Yoichi Saotome’s Voice Actor

We all know this sweet loveable cinnamon bun, right?

But did you guys know his voice actor was Nobuhiko Okamoto?

Whose voiced these guys:


even these guys

and finally

(He has a lot of good roles, which I would have loved to share, but I just had to point out some of these.)

Lakeland, Florida

After a late afternoon of mountain biking, I was exhausted and took in the peaceful scene before me. I knew I had to capture it and I had my camera gear with me in the car so I went to go get it and went back here in order to share the beautiful afternoon light with you guys. Isn’t it wonderful? Thirty second exposure for this with the kit lens. My Tamron is currently in for servicing.

Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil

In Macy's Today
  • Me:*Changing in my dressing room and suddenly hearing the people in the other room next to me*
  • Lady:Hayley just cooperate!
  • Daughter:No! Those heels are so high, I'll be stumbling all over the place!
  • Lady:But those flats you chose are so ugly!
  • Daughter:I don't care, I can dance better with them.
  • Lady:You'll never attract a guy like that, sweetie.
  • Daughter:Mom, why raise children when you can raise a roof?
  • Me:*dying of laughter*

“I’ve been fortunate to have the same best friend for my entire life. Our parents had already been friends for nearly a decade by the time we came around, so Matt, all of four months my senior, literally visited me at the hospital when I was born. We had our picture taken together at a professional studio when we were less than a year old (and, unfortunately, again when we were twelve years old, wearing neon colored shirts, sunglasses, and bicycle shorts). We grew up together in a shared world of baseball, religion, funny movies, and Billy Joel. And, like most great friends, Matt and I developed a conversational shorthand together—a secret, coded language honed over many years—that is all but impenetrable to those around us, even our wives. “I don’t understand like even half of what you guys are talking about,” is a not uncommon refrain.

What most people don’t understand, though, is that a significant part of this secret language is actually comprised of quotes from the 1980s comedy movies we watched endlessly together while growing up. Fletch, Airplane!, The Naked Gun, Ernest Goes to Camp, Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, U.H.F., Spies Like Us, National Lampoon’s Vacation—we mainlined these films like street drugs as impressionable kids and, for one reason or another, the effect still hasn’t worn off to this day. I have no doubt that it’s maddening to those around us at times, but when we get in that zone, that bubble, it becomes entirely about one thing and one thing only: making each other laugh.

And what’s accomplished in these moments—even in a random text message after not talking for a month, quoting some silly line from a film we likely haven’t seen in years—is not just a quick laugh in the middle of a work day or a brief hit of nostalgia, but also this: that we shared a childhood together, filled with all the magic, wonder, and confusion that childhood contains, and that all of that still remains easily accessible to us, even today, in a very particular way. It’s a reminder of everything that’s connected the two of us throughout this strange life, and the shared sense of humor that’s run underneath it all, a steady constant despite the many different phases we’ve gone through as individuals, and the many miles that have separated us geographically for most of our adult lives. Texting lines from old Chevy Chase movies to each other in the middle of the day, we’re no longer just workers, husbands, parents, responsible adults—instead we’re granted a kind of instant access to those nine-year-olds we used to be: spending the night at each other’s houses, staying up late, sneaking candy and watching VHS tapes rented from the grocery store, endlessly rewinding our favorite scenes and quoting them back to each other for weeks on end, life still spread out gloriously in front of us like some kind of treasure map.”

—Chad Perman“Laughing All the Way” (Bright Wall/Dark Room, Issue #23, April 2015)

Car Ride - Michael Blurb

Imagine going on a car ride with the boys. You and Michael would sit in the very back and right next to each other, Michael always taking the window seat. Sharing headphones would be your guys’ favorite thing because you’d both lip sing along and dance. This time you’d both be sitting contently, your head resting on his shoulder as the song shifts to something upbeat but still soft. He’d look down and smile at you before turning to look out the window. He wouldn’t be able to stop smiling. His life is just as he wants it, to him it couldn’t be any better. He had the tour coming up, his best friends with him, and the best thing in his life…you. He’d contently sigh and you’d move to look up at him, so beautiful. Michael would turn to face you because he felt you move and frown a little because you weren’t lying on him anymore. You’d ask him what he was thinking about just then and he’d quietly wrap his arm around your shoulder and link his fingers with yours. As you settled into his arms he’d kiss you head and answer you, “Just how perfect my life is and I couldn’t be any more lucky”.

My Olicity Story

For my-heart-belongs-to-olicity‘s project! Awesome project, and a story I’ve never shared, so happy to tell!

About roughly a year ago, I was scrolling through my dashboard, wasting hours on Tumblr. You know, the usual business. It was after 2x23 had just aired, I wasn’t following any Arrow related blogs yet. And I saw a gif set pop up of the Olicity beach scene. I was intrigued immediately. A gorgeous nerd girl and this handsome guy who had to be the main guy of the show. The opposite of the typical love story you get with every show in history. They were looking at each other with so much love and longing in their eyes. WHO THE HELL WERE THESE PEOPLE AND WHAT SHOW WAS THAT?

I binge watched the first and second season, ready to fall in love with the damaged vigilante and the nerd girl, without realizing that Felicity doesn’t appear all that much in the first half of season 1. That they weren’t the main love story, not even at all. That finding out, after digging into the Arrow Tumblr tags and getting into the fandom, Felicity wasn’t even supposed to be part of the main cast members.

But I didn’t care. I would be patient. The friendship that blossomed between these two was a glorious thing to watch. How Felicity was such a badass character without having to be in a physical fight. How Oliver was funny, light and himself for the first time since the island almost only when he was with Felicity. How he listened and started to care for her. The natural chemistry between these two characters felt so real, it was like you could feel electricity run through your body whenever they made the slightest eye-contact.

I was already sold the moment I saw that gif set, but the official moment when I was actually binge watching? 


I fell in love with their bond. It didn’t matter if it was platonic, although I hoped for more. I just wished it wouldn’t go away in upcoming seasons. And it got even better. Because we got the love story we all wished for, but nobody of us excepted to actually happen on the show. 

Olicity, although really important to me, is not the biggest reason why I watch/love Arrow. The story of Oliver Queen is the main reason. But looking back on it on my first encounter with Olicity, it’s kind of awesome that the reason I even looked up ANYTHING about Arrow got canon, has now become a part of Oliver’s main story arc and is the beautiful love story we have today. And I’m so happy I decided to get on the train ride. And, BONUS, it made my Tumblr dashboard interesting again, I’ve met really awesome people because of it, I’m a part of a really cool fandom, and discovered amazing actors I wouldn’t have even known about otherwise.

(Ahem. Woops. Long-ass post. Guess I had some stuff to let out.)

anonymous asked:

Do you have more gifs or a video like that one you just posted with Nissy and Misako on your latest post? I think it was a video with them from AAA mobile

Hi!! ^▽^

Yes it’s from a AAAmobile video^^ I wish i could share the video(s) but I can’t upload them here or anywhere else

*sharing the videos is against the fan-club rules ^^;*

If you’re a AAAPartyWorld member you can see it!

I don’t think AAAPartyWorld members know this, but you can see all the AAAmobile APT & GS videos on the AAAPartyWorld site. 

(i had nothing else better to do, i started messing with the site & found the link XP)

AAAPartyWorld Videos

*i hope you guys don’t think i’m being strict or pushy but please don’t post the videos anywhere. It’s OK to make gifs & share screenshots but we can get in trouble for sharing the videos (JPN fans might get really angry & tell the staff. some of them are still a little upset our fan-club is a mix of mobile & party; we don’t want to upset them more^^;)*

Hope this helps!

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(1/2) while growing up, specially while I was in highschool, I was NEVER considered attractive. My two best friends were very beautiful. I remember how the "artsy" and "intellectual" guys didn't give a fuck that we had the same interests in music, books and films, they still preferred to talk to my two best friends who they had nothing in common with. They didn't care about building meaningful relationships based on shared interests and ideas, they just wanted to be with a conventionally pretty

(2/2) girl. It baffles me how men complain about wanting to find an intelligent girl, but that’s not what they’re looking for. I totally understand how you feel. No one cared that I was smart or cultured. They didn’t even acknowledge my existence. I was traumatized and forced myself to be what was expected of me, physically speaking, and things changed drastically. It’s like they only care about your humanity if its held in an attractive mold. Being unattractive is being less human.

I’m so sorry bb. I feel exactly the same way. Some people just don’t understand what it’s like. 

As many of you know, I’m in graduate school. This was actually my first semester. There was a time when I thought I would have to let R4R go in order to properly focus on my studies. However, a good friend I’ve made here encouraged me to use my first semester to see whether or not I could juggle blogging and studying. I just completed my last final exam of the semester yesterday. I got all A’s on my finals. I’m so proud of myself, y’all. And I’m so glad I didn’t give up on something I really love. Damn, I feel like Super Woman.

You guys are like family to me, so I had to share my happiness with you!

tsaphanbabe asked:

How long have you used tumblr? How has it changed for you since you started? How do you use tumblr in your life? That is, what purpose does it serve?

I’ve been on here for four-ish years. I’ve had a few different blogs in that time. All relatively the same in nature. I don’t know if tumblr has changed or if I have just found the right corner, but my experience is now a lot more original content from you guys. I love that. I use it to express myself in a way that I’m not comfortable doing anywhere else. It’s very valuable for that. I collect my thoughts best when I’m writing them. And I also like sharing myself. Tumblr is this semi-perfect blend of best friends and confidantes, and total strangers.  I know that can be a little dangerous in some instances, but I genuinely love the little community I’ve found here. Thanks for asking!

Last night I was pulled over for going 39 in a 25. I talked myself out of the ticket. A few weeks ago I (completely accidentally) ran a red light and got only a warning for that as well. I explained how I had just gone to a driver improvement class because of a speeding ticket I got last semester, and both times the (white) police officers had sympathy for me and let me off with warnings. 

That is white privilege. I know it is, and I know I benefit from it. 

I guarantee that a Black person with the exact same circumstances and exact same story would not have gotten the breaks that I got.

Although I was extremely relieved to not get those tickets, I realize that it was because of my privilege that it happened. 

Look, it’s that easy! It’s that simple to recognize and be critical of your own privilege and to realize when you are benefitting from a system that exists to make the lives of PoC harder. 

Those tickets would have made my life a whole lot harder, I would have had to spend a ton of money to pay them off that I just do not have, and I possibly could have lost my license, meaning I would lose my job, my car insurance would have gone up, etc. 

This is one reason it’s so much harder to be a person of color in this country. Because when you’re Black or brown you don’t get the chances and breaks that a white person would get. You’re on your own and few people in government, law enforcement, etc. care enough to help you out when you’re already down.  

Highly doubt it but

what if sasuke and sakura did travel together for a while??…
Cuz remember that sasuke did promise sakura in chapter 699 that he would let her travel with him…
Yet again I doubt it cuz I think it still depends on the translations and translators… if “I see you soon” is what he really said then he didn’t actually promise to take her with him;but if “maybe next time” is what he actually said then it wasn’t just a promise of love—it was a promise to take her with him…and travel with him…(oh ma feels)
(Gaahh this is why accurate translations are always important)
But if he did take her with him then just stop and think about all the wonderful moments sasuke and sakura shared together…

If sakura had sarada in the woods do you guys think sasusaku did it in the woods (O////O) omg just imagine them kissing there and raising two year old sarada there and then and then….
I dunno what happens TT-TT

Hey y'all! This is long over due because my prom was weeeeeeks ago. But I went to prom as a freshman! With only two other fellow freshman and I had quite a bit of fun but I was so freaking nervous. Anyways, I’m not the prettiest nor the skiniest girl out there but I felt really pretty that night and felt like sharing this with you guys….


“I think when you’re playing someone who actually existed in history, there’s always a danger of an impersonation rather than an interpretation…” - Benedict Cumberbatch discussing his portrayal of Guy Burgess in The Turning Point directed by Fiona Laird for Sky Arts Theatre Live! Series 2009 from the documentary Writing The Turning Point by Michael Dobbs 

Hey guys! So I LOVE finding posts like this on tumblr, so I decided to make my own! I found some cool articles about relationships and love and stuff so I thought I’d share. And of course I had to use a Gordo and Lizzie gif becuase they are the official OTP. Anyway here you go:

Alright that’s it for now guys, hope you liked it :D Let me know if you guys want another post like this!

Okay so I want to share a story with you guys.

Today I had an appointment at the Apple store (my screen has like a dead pixel in it so it needs to be fixed cos it’s annoying me lots) the appointment was on 12:20. I got out of bed on time and I had had enough hours of sleep, yet I was still tired. I checked on the site if I could shift the appointment so I could sleep a bit more. Planned the second appointment on 13:40. I had to take the bus and I was just on time but, sadly I fogot my card (the one you use to check in to be able to travel with the bus) so I wasn’t gonna be able to get on time to the appointment. I was so angry at myself, canceled the appointment and felt like going back to bed. But I didn’t, I put myself together (after some crying tho), went home, picked up the card and took the next bus to The Hague. 

I went to the Lush, everyone is always so nice there and I love their products. So that already made me feel a bit better. Then I went to this cute vinyl records shop, because my uncle ordered ‘The Cure - Disintegation’ for me. And the people in that shop were so nice! They even made me a coffee and we had a nice talk and just felt so nice. When I went back to the bus station I came across this little fun fair and was so nice to see people happy and just listen to all the laughing and music and smelling the food from the food stands. I saw a man who was drawing and selling portraits and I just walked up to him and had a chat. I also made a chat with a man who was selling records at the flea market.

I went home with a smile on my face.

My best friend came over in the evening and we watched movies and just enjoyed each others company.

I’m just so glad that I didn’t let depression win today. I had a great day, For greater part on my own, but I didn’t feel lonely, because I talked to so many nice people. Lately I’ve been feeling dissociated and today I tried to ignore that feeling and even though I was absent sometimes I COULD enjoy my day. Not 100%, but it’s a tiny step forward. Also learned that making a chat with strangers isn’t the scariest thing to do and I’m definitely gonna try to do it more often, a lot of people are nice and open and they just put a smile on your face.

I know it’s hard it is to get out of bed in the morning, but it might be worth it. You never know what the day has in store. Fight that voice in your head that tells you it’s not worth it and don’t give up.


Online Dating 101 for Ex-Sugars and Current Sugars

May I brag for a sec? I promise I’m going somewhere with it:

Yesterday I had one of my girlfriends ask me how the hell do I know so many successful - well respected guys, and if I had gone back to being a sugar baby. It caused me to have a moment of self reflection: she was right, I’m the only person I know in their 20′s with so many successful/influential close friends and I’m a fucking nobody with a pretty face and a good vocabulary. 

Soooo many women have had terrible online dating experiences and I’m the biggest online dating advocate ever. It lead me to want to share what I do in order to meet the best of the best. I think many of you will appreciate it and take away a few things. 


1. Post classy pictures…but be an undercover sex symbol ;)

One of the reasons I have completely given up hope for anyone on seeking arrangement is because many people post trashy, tacky pictures. Think about the man you’d like to date. Does he care about his reputation and his public image? If he cares then so should you. I have a rule I go by: on dating sites, don’t post anything that doesn’t look like something Yolanda Foster would have on her dating profile. I love Yolanda Foster. Find a trophy wife to idolize and make her your role model. 

**** I think bathing suit pictures are always an appropriate way of showing off what you’ve got because everyone’s going to see you in a swimsuit anyways…just don’t overdo it.

2. Don’t date people who post tacky/trashy pictures

I think this is probably my most important rule oddly enough. You can’t expect a man that has pictures of him getting wasted with his friends all over Instagram to be a good boyfriend and a well respected entrepreneur. Personally, I  have a suit rule: if he’s not wearing a suit in at least a few pictures on his dating profile-he’s definitely not a big shot. Successful people spend a lot of time working and a lot of time networking. Whilst doing all of this they typically wear a suit, so if he’s not in a suit in most of the pictures people are taking of him - hes not working hard enough. Also, if he seems to be getting a little too close to 90% of the women he’s seen in pictures with: he’s a player. Think about what kind of man you’d like to date and what kind of impression he’d like to give strangers looking at is profile…what would his pictures on Instagram or on match.com look like?

3. Don’t meet up with anyone until you know their full name and income

Sorry but it is what it is: guys want girls that are hot, why can’t girls want guys that are paid? I think having a partner that’s financially stable is more important than having a partner that’s super attractive, that’s why I always ask for the persons full name so I can look them up on LinkedIn haha. Oh, and always wait for them to ask you what you do for a living first…theeen you ask him what he does. If he’s making a lot of money, he should be very vague - that’s why you look at his LinkedIn and do some serious research. 

4. Try *not* to go on a coffee date 

When you’re first starting out with online dating, agreeing to meet someone at a Starbucks seems like the best way to meet because if you hate them, there’s no pressure to stay - you can just make up some excuse and bolt since its so casual. However, I’ve noticed that no matter how busy or important the guy may be: if he really likes the impression you’ve given him he will *insist* on taking you out to eat. Going out to eat is a horrible idea unless you know his income, know he’s well respected, and you know he’s fun to talk to (so get him on skype or give him a call before making plans). If he thinks you’re super hot and fun, he’ll be dying to take you out even if you agree it’s not a date- just a meet up (what I typically do). Hate to say it…but it’s actually usually the guys that are pretending to be big shots (or the ones making a less than substantial income) that will offer or agree to go on a coffee date.

Phew, being a gold digger is hard. ;) Xo’s sugars.

♦ TS4 Strappy Sandals

I’m happy to share with you guys some lovely pastel strapped sandals with a slight tan crosshatch texture for the bottom of the shoe. Been needing some more simple sandals to choose from, so I just had to make these for my sims. 

Download- | Mega | Strappy Sandals 


  • All in one file. 
  • Comes in 15 Swatches. 
  • These are not overrides.


  • EA for the mesh
  • Sims4Nexus for the toenail polish. 

Please do not reupload or claim these as your own thanks!