Hades and Persephone

Okay okay okay so he’s everything below the ground and she’s the flowers. His love nurtures her (like the soil), while she provides structure and helps take away the sadness (like roots filtering toxins and buildup). What a beautiful metaphor for a loving marriage. 

I see this quiet, serious man who cares so much about his job and is absolutely invested in everyone that he is charged with. And at the end of the day he comes home to this wife who loves him so much, so unconditionally, not in spite of his seriousness but because of it. Because he’s loving and complex and carries the weight of literally billions of souls. And she hugs him and smiles and kisses him and makes everything bright and colorful and she represents everything that is beautiful in the world.

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You are AWESOME for doing those Hades edits. If you're taking prompts would you please do either the Olympic torch or the Statue of Liberty?

Thanks, you’re very kind to say that, I really do not think anyone send me requests, I was just bored and decided to play a bit with photoshop, but I’m glad they like all,

Yes, I’m taking requests so if anyone has more requests do not hesitate to send

I do not know why but I found it very hilarious than Matt Smith, hold  to Hades as Olympic torch

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, the Kindle edition of The Sixth Equinox is on sale! You can preview the first few pages here.

The Sixth Equinox is a short illustrated book of Persephone’s return to Hades for the sixth time, and the pain of waiting during those six months before their reunification. The story was based off Rachel Alexander’s Receiver of Many, a retelling of the Hades and Persephone myth.

I’m super proud of the art inside and I hope you enjoy it too!

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Random OUAT Thought: Hades

It’s great not having a clue about Hades because I feel so free to spec just about anything! Right now I am thinking about what Hades backstory might be and in what way he might be sympathetic. 

Given that this is OUAT I hold out hope for a Persephone love story. But we haven’t had a casting call or any indication of a Persephone showing up. To which I say that Nimue wasn’t entirely on the radar for quite awhile either. 

I have also been wondering if they will take the angle that the Disney movie took. Where Hades was angry with his lot as Lord of the Underworld and was seeking to over take Olympus only to be thwarted by Hercules as prophesied. Maybe they won’t bring in the whole other gods option but I would be down with him having a plan to take over the land of the living. Maybe there is a prophesy about the Savior being his downfall and he has been orchestrating events to try and get Emma down under so he can take her out of the game. Because SOMEBODY placed a new house in Storybrooke and SOMEBODY basically handed Rumple that hat on a platter. If Merlin is off the table as puppet master then my money is on Hades. 

Then there is the fact that Liam and James are coming back plus an episode entitled “Sisters”. That feels like a possible heavy emphasis on sibling love for the half-season which would play very well if Hades issue has to do with his brothers and sisters. Maybe similar to Ingrid he is a villain because of lost familial love? This would tie into the original myths in some ways but potentially open up a whole can of god-like worms. 

Any other ideas people are floating right now? 

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“Welcome to the Underworld, my humble abode. I am Hades, God of Wealth, Lord of the Dead, Ruler of the Ebony Throne- yeah, ok. We get it; I’m known as a lot of things, yeesh… *ehem* I will answer your inquiries, if I so choose to; sacrifices, offerings, and the like are appreciated – though not mandatory. Mmm- ok. Yeah, you get it. Moving on!

Greek Pantheon AU created by ( x )


Yeah… just friends. Takeru’s really nice and I do enjoy his company. 

artist’s note: assdfgkjll I can’t believe I got this ask tbh and it’s been month! thanks to whoever sent it. I’m trying to keep this blog ship neutral… but someone gave me the opportunity. If y’all want to keep going like this I won’t mind! not at all. in fact, it’d make me so happy! Buut I know the Hades and Takeru are not a very much liked ship, and we are very few to ship it. So yeah that’s pretty much it. They’re my otp by the way. I couldn’t resist this ask aaaah

also I don’t mind drawing the others so if you want to see Hades interact with someone else, just do it!


Thank you for this input, Broseidon

       kisuke is what we know as a compulsive liar. or a pathological liar for a term more accepted in the scientific community. will he admit to being a liar? of course, but that certainly doesn’t mean he’s going to stop lying.

       like all compulsive liars he finds a comfort in lying and it eases things like his anxiety– which causes him more trouble than help. due to the past of telling the truth and yet still being reprimanded, he found a “comfort blanket” in bending the truth or simply just not admitting to it. he will, if he wants to, tell the truth but only when he wants to. it’s extremely difficult to tell the difference between his lies and his truth, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe him, as long as things go as planned.

        he has a tendency to lie to himself ( example a: benihime ). but that’s what people with anxiety have the tendency to do: lie. there’s something in lying that makes you feel much more safe than telling the truth, which kisuke follows to a T. 

        there are things he’ll never be truthful about: his own emotions, feelings, worries, etc. he won’t even admit them to himself. he prefers to bottle them all up and let them simmer until it all boils over. even when its boiling over he has a completely calm exterior.

        all in all, it’s a part of his main facade ( considering he has so many it’s hard to keep track ), and it’s difficult for him to admit the truth– even to himself.