hades battlegroup


More 3D stuff.

The final ship of the Hades Battlegroup, The Hydra “Sky Strykr” aircraft is a tiny single man aircraft which consists basically of a seat, and engine, and a plasma cannon. Compact, stealthy, insanely fast and supremely maneuverable, the Hydra’s biggest strength is it’s agility.

With no shields, no armour and no eject system, the Hydra relies on it’s speed and stealth to do it’s damage, tearing out of cloud cover and high altitude to release a bolt of hydromagmadynamic plasma at blistering speed, crippling targets before they’re even aware of the Hydra’s presence.

Hydra’s are deployed in squadrons of around 5-10, usually with a single Cerebus gunship providing overwatch. The incredible damage of the Hydra’s (only) weapon, and the speed in which they launch their attacks mean that it usually only takes a single ‘run’ to completely cripple an enemy.