I’d love to watch a tv show about the Greek gods. Not a documentary, but a legitimate television show with plot-line and character development as they portrayed every classic myth side-by-side the ones we hardly know of. And maybe with a few jokes here and there, so I could tune in every Tuesday to watch Zeus destroy the world with his penis and all of the other god’s flipping out trying to save it.

Aphrodite whispers to young years
‘you are enough, you are loved’
some of them listen, some don’t
but she never stops
there is too little love on this word

Artemis  goes around city at night
she is ready to hunt
for boys who don’t understand no
and little tricky pills in drinks
she fights for lonely girls
because who will?

Hades & Persephone visits cemetery 
they look for the loneliest souls
she makes flower crows  
he makes black jokes
they leave only with sound of laugh

Apollo sits in first row
at poetic evening
he drinks too much coffee  
and claps little too loud
but never leaves
without good advice for young writers