hadarac desert

During this first age, dragons did little more than eat and breed. The Chronicles of Ingothold say that the great fire-worms congregated in the heart of the Hadarac Desert, as the heat was to their liking, but that they also nested in the Spine and the Beor Mountains, where they seemed to have taken a special delight in persecuting the dwarves. No one has unearthed evidence to suggest that the dragons ever developed a culture or language of their own, notwithstanding their manifest intelligence. It is possible that they only acquired these attributes after becoming linked with elves and humans.

This state of affairs persisted until 5217 A.C., when elves arrived in Alagaësia at the place where Teirm now stands. From whence did the elves come and why? They will only say that their homeland was called Alalëa—a very rare word in the ancient language that has multiple meanings, the most likely in this case being “a melancholy dream of great beauty”—and that they left to escape the consequences some terrible mistake.

Whatever the reason may be, the elves soon committed another mistake when, in 5291 A.C.—having established themselves across Alagaësia—they slew a dragon for sport, thinking them naught but beasts. (Elves still ate meat then.) The war that followed was so ferocious, it threatened to drive both races to extinction. The fighting ceased in 5296 A.C. only after a certain elf, Eragön, chanced upon an abandoned dragon egg—if indeed it was actually abandoned—raised the subsequent hatchling, and then traveled among the dragons and convinced them to end their hostilities. Then did the älfakyn and skulblaka join together and form the Dragon Riders, to bind one to another and make certain that the newly formed peace would endure forevermore, which was perhaps the most significant occasion in all of history.

—  An Excerpt from Domia Abr Wyrda (The Dominance of Fate). Composed by Heslant the Monk

Eragon was informed of a massive fallen star in the Hadarac Desert. Hoping it was a new mass source of brightsteel for the new riders swords, he went with Saphira to investigate. There they found a mass amount of broken metal, and a man. The man then took out a short metal stick and all of the sudden a blue light came out of it and a “vrrrmm” sound. He thrusted eragon without uttering a word and then ran off into the distance. Eragon then went through the wreckage and found a strange metal symbol on a sheet saying “Jedi Master Luke Skywalker”