The Shirayuki Effect is amazing.

I’d originally intended this to just be a cute little video with Ryuu being shy, but as I went I wound up wanting it to be a bit of a joke towards shoujo series’ tendencies to have everyone fall in love with their heroines as well, and I’m not really sure if it wound up more comedic or serious. It’s a bit rough, having been made in an evening, but to be honest…. I had so much fun making it. It’s really rare for me to genuinely smile or laugh while editing videos, but this one got me going on a few occasions. The Shirayuki Effect is truly something to be feared.

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"Tony I'm home! I made sure to pick up your donu...." Steve walked into the communal lounge to find Tony sleeping on the sofa. What Tony didn't realize is that Lily sat perched on his chest with Natasha's make-up set in hand, giving him the ultimate makeover. Tony had purple eyeshadow on, peach colored blush, and maroon painted finger nails. "Look papa, now daddy is sleeping beauty! Isn't he pretty" said Lily as she caked on more bright pink lipstick..."you can kiss him now"....

omggggg :’)

Steve manages to keep a straight face long enough to lean down and give Tony a kiss, but it stirs him awake and he jerks away like “jfc Steve why are your lips smeared with lipstick?”

Steve laughs until he’s nearly sick. 

My Happiness

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean, and Castiel

Word Count: 6,720

Warnings: none! just like 5 mega tons of fluff.

Prompt: based of an imagine by supernaturalfreewill: Imagine getting hit with a spell that lets you hear people’s thoughts and finding out how Sam really feels about you…

Author’s Note: Sam’s turn for a new story! Sorry if I’ve been a little inactive recently, I’m working a couple days a week for 4-6 hours usually, and I don’t always have the time I wish I had to blog (or remember to keep up the queue, I’m always changing the posting time because I don’t always work the same shift every time.) I hope this makes up for it! And hey, if you wanna send in a request, I’d be more than happy to write it for you! 

***Also I did my best making sure the Latin translation was right and made sense so I hope i didn’t botch it***

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      God, if he could just keep his
 hands still for one minute maybe
 then he would actually get his hand washed.
 This had been the third try since his hands would not stop shaking .

      Does blood stain like cherries? He didn’t even care if that made
 sense right now,  he was too busy acting like his house was a museum, making sure not to touch anything that’s important…like the walls, fridge,
and basically any other household objects.

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Hi! I saw the for ito post you made and I just wanted to make sure if you knew that the girl had asthma? I forget who posted it but I saw another version on my dash that had the link to the story. Sorry if this is coming off as rude!

I actually have the full story in my queue, yes she does have asthma. I need to delete that post.

taking a social media break tomorrow. Been having a horrible mental week and I just had to throw out my scissors because I couldn’t stop myself. Please understand :( the queue should run most of the day. Someone better text me tomorrow just to make sure I made it through the night.


According to facts, the first mobile phone costed $4000 and yes, there were people who bought it too. If the old mobile phones were given to the fashion consious of today, they would certainly say that it looked like someting which had been pooped on. But keeping the delusional silicon clad ladies of this 21st century away, mobile phone is certainly one of the most historic inventions of men after atoms and the light bulb. And the way in which the phone has decreased its bulky size and turned skinny from obese, Mr Graham Bell would surely be proud.

To make the phones as efficient and highly complicated as they are today, our ancestors had to bang alot of heads to give the phone its peculiar uniqueness. Almost 60 years ago, the equipment which made the phone weighed 36kg and we all have heard stories about how expensive calling was. People would have to wait in long queues to get in touch with their loved ones and hear their voices. I think they were tired of the old boring ‘Khat system’ (just saying).

But luck shines on all of us and soon enough a tiny and puny looking equipment with nasty looking buttons was invented. That tiny looking object was a symbol of triumph, though in black and white, but it had games (it reallly was a big deal). Snakes was introduced to the world and people would go crazy when they recieved their first message from their service providers (those were their lucky days). And then, Apple happened(it happened alot before that but still). It came up with these magical phones with no ugly buttons and amazing and superb looks. Those phones looked better than most people on earth, and no one complained.

Apple with their iPhone took the world to a new era of smart phones which looked, felt and worked better than the ugly looking tiny phones. The technology had to keep up with the innovations and with that, the phones soon became an integral part of our life (I am sure if people could, they would replace their palms with mobile screens).  But I am not complaining. Infact i am ecastic to know which is the newest 'rad’ technology that our phone-dopes are working on to give us the new breed of phones. Maybe they will actually let us replace our plam with phones? (You can keep your fingers crossed till then).

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(ง •̀_•́)ง [honestly i could contain jason]


     He noted his presence  before  the  alarms  even went off. He knew his 
     main goal was him. And Bruce wasn’t sure if he had the guts to actually
     fight him but  he  trespassed  into his  home. He  wanted  to make this as 
     personal as he could. He supposed it would only be polite to deliver. His 
     fist made contact the minute he spun around, knuckle meeting jaw, bones 
     cracking minutely in the distance. The dark knight didn’t want to have this 
     fight. There was no perverse enjoyment in seeing his old partner come back 
     to only want his  demise like  so many  old  friends before him. Only this time 
     it took less for him to lose his fuse than usual. Not long after, he was crushing 
     his lungs by the weight of his body and clutching onto the his jacket.

                ❝ ENOUGH. ❞