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  • *over the intercom*:you know guys what i love? the killjoy universe. the people who like it still make good headcanons that i adore and when i just remember how many materials we had, from the twitter acounts to the music videos, so many art was shared because of the comics and people still...
  • passengers:oh my fucking god, shut up

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(1/?) Hi, I would just like to make some comments on your One-Shot called Overdose. I don't mean for this to be rude but I just want to say a few things regarding Kris, Luhan, Tao, and Yixing. First off, I want to say that the story over all was well written but there were some things that I didn't quite agree with that other fans probably wouldn't agree with as well.

Okay. You sent me a number of paragraphs with what you disliked about this fic and I will address it plainly. It’s fanfiction, my dear. It’s not real. It in no way is a novelization of an actual event or something that could potentially happen.
When I wrote this oneshot, the members had already left the group so the odds of them sharing a girl are obviously nonexistent. Also, I don’t think in a million years these four guys would ever share a girl. But that’s not the point.
As for your disgust with my original character being seemingly perfect, she’s a work of fiction. That’s the beauty of it. She can be whatever the fuck I want her to be. It’s a oneshot based on sex. Her life story was not my priority.
Same goes for the boys. You were very upset over how out of character they were. They were never meant to be in character. When the whole basis of the smut fic was to be them sharing a girl, me trying to stay with their real life behavior goes out the window since the entire premise is already insane. The whole oneshot was a raunchy smut fest, which was what I intended it to be. People write sweet emotional smut or off the wall unrealistic shit. Hell, a smut fic can be considered borderline unrealistic when the girl actually has an orgasm from intercourse alone. Haha.
It is not my responsibility to control a reader’s perception or what they take away from something they read. I write what I enjoy or occasionally what is requested of me. How you feel about it is up to you. And since there were multiple statements of consent in the fic, I’ve done nothing wrong. What you get offended by is out of my hands, but try not to get so worked up over a fanfic, for goodness’ sake.

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Hey, sorry if this has been asked previously and I'm just completely oblivious, but have you ever thought about making a Youtube channel that shares similar stuff as your studyblr (school and life stuff)? I think it would be awesome with your hilarious personality and obviously helpful study and life tips! Hope yah had a good day

hmm…i’ve considered this before. if i were to make youtube videos it’d be sort of a mashup between life advice and an online video diary and my opinions on an assortment of topics.

is this something you guys would be interested in? :)

Bambam Imagine - First (Smut)

A/N - Thanks to the anon for requesting a Bambam smut! I hope you enjoy it and keep sending in your requests everyone~

You and Bambam had been officially dating for a few months now and you loved every minute of it. The two of you just worked. You shared so many hobbies and your personalities matched really well. Whenever someone saw the two of you together they could see how well suited you were and how in love you both were. However, despite how perfect the two of you are, you hadn’t done anything more than kissing. People often assumed that since you guys are so close, you had been intimate with each other when alone but in reality, you were yet to experience it. This was because you were a virgin and hadn’t known if you were ready yet or not. When you had told Bambam, he had just said “That’s okay, I can wait until you’re sure you’re ready.” But now you were sure he was the one and you felt it was time to do this. You had called him earlier, asking if he wanted to come over to watch a movie, a typical date night for the two of you. Everything was in place and ready but you were nervous. So many questions ran through your head: Would it hurt? Will I be good at it? Will Bambam still love me even if I’m not good?

Your questions were interrupted by the doorbell to your house ringing. You had made sure that your roommate wouldn’t be home so you and Bambam could be as loud as you wanted without worrying about bothering them. As you opened the door and saw him, your nerves settled a little. His presence always seemed to put you at ease whenever you panicked.
“Hey, Bam,” you said as you hugged him and felt his lips kiss your cheek.
“Hi, I brought those movies we talked about last time. And I’ve got some popcorn so we can have a nice snack for our marathon.”
“Great, but first I do want to talk to you about something.” He followed you into your living room, falling down onto his usual spot on the sofa.
“Okay, what’s up, babe?”
“Well, I’ve been thinking recently about us and…I’m ready to take it a little step further.”
“Are you sure?” He sat up and held your hands, looking into your eyes.
“Yes, I’m sure,” you let go of his hands to place them on his neck, “I have never been more sure about anything in my life.” Bambam didn’t say anything and instead leaned in to kiss you, his lips urgent and needy, as though he had been holding back all this time. Your lips moved in sync and his hands held your waist, thumbs gently massaging you. You broke the kiss to catch your breath and say, “Shall we take this upstairs?”
“I thought you’d never ask,” Bambam said, quickly scooping you into his arms and carrying you up the stairs. He gently placed you on the bed and joined you, his lips finding yours again. He slowly began to grind his hips over yours, making you wonder why you were both still fully clothed.

As you kissed, tongues colliding, you slipped your hands to the bottom of Bambam’s shirt and tugged lightly so he knew how desperate you were to feel him skin-to-skin. He broke the kiss to allow you to pull off his shirt and also took the opportunity to remove your dress, leaving you in your underwear. He looked you and down and murmured to himself, “How did I get so damn lucky to have you?” You just smirked in response and let your hands explore his bare chest, reveling in the closeness. As the two of you continued to kiss, you felt yourself wanting him more. A burning desire had risen in you that could only be satisfied by Bambam.
“Bam, I need you,” you said, moaning into the kiss.
“Are you sure you’re ready, baby?” He asked as he looked you in the eyes to make sure you were certain. You nodded and replied with a “yes”, sparking something in your boyfriend.

All of a sudden his kisses became even more passionate as his hands traveled down your stomach, his fingers lightly dancing on your skin. the delicate touches sent a shiver down your spine and you shuddered. Bambam chuckled into the kiss at the effect he had on you when he had barely done anything to you yet. His fingers massaged your inner thigh, inching closer to where you needed him most. He made little circular motions, driving you crazy. Your hands were now on his back, nails scratching him from the pleasure he was giving you already. Bambam slid your underwear down your legs and moved a finger inside you. Your eyes closed and you bit your lip at the sensations it gave you. Before you knew it, he added another finger as he began to trail kisses down your neck and to your collarbone. He nipped at the skin, making sure to leave a few bruises on you. As you felt his fingers moving inside of you, your moans got more rapid as you began to reach your climax. Before you could release, Bambam slid his fingers out of you and quickly unzipped his jeans. You gave him an annoyed look for ruining your fun so quickly. He laughed and simply kissed you again, grinding his hips against yours once more.

He removed his boxers and discarded them on the floor with the rest of your clothes. He moved slowly into you, allowing you to adjust to his size. Once you were comfortable with the feeling of him inside you, he began to pick up the pace. The sensation was something you had never experienced before and you couldn’t believe what you had been missing out on through your relationship with Bambam. Moans spilled out of both of you as your hips moved in sync with Bambam’s, creating even more pleasure for the two of you. Your legs wrapped around him so he had better access to you. The new angle was even better and you could feel yourself begin to tighten around him.
“Bam,” you said between breathy moans, “I’m close.”
“Me too, baby,” he responded, sweat glistening on his forehead. He pounded even harder into you, making you reach your climax. Your head tilted back from the sensation as Bambam continued to thrust into you. His moans became short and quick as he released, experiencing your euphoria.

The only sound in the room was yours and Bambam’s heavy breaths. He pulled out of you and lay beside you on the bed. His arm came around your shoulder, pulling you in to cuddle his chest. You could feel the heat radiate off him as you finally caught your breath back.
“(Y/N), are you sure you’ve never done that before? Because damn that was amazing.” You blushed and snuggled further into his chest, embarrassed by the comment. He laughed and kissed your head, “I love you so much, (Y/N). Don’t forget that.”
“I love you too, Bam,” the two of you lay there for a few minutes until you said, “any chance we could go for round two?”

September Part One

Summary: You’re one of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities. You’ve had your fair share of dating guys and getting tired of them, so sometimes you just want a little fun. When you go to the Met Gala, you meet the cast of Civil War and end up having the time of your life dancing with Sebastian in particular. When you don’t see him for months, you figure it was just a coincidence-until you have to go to the Civil War premiere in Hollywood.

Characters: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Words: 1,533

Warnings: Fluff ;)

Tags: @rogersxbarnesx

September 21st. AKA the day of the long awaited Met Gala. AKA the day you dreaded most. Seeing everyone all dressed to the nines was fun, sure. But having to make small talk wasn’t really your thing. And every single time you went to something, some guy would want to ask you on a date and you would have to politely turn them down. You sat in your makeup chair while your stylist beat your face and played around with your hair.

Your best friend, Kristin walked in and smiled at your reflection in the mirror. You looked at her reflection and smiled weakly. “What’s wrong, doll?” She asked politely. You sighed and nibbled at the tip of your freshly manicured nail.

“Don’t want to go.” You tried your best to shorten your sentence while making sense. She let out a small chuckle and slapped your finger out of your mouth.

“Y/N you never want to go.” She smiled at the stylist as he finished and smiled at your reflection in the mirror. “She looks great, thank you.” He nodded and left in a hurry. You stood up and walked to the bed which laid out your long simple red mermaid gown with an open back and slit up your right thigh. It made your skin tone look a little darker than usual and your teeth a little whiter (which, quite frankly, you didn’t need any help of that).

After getting dressed and walking downstairs to get in the limo, you and Kristin sat in peace just prepping yourselves for who was at the gala. You weren’t sure, your publicist never told you that sort of stuff. But that’s why you had Kristin. She turned to you suddenly as you rubbed your lips together, to thin down the bright Apple red color plastered on them.

“So I heard that Chris Evans was going to be at this event.” You turned with a disgusted look on your face.

“Playboy-Chris-Evans?” She nodded excitedly. “Womanizer-Chris-Evans?” She nodded again. “On-again-off-again-can’t-keep-a-girl-Chris-Evans?” She nodded again, now annoyed.

“You think he’s cute, you just don’t want to admit it.” She poked at you. You but your lip. Sure, he was total man candy. But then again, man candy to you was all you ever had. You wanted something that felt real. And you weren’t sure if Hollywood could fulfill that.

“I mean, yeah, sure. But I want something real. Chris Evans hasn’t shown that yet. I don’t care anyway, I just want to dance with you and drink the night away. TMZ could use a new story anyway.” She nodded and sunk back down in her seat.

Soon enough, after announcements were made, fake red carpet pictures were snapped, and fake small talks were had, you and Kristin sat down at a very long table quietly. You looked around. “Who the hell is sitting with us?” You asked. Kristin picked up a name tag sitting at the plate next to her and her eyes widened. She looked at you and mouthed ‘Chris Evans’ in astonishment and all you could do was roll your eyes. You looked at the name tag next to you and saw it said ‘Sebastian Stan’. You were sure you heard that name somewhere.

“Is there a problem, miss?” A deep and intriguing voice asked in your ear. You turned, ready to go bitch mode on the waiter in your personal space, but froze when you saw a man with dark hair and scruff in a tuxedo smiling down at you seductively. You were speechless, and usually men didn’t leave you speechless. You looked at Kristin who was now gawking at Chris Evans who had just taken his seat next to her.

Elizabeth Olsen, Anthony Mackie, Jeremy Renner, and Robert Downey Jr. all filed into their seats at your table as Sebastian took his seat next to you. You just couldn’t take in all of the features on this man at once. Every piece, every detail was taken in separately. The piercing grey-blue eyes, the perfectly chiseled jaw, the slicked back hair, the lips. Everything about him was beautiful. He looked at you and you suddenly averted your eyes elsewhere so he wouldn’t catch you staring. He held out his hand. “Sebastian Stan.” He told you, as if you weren’t aware.

“Y/N Y/L/N.” He smiled and held onto your hand a bit longer than he should have. He noticed this and quickly slipped his hand down, clearing his throat. Kristin kicked your shin under the table and you shot her a dirty look. She pointed to Chris and mouthed something but you couldn’t quite make it out, so you shook your head to which she rolled her eyes to. Suddenly the speakers came on, with some feedback from the mic, making everyone cover their ears and cringe.

“Haha, sorry about that…” The announcer said awkwardly. “Thank you for coming to the Met Gala! Ladies and gentlemen, your evening will begin shortly with a gourmet meal prepared by our wonderful chefs and tonight’s sponsors.” Everybody clapped and the announcer turned the mic off.

Sebastian turned to you and sucked in a breath like he was trying to think of something to say. You decided to speak instead.

“Congrats on the new movie, by the way. I’m a marvel fan.” You told him and nodded. He let out a relieved smile.

“Thank you. It was a lot of fun to film, really.”

“I love your music.” Chris chimed in to you. You looked at him with a thankful thin smile. You didn’t think this kind of cast would listen to the music you sang. But you were thankful because, well, a fan is a fan. And you loved your fans.

“Oh yeah, we blasted ‘Into You’ on set one time. Total dance party.” Sebastian explained to you. You noticed Robert and Jeremy watching the conversation and they decided to chime in.

“Yeah, Rob over here was attempting to dance and fell flat on his ass.” Jeremy pointed. Robert cocked his head to the side.

“Yeah that wasn’t my proudest moment.” You all laughed and Kristin smiled at you. You were sure that this group was an amazing one. The night continued this way, all getting to know each other and trying to top each other’s stories. After dinner, the music had started and everyone was kind of dancing in their seats. Jeremy and Elizabeth left to go dance and Rob had found Susan and made their way to the dance floor as well. You, Kristin, Chris, and Sebastian all looked at each other awkwardly.

“Well, if no one’s going to say it, I will. Kristin would you like to dance?” He stood up and she took his hand and turned to you with an excited smile. One you haven’t seen since her recent breakup with her two year boyfriend. They left you and Sebastian to sit there awkwardly.

“So, um, you and Kristin are inseparable huh?” He asked you. You turned to him.

“Yeah, kinda. She broke up with her boyfriend of two years not even a month ago and she’s been leaning on me for support.” You explained. He nodded and ‘Me’ by The 1975 came on.

“Oh, I love this song.” He gushed, making you smile. “Well, Miss Y/L/N, would you care to dance?” He asked, standing up and holding out his hand. You smiled and took it.

“I would love to.” He led you to the dance floor, putting a band around your waist and the other holding your hand. You put your other hand around his shoulder. You both slowly swayed to the beat, getting lost in each other’s eyes. You rested your head on his shoulder, suddenly feeling comfortable. And you wondered if he could hear your heart beating, because, well, you were sure the entire room could hear it. But you didn’t have to wonder much longer because you felt his beating twice as hard. You smiled to yourself softly, because this wasn’t something that usually happened with all of the other guys you’ve danced with. He began to hum the lyrics to you, and feeling his voice in his chest made your heart warm.

“Hey look up.” He whispered to you and you did. The night sky was beautiful. The Stars were all shining so brightly and taking your breath away. He looked back down at you and you looked at him, suddenly finding your eyes on his lips. He licked them and leaned into you, stopping when your noses softly touched as if asking permission. You crashes your lips into his, your mouths fitting like pieces into place.

You pulled away and smiled resting your foreheads on each other. The song suddenly changed to your favorite, September by Earth, Wind, and Fire. You noticed Kristin and Chris running up to you both and you all began to dance together, following all the bodies surrounding you. You all laughed and danced the night away, belting out the lyrics as you went.

But what you didn’t know, was that you wouldn’t hear from any of those people again. Well, except for Kristin. And that broke your heart.

Part Two coming soon! Let me know if you want to be tagged in it! Sorry it’s awful, I’m not usually good at this stuff! Check out my Bucky Barnes x Reader fanfic, Stranger Things Part 1


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Let’s Make A Family (Tom Hiddleston smut)

You and Tom were sat outside at this little cafe, you two were currently having lunch, it’s a beautiful day outside. As you two were waiting for your meals to arrive you were both watching the children in the park with big smiles on your faces. They were so carelessly running around the trees and there were some over by the splash pad, giggling and running to their parents.

“They’re all so cute Tom.” you said to him and turned to find him smiling so big, making you love him even more.

“I know darling.” he said to you as the waiter had come up to your table, handing your guys’ food to you.

You guys had finished and made your way to the shared flat. Walking into the door you took off your shoes and left them by the door and made your way to the bathroom to go pee. When you had gotten out Tom was sitting on your guys’ bed looking down at his feet and smiling a bit.

“Babe, what are you smiling at?” you asked him as you crawled onto the bed behind him and wrapped your arms around his chest, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“I was just thinking. I really want to start a family, I understand if you don’t want to but I just, I don’t know. What do you think?” he asked raising his eyebrows and lifting the corner of his mouth up a little.

“Tom, I thought you’d never ask.” you laughed and kissed him smiling into it as did he.

“Are you sure darling?” he asked and he scanned your face which was now right up to his.

“Yes, I am a million percent positive, get those pants off Hiddleston.” you said as he laughed and pinned you down to the bed by your wrists. He kissed you on the lips, you guys intertwined your tongues as you ran your hands along his back. You wrapped your leg around him as his hand grazed your thigh while you lips stayed in contact. He hungrily kissed under your jaw, down to the bottom of your neck and onto your collarbones, giving you playful bites while doing so.

You lifted the hem of your shirt up and Tom helped you to remove your shirt as he quickly removed his, swooping back in to kiss you on the newly exposed skin. He reached behind you to unclasp your bra and kissed the valley between your breasts before attaching his mouth to your nipple, making it hard and earning a small whimper out of your mouth.

Your hands travelled down to his dick as you palmed him through the now rather tight jeans. You unbuckled his belt and he unbuttoned his pants, pushing them to the floor then worked on getting yours off after. You flipped over so you were now hovering over him, you moved your hips back and forth grinding on his cock still covered by his boxers. You tugged at the hem of his boxers and his dick popped out, landing on his stomach. Rising up, you lowered your panties and Tom ran his hand along his dick a couple times before you lowered onto him. As soon as you two had made contact you both let out a long moan, instantly becoming pleasured.

He grabbed your hips as you grinded up and down on his dick, hitting your g-spot perfectly. You bounced up and down as he grabbed your boobs, massaging them with his hands. He sat up and wrapped his hands around your back and kissed your neck. The room was filled with moans and the sound of skin on skin. Your back arched, you were getting close to your climax.

“Cum for me love.” he said and you released, your orgasm washing over you making your body shake uncontrollably and letting out load moans and profanities. He flipped you over and thrusted into you and he was getting close himself. His deep moans were turning you on more and more. His orgasm came and he shot his load into you, he tilted his head back, breathing heavy.

You two laid down next to each other, and ran your hands along his chest with you legs intertwined.

“I can’t wait to start a family with you Tom.” you said looking up at him.

“Me either.” he said and smiled at you.

Long time no see C:

Hey Wander Over fandom and followers

I’m sorry for my long absence after being depressed, I just had to take a break to clear my mind again.

Now I still dislike this website, but I’m only coming back because a very close friend of mine from DA wants to share her WoY artworks here. And as a friend, I want to help support her and be there for her in the fandom.

I also want to share my new arts with you guys :)

I’m also going to avoid a lot of controversial dramatic things (unless if its a huge situation on the news) because tumblr is overdramatic and people take every post too seriously. (No offense guys, but Jesus….)

But yeah I’m somewhat back, but this will be strictly an art blog/fandom blog only.

No drama, no personal beliefs like politics and religion (because that shit brings too much negativity and causes stupid fights), just fandom related and art stuff.

I hope you guys.~<3

I got Pokemon go a couple weeks ago and I’ve really been enjoying it but lately I’ve been getting so much negativity for being on team valor?? I’d really like to hear about some happier occurrences than the ones I’ve been having. Can you guys share some stories about a positive interaction you’ve had with members of another Pokemon go team?

I think it’s about time I share my Iran stories with you. Firstable let it be immediately clear that I had a great time and I would do it again. Then let’s get into how there were only squatting toilets, and toilet paper was just not a thing. Or how one time, in order to take a shit, I had to change from pyjamas into appropriately covered clothing because I had to walk past the hotel staff and god forbade they saw my sinful arms and hair. Or how Iranian guys see even the lightest, mildest showing of interest as a declaration of undying love and WILL stalk you on instagram and send you annoying messages until you block their asses. Wild

Take it (Shownu) SMUT

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Request: Hi adminnim thank you for making “little push” it’s amazing. Now can i request the sequel of it like smut maybe, when you decided to give your virginity to shownu if you know what i mean 😊😊😊😊😊😊i hope it’s possible to make. Saranghaeyo adminnim

adminnim! nado saranghaeyo

Little push

Hope you like it~~~

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🌟 I had so much fun @comic_con yesterday! I saw so many amazing people…that truly made my day! And thank you to everyone who said hi! I’m cosplaying today, in a new Starwars mashup! Cannot wait to show you guys! I also had to share this fun photo with @aime.and.lance 🌟
#cosplay #cosplayer #skeletor #Starwars #sandiegocomiccon #comiccon2016 #sdcc #comiccon #sdcc2016 #bobafett #snowwhite #maleficent #instadisney #disneygram #disneycosplay #snowbafett (at San Diego Comic-Con Convention Center)

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Random 5SOS Convo’s PT 1: Calum & Camden (07/16/16)

Calum - “Is this water polluted?”

Ashton - “..Why?”

Me - “I don’t think so”

Calum - “It smells like beer, vomit, piss, dirt and smoke”

Me - “Okay……….?”

(Side Note: Don’t start saying that Calum doesn’t like Camden it’s nothing negative about Camden, They all loved it there Calums just silly!)

I am going to start sharing little mini-convo’s I’ve had with the 5SOS guys with you guys :) Let me know if you want me to continue sharing these little convo’s :)

Imagine - Corey Giving You Advice To Impress Trayce

Your P.O.V

“So, should I just be blunt with him or wait for him to make the move?” I asked Corey before taking a bite from a piece of pizza.

For the past three weeks, I’ve been over at the guys’ shared home while Corey gave me ‘lessons’ on how to get Trayce to ask me out. So far, no progress had been made. If anything, Trayce had started to distance himself, especially from Corey and I.

“I would wait for him to make a move,” Corey spoke as he shoved a breadstick in his mouth. More importantly, my breadstick.

“You son of a beach.” I yelled quoting How I Met Your Mother. I dove across the island in the middle of the kitchen and started smacking his shoulder.

“911! I have a short maniac attacking me,” Corey screamed through a mouthfull of my breadstick.

Corey pulled me from my waist and off the island, holding me upside down. “That’s better,” He sighed in relief as he ate another one of my breadsticks.

I saw a pair of shoes enter the kitchen and they came to a halt once they had seen the scene in the kitchen.

“Sorry,” the voice spoke, it was Trayce. “I didn’t mean to interrupt whatever this is.” Before Corey or myself could protest he stormed out of the kitchen and I heard the front door open and slam shut.

Without me having to ask, Corey set me down on the tiled floor and I ran out the front door to find Trayce sitting on the front steps with his head in his hands. I took a deep breath before sitting down besides him. The two of us just sat in silence, neither of us were ideal at talking about our feelings.

“How long have you and Corey been seeing each other,” his voice rasped.

My eyes widened and I shook my head rapidly. “We’re not together. Oh my god, no.”

He chuckled and looked over at me, “Then why are you always here and talking with him in private.”

I paused for a moment, it was either lie to Trayce or tell him the truth.

“Corey and I aren’t dating. For the last three weeks, he’s been giving me tips on how to get you to ask me out…” I mumbled as I looked away from him.

When he started laughing I could feel my heart shatter in my chest. He thought I was a joke, and I could have killed Corey for telling me he liked me, when it was clear he didn’t.

I stood up from the steps and made my way to my car, even though I was certain I didn’t have my keys. A hand gripping around my wrist caused me to stop in my tracks.

“Trayce, for the love of god let go.” I snapped, attempting to pull myself away.

“Maybe I don’t want to.”

“Why? So you can laugh some more at the fact I have a crush on you?”

His face dropped, regret filling his features. “I - Oh god. I didn’t mean to laugh. I mean, I did but not in a negative way.. I think it’s cute that you went through that effort.”

I rolled my eyes, I was finally able to tug my wrist free. “Mhm. Well I’ll see you later Trayce.”

Trayce reached out and his arms snaked around my waist, my back pressed against his chest. “You’re not walking away. Not without me asking you out first.”

A small smile crept on my lips. “Really?”

I could feel him nod next to me. “How about Friday night?”

“Sounds perfect.”

“Good, now you won’t have to take lessons with Mr. Seager anymore.”

Story Time

Let’s share the first time we discovered Taylor.

Here’s mine: My sister’s friend came over and said you guys have to listen to this girl she is so good. She played the Taylor Swift album and we jammed out and sang and danced around. I have loved Taylor’s songs ever since. Then when I finally got to go to my first Taylor concert which was the red era because I was only 14 when Taylor’s first album came out and I had no money and didn’t really go to any concerts. I was obsessed with love story and you belong with me in ninth grade and learning about Romeo and Juliet. I listened to both music videos over and over on repeat all the time. After the red era my loving Taylor’s songs changed into what in the actual hell this woman is amazing live and what she stands for is so beautiful. It took my love for her music into a Love for the entire Swift family. I am obsessed now and once you experience a concert you never go back. I have already been to three concerts and plan to make it five after the next era. @taylorswift

“Did you sleep alright?” Dean dutifully asked his best friend while the two of them were enjoying their breakfast, sharing homemade pancakes and strong coffee in the bunker’s kitchen.

As much as Dean tried to not be nosy, this had been Cas’ first night as an actual human being, and Dean could only assume that it hadn’t been a particularly exciting experience for the guy that he secretly adored. Nightmares were a bitch, and considering all of the things that Castiel had been through during his time as an angel of the lord, it was a given that Cas’ first dream hadn’t been a very pleasant one.

But when Castiel glanced up, he was smiling at Dean, somehow no longer interested in his food.

“Oh yes, sleeping is rather nice, I’m very much looking forward to doing it again tonight.” Cas declared without a note of insincerity.

Dean frowned, taking another sip of his morning coffee, contemplating.

“Okay… So you haven’t been like, suffering from bad dreams?” He carefully checked after another shot of caffeine.

Cas blinked at him as if that mere suggestion was ridiculous, putting down his fork before bluntly elaborating, his bright blue eyes scrutinizing Dean. “Of course not, dreams are fascinating… You kissed me, I didn’t mind.”

After almost choking on his coffee, Dean soon collected himself, not one to say no to an opportunity like that.

The next time Dean kissed Castiel, it wasn’t a dream, because Dean made sure that Cas didn’t have to wait until he fell asleep once more. In fact, Cas didn’t have to wait at all. Never again would he have to wait, and neither did Dean.

The kiss tasted like coffee, and pancakes. But most of all it tasted like stay with me, and finally.

Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles Thank Fans On One Direction Sixth Anniversary (Video)
Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are thanking fans on One Direction’s sixth anniversary. Check out the video here!

Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are thanking fans on One Direction’s sixth anniversary. Check out the video below!

The official One Direction Twitter account shared a video of Tomlinson marking the momentous occasion. In the short clip, he says, “I just wanted to film a little message to say thank you because you guys are incredible. Your continued support is remarkable, really, and every single one of you had a hand in changing our lives, and I hope you’re as proud as we are.”

As for Styles, he’s tweeted a message on this day every year for the last six years. And though he hasn’t been on social media in three months, he returned on Saturday to mark the milestone. “Six years. I have no idea how to say thank you for all your support. For everything you are, and everything you’ve done, thank you. H,” he wrote.

As Gossip Cop noted earlier, fans are also celebrating One Direction’s anniversary on Twitter with the “#6YearsOf1D” hashtag. One Direction formed on “The X Factor UK” on July 23, 2010 when Styles, Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik were put into a group. Malik, of course, left the band last year.

And the rest of the members are currently on hiatus, with Styles and Payne recently signing solo record deals. But, as Gossip Cop exclusively confirmed on Thursday, their individual projects do not mean One Direction is breaking up. Check out Tomlinson’s video below!Gossip Cop will update if Payne, Horan or perhaps even Malik comment, too.


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