visits Mount Olympus to do some business with Zeus, he got to see something terrible. In front of them on screen was Hephaestus TV once again and on the channel that showed Shiro and Keith saving a demigod. 

Zeus’ stopped whatever he was doing when he heard the scream that was coming from the son of Hades. He saw his son, Shiro, get his arm ripped out of his body in such a barbaric manner. Then the son of Hades released his powers that obliterated everything.

Everyone was quiet at the scene unfolding in front of them.

“Oh my poor handsome brother,” Apollo said to break the silence, looking at Shiro on the screen. “Did you know your son could do that?” Apollo asked Hades.

“He wasn’t supposed to unlock it until such a later age,” Hades hummed. “Keith keeps surprising me. He killed 6 chimeras on his own at the age of 11.”

“Six? A demigod could hardly handle one!” Apollo gasped.

“He’s my son,” Hades smiled proudly.

“Of course. The Big Three Kids a.k.a. The Big Shots.” Apollo rolled his eyes fondly, as if he wasn’t one of them.

Zeus was too quiet until everyone noticed he stormed out of the room. Apollo was about to follow his father when Hades stopped him. “I’ll handle this.”

Hades found Zeus overlooking the camp, his fist clenched as if ready to murder someone with his own hands.

“If you’re that concerned of your Golden Boy, you could always visit him,” Hades said softly. 

Zeus just scoffed. “Please, I’m not that concerned. This happens all the time to demigods.”

“True,” Hades agreed without missing a beat. “Demigods die all the time. They get hurt all the time and gods could always just have a new one to replace the ones who died. Like clockwork. As if their lives mean nothing.” He paused to look at his brother who loosened his grip. “But that’s not the case for us and Poseidon now, is it? Big Three children are rare, even more so Big Three’s who survive and reach the age 18 and 20.”

“Where are you heading with this, Hades?” Zeus sighed exasperatedly.

“Visit your son,” Hades simply answered, as if it was that obvious. 

“I can’t do that. We’re not allowed to do that.” 

“True, but I still visit my little bat—monthly,” Hades smirked. “I know you’re the god of the gods, dear brother of mine. If the other gods see you break your own rule, you’re going to lose their respect. I get that. That’s why I don’t care about those rules. I rule the Underworld, I have my own rules. No gods even go there, aside from Hermes and Persephone and her mother, so no one to actually put a face on for. But you see, Keith, my precious boy. He’s the only one I have now in a while and as much as possible I’d like to be the father he deserved.”

Zeus didn’t say anything so Hades continued. “Our children don’t get to live long, Zeus. You know that very well. Your son could’ve died today if it wasn’t for Keith. You could lose him tomorrow for all you know.”

“I haven’t seen him since he was five,” Zeus finally said.

“All the more reason for you to visit your boy, don’t you think?”


Keith was sitting beside Shiro on the bed, his arms around him as they read a book. He was trying to make Shiro go to sleep when suddenly someone joined them in the Zeus Cabin. Keith looked up and was shocked to see the god of the gods himself.

“Lord Zeus,” he whispered, as he nudged Shiro’s shoulder, the human one.

That made Shiro look up to see his own father right in front of him. He opened his mouth and closed it again, gaping like a fish. 

Then Keith noticed dark shadows in a corner and he saw his Dad materialized, his finger on his lips to tell him to hush it. He detached himself from Shiro but not before he whispered “Good luck,” then with a gentle kiss on his cheek, Keith joined his father in the shadows. 

“Hi, Dad,” Shiro said, sounding so bewildered that finally his wish came true.

“Son,” Zeus said.

Keith smiled so wide upon hearing that and he gladly took Hades’ hand in his and they both were swallowed by the shadows after Hades gently kissed him on the forehead. 

I have devoured Persephone, the pomegranates, and death
myself. Stolen the myth and carved it open for myself. Ripped
it and twisted it and spit it back out until the only thing left
is a story about a girl-goddess, and myself.

Maybe I’m being too selfish; maybe I’m being too vain. Maybe
the myth doesn’t belong to me, maybe Persephone had nothing to do
with a girl from a nuclear world about to split in two. I taste pomegranates
sweeter than she did; I taste death sweeter than she did.

But still, I eat the myth and let it pour down my lungs, crawl inside my stomach,
linger in my bones. The taste of Persephone in my mouth, the powerless to
empowered, the morals disintegrating upon my lips. Children respect what
can eat them; I respect what I can eat. She belongs to me, now.

She fell, she was pushed, she climbed down looking for adventure. She fell
in love, she fell in faith, she fell in hate. She picked six seeds and shoved them
down her throat, she was forced, she was starving. She had a choice, she had
no choice, it doesn’t matter, everything matters.

She is a story, a painting, a poem. I am real and human and breathing and she lives
inside me because I want her to. Because I want to run my fingers into the ribs
of her messed-up moralizing mockery of a tale and pull out the intestines and
squeeze them until something real bleeds from them.

This isn’t a poem about Persephone. She doesn’t exist, and I do, and I ate her.
I ate her whole, till Demeter stopped screaming and Hades stopped scheming,
and the only thing left is me, and the taste. Me and myself. She exists within me,
however I want her to. This myth belongs to me.

She chooses the pomegranates now, because I want her to. And so did I.