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I NEVER use this sideblog as much as i feel i should, so ! im gonna start using it for reblogs and stuff

basically if u tag me in a thing, i’ll put it here instead of my main bc i feel like ppl dont realize my main is me half the time (and since im on my art blog on mobile i have to wait til i get home to get on my comp and reblog stuff and then i forget s o)

also more general stuff like. shit text posts and mayb more doodles/scribbles will go there so

Hi, your neighborhood meme here. Thanks for all the support you guys have given me on this blog, really lifts my spirits & cheers me up. I’m a bit tired but I knew I had to get this out because you guys are just so precious to me. I want to interact with all of you who are willing to put up with this asshole & I’m hoping all my followers want to as well. Even if I didn’t mention you (or forgot to), just want to thank you for being interested in my muse. Anyway, under the cut: some fucking amazing people who have definitely made an impact on my life.

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(( mod toriel here, i’m sorry for our silence. life’s been draining, and it’s been hard to focus on anything but the immediate things in life. we by no means have had intention to leave the blog.

i’ve set up a page for frequently used tags on the blog, and i hope that it can be of some comfort to at least be able to look at on topics related to what you may be feeling 


it’s still a bit of a work in progress, but that’s most of the ones i could pin down for now

on another note, since i dont like answering inquiries if im not able to put all my heart into it, and theres still hundreds in our inbox for us to go through, ive made a suggestion blog or two on the side 

i take no asks on them, and theyre text post submission only

http://frangiblesuggestion.tumblr.com/ is not set up yet, but will be soon, and is in general for sharing fragile/weak thoughts and feelings

http://chronicsuggestion.tumblr.com/ is specifically for those with Chronic Illness/disabilities to share positivity, to vent, and to share advice

i hope everyone is doing as best they can, and i hope the new year has been treating you well ♥ )) - Toriel

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Since I am obsessed with your blog I feel as though I can trust you to rec me good Larry fics so I want to know your top 10 Larry fics. Hopefully if there's some I haven't read you will point me in the right direction of what I should read next!! 😘😘😘

Oh god what an honor!! This made me smile so much, thank you :)

Okay so I guess these are my ALL TIME fave fics and I also tried to put them in order?? Ugh I feel like I ignored 30958946 other fics, but oh well I had no choice. I’m 98% sure you’re going be disappointed because they are all pretty well known among the fandom, but they are truly my faves.

1) These Inconvenient Fireworks (my baby, my first love, the reason I breathe)

2) Escapade 

3) Coeur Des Enfants

4) This Shifting Ground

5) Butterfly Gun

6) Wild and Unruly

7) And Then a Bit

8) Just Me, You, And This Box Of Matches 

9) Untangle Me

10) A Castle of Twigs and Thistles


Okay I’m cheating but this is a WIP but I already know it’s gonna be one of my faves so go read it now! That Sounds Fake But Okay 

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thank goodness for this blog. i had made several attempts to go vegan for ethical reasons but often found myself having to resort to breaking my diet due to lack of food availability (especially vegan food that is low fodmap and high protein). the judgment of vegan communities is unreal. i was told that sibo and food deserts were a myth and that i shouldn't prioritize my suffering over animals. i eventually decided to strike a reasonable balance and go pescatarian without other animal products.

Whatever works for you as long as it’s what you want and doesn’t put you in danger.


Thank you all for the kind words and positive energy sent to me yesterday.

I had what would arguably be the worst day of my 11 year career. I can’t tell you how good it was to come home and be able to put a smile on my face from your actions.

I hope I can continue to spread you all the same kindness through this blog.

- mod rabbit

@siloechat @a-sophisticated-punk @autisticheatherm @givemyoldurlbackplease @anxietyprincess-mine

(also all of the people that liked the post and anons that sent messages)


This blog is officially an archive just like the title suggests. I’ll be putting in effort to remake my account during the course of this weekend and when it is completed I’ll link it here for anyone still at all interested in following/roleplaying with me! I would have done this a lot sooner but recently I ran into problems with my laptop — thankfully all of which are resolved now!  

I did want to add that I had a lot of fun on this blog, but I definitely need a fresh start in order for my Damon muse to come back. The fandom is easily one of the best and most welcoming that I have ever been apart of, and really, I’ve missed writing my interpretation and sharing him with others! So I’m honestly pretty excited about making this move.

Hopefully when I do it’ll be where my Damon stays and is good at. <33

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You're really smart, funny and cool, I love you and this blog you beautiful person :)

Originally posted by drunkbroadway

Gosh. Thank you soo, soo much, dearest anon. You have no idea how much it means to me. I’m happy that you enjoy my little blog of madness. Thank you soo, soo much from the bottom of my heart. Thank you!!! I hope you have a great weekend and lots of fun!!! Lots of love. xxx

i put this in my about but i’m gonna make a post too so

This blog is multiship. Chemistry is the most important thing and I’ll warn you now that if I think you’re only trying to write/ship with me because of my fc I will not hesitate to block you I’ve had to deal with that too many times already. Ace is a bad boyfriend, he’s terrible, he’s controlling and possessive and overall just Not Great so please know that before you try and ship with me. I have no desire to make anyone uncomfortable but I also don’t want to be put into a position where I have to hold him back because someone didn’t know what they were getting into with me. If you want to discuss shipping and ask questions please feel free I want to have fun and explore all kinds of different dynamics

Birthday Thoughts
  • I started this blog when I was 15, in September 2011.
  • Sherlock had only had one series at that point, to put it in perspective.
  • I was a very unhappy person then, because of what turned out to be depression and Aspergers.
  • And I don't think I could have made it here, 20 years old today, with two books published and another two on the way without each and every one one of my followers.
  • There may be 80,000 of you now but I'll never lose that feeling of excitement and potential when I first gained 1.
  • Thank you all so much.
  • HR, Author of A Guide to Deduction

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Hello, I had a quick question if you don't mind? I'm trying to put my art out there for the first time but I don't really know how to go about it. Do you have any ideas or advice that could help? I'm sorry to bother you, honey. I love you're art by the way, it's so adorable.<3

  • you don’t have to post everything you make, but don’t let fear/doubt stop you from sharing your stuff
  • have a clear art tag OR art blog that’s easy to get to from your blog
  • make a portfolio site – easy for people to see, and helpful to see your progress, what you need to work on, your patterns, what you need to draw more of, etc.
  • (this might seem obvious but) make sure the work is clear. take well-lit pictures/careful scans; save @ at least 300 dpi; make sure it’s not grainy
  • remember your signature in a corner or small spot! (I’ve forgotten this before… unfortunately people will just crop out your signature or blur it even if you remember, but it’s good to know you tried ._.;)
  • there’s no surefire way to get noticed - most people would suggest drawing fanart, but definitely don’t draw anything unless you’re personally interested in it… draw things YOU want to draw, and your passion and dedication will show in time
  • as for advice about the art itself, studies ALWAYS help a lot. by studies i mean using reference, from life or photographs. it’s helpful to have a reference folder. mine is separated into categories like architecture, forests, fashion, etc. 
  • drawing inspiration from other artists helps, and everyone tries to emulate someone when they start out. it’s best to figure out exactly what you admire about someone’s art/style/work ethic (ie. they have great movement or use of light or expressive characters); this’ll give you concrete goals and prevent being stunted by envy.
  • good luck!! 

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hey! i love your blog! you did a rant/analysis thing of baek's sexuality and i was wondering if you had anything to say about chan?

Hello there darling! Thank you for loving my blog, I appreciate it <3  Why yes I did~ I actually posted something abt it but it was very brief. (coz I also included my opinion abt the other members) and here’s the link if you wanna read it haha.

But yes yes, I said that I’ll elaborate more on Cy’s sexuality on the third part of my “Why I like BaekYeol/Chanbaek” post but I wasn’t able to put it in there. It wasn’t intentional tbh I just forgot to HAHA. And the third part already had 6k+ words and over 200 pics/gfs so I don’t think I need to add any more HAHA.

Okay so I’ll just elaborate a bit here :D It won’t be long unfortunately (or fortunately, depends on how you see it) bc I personally observe Bh more than Cy bc he is my bias so I have much more to say abt Bh. And my opinion on Cy’s sexuality is kinda self explanatory.

I already said it before and I’ll say it again, My opinion on Cy’s sexuality is that he’s heteroflexible. Idk if u believe that heteroflexibility does exist, but I do. Bc I’m attracted to males primarily but I don’t mind if I fall in love with a girl or sumthing (I haven’t ‘like’ liked a girl yet tho, only boys so idk). So I guess that’s why I believe it exists? Bc there are ppl who’s primarily hetero but won’t mind playing for the other team if they srsly liked/loved the person.

We have gone off topic tho this was supposed to be abt Cy lel. SO, I think Cy is heteroflexible bc of the vibes he’s giving me and how I’ve perceived him through watching numerous shows (from radio shows, variety shows, guesting etc) with EXO in them in the past years. He rly didn’t show me that much signs of being attracted to males or possibly being attracted to males.

BUT! Our queen Bh comes and as the delulu BaekYeol shipper that I am, you can already expect that I think Cy is attracted to Bh romantically. I’m not rly that positive that Cy is indeed attracted to Bh romantically. Maybe 70-30? (70% that he IS attracted to Bh romantically). The other 30% is skeptical bc Idk Cy personally and I don’t want to say that I’m sure of Cy’s sexuality.

Same with Bh tbh I think he’s bisexual 70-30 and the 30 is the me being wary bc again, I do not know Bh nor Cy personally and even if I do, I still can’t be sure abt their sexual preferences bc the only person who can be 100% sure of his/her sexuality is the person himself.

But even though I can’t say for sure that Cy is romantically attracted to Bh, I can say with confidence that he is somehow attracted towards him. Be it in a friendly manner or more. 

And here are the times that I feel that Cy is attracted to Bh~

The little things  Cy does when it comes to Bh. Idk but I just see this as something that signifies attraction. Even just a teeny tiny bit, attraction is still attraction.

Staring at the BaekBooty. Hallooo?

Easy there Cy, Chen don’t mean no harm he yo friend.

Cy is gentleman AF towards Bh. Y’know I haven’t seen guys do that to other guys that are just their ‘friend’. in my experience at least.

He practically ran to catch up and bring an umbrella to Bh.

STAAAAARES. Tbh that’s like the greatest factor for me bc Cy stares at Bh too often forit to be called “right angle at the right time”. And just look at his expression. esp at the last gif JUST. LOOK. I don’t think I need to explain now do I?

And ofc THIS moment. WHY IS CY SO RESISTANT? It’s like he’s forcing himself out of Sehun’s grasp bc he is embarrassed af and everyone who has a crush prob understand Cy’s feelings. Bc ur friend is forcing you to go near ur crush and hug them like, WHO WOULD NOT ACT THE WAY CY DID? Okay okay that may not be the actual case but I just can’t see any other possible reasons. (more)

So that’s it! I hope you were satisfied with my answer darling~ let me know if you have more questions or just anything you wanna say to me :) Have a good day! ^^

Miyano Mamoru Blog Translation - Wednesday, February 3rd 2016

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Title: 「GENERATING!」おまけ2
“GENERATING!” Extras 2

This will be the story of the performance for


in Fukushima☆

On December 20th,

because Christmas was close,


for “KissxKiss”…

We performed a Christmas version~~~☆\(^o^)/☆

While being in charge of the bell,

Mamo wore a santa hat,

and the dancers were all reindeer (and one chicken)

Like that, we danced☆

For the song, with the added notes of the bell and the Christmas arrangement, 

it became incredibly cute☆

There wasn’t time to get the headgear on the band members (lol), and we were asked to concentrate on performing,

but since there was one “present-shaped” hat left,

just for the photo, Kihara-san wore it (lol)

It suits you, Kihara-san (*^o^*)

Or I should say, the hat is really crooked (lol),

which is why Sano-san is laughing so much(≧∇≦)everyone is making lovely smiling faces☆

Except Kei-kun, who is staring really hard (lol)

When I reached 10K back in december, I promised to make this list.  I’m super grateful to know that my blog appeals to so many people, and hopefully through it I can share some of my passion for story, animation and illustration with everyone. And I mean, most of the stuff I provide isn’t even mine, I just reblogged it from super awesome blogs. So, logically, you, a person who follows me (hi), should like them also. This list is my gift to you. This is a bunch of cool blogs. You will probably like most of them. 

I know a lot of my followers are here for my art. I’ve said this a bunch of times, but really, THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING ME! I wouldn’t be half as good as I am now had I not been motivated by knowing so many people where watching. So, for those of you who like art, I put my favorite tumblr artists in a separate category. I encourage you to check them all out!!! Only quality artists are on there!!!!


|| In random order || Friends are bolded || Tell me if you think I missed you! ||


@anafterlifewithyou @i-miha  @yamsgarden @alertmode @kynero @monsieurtoast @hellokorra @cyborgsandteacups @nightworldlove @darealeliyellowbear @pearl-likes-pi/@otterbender @crystal-peridot 


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Thanks again to everyone!!!!

Michael Clifford - Silent Treatment

requested: yes :) by @personaofafangirl (thank you for all the requests you’re so sweet!)

summary: you make fun of the boys while watching their old videos and they get annoyed with you and give you the silent treatment

triggers: like one swear word

word count: 843

writer: Carly 

a/n: sorry if this is terrible but I really hope you like it! (side note: my favorite band is all time low so I had to put their cover of Jasey in here)) 


You opened up your laptop, smiling at the picture of you and your boyfriend you have set as your background. You’re really bored and have some time to kill, so you decided to go on YouTube. You didn’t know what kind of videos you were looking for, but you quickly figured it out once you saw the videos recommended for you. You quickly clicked on 5 Seconds of Summer’s cover of Jasey Rae by All Time Low. You turned the volume up, excited to watch the video for the first time in forever. You giggled at the little noise Calum makes in the very beginning.

“Like it, subscribe and stuff.” You heard a young Michael say through your speakers. You laughed at how little he sounded, “Like it, subscribe and stuff.” You mocked him.

“Holy emo fringe.” You laughed when you got a good look at all of them. Except for Cal, he had no hair.

“Luke’s voice was so high.” You chuckled to yourself.

It’s been really hard to focus on the video from the amount of giggling you’ve been doing. It’s just so weird to see such old videos because of how different they are now.

“I can’t handle the bongos.” You said as you heard Ashton bang on them loudly as the song came to an end.

I looked up from my computer to see four boys standing in the doorway, all of them wearing annoyed expressions.

“How long have you guys been standing there?”

“My voice was not that high!” Luke protested.

“Bongos are a cool instrument!” Ashton yelled.

“My voice doesn’t sound anything like that.” Michael’s voice raised a little as he defended himself.

Calum shrugged, “She didn’t say anything about me.” He smirked a little.

“I didn’t say anything out loud, doesn’t mean I wasn’t thinking it.”

His smirk fell as his face went back to its annoyed expression.

“Okay let’s do something else.” Michael said, not wanting you to watch anymore videos.

“I don’t know I’m having a lot of fun.” You teased him.

“Y/n, don’t you dare click on another video.” Ashton warned with a stern glance.

“Don’t even think about it.” Cal said with his eyebrows raised, trying to look sassy.

You looked at Luke, he just shook his head at me. You maintained eye contact as you lowered your hand down to click on the next video.

“She did it anyway, she never listens to us.” Luke ranted as you laughed evilly, turning up the sound even more.

“Michael, take one.” Blared through the speakers as the boys began talking about your boyfriend in the video.

“Cal, are you wearing lip gloss?”

“Fuck you, Y/n.”

“Michael, does this thing when he’s eating chips.” Calum and Ashton explained in the video making your laughter increase.

“Oh my god, he still does that!” You yelled out through your laughter.

You looked around the room to see how annoyed they all looked, you felt a little bad. Not bad enough to stop you from laughing, but still the feeling was there.

“Okay, okay I’m sorry. I’m done.” You let out a few more giggles before finally calming yourself down. “What do you guys want to do?”

They all looked at each other then looked straight ahead, keeping quiet.

“Hello? Anybody?” They kept ignoring you.

“Are you guys seriously ignoring me? What are you like five?”

Michael narrowed his eyes at you, determined to keep up the silent treatment.

You stood in front of them, thinking of ways to make them talk to you. You knew the one thing that would break them out of their silence right away, you had to cry. You were blessed with the talent to be able to cry on command, which truly comes in handy in situations like these.

You stood there, taking a minute to make your eyes water before letting a few fake tears fall down your face.

“Are you crying?” Ashton asked you with a guilty look on his face.

You turned away from them, mainly trying to hide the smile that’s forcing its way onto your face.

You felt arms wrap around you from behind and soft lips attach to your neck as Michael tried to comfort you.

“I’m sorry baby, we didn’t mean to make you cry.” Michael said softly.

“It’s okay, I just hate when you guys aren’t talking to me.” Your voice faltered a bit at the end of the sentence from trying to hide your laugh.

“Are you serious?” He asked with a defeated sigh, “How did we fall for that again?”

You couldn’t control it anymore, real tears came out of your eyes as you tried to catch your breath in between fits of laughter.

“Keep it up and I’ll put that video of the water park incident on YouTube.” Michael smirked, knowing he had the leverage he needed to make you behave.

“You wouldn’t dare.” You gasped, terrified of him actually putting something that embarrassing up for everyone to see.  

“Try me.” He winked before pulling you in for a kiss.


Tonight we had a random snowstorm coming from the north, so Miss Rarity put on her new coat, red with a lovely fake fur trim.

[Welcome to my two newest addictions: Coats and @askmaresombra. Does anyone else just binge blogs? I do.

So, still don’t have any fake fur, so here, have another piece with fake fake fur. This here is the Coat worn by Sombra in a big part of the story. Just a random little thing I wanted to do, since it fits so well together. I don’t know.

Anyways, I’m still taking outfit requests!]

anonymous asked:

I'm kinda a new follower and I've never seen this question answered, but I would like to know how all the admins in this page came together? Idk if you understand me bc of my and english but yeah

A Brief History of Hogwarts House Habits!

I started this blog one day back in like 2011 or so because I had been following a variety of zodiac blogs that do gif posts and funny things based on zodiac personality traits and such and was like “ Omg there should be a Hogwarts House thing like these”. So I put out a call for people to help me start it. The original people were just odds and ends of whoever was willing to help me start. A friend of mine took the Slytherin role. A girl I had met at LeakyCon took on Ravenclaw, and some random Hufflepuff filled that spot.

In like 2012 or 2013, I was making some skirts for the etsy shop I had at the time and was offering SUPER DISCOUNTS for people who wanted to buy the sample run. Amy saw my post and was like YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and so I made her thing and we chatted and became tumblr mutuals and she ordered other things from me and we bonded and all that rad shiz. We’re p much super bros now. We’d been through like 2 or 3 other Hufflepuff admins before Amy finally joined us. She was working at a school and barely had free time, but after she left that job, I found myself without a Hufflepuff admin and I was like “I know what you can do with all that sweet ass free time” and she joined the crew.

As for Caitlin, October of 2014 we were on the hunt for both Ravenclaw and Slytherin admins as both of the people we had chose to leave. We did a huge application process thing (which was probably the 3rd or 4th time we’d run applications for admin positions). She was super chill and fit the Ravenclaw position really well. We were surprised at her age (15 at the time), because she handled discussing her house concepts very well and Amy and I were like “Dude, she just gets it” so she joined us.

Justin joined us back in August I think. We were running another application process to find a new admin. We opted for running interviews for the first time. Amy and I were both pretty pro-Justin after reading his application and he just sort of sealed the deal with his interview, which ended up going like 3 hours past the original time allotted cuz he and I just ended up talking about everything (I think Amy had to go to bed because she had work in the morning or something). 

So really the only half of this blog got here because of being friends, and the other half were by applications that turned out great!

-Jamie (Gryffindor)

No More Anonymous Questions

Hey all,
Just wanted to let everyone know that I had to turn off the ability for people to ask anonymous questions. 

I’ve received a handful of abusive and inappropriate comments in the past week, all anonymous, so this seems like the best solution to prevent a problem before it really begins.

If you’re a regular reader of the blog and don’t have an account, please sign up for one. You don’t have to post anything or even follow my blog.

Also, if you’re embarrassed to ask a question and have your name attached to it, just put a note at the beginning or end of the question asking for it to be anonymous and I’ll accommodate you.