Wow! So, I haven’t felt so welcomed by a RP community in a loooong time. All of you Until Dawn children are a bunch of angsty memes, but damn, you’re all good writers. And don’t even get me started on the NON-UD RPERS that follow me. Like, wow, give me all the crossovers, please & thanks. If I had the patience to add every single follower on here, I would. Trust me, I would. Unfortunately, I wasted my energy on making a gif, so here we have a small list of the people I’ve interacted with on this blog, both ooc & ic.


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What I saw today....

So, on infamous FB some lady posted that some Richonne fans are sending the actress that plays Jessie hate mail and death threats because of her supposed “relationship” whichever it will be with the Rick character. She responded by stating that she’s only playing a character on a show.
It’s not cool to threaten any actor regardless of how one feels about the character they portray but I couldn’t stop thinking that it could be a bunch of imposters, some people that are not Richonne fans at all trying to make our fandom look bad. I have met awesome Richonnne, Michonne and Rick fans and I have seen how we get together to discuss and celebrate. So, I had to add a comment on that post how “so call fans” of the show have called Danai so many negative things just because they rather not see her character with the Rick character.
I am yet to receive a reply.

Not my best afternoon

• Rosa spent ages faffing about so we left the house later than planned and got caught in an unexpected rain shower, with no coats or umbrellas.

• the rain and lack of appropriate clothing meant no park trip on the way back from the shop.

• got stung by a wasp

• burned the 5 bean chilli whilst I was making an important phonecall. The house smells of burned food now. I have rescued it but had to add extra kidney beans and a tin of baked beans. And I have no cocoa powder left to add to it.

• not getting paid this week due to a mix up. I’ll get it next week but it means a whole week of feeling very sick whenever I look at my overdraft.

However, I have managed to register for some extra supply work in Tuesdays. If my husband isn’t working then it’s good money. If he is then 2/3rds of what I earn goes on childcare but every penny helps. Also, Rosa found an identical baby doll to the one she has, at a yard sale for £1 so she was overjoyed at getting that. She has been tandem nursing them on the sofa this afternoon. She has called the new baby Lucy… Which is the same as the one she currently has.

themarginalthinker asked:

Hello again! Was rereading the wingfic, and I had some interesting headcanons to add, if you're interested, or just want to see what you think: Jean Mikasa and the other 'raptor' species have to get their talons clipped regularly, as they will grow out. Molting season produces a large chunk of the spring funding selling the feathers to mattress-makers. Connie Krista and even Marco sometimes get up in the middle of the night to 'sing' ( like birds calling) for no real reason. (Like in real life)

(YEESSSSS also sorry I took so long to get to this I didn’t wanna give you something cruddy but I also wanted to write a lil bit of a thing for it)

Fuck this.

It had started out as a quiet humming, barely enough to rouse him. The falcon hated his keen hearing sometimes - it made it difficult to stay unconscious, if he even managed to fall asleep in the first place. They  handed out earplugs for hunting birds like him, but they made him twitchy and uncomfortable, so he had to suffer at night. 

Marco’s singing wasn’t entirely unpleasant. It was just that he never seemed to realize how he’d get progressively louder, a hum turning into a wavering, wordless song. It was pretty.

It was also completely fucking annoying. Jean wasn’t the only one awake at this point, but he was the only one especially bothered. There was just one thing he was worried about. 

A high pitched warble joined Marco’s voice. Krista. Shit. They’d started it, now. Soon it would be-

An obnoxious tone added in, and Jean could make out Connie half sitting up in his bed, probably still asleep. He shouldn’t get angry. It was instinct, like when he slept on the roof of the cabin some nights. But that didn’t fucking bother anyone, Jean thought. 

Marco’s voice pitched higher, only to break off with a startled squawk when a pillow slammed him into his bunk. “Shut the fuck up!” 

Okay, I’ve seen a lot of posts going around about how Grunkle Stan is actually insanely intelligent, and I had something to add.

So, at first he only had journal 1, right? Gideon had 2, and 3 was hidden in the woods until Dipper found it. 

Grunkle Stan doesn’t manage to obtain all the journals until Gideon Rises, meaning for most of those 30 years he was working with only 1/3 of the blueprint. 

And yet, in that very episode, the machine was ALMOST FINISHED.

He typed in a few lines of code and suddenly the portal is working with no problem!


I can’t even build a DRESSER with only 1/3 of the blueprint!

In conclusion, Grunkle Stan is hella smart and you can’t tell me otherwise.


“Sorry… I just wanted to feel like a normal student after this week’s ultraviolence.”

how problematic are you?

add up your sun + rising | score out of 10

aries: 4
taurus: 2
gemini: 4.5
cancer: 3
leo: 5
virgo: 0.5
libra: 5.5
scorpio: 0
sagittarius: 3.5
capricorn: 2.5
aquarius: 1.5
pisces: 1

Finally had time to add some color and sound to my final project from last semester’s Intro to 2d Animation class!

This is sort of what I thought of as the beginning of the story that I had in mind for one of my old personal visual development projects :) These illustrations are from that project, but these are reworked/finally finished versions from earlier this year ! 


Friga was raised beneath the aurora australis, taught by her mother that the lights were the spirits of the past, dancing down stories of their sorrows and their love. She didn’t buy into the stories, thinking they were just artful fancies to amuse the kids, until her mother passed away. That night the aurora shone brighter, pinker, and with an I-told-you-so flicker to it, rousing so many memories and unspoken feelings in Friga.
Many years have sinced passed, and it was time for her to move on, North. It pained her to leave, but she found a way to bring her mothers memory with her.