hades disney hercules

“We’re related!”

Alright so I was inspired by these headcanons by @askauradonprep, specifically the part that says “Hades sometimes joins them because Ursula is his niece” and I started thinking and so that’s where this came from! 

The one where Lana finds out that she and Uma are technically related

History of Ancient Greece is an elective at Auradon Prep. Everyone loves that class for three reasons. 1) it’s probably the chillest class there is 2) the teacher is super laid back and even people who aren’t taking the class love him 3) at the end of each semester they’re invited to Mount Olympus

Lana (and Kellan for that matter) doesn’t feel the need to take the class “Why? I mean I get that it’s easy but I’m literally the daughter of a Greek God”

One day she finds Adelaide’s text book for the class laying around and decides to look through it “Cause why not?”

She ends up spending hours reading everything in it. She can’t believe that there’s so much she didn’t know. Suddenly she finds something that catches her eye.

She sprints out of her room and starts running all around looking for Uma. She finally finds her and starts yelling. “Guess what, guess what, guess what! Guess what I found out! Guess, guess, guess!” “I’ll guess if you stop screaming”

When Lana finally does calm down she flips open the textbook to a page with a chart on it. “Okay so my dad is Hades, right? His brother is Poseidon whose son is Triton whose long lost sister is, wait for it, Ursula! That means we’re family!”

Lana makes a point to tell everyone. Uma rolls her eyes every time but still smiles when no ones looking.

Kellan is very confused. “So does that mean we’re related too?” “Not if I say we’re not, pretty boy” “….Wait what?”

One day their friends stumble across a very interesting scene. Lana stole Adelaide’s text book again and she’s sitting with Uma and Kellan on either side of her pointing out things in it. Everyone knows better than to question it so they just leave them be

“Wow our ancestors were fucked up” “You can say that again”

Occasionally the three of them disappear for a while and everyone else just lets them be. Uma and Kellan are the most unlikely pair but slowly they start spending time together even if one of the others isn’t there. 

They once bothered the gods enough for Hermes to come down and take them to Mount Olympus. “Do you promise not to get into trouble?” “We promise” They ditched him the second they got there. No one could find them for three days and that was when Zeus declared with an exasperated sigh that they were to be escorted by no less than five people and watched at all times next time they visited.  

One day it occurs to them that in a way they are their own little family. “You know the more I think about it the more I realize maybe we’re just as fucked up as our ancestors” “Agreed”