These are some old Paperman Project color keys! or lack thereof for the most part

(Also watermarks are ugly, I know, but we do what we gotta do.)

A few of you may know who have come to my livestreams that we’ve been working on this for almost 3 years now. A bunch of these ones here are done at least over 2 years ago now haha… (although I’ve updated that last one there a bit more recently)
Figured I’d start off with just getting out what we’d started with artwise and update from there.

These are just a glimpse of the full length movie we’ve had in the works and we’re so excited to finally be sharing with you guys!

Paperman © Disney
Paperman Project © Bianca Paz & Nicole Moad

trixiefirecracker asked:

So I have to share this story with you. I had reposted a chapter of Mutual Release so I could read it later and forgot about it for a few days. Then I was in a job interview and they were checking my background on social media. Including tumblr. So the guy conducting my interview comes to the third chapter of Mutual Release and READS THE ENTIRE THING IN FRONT OF ME. And then he asked me to explain what it was. All in all it was one of the most interesting job interviews I've ever been to.


I laughed so hard while reading this that I choked on air. 

And they still offered trixiefirecracker the job.

Vancouverites: Daniela Dib

How was it working on the X-Files revival?
I play the character Sarah and I have a small role in two of the six episodes they filmed. I get to share the screen with both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson and it was great that I could do it in my backyard.

The first episode that I appear in was written and directed by Chris Carter. The second episode that I appeared in was written and directed by James Wong of American Horror Story fame. I can’t wait for you guys to see this, the revival is going to be amazing.

We heard you had a dance scene with David Duchovny. How was that?
It was great!

I’m so grateful for Moe Brody and Morgan Tanner who choreographed the dance with myself and David. David’s very talented, such a hard worker and a great dancer. I was blown away by his work ethic and his dedication to his art. It was an amazing opportunity for me to share a scene with him. And this wasn’t an easy dance, it involved a lot of tosses, flips, very complicated lifts and partnering work. Safe to say that Morgan, Moe and I were very impressed by his dance skills.

this is loosely based off of Castle by Halsey

“Go in, Y/N!! Stop being such a baby!” 

Your friends were egging you on using any tactic they could think of to get you to go into the old ‘haunted house’ that had it’s fair share of urban legends spread about it- especially around Halloween. 

“I fucking hate you guys!” you said over your shoulder before putting on your bravest face and heading towards the abandoned house.

The wooden steps would creak as you walked up them but you’d take a deep breath before untangling the broken chains that had once kept the place locked and turning the old rusted door nob, carefully walking into the house. It was dark but what little moonlight illuminated the empty rooms showed you all the cobwebs that adorned the long forgotten home. 

After exploring the first few rooms you headed towards the staircase but before you could even make it to the first step, a pair of hands grabbed you from behind and pulled you back against the chest of whomever had you in their grip.

You couldn’t help but scream out in alarm because you really hadn’t expected anyone to be here, you had convinced yourself the rumors were nothing to worry about but now you were thinking maybe the stories about this place weren’t made up after all.

“You should keep your pretty mouth shut,” the voice behind you said and you immediately recognized who was holding on to you.

“Luke!” you whined, wriggling to get out of his grip, “That wasn’t funny! You scared me half to death!”

When you finally turned around so you could look up into his eyes, you saw the sly smirk on his face. This was just the twisted sort of prank that had Luke’s name written all over it and you should have known that he was behind this.

“I hate you,” you told him, trying to push off of his chest so you could walk away from him but he just tightened his arms around you and pulled you as close as he could.

“I love you, too,” he said, laughing to himself when you finally gave up on fighting him off and settled into his arms. 

fall!5sos blurb night with acoustcmichael! tag us/send in your blurbs! 

Bryana and Arzaylea

A video walking of Byrana Holly (Ashton’s girlfriend) and Arzaylea (supposed groupie) backstage together. That chic probably wasn’t lying about wearing Luke’s Red Hot Chili Pepper’s tee… And she could very well, actually be a groupie…

Sorry guys, I had to share with you.

abstronic asked:

When the guys all lived together and you came to visit how did you find it? My boyfriend shares a house with 3 guys and it sometimes feels awkward when I am there, like I am in their space and it's hard to just hang out together. Did you find this?

It was fine to be honest. They had a decent sized house and Chris had an en suite bathroom which helped a lot. I visited at weekends mostly and everyone was doing their own thing

Kay so, just because I heard it happened. If you are in Winnipeg and into anime. There are some peeps James aka Odjin and his girlfriend Tazana, I just heard they are looking for a roomate for Anime North. If they offer DO NOT TAKE IT.

I’ve met James once or twice. He is a thirty year old. The first time I met him he mad repetitive sexual jokes about my 17 year old friend even after being asked too stop. He then tried to sleep in the same room as her and I had to make him leave and sleep in the hall watching. And by sleep I mean not sleep.

This is a serious warning like, this guy is massive red flag creeper. You do not want to be in another province sharing a room with him. He’s also friends with people who are racist and transphobic. Seriously. AVOID.

If you are at Anime North and you meet these people and they want to go out and drink or want you to visit their room. AVOID.

Seriously. I don’t want anyone to get hurt.

Save the Last Dance for Me

So I remembered this song and I started to think of Gayperion and Rhys and Vaughn dancing together after getting married at their reception. And with some sharing in a Skype group chat about this idea I felt the need to write it. I haven’t a full on fic in a long time so I’m going to be a bit rusty in that despite roleplaying on here. But I hope you guys enjoy this anyway.

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Important Notes + Announcements!

Hello everyone! I know most of you must have returned to the hell known as school, so I wish all of you luck through your semester. You’ll pass through your year with flying colors and the best grades you’ve ever had! Now some announcements:

  • The emoji tropes event is currently being typed up and edited as we speak. Queue will post them (queue makes 2 posts a day), so look forward to it!
  • Commissions take some time so I apologize to those of you who are waiting for your ask to be answered. I will try my best to mix up both the event drabbles and regular asks.
    • Speaking of commissions, you can visit the post here for more details if you are interested!
  • WEDSDAY WILL BECOME ‘BEAUTY DAY’. This is the time to share all your tips regarding facial to body care.
    • The submission box is around for your headcanons, stories, or edits you want to share! If you want a beta or maybe even advice, feel free to send it in.

And that’s it everyone! This weekend will be the time I will try my best to be the most active as there is a three-day weekend and I’ll be too lazy and busy with MH to go out lel so do expect some live posts from me. Thank you very much for continuing to follow me~

~ With Love, Cei

we’ve had some great times tonight guys. we’ve shared our deepest hatreds. we’ve bonded over mutual dislikes. we’ve embraced our own inner furies and learned to burn them as fuel. as our time segment draws to a close i’d just like to thank you all for being here. i really appreciate knowing that there are other people out there who hate almost as vehemently as i do. before i go, i just want to say, all of you are wonderful. never forget that your hate has the power to brighten one asshole robot’s day. thank you.

Alright guys I’ve been a huge fan of X-Files since ‘95. I’ve seen it all and heard it all. I’m honestly from the bottom of my heart not ready for tomorrow’s last day of shooting. I’m litterly crying over dinner wih my husband thinking this could be it. This could be the last time they film Mulder and Scully.
I feel like I’m mourning.
Damn anyway, sorry to be depressing just had to share how I’m feeling emotionally.

Thanks for listening and please share your thoughts if you feel the need. I’m a good listener. ♥


Updates + Further Info!

Yo! It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this blog, huh? Well in case you weren’t following my main blog jellal you probably don’t know the severe depression relapses I had gone through towards the end of spring/beginning of summer that almost made me remake. But, no worries. I did make a new account but I haven’t done much on it so I will be making that inactive and moving my art back to this blog!

In case you’re wondering “who the fuck is this aelaenas on my dash” this blog used to be fernandoodles but I didn’t really like that url so I changed it to this one.

In any case, I recently began school again (senior year whoop!). And…I didn’t draw at all during the summer. I had no motivation and I just completely lost my art muse and that sucked ass let me tell ya. So I really don’t have any new content to share with you guys BUT because I’ve been taking antidepressants lately and my art muse and writing muse have been slowly coming back to me I’ve been in a generally better mood (save for the times I complained on my main blog lmao trust me I am salty online but irl I’m actually a lot happier than I was a year ago!)

But there’s a small issue. Most people know my laptop isn’t in the best condition. And it still works fine but because of the terrible condition it’s in I haven’t been motivated to draw digitally so sorry if it takes a while to get some really nice pieces up?? I hope that when I get a new laptop I’ll be ore motivated (you know assuming SAI works on it).

Secondly, I’ve decided to post a bunch of sketches and doodles on my twitter account starting sometime this week so follow me @ohnoitscc if you’re interested. (come on I know you want to B))

Lastly, I’ve decided I will also be coloring mangacaps and post them on this blog! Admittedly I’m a bit nervous but I think I’ll do pretty good.

I want to apologize for the lack of art lately (well non-fanart). The lord tested me this summer with a bunch of annoying things going on in my fandoms and honestly I’m still annoyed but I’m tired of letting it deter my own enjoyment. But I’m doing better mentally and emotionally for the most part and I think I’m going to finally start getting back into the groove of art. Also very excited to share ocs for stories I’m SO EXCITED to be working on. Thank you guys for being there for me and supporting me through and I promise I’ll get art up soon <3

Important Message Regarding the Bangkok Bombing

Everyone in Thailand has been asking to spread the following message: Do not share any pictures of the bombing/aftermath! I’m talking about the graphic photos and videos of the bombing and the bloody aftermath. The reason being is that’s what these terrorists want. They want the whole world to see what they’ve done and to send a message to everyone. They had a goal to hurt Thailand and the Thai people. Don’t let them win. I’m not saying forget about this tragedy and let these guys off. What they did was horrible. Plus it’s just disrespectful to the lives lost and those injured. Respect the deceased and the wishes of their friends and family by not sharing those graphic photos…But remember what these sickos did, unite and stay strong.

UPDATE: If you know anyone in Bangkok, please tell them to try to avoid the area. Do not try to crowd around the area. It’s as a safety precaution because there is a possibility that there could be secondary devices and unconsumed explosive hazards. It’s also so evidence and the crime scene aren’t contaminated. This is important in order to catch those responsible.

ANOTHER UPDATE: If you’re in Bangkok help support the victims by donating blood to the Thai Red Cross! if you can!

There had been another bombing attempt, but fortunately it went off in the water and no one was injured!

Also Thai police are looking for suspect this man as the cause of the Erawan Shrine bombing in Bangkok. CCTV videos show him entering the shrine, placing a backpack, and suspiciously leaving immediately after doing so. The backpack was were police believe the explosion started.Please share in case anyone has any information or possibly came across him.This is the outfit he was wearing at the scene:

Police Sketch:

EDIT 28/8/15: Police have arrested a suspect




I can’t believe I didn’t think to share this with you guys sooner, but recently a friend of mine and I had an idea to make a Heroes of Olympus tabletop rpg. Now, I don’t imagine many of my 3 followers are into the whole DnD/tabletop rpg thing but hopefully one day we can turn it into a digital version that’ll resemble Pottermore. 

The game is intended to be played like the average life of a demigod. The characters’ parentage will be limited to the big 12 at first while we’re in beginning production but you’ll roll two six-sided dice or one twelve-sided dice to determine your parentage(being a child of Juno/Hera or Artemis/Diana requires Game Master approval).

From there your character will be given a certain amount of “Boon Points” to be used to purchase abilities or equipment. Each character starts with a single weapon of Imperial Gold or Celestial Bronze(Children of Hades or Pluto may eventually upgrade to Stygian Iron).

Greek hero characters will be encouraged to use their points to purchase powers from their godly parents, due to the Greek gods being more hands-on in the world. Examples include a bonus to crafting for children of Hephaestus or possibly control of fire. Apollo’s kids get a bonus to performing, archery, or treating injuries, Children of Zeus can have bonus to leadership or control of lightning and air. etc.

Roman heroes will be encouraged to use their points to upgrade weapons and equipment. Examples include better armor, chariot, additional weapons, or magical weapon’s like Jason’s Coin or Riptide.

In special circumstances character’s can even get powers from their gods other than their parent, but here’s where it get’s interesting…. Such gifts only apply while one remains in good standing with their patron.

There’ll be a prestige system that measures your standing among different groups the higher your prestige rank with them, the better the benefits. But each benefit has a required prestige threshold, if your prestige drops below the required amount, you lose the gift.

Players will also have options to play as a Centaur, Cyclopes, Nymphs, or Satyrs.

I’ll post more about the game as we get more finished, probably even start a blog about it.




playing with Illustrator and Photoshop. Clearly I’m a novice but I loved the new album colour scheme so much I just had too. it took so long to remove a little bit of the overlapping but I’m happy with it. hope you guys love it too!

(P.S :- Added darker backgrounds so the font/pictures pop up even more. just a variety. I’m so happy you guys liking and sharing my work!)