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I need time to give this more thought…3am here but these are some quick notes. Firstly, the whole MM shitshow has been poor taste from the outset. The sheep ‘hustler’ sure knows how to hustle! Everything about their relationship though has screamed fake to me and still does. Did I see love at Baftas? Not between them that’s for sure! I didn’t see love standing in the queue at the airport either. But Sam has made the effort to attend MM’s brother’s wedding and since he’s been hanging out with him and his girl and MM that would make sense. But there’s more to it than that. Sam HAD to be there for their shitty fake relationship to continue…the narrative just can’t end all of a sudden. That’s why I assumed the map was innuendo . He can’t NOT be at this wedding and yet turn up for Caitriona’s award. They know we would find out he wasn’t there. It’s disappointing he is because it means Sam is still stuck in a fake relationship for a while yet. If anything we will just see more Blind Items as a result. It’s not doing him any favours in that department that’s for sure…they can’t fake it well. December shareholder vote wasn’t that long ago…I think it’s all about business 'integrity’ at the moment and creating the illusion that 'they tried’ with others but couldn’t fight the LOVE in the end. There is a business story that needs to be maintained a while longer IMO. If Sam IS with MM (which I don’t think he is) then Sam and Caitriona truly are the lowest forms of human scum on the planet and here’s why… 1. Top of the list is their treatment of an amazing group of women through the use of their LOVE for each other to source money for their charities. There are some here I know of who have given and had trouble paying for their heating so…scum. Caitriona ending her 'When I was Young’ campaign with Sam building the hype and cashing in and Sam taking over the BAFTA dress auction…of course a generous Shipper bought it…scum. 2. Sitting back and watching Shatner harass and belittle these women yet keep them feed with their LOVE.Scum. 3. Attend a Women’s March and tweet pro woman’s issues yet behind the scenes manipulate these women with their LOVE…fucking fake scum. 4. Actively feed Shippers with dirty emojis (mostly oral sex…the birthday love OMG), Cree’s Heughan Talks leading up to the sudden appearance of MM at Bafta (smells like Lionsgate taking the helm), rings in videos (Christmas '15 and recent PCA thanks), 200K love, baby bump love, birthday love, GG love (including the Favourite Couples dig), Sam’s IG shrine, Matt Robert’s wedding anniversary love, Lemon and Hugs, 1am Fists (Sam’s), 'So Proud’, “wifey” wifey, Hubs, Hubby, charity crossover, Hantlers, OMG the list goes on and on… Caitriona did not take her SO to GGs. She did not thank her SO at Bafta. Did that not say something? She can’t even celebrate these wonderful moments with him. That’s how tight the fucking reins are on these two at the moment. And if Caitriona can’t even freely enjoy such events with her SO, then Sam sure as hell has to attend a wedding in Georgia! For those who need to let go I completely understand. You feel there is only one explanation. But for me there is also only one explanation because I just cannot see these two people as low life, unsophisticated, cruel scum. I see love. That I’m Scottish Irish decent and stubborn as all hell of course has nothing to do with it! I’m gonna ship on through this fucked up storm motherfuckers.

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  • Charming: I'm gonna get that lamp.
  • Hook: Mate, there is nothing I want more than to make the Evil Queen pay for what she did to Emma. But we are outgunned.
  • Hook:
  • Charming: Have you *still* not listened to that?
  • Hook: When would I have the time?
  • Charming: It's Lin-Manuel Miranda. You *make* the time.
No. Actually, I wised up and made sure I had dal bean soup or something every day. Actually, lentils are one of the cheapest things, but they give you A-l protein. People are simply screwing up when they go out and buy beef steak, which is killing them with cancer and heart troubles. The stuff costs a fortune too. You could feed a thousand people with lentil soup for the cost of half a dozen filets. Does that make sense?
—  George Harrison in response to Mukunda Goswami (“You’ve been a vegetarian for years, George. Have you had any difficulties maintaining it?”), September 1982

UPLOADING THIS A FEW DAYS EARLIER THAN THE OTHER UPCOMING SUMMER-DRAWINGS (the rest will not be uploaded now. I’m currenly offline)

I put this in a queue to be right in time for @jennis41digsdragons‘s Birthday! (I hope this works; this is the first time I’m using queues)

I’d like to dedicate this to Jennis for being such a positive part of the fandom, and leading the awesome blog @celebratethehttydfranchise, and still occasionally whining about technology <3 Happy Birthday! Make sure you enjoy this day as much as you can!

I made this before I went on my hiatus, but never got to the point of sharing it with you :)

The original drawings were traditionally made with watercolors, and the colors were later on edited digitally (because my scanner hates me and I had to take pictures with my phone for these)

I remember being inspired by a drawing that @jennis41digsdragons made (which is why I’m dedicating this to her ;) ), and by an idea my sister @raide-draws-fanart had <3


None of the images I have used are mine. All were located via google search; credit to the creator/artist.

For @thegreatficmaster ~ Hello, it is I, your Valentine. I hope you have enjoyed the journey of your story with Cas as much as I have enjoyed writing it for you. Happy Valentine’s Day, Nini! ~ Angelina

Since the minute he returned home from school, Cas rushed around the house, making sure everything was perfect. Rowena had been a big help, she had even made dinner; a simple homemade pizza. She even set out the fancy China, the table looked beautiful.

All that was left for Cas to do was queue a movie up, shower and change. He settled on a black button down, with his black three piece suit and a red tie. He wanted to look his best for Nini tonight.

He was nervous. He knew why. Tonight was a big night. And this was Nini. He hadn’t felt like this about anyone before. And who knew what would happen in the next year. Graduation was only a few months away and then Cas was leaving for the summer before starting University.

The doorbell rang. Cas glanced at his watch; 6:58 P.M. Nini was right on time. Cas strode to the front door, collected himself for a moment before answering. He gripped the knob tightly and opened the door; the sight before him took his breath away.

Nini was dressed similarly to Cas. His suit was navy and fit him perfectly, hugging his body in all the right places. His tie was a brilliant cerulean and accented the suit impeccably, set against a white shirt.

“Nini.” Cas breathed out. “You look absolutely fetching.” Cas held out his hand, tugging Nini into the house.

“Thank you, Kind Sir. You look rather breathtaking yourself, Castiel.” Nini wrapped his arms around Cas’s waist, popping up on his tiptoes, bringing their lips together in a sweet kiss. Cas pulled Nini, closer, running his fingers through the dark hairs at the nape of his neck.

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why let the queue run so long? why not bump it up to twice or three times a day if it gets too big?

i get sick a lot uou i had a splicing blog before a few years ago and it started to get a lot of activity, but not long after i made it i was sick for five months and by the time i came back it was dead and no matter how hard i tried, i couldn’t get any more activity. i don’t want that to happen to this blog so i make sure the queue can run for a while just in case.

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@ppl who defend Frederick Chase: Sally Jackson was a 19/20 yr old with no money, no family, and a ged. She worked day and night to make sure Percy had food and education, married an abusive man to protect him, and made sure he knew that she loves him more than anything. But for some reason trust fund baby Ivy League educated Frederick chase is incapable of caring for a child? I know he can't be Sally but... Lmao being a single father won't kill you, grow up nd love Annabeth. #singleparentlove

drag his ass 

Okay i don’t think i can swing a queue tonight, i’m exhausted and moody from pms and i’m literally two seconds from falling asleep.

However I’d like to make sure i start tomorrow with a smile, so…

How about you send me something? Can be anon or off, about anything. Send me a joke you heard, something that made you smile today, something you’re proud off, questions from an ask that’s going around, snippets from a fic, whatever you fancy. And tomorrow I’ll send something back. :)

Sorry for the Trouble| J.P. and Thea
J.P. was glad that everyone had left the house for a while he wanted some time alone with his best friend. He needed the time alone to make sure she was okay. Honestly since the whole ordeal his mind had been focused on her. He had made sure she knew to come over and to queue up a movie in case. She usually let herself in something they had grown accustomed to over the years. “In the den,McAllister.” He announced hearing the front door close.

Tomorrow’s Just Another Day

Being back at work after the weekend’s announcement was different. People were walking more hurried, or looking around as if a mugger could jump out at any second. The city was rattled, on edge, and still Mike saw queues of people being registered.

It kindled the fire in his belly. Damn, it was still morning - he didn’t need that kind of annoyance that early in the morning, especially when he had work.

Moving from a police uniform to a suit, and now to a t-shirt and shorts, was an adjustment. Ax had jokingly winked at the shorts, making Mike hum through a smile as he closed his locker. The gym wasn’t a police station: they weren’t as stringent about the new rules, but Mike made sure not to draw attention to himself.

That afternoon he entered the side hall, ready to take the scheduled defence class, still clad in those red shorts.