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Imagine that you are dating Namjoon and he keeps bragging about you!

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Sometimes being in a fandom is ok, it’s like walking down a road, and you make friends and you walk in groups, or just follow and listen in on conversations, but feel too shy to actually join in. Sometimes there’ll be arguments,

Sometimes someone will come and join up with the road hike, and sometimes someone will get left behind, sometimes through no fault of their own, or people will just leave the road altogether.

And if you do start to feel like you are being left behind, it’s ok, you can still enjoy the view

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youre lying to yourself and to other people. you are a homophobe and thats why you dont like chloe. you must be one of the grahamfield shippers that has been hating on a lot of LIS blogs recently

I dead ass don’t have the time to search through tags I don’t like and bitch at the people who like them. I could write a dissertation on reasons why I don’t like Chloe, and asshats like you would be still stuck in your tunnel vision viewpoint. I have reasons to dislike Chloe because of her actions within the game. 

Isn’t that the point of writing realistic characters? People can have personality clashes with a particular person, and that’s okay. I have no problem with Chloe being a lesbian. I see Max as bisexual. I’m bisexual. Do I have to tattoo this across my face? Do I need to type something even longer? Or are you going to stop wasting my time. 

Also, I love how this person is accusing me of going to blogs and hating them when it’s exactly what they’re doing. I dead ass made one post about grahamfield like a week ago and this is what I’ve gotten from it. 


8/100 Days of Productivity 

6th Febuary 2016 I was fairly productive today! 
8:00 am: I decided to get up early and start making some chemistry flash cards! I have mocks coming up soon so I need to start revising.
10:30 am: After making nutmeg pancakes (yum!) I decided to add a calendar for February since I had completely forgotten to add it
12:00 am: I read some of ‘City of Ashes’ and had some pizza! (slightly burnt but lets just ignore that)
14:00 pm: I then got started on my French homework about pocket money. I’m using my favourite pilot juice pen in 0.5mm
With help with a range of my stationary! (most of these pictures were taken by my sister, cause I’m crap at taking them lol)

I got this tattoo when I was twenty and finally becoming comfortable with my sexuality. I got it on my Achilles because that’s supposed to be your weak spot, and for so long I felt like not falling into the box demanded by heteronormative society was a flaw, a weakness.

When I saw that Louis had the same tattoo in almost the same spot (opposite ankles), I felt really fucking incredible. I obviously don’t know if the placement for him means the same as it does for me, but the symbolism is incredible. 

Whenever I see people saying that the triangle isn’t important I get so, so frustrated. Don’t minimize this. Celebrate it. I don’t know his specific reasons behind his placement the way I do mine, but the symbolism is there and it’s LOUD and it’s IMPORTANT.


OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo Original Short: KO

Hey! Here’s the first original short with FULL CREDITS listed under the cut!

Last year the fine folks at Cartoon Network gave us the chance to create shorts to get the word out about the OK K.O.! Game! We get to do original shorts based on a game?! What!!!! Cartoon Network fully believes in the game and the idea so doing a cartoon for it was a no-brainer!

The idea for this short came from the development process between us and the game developers at Double Stallion.

We all felt super good about the controls, the punching, the throwing and the ground-pounding all felt great. The team had the brilliant idea to add slide kicks to KO’s moveset which was awesome! I collaborated with the games’ Art Director Eric Angelillo on the ingame animation:

Slide-kicking eventually became so fun that I was doing it all the time in the game, which influenced the story for this short! (Storyboarded by Toby Jones and Stu Livingston)

In a chance of a lifetime, I got to work with one of my FAVORITE studios, Science SARU on the creation of this short. The studio is headed by Masaaki Yuasa and Eunyoung Choi who are both huge inspirations for me. I got the chance to visit the studio during my visit to Japan last year and they are doing some amazing, next-level stuff. I’m completely humbled that they wanted to work with us and I really enjoy the energetic direction of this short which was thanks to Abel Gongora and Juan Manuel Laguna. We used several of the elements from the old pilot, but as you can see, Science SARU gave the look a distinctive twist!


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I thought I lost you…

Aka last episode absolutely destroyed me


What if I told you he wasn’t just a friend?