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Reading the various pointed, aggressive defenses of the relationships between Beauty and the Beast or between Hades and Persephone as being non-abusive reminds me of my one English teacher who very carefully explained how nothing misogynist was going on in The Taming of the Shrew. Like… I’m now a legit real adult who still finds Petruchio attractive and thinks falconry metaphors are romantic, but I know that Mr. Mills was kind of full of it.

A Court of Mist and Fury Speculation

So I haven’t actually read any spoilers or excerpts of ACOMAF so this is all purely speculation.

ACOTAR was based on Beauty and the Beast as well as East of the Sun and West of the Moon.

ACOMAF is based on Persephone and Hades.

So based on what I know of these two folktale, fairy tale, mythology stories I’m going to say that she followed it pretty well (ACOTAR).

Belle is trapped in a “castle” and falls for the beast, ultimately saving him and in the end marrying him. True love. Happily ever after. That sort of bliss.

But then in Hades and Perephone case Hades abducts Persephone and after she eats the fruit of the under world she is forced to stay there for the winter months and will ultimately marry Hades and I believe love him.

Now ACOTAR takes care of the deal concerning Feyre having to stay in the Night Court with Rhys. And ACOMAF is the result of that deal. But both of these tales result in the female lead marrying the male and falling for him as well.

Now I don’t have an stake in who she ends up with and I haven’t read any spoilers so I am going to speculate and say she will end up with Rhys.

This is because in the myth Persephone is also held captive in Hell (or the Night Court) but she grows to rule there and become a ficture of that place. A formidable Queen of her realm where she rules with her husband cloaked in dark (kind of like how Feyre now looks).

In Beauty and the Beast one of the original versions Belle is a daughter of a King and Fairy who was put into the mortal world after an evil fairy plots to kill the princess and marry the King. After reading this, and reading ACOTAR I’m going to guess that is why Rhys tripped when he first re-saw Feyre.

Because she is the lost princess of one of the courts and when he was younger she was betrothed to him. And now that he sees her in all her new found glory, her new powers and abilities; the wings and darkness. And because dark does not belong in Spring, I’m going to say she belongs in the Nigh Court.

*And Please No Spoilers if you do reblog and add on to this. I do want to be surprised when I do read ACOMAF


[MONSTER] Machine Golem.

Japanese name: 冥機ゴーレム
Romanized name: Meiki Gooremu

Alignment: Underground Hades Empire Infershia
Type: Forbidden Hades Beast
Inspiration: Clown, toy, robot
Status: Killed by Fire Tornado.

From: Mahou Sentai Magiranger - Episode 31


  • A golem is a creature from Jewish folklore. They are typically anthropomorphic and created from inanimate material.

Source: tokumonster.tumblr.com

Strange Magic/Reylo parallels

Strange Magic is an animated movie from 2015, produced by Lucasfilm, from a story by George Lucas, and it has Reylo written all over it.

Lucas described it as  “Star Wars for a female audience stating ”Star Wars was for 12-year-old boys; I figured I’d make one for 12-year-old girls.“ On the film’s plot, director Gary Rydstrom stated, "We pitched it as a Beauty and the Beast story where the Beast doesn’t change.”

All the Hades/Persephone, Phantom/Christine, Beast/Belle tropes and parallels we discovered and yelled about, and there is this one example, that comes from Lucas himself and it comes out same year as TFA.

We get the story of Marianne, a fairy princess, who gets betrayed on her wedding day and the Bog King, leader of the Dark Forest, who hates love. He orders the destruction of all primroses, who are an important ingredient for love potions. One elf however, manages to create said potion, and Bog follows him with his army to the fairy kingdom and there, he kidnaps Dawn, Marianne’s sister, and demands the potion, or he’ll harm Dawn. Marianne immediately sets out on a rescue mission, ultimately breaking into Bog’s castle and fighting him, until she realizes Dawn is under the influence of the potion and had fallen in love with Bog. They try to find an antidote and on the way discover not only common interests but also that they’d both been disappointed in love in the past and that they rather enjoy each other’s company. As the story progresses, we learn it isn’t the hideous looking Bog who is the villain, but a beautiful fairy knight, the one Marianne was engaged to. 

Now to the parallels.

The main characters, one living in the sunny fairy kingdom, the other in the Dark Forest

One of them at some point turns dark/bitter and decides to wear emo clothing, hair and make up while the other is in all-beige. Kylo did not have eyeliner but he wa so emo you can’t deny it.

One fights with a sword, the other with a staff and the guy seems really to enjoy it while the girl is just straight on pissed.

At some point they lock their weapons

And look each other in the eyes up reaaaal close

After calming the heck down and having done some talking, they discover things they like in each other, and that they had similar experiences and so on. Kylo discovered Rey’s force sensitivity and He. Was. Doomed. Also, they’re both loners.


Tell me this isn’t an invitation -

And of course he falls for it

They embark on a nightly walk…or flight…whatever, and slowly, they start trusting each other and totally fall in love. Notice, how easily he persuaded her to enjoy the forest she was once afraid of, and showed her the beautful side of it *smirking* *thinking of Kylo seducing Rey to the dark side*

*Phantom of the Opera’s Music of the NIght starts playing*

Then of course, shit happens and he thinks she played him to get him out of his home so that her villainous ex Roland can infiltrate it. And yet, he got pissed when she was in danger and he literally shielded her when he notices Roland wants to spray her with a love potion, and punches him.

They work things out and in the end, after Bog kinda shows his heroic side and not only he gets angry at the villains claim on her (jelaous type oh yeah), while Marianne gets angry at Roland calling Bog a beast and flies at him with her sword, awww, also, he makes it possible for Marianne and Dawn to escape the castle as it falls apart and is presumed dead until it turns out he survived.

In the end, it’s shown how Bog and Marianne, at the urges of their friends and his mother confess their love for each other, and we get a mirror scene of their nightly flight, but this time, they fly together in light, with the villain gone, Bog kinda redeemed and with Marianne accepting all that he is.


P.S. None of the gifs are mine!

Tbh it kind of bothers me when people think that because I ship Reylo, that I in turn am expecting some sort of romantic or happy end out of it? Or that the “problematic” parts of it just magically disappear?

And that’s just… Not what I want at all? I mean yeah, that would be nice, but I’m not expecting them to get married and have babies or whatever. Did anyone stop to think that the people who are interested in this ship like it because it pushes boundaries and has that dangerous appeal to it? This kind of ship isn’t new people. Believe it or not, this stuff existed way before “Twilight fangirls” as you like to dub us. Beauty and the Beast, Hades and Persephone, Phantom of the Opera… Anyone?

In reality I’m all here for them just feeling emotions for each other– good OR bad. Their interactions were some of the most intense moments in the film and IM SO HERE FOR THAT. The energy that passes through them during their confrontations is electric and fascinating to me.

I’ve actually thought about it and I’d totally be down for a Phantom of the Opera-esque dynamic in the future, where the villain is so helplessly fixated on this woman of light, but all she feels for him is mild temptation and mostly pity. His love for her becomes the most human thing about him, but he eventually lets her go because he knows he can’t hold onto her forever and she just doesn’t love him.

If you think about it, TFA already has elements that mirror The Phantom of the Opera. You got the dark and dangerous villain that is captivating and alluring, the heroine of light, and the hero of light that cares for her and loves her too. You also have the villain wearing a mask, the villain abducting the heroine, the villain and hero face-off…. And not to mention that Kylo just got half his face scarred at the end of the movie… Yup, I’m ready for this space opera to begin.

So to summarize, while I’d be down for some sort of mutual happy ending, I’m also completely into a tragic drama type story too. Either is fine with me. I didn’t get into this ship expecting a happy ending or a fully functional healthy relationship. This kind of ship is set up for danger and tragedy and I’m the type of shipper that wants that drama in my fictional entertainment. Sorry?


[MONSTER] Ghoul.

Japanese name: グール
Romanized name: Guuru

Alignment: Underground Hades Empire Infershia
Type: Solitary Confinement Hades Beast
Inspiration: Hyena, boxer
Status: Killed by Fire Screw Upper.

From: Mahou Sentai Magiranger - Episode 14


  • A ghoul is a supernatural creature that feeds on flesh. In Arabic folklore, it is called a “ghūl,” and it dwells in burial grounds and uninhabited places.

Source: tokumonster.tumblr.com