Meet: AnnHolland

Tell us a bit more about yourself!

I’m Ann, Ann Holland on Tumblr and Instagram. For Hungry for Tulips I cosplay Iceland and Luxembourg. But I also cosplay Oikawa from Haikyuu, Sophie from Howl’s moving castle and I have two cosplays which I’m working on; Jolyne Cujoh from jojo’s bizarre adventure and keith from Voltron.
This all started about two years ago when a friend invited me to go to a cosplay meet in Zwolle organised by “Hadena cosplay”. After this I wanted to got to conventions as well. My first convention was Tomofair 2015. And ever since I’m trying to go to as much as possible conventions, as far as my wallet allows.

I do not particularly have one favourite character or anime series. I have multiple series’ I like beside hetalia, like haikyuu, jojo’s bizarre adventure. But if I had to choose from hetalia it would be one of the Nordics, Iceland really melted my heart. But if I really need someone to cheer me up, then it’s Denmark.

Neither do I have one particular memory from cosplaying, but the Abunai meet this year was totally awesome. Or the dance party from Nishicon with my fellow Nordic cosplayers. Totally Rocked that.

Who do you cosplay for Hungry for Tulips?

I cosplay Iceland and Luxembourg, because I have these cosplays but also because I really like them. Iceland being a strong headed teenager and Luxembourg because of the money.

Though Luxembourg fits me better with it’s soft and innocent attitude, I wear Iceland more. Mostly because I have an awesome Nordic group which I really adore.

Further more I just don’t do anything beside sitting in front of the camera,
(Quote from Iceland) “what did you expect”. Sorry for that, I so help out where I can if needed.

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