"If I must be subject to ONE more joke about my height…"

"Don’t worry, love, you’re tall enough for me."



((Every time I go back to Breezehome and walk up to Ysolda, I actually start laughing, like a lot. And then I FEEL BAD CAUSE HADAAHK CAN’T HELP BEING ELF HEIGHT. I’m a horrible peson.)) 

I never really finished this thing properly, so I just slapped on a background, painted over it some, and called it a night.

I feel like the only time Hadaahk and Desmond would get along even remotely would be as werebros stalking the night.

Sorry if it’s super dark, I tried to make it look like night time and *shrug*

((I drew this at work with my current RP in mind. I call it “Hadaahk’s pants are way to big, but that’s probably because they belong to a Nord.”

It’s a pen sketch cause I left my pencil at home, and so I couldn’t erase the nose that I made too big. It was still the best of the three I did of him.))

Hello there, my fellow travellers, My name is Hadaahk and I and welcome you to my humble home. Nothing fancy, but I rather like it. Actually, I’ve come to be quite fond of Skyrim in general, setting aside the constant dragon attacks. I suppose this serves as sort of an introductory letter to you all. Feel free to send me letters or talk with me on the road if you’d like.

[ooc: Hey, I’m pretty new to Tumblr RP and Elder Scrolls in general, but I really really liked the idea of it. So hey, if any of y’all want to chat, RP, ask, or whatever, then go ahead! I can’t say I’ll always keep up with it, since life can be fairly busy for me, but I like to use roleplay as a way to unwind sometimes. Hit me up if you wanna chat, and let me know what I can do to make things better or easier cause I honestly have no idea what I’m doing just yet.]