hades appreciation week


Riverdale appreciation week (and a half): Day 9 - Favorite AU

The Core Four as Greek Deities (Archie as Apollo, Veronica as Aphrodite, Betty as Persephone & Jughead as Hades


Hades Appreciation Week - Day 3

Your favorite scene

“Since you are new here…”

Guys, there is not way this wouldn’t be my favorite scene… I mean, the way Lourdes is glaring daggers at Tessa, then how she copies her phrase to Hal, just because it’s annoying… AND THE LOOK HAL GIVES LOURDES WHEN SHE STANDS UP AND LEAVES THE TABLE.

I know it’s a tense scene in the beginning, but then, Hades takes over and BLAM, I will go down with this ship.

It’s so clear that Lourdes is jealous that it’s too laughable!!!

Also, I love the fact that they are sitting side by side!!!! YAY! The 1st season has so much Hades,… My heart hurts…