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I Want You to be Safe

Hey there, you lovely people!  

Because General Hoff is my new favorite thing (and can there really be too much General Hoff? LOL I think not). Sooo I had to write a fic about it (and Hiccstrid), of course!

Shoutout to @dragonlovertr for this idea and also being the one I send all my rough drafts to LOL. What would I ever do without you, girl? <3 

Also, there is a scene in here that I based off of @tarched new and AMAZING General Hofferson fanart. Thanks for letting me use it, buddy! 

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Hope you guys enjoy this! 

Astrid strode out of the Haddock house and wrapped her arms around herself. Winter was officially here and it was getting colder by the minute. 

She walked down the many steps that led into the village and began searching for the new chief. The girl strolled past buildings and houses that were finally rebuilt. There was still some ice here and there, but Berk was finally starting to look like it used to…before Drago Bludvist. 

As she made her way through the village, some of the fellow Vikings smiled at her and some gave her an annoyed look. Change was difficult for some. So, losing their chief and getting used to a new one was hard for many. She was getting the same looks now, with the announcement of her new role. It didn’t bother Astrid at all, not like it seemed to trouble Hiccup. She would tell him not to worry, that it will take time to earn their trust. He would agree but she could tell it still ate at him a little. 

The girl spotted Eret heading up to the Great Hall. 

“Eret!” Astrid called from the bottom of the steps.  

He turned around, “Astrid?” 

“Have you seen Hiccup?” 

Eret stood in thought for a moment, his hand on his chin, “I think the last time I saw him, he was flying down to the docks.” He pointed in the direction, like Astrid wouldn’t know where the docks were. 

“Thanks!” Astrid turned back around and headed that way. 

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After Midnight Scrum

or, Hadley attempts fanfiction.

“I’m just glad to have you back. We both are.”

Toothless crooned in agreement. Stoick wrapped his arms around Hiccup, and Hiccup grit his teeth against the pain. His body ached after his encounter with the mysterious bounty hunter – the one who was at Viggo’s dragon auction, but he would think about that later - and his father’s hugs were tight when Hiccup had all his ribs in working order. Hiccup didn’t say anything once Stoick released him, not wanting his voice to betray the pain he was in, ready to blame his watering eyes on the wind.

They were approaching Berk. The other riders were talking in excited voices. Through the whistling of the wind in his ears, Hiccup heard Snotlout brag to a disinterested Fishlegs about the girls he had apparently met last night at the anniversary celebrations, and Astrid was discussing the training they could do at the academy with Heather. Hiccup rode in silence in front of his father, drinking in the sight of the hills and trees that were home. On the ship with the dim-witted bounty hunters, and then with Savage, sailing across the ocean to Thor knows where, Hiccup didn’t think he’d see Berk again. Relief hit him in a wave of emotion that made his bottom lip wobble, and he bit down on it.

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Does anyone else ever get a little tired of the usual RotBTD Hogwarts sorting patterns? Always one main character per house, always choosing this one characteristic or that to justify placements, always running up against others who go for different characteristics for an alternate placement and wondering how?

I did. It didn’t make sense that Hiccup, Rapunzel, Jack, and Merida would each necessarily fall into different houses, or that they would slot into each so completely and perfectly that in much of the fandom there’s little discussion room for alternatives.

Still, I get the symmetry. Four movies, four main human protags, four houses…how could one resist?

So…I did something a little different.

What if…just what ifthese four characters were indeed all wizards and witches. What if they did live in the same era and in more or less the same place? But what if instead of attending a school of magic as children, they founded it as adults?

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anonymous asked:

Would Eret have some kinds of role in Astrid's pregnancy? How do Hiccup and Astrid tell him/How does he find out?

Oh yes. Yes, yes, yes.

Eret finds out shortly after Valka does.  Berk: Big vikings, bigger gossipers.

When Hiccup next bumps into him, he starts to deliver the news but Eret’s already nodding with a, “I’ve heard. Yeah, that’s… that’s incredible. Congratulations!”

He slaps Hiccup on the back and rubs Astrid’s shoulder and then hooks his thumbs into his belt, grinning.

So lets think about…

Eret carrying Astrid up the hill to the Haddocks house when edema settles in her ankles and feet, making it painful to walk.  She swears at him, but puts up little struggle as the relief is immediate.  It’s on Hiccup’s orders, of course, and he gets a sense of justice out of it.

Eret’s large hands being surprisingly deft and delicate in some matters and, unsurprisingly, very good for massages…something Astrid and HIccup? learned a while before. Mind the pun, but those come in handy a lot.  For sore feet, sore lower backs, sore necks—mostly when Hiccup isn’t around, but there are times when Hiccup is exhausted from a long day and Astrid is grumbling about how much her feet are killing her and Eret will overhear and offer a “mind if I…?”, to which Hiccup will give his sweeping gesture and ‘by all means’ nod of the head.

Eret knowing the pressure points on Astrid’s wrists to help with sickness.

Eret contacting old trading acquaintances and directing them towards Berk because he knows of herbs from the far north and the far southeast that alleviate pregnancy symptoms and are said to aid in healthy births.

Eret rubbing her back, completely bewildered, and trying not to say anything abrasive or stupid when Astrid breaks down crying, apologizing for calling him a ‘steaming, heap of dragon dung’ when he was ’just trying to help her’ andhow she’s such a ‘short-sighted bitch’ who would make a ’terrible mother’ because she can’t read between the lines of anything… and thankfully Hiccup showed up around that time (that Astrid lost her mind, as Eret calls it) and took over from there.

Eret supervising diplomatic missions in the final two months of Astrid’s pregnancy.  Yes, Snotlout and Fishlegs are both capable men, but the former has a penchant for doing things ”Lout’s way’ and Fishlegs gets a little too distracted.. and might also crumble under pressure.  Eret’s loyalty and support is nearly on par with Astrid’s at this point, and he’s sent to keep focus on missions and make sure Hiccup’s agenda is carried out.

Eret offering to take care of Stormfly—bring her extra chicken, rub her scales down—when Astrid’s too sick to get out of bed (remember that Hiccup is the chief and doesn’t have all the time in the world to do his pregger wife a solid).

Eret running across Berk to fetch the midwife because Hiccup’s sure as shit’s not going to leave Astrid’s side while she’s in labor.

Eret awkwardly hanging around outside the Haddock household with a number of other villagers as he waits for the knews of the birth.


Is That My Shirt

New drabble because my dash needs more joy and hiccstrid cuteness. 

I am dedicating this to @tarched who is such a good friend and awesome part of this fandom. :)  


“Ahhh!” Astrid yelled when she realized she timed her leap off Stormfly wrong, which led to the girl falling in a bush. She laid there a moment and silently thanked the plant that helped make her fall a lot less painful.

Stormfly flew over and squawked, making sure her rider was okay. She shoved her head in the bush. Astrid laughed and gave Stormfly a scratch under her chin, “I’m okay, girl.”

Astrid stood up and began dusting the leaves and dirt and sticks off her. But then she looked down at her shirt and saw a bunch of rips and tears. She looked like she had been attacked. 

She hopped onto Stormfly and flew home, hoping no one would spot her and ask her to do something. She had to change her shirt before doing anything else. Astrid walked into her home, thanking Thor no one was home to see her like this. The girl walked over to her dresser and opened her top drawer only to find it was empty. There wasn’t another blue shirt anywhere. Astrid searched the rest of her drawers and her room and even the whole house. 


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So both faragonart and axonmanage have made beautiful comics about Hiccup being exhausted after the events of the second movie, and it really made me want to write things! So I wrote things…months ago. And never posted them. But after some sweet encouragement from Andrea HERE IS THE THING!

faragonart’s comic

axonmanage’s comic


Astrid knew he was having trouble sleeping, but she hadn’t realized it had come to this.

Hiccup leaned heavily against the wall, his shoulders hunched forward and his hips shifted to keep his weight off his left leg. How on earth did he get himself out of bed this early? she thought. It was still dark out, the moon barely sinking and the stars still bright.

“Hiccup?” she called, but he didn’t look up. She crept a little closer and touched his shoulder, trying to look up into his face. “What are you doing out here? It’s almost sunrise.”

His eyes were half-lidded and ringed in deep purple bruises. “No breaks,” he said dreamily. He licked his chapped lips and took in a short breath, trying to rouse himself. “Gotta…get everything done before morning. N-need to…prepare speech…check the stables…”

His words came out in a slow mumbling ramble. He didn’t even seem to notice she was there. Astrid gazed at him, her lips pressing together. She reached out and tentatively cupped his cheek in her palm.

“Before sunrise,” Hiccup mumbled, but he paused when her hand touched his cheek. He sank into the touch, a slow sleepy smile spreading across his face. “Before…sun…mhmm…” He relaxed, his eyes sliding completely closed. “Warm.”

She rubbed his thumb along his jawline. His head dipped lower and lower until his face was buried against the soft warmth of her neck, and she hugged him tightly. She waited for his arms to wrap around her in response, but nothing happened. Then she heard the first raspy little snore.

“Hiccup,” she said, giving him a little shake. “Hiccup, no, you can’t fall asleep out here.” He wavered on his feet, arms limp at his sides, and cuddled closer to the warm crook of her neck. “No, babe. Come on.”

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So. Some of my thoughts on the phrase “just friends.”

People can be really, really, really romantically acting toward one another and yet still think they’re friends. 

I was in mutual love with someone for a year and a half. We slept in the same bed and walked down the street holding hands being rather tactile. And both of us called it a friendship. For a year and a half. Legitimately thought of it as a friendship. For a year and a half. And then after a year and a freaking half we finally talked to each other about the fact that our friendship hadn’t been a “friendship” for a very long time. We started officially dating only then, and by that point, it was simply a matter of semantics. At that point, we were finally putting a label of “romance” to a relationship that already had not been such.

So with Hiccup and Astrid, they have been kissing. They’ve also been awkward around each other in ways that show they’re not in a straight out dating relationship (think “Animal House”). They’re attracted to each other but they’re not there. They are still at that weird stage where it has not clicked into their skulls yet.

Saying they are “just friends” simply means they’re doing something that actually happens in real life. Hiccup and Astrid are attracted to each other. Their relationship likely is in a wobbly stage where some of it might be platonic, some of it romantic. Astrid by saying they are “just friends” isn’t saying that the past few years have been completely lacking in romantic attraction. Astrid and Hiccup are probably basically at the point that they both think it’s “friends” - but maybe it hasn’t been completely, and they’ll realize it in retrospect.

Something sort of like how I described before RTTE came out here.

And On That Day, The Great House Rooster Teeth Fell...

Not to Wind nor Fire…

Not to Ryan’s Blood Lust nor Gavin’s Stupidity…

Not to The Insanity of Barbara’s Puns nor Any Mere Grimm Uprising…

But to The Need to CATCH. ‘EM. ALL.

Leaving Only The Gray Wolf of House Haddock Who Had Escaped The Oncoming Disaster to go… Exotic Clothes Shopping…

How Will Our Lone Hero Rise to The Occasion to Save-

Well Sh*t.

Long Journeys

Dedicated to my fellow author e-wills, whose dear husband was recently deployed in Korea for a year. She requested a drabble to no one in particular, and I took her up on the offer. She is an amazing writer and an even more amazing person so go follow her and read her stuff!

Post-HTTYD2. Hiccstrid is approximately mid to late 20s. Already married and Astrid is expecting their first baby.

Astrid heard the excited screech of the Night Fury before the human commotion even started. Her face immediately lit up in a smile and she ran to the door as fast as her legs could carry her. Pregnancy did not mix well with speed, and being almost eight months along did not help matters at all. She grabbed her cloak off the hook and just barely got it fastened around her shoulders before yanking the door open and rushing outside.

People were everywhere, coming out of their homes in droves to see the chief that had been gone for nearly six months. Hiccup had been summoned to an urgent meeting of chieftains from all over the archipelago, and he was to attend unaccompanied. Astrid had begged and pleaded to go with him to the point where both of them were on the verge of tears, but Hiccup would not give in.

“Astrid,” he’d said in as comforting a voice as he could muster, “I wish I could take you with me, trust me I do, but I don’t know some of the names on this list, and for all I know some of these chiefs could be hostile if the rules are not followed correctly. Even Toothless has to stay; I’m forced to go by boat.”

Astrid remembered him shuddering at the thought. She also remembered her rebuttal: “But what if something goes wrong? What if you need me and I can’t get to you? What if–”

Hiccup had silenced her protests with a sweet peck on her lips. “Shh, love, relax.” He’d moved her bangs away from her face, her blue eyes shining with the tears that threatened to spill over and run down her cheeks. “I won’t be gone long.”

“Six months, Hiccup–”

“I know, I know, it feels like a long time, but I’ll be back before you know it. I promise.”

Astrid had eventually given in and stayed behind. Many nights had been spent with Toothless in her bed, the two comforting each other in a way only they could. It made them feel both better and worse inside, being together but missing a crucial piece to their family. The baby Astrid carried within her didn’t seem to like the absence of its daddy either. As the weeks passed, Astrid seemed to contract every pregnancy symptom Thor could come up with, forcing Valka to take on the majority of Astrid’s chores as the young blonde was constantly laid up in bed, throwing up or sleeping off her problems. More than once Astrid had been compelled to relieve herself of bent-up sexual tension, as her pregnancy symptoms included a fierce craving for sex that just couldn’t seem to be satisfied without the gap-toothed dork that had spoiled Astrid from the start. It was maddening.

Now, though, all those stresses faded away as she half jogged, half waddled down the beaten dirt path to her husband, currently making his way towards the Haddock household. Fishlegs and Snotlout trailed behind him, helping him carry the large baskets of necessities Hiccup had brought for his incredibly long trip.

“Hiccup!” Astrid called, announcing her presence. Hiccup looked up, and the smile that lit up his tired face rivaled anything Astrid had ever seen.

“Astrid!” Hiccup called back to her. He dropped everything he had been carrying and ran to his wife, enveloping her in a hug before she’d even finished descending the hill that the Haddock house sat on. Astrid hugged him back just as tightly, albeit a bit awkwardly with her inflated belly in the way. Astrid nestled her face in the crook of Hiccup’s neck, smelling leather and sweat and ash and everything else that was so uniquely Hiccup. Everything she’d oh so deeply missed over the past six months. She felt Hiccup bury his nose in her hair, his arms wrapped around her just tight enough that he wouldn’t squish the precious gift growing within his wife that was currently keeping them from hugging properly.

“I missed you so much,” Astrid choked out through the tears she hadn’t realized were falling. Her shoulders shook with happy sobs and Hiccup rubbed her back, soothing him as much as her.

“I missed you too,” he whispered back. “Gods, Astrid, you have no idea…”

“I think I do.” Astrid looked up at him, a small smirk tugging at the corners of her lips. Hiccup matched her smirk and leaned down, kissing her passionately. Behind them, Snotlout and Fishlegs couldn’t help but smile as they ascended the hill towards the Haddock residence, carrying Hiccup’s travel baskets with them. Both of them had witnessed Astrid’s low points over the past month, and both had tried to comfort her in any way they could.

Their loving kiss was abruptly broken when Baby Haddock realized who was touching its house. Feeling the child within her move, Astrid pulled back a bit and rested a hand on her swelled abdomen. “I think someone else missed you too,” she said through a slight giggle.

“Is that what that was?” Hiccup teased. “I thought that was you kicking me.”

“Right, because my legs are totally inside my own stomach.”

Hiccup chuckled and knelt down to kiss his wife’s baby belly. “Hey there, little one,” he said softly. “Sorry I left for so long. Daddy had chief business to take care of. But I’m home now, so you can stop giving Mama so much trouble.” Fishlegs had quickly informed Hiccup about Astrid’s wellbeing, as that was practically the first thing out of his mouth when he’d stepped off the boat. Astrid had only been a couple months along when he’d left, and they’d only known about the baby for about a week before Hiccup had left. He was somewhat glad he’d missed most of Astrid’s up-and-down hormones. Angry Astrid was not a fun Astrid, no matter who was on the business end of her axe.

Astrid smiled and ran her free hand through his hair, her heart lifting when she felt the baby kick for Hiccup. The baby hardly kicked for anyone aside from Valka, as she was Astrid’s prime caretaker, so it was heartfelt and amazing that the baby seemed to recognize who its father was, absurd as it was.

The pregnant blonde opened her mouth to say something, but was immediately cut off by Toothless barreling into Hiccup and knocking him over. Astrid stepped back quickly so as not to end up on the ground with them.

“Gah! Toothless!” Hiccup said through laughter as he was given a chief-size tongue bath by his scaly companion.

Astrid chuckled softly. “He missed you.”

“I can see that. Come on bud, off!” Hiccup half-heartedly shoved the dragon off of him, ignoring the pitiful hatchling eyes he was given in response. “I’ll take you out flying later, okay? Right now I would really love a warm bath.“ ”

“Can I get in on that?” Astrid asked with a playful smirk.

Hiccup’s eyes lit up and he smiled back at his wife. “I thought you’d never ask.“


Oh, but the  N o r t h  remembers,
              (The wind—the wolves—the weeping),
The  N o r t h  never forgets.
The  N o r t h  never forgives.

HTTYD AU >> Game of Thrones/ASOIAF!AU || House Haddock
“We protect our own.”

The rest of house Haddock.

Stoick, warden of the North, and Valka.


And Heather and Gustav.