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I'm still not over the fact that Kaoru wasn't even mentioned. I really tought abt the possibility since Syo did a lot of phisical ativities but T-T aside from that i want more of heavens backstory too! I hope after the duets episodes +

I am still salty about that as well tbh. I thought that when they were fighting and Syo was about to give up, he’d listen to a random scream from the audience, and Kaoru would be there cheering for him. He’d have that as strength, and would explain to Yamato that he has always felt this inferiority complex, and his bro was part of it, bc even as twins Syo’s health has always been weaker and he’s shorter than his brother, even though Kaoru is younger (by seconds, but it counts for them lol). Then maybe he’d talk about how Ryuuya gave him strength when he was a kid.

Yamato then could see that he doesn’t need to fight and win over his brother, and surpass him in a certain thing. He wants to be his own person? Then be his own person! To me, it felt like he was revolving around his brother, even when he didn’t want to be recognized only as Ryuuya’s younger brother. I did like the idol motivational speech, because it really sounded like what Ryuuya said to Ren in S1 and to QN in this season’s 2nd ep. He doesn’t listen to his brother, but I feel that Syo could reach him. STILL they could’ve put Kaoru there just as fanservice or cameo idc they’ve been fooling us for YEARS.

*caham* anyways, about Yamato x Ryuuya, I really do believe that this, as well as Eiji’s feelings of being in the family he is in (what is this kid even? Probably an angel), and all of the details on HEAVENS will be revealed later on the games. These eps w/ STARISH are meant to make they seem more approachable to the audience that once hated them - and it’s mostly working. Eiji surely did a very good job, the whole fandom adopted the kid //Yamato gained some haters with that punch though;;

Haruka really shouldn’t be the focus here. She’s working with both parts of the units in the process of making the song, and to me, forcing her on HEAVENS right now would be bad - we don’t even know them. It’s better for their rivals (the ones people are so eager to protect from them) to try and get closer to them, so the viewers can slowly do it too. Even for QN, we had to wait (during S2 and Debut), so I don’t mind waiting for Heavens as well. I’d love to play some angsty routes, I want people placing bets on who’s gonna be the angsty one T.T

fahc mavinwood headcanon that both Gavin and Michael steal Ryan’s jacket all the time and constantly wear it regardless of Ryan always asking them not to (”I was fucking cold Ryan, be the good boyfriend and let me wear it.” “But Rye, its sooo warm and I’m soooo cold!”) And honestly it gets so ridiculous Ryan considers just locking it away or just buying a new one so they can’t get to it.

But then he comes into their living room to find the two boys asleep cuddled around each other, his jacket lazily thrown on top of them and he thinks, maybe it isn’t so bad that they take it

I went to the post office to retrieve the Scary Mystery Letter and!!!!!!!!!! it turned out to be a book on vermicomposting that Bellis sent me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D 

oh my god I was dying I thought it must be like, a court summons bc my old landlord decided to sue me to DEATH or sth oh god oh god I was SO SCARED AHHHHHHHHHHHH

and then it turns out to be like the #1 BEST thing one could possibly recieve via mail

Dear Rabbit: I Know I'm A Wolf (Part 75)

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*rolls in* SUP. 

So I know it’s been a dang long time but things got crazy and hoo boy imma leave it at that or we’ll be here forever. 

But as well as life being a problem I did actually get stuck here because I had so many different ideas and I wasn’t sure where to take it but I figured it out and PART 75 IS FREAKIN DONE. FINALLY. 

So sorry this has taken so long and peeps have probably forgotten what’s going on I’M SORRY but pls enjoy and imma try and keep on top of this if the world wants to cooperate with me now. 


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I'm motivated to do well in school and improve my art!!! Everything's been going so well lately and I have many great friends and life is great currently.

aw this is wonderful!!! im so happy for you, anon <3 you sent this to me back in 2015… i really hope things have stayed peachy for you <3 you deserve it bud! wishing you all the best!