If Zeref ever had to cook (if he joins fairy tail)
  • *big bang from the kitchen, Erza investigates.*
  • Erza:Zeref!!!!
  • Zeref:Er... Erza!
  • Erza:how many times do I have to freaking tell you!? Quit destroying the kitchen! How are we supposed to enjoy Cake!!!
  • Zeref:the.. the recipe c - called for cooking it at 360 degrees.
  • Erza:*sighs* everyone in magnolia uses Fahrenheit, not Celsius! *requips into nakagami armor*
  • Zeref:*gulps*
  • *Mavis laughing in the background*
  • *Erza on Zeref volence*
Chapter One of New Beginnings (a Gossip Girl/Pretty Little Liars Crossover)

“Hey! Hey, you!” broke the silence of Manhattan, New York with a bang. The city’s background of white noise interrupted by a local socialite’s call to a newcomer on the streets.

Chuck Bass sighed and outstretched an arm to retain the outspoken brunette, who had just been happily hugging his arm. Last time she snapped at a person, it had ruined a business deal for Chuck, and had taken the full team of Serena, Nate, Dorota, and himself to calm her down.

“Blair.” he hissed, only to be pushed off and away.

“Um, hi.” a long-haired blonde greeted with a small wave and confused expression. If only she knew what she was in for. Most people that didn’t know Blair Waldorf Bass were commonly intimated by her intense and forward ways.

Blair whipped her dark and freshly highlighted hair over her shoulder, surely smacking Chuck in the face with, “Yeah, hello,” She waved a few gestures towards the blonde’s attire, “You look like you know a thing or two about fashion, would you please tell him that I need to go home and change because the black Louis Vuitton booties would look better than the brown ones do?”

The blonde openly smiled, ready to impress the first person to recognize what her niche was in the city. Confidently, she raised her eyebrows and gazed at her husband-to-be. She opened her mouth to speak, but the man with the brunette stopped her.

“Excuse her, she can be so headstrong and-” Chuck began, only to be cut off once again by his lovely wife.

Blair gave a small jump, whirling to face Chuck, “I am proving a point!” she declared. Facing the fashion forward blonde once more, Blair cleared her throat, “So?”

Newly discovered designer, Hanna Marin, let out a laugh, “Well, you could go home and change, or, you could do this,” Hanna leaned down and folded Blair’s boot socks over so a black interfacing with speckles was revealed. Standing up, she flipped Blair’s scarf and adjusted it so the print showed more black than brown.

This girl knew her stuff. Nodding approvingly to the blonde’s work, Blair cocked her head towards Chuck. Even all queens must admit they were wrong.

Not to be interrupted, Chuck had locked into a conversation with Caleb Rivers- Hanna’s fiance on how their significant others were too fashion driven and obsessed for their own good.

“You were right!” Blair called to Chuck, smirking as she hated the words spilling from her mouth.

Raising his eyebrows and chuckling, Chuck gestured to Blair, while looking at Caleb and Hanna, “Iconic. Did somebody get that recorded?”

Knowing how rare it was to be called right when he was arguing with Hanna, Caleb smiled at Chuck’s remark. Blair, on the other hand proceeded to roll her eyes. Her husband would surely pay for that remark later. With a smile tugging at her lips, Hanna stepped besides Blair and across from Chuck.

Deciding that she liked these people, Hanna pointed to Chuck, “So, what’s your name? In case, in the nature of fashion, you have to be right again.”

Outstretching his hand for Hanna to shake it, Chuck stated his main line and motto, as infamous as it may be, “I’m Chuck Bass.”

At the same time, Caleb had jumped in to assist with the introduction, “He’s Chuck Bass.” he remarked in unison, following Chuck’s manner.

Full on grinning, something he rarely did, Chuck finished the handshake and thumped Caleb on the back, “I like this guy. Can we keep them Blair?” he remarked, with approval in his tone.

Nodding, Blair offered her hand to both of the newcomers. Chuck’s approval was usually the toughest part of anything, at least he always wanted it to be, “I’m Blair Bass.” she greeted with a shiny white grin.

The newly found friends came to the notion to walk the next block together. Chuck and Blair walked on the outside of Hanna and Caleb, as if to shield them from the harshness of the passing pedestrians surrounding them. Considering Hanna and Caleb to be the freshman of New York, and Chuck and Blair to being the big bad seniors you know you don’t want to mess with it.

“Are you new to the city then?” Blair posed the question, looking first at Hanna, then to Caleb.

Adjusting his tie, Chuck shook his head at the question itself, “Blair, do they look like locals?”

Blair rolled her eyes, a sigh escaped from her, “No, but you can never be to sure of things and I’m open to surprises. Like how I ended up marrying Chuck Bass. How Serena leaves for L.A like she did for boarding school- without telling me. Like how Nate might become a politician. Like how Dan freakin’ Humphrey-”

Chuck slowly raised his hands in surrender, “After being reminded of all that, I’ll need a drink.” He turned to Caleb, “Now, who are you and where are you from?”

Looking shocked to be given the privilege to talk, Caleb just stared at the sidewalk for a while, “Well, I’m Caleb Rivers and this is Hanna Marin. We’re from Rosewood, Pennsylvania.”

“I’m an up and coming fashion designer and Caleb works for some secret company that I can’t even know the name of.” Hanna elaborated, throwing in a few charming laughs.

Blair brightened, “My mom’s a fashion designer- Eleanor Waldorf? I help run her company, but would be much more interested in the designing things in it more than anything. I love fashion though, as you can tell!”

Hanna laughed to fill the pause in the conversation. Was the girl seeing her as competition or a friend? Someone she’d be willing to take down on the way to the top? Unsure of what to say next, Hanna smiled at Blair.

Luckily, Blair was feeling talkative today, “I used to have a blonde best friend. Serena van der Woodsen decided that she’d rather go work on some movie set- again, then stick around the Upper East Side and be with me.”

“A movie set? That sounds cool. It was probably a deal she had to act fast on, don’t take it to heart.” Hanna remarked, standing up for someone she didn’t even know. And probably never would.

Blair crossed her arms, looked to the sky, and considered this, “She didn’t even say goodbye. She just- left. And around here, people don’t work on movies, they star in them.”

Chuck took it to his power to step in. Blair would always shut down when she thought of Serena and her leaving. Everyone wanted to know what was running through the blonde’s head at the time. Blair more than anybody, but when Blair shut down, Manhattan shut down. And Chuck hated to see either happen.

“I’m assuming neither of you have any dinner plans, so, would you care to join us tonight?” Chuck offered, manipulating the conversation, a skill that would always be his own.

Having ducked her head at the talk of Serena, Blair perked up. New people, new friends, new opportunities. The sounds of any of that were music to her ears. Seeing Blair rise, Chuck hid a smile. What made her happy, made him happy.

Hanna shrugged, “Sure! Why not? Where should we meet you?”

Newcomers that didn’t the exact power The Basses had on the city. Blair and Chuck thrived at the idea and thought of it. Hanna and Caleb seemed pleasant and polite, but everyone was game to be toyed with when it came to Chuck and Blair Bass. What could it hurt?

Exchanging a glance and thoughts almost telepathically with Blair, Chuck went on speaking, “We’ll send a car for you. Where are you staying?”

Caleb laughed, “We’re in the middle of looking for a place now, but for now we’re up at The Empire.”

Holding in a cackle, Chuck rubbed his hands together. It was fall, it was cold out, “I highly recommend The Empire. Always.” Out of all his property in New York, the Empire was definitely Chuck’s most successful. Plus, when his father had been alive, he had been able to rub it in his face.

Caleb and Hanna nodded in reply, thinking nothing of the sort. New York people probably had preferences on everything.

“What time?” Hanna finally asked, getting out her iPhone to implant it into her about-to-be busy schedule.

Blair answered this time. She couldn’t let Chuck have all the fun, “Oh, if you’re at The Empire, we can find you.”


“People are so wrong about New York. The locals aren’t rude at all. That Blair girl seemed interesting but broken over that Serena chick. And, I liked Chuck, too. Plus, he’s not all that bad to look at. What’d you think of them?” Hanna questioned Caleb, who had grown very quiet as they continued walking blocks on the way to a coffee shop Hanna had read about online.

Caleb simply shrugged. He hadn’t formed an opinion on either of The Basses yet. Blair seemed nice enough but she also seemed like the type that wouldn’t be afraid to screw you over. The only thing he knew about Chuck was that A.) His name was “Chuck Bass” and he liked to flaunt it and B.) he approved of The Empire Hotel. Talking to someone for ten minutes didn’t give you much to go off of.

Nodding to Caleb’s unsaid explanation, Hanna felt her mind wandering into all the sparkly and shiny things in boutique windows. Dresses, mini-skirts, and jackets all shimmering in glitter and gold. Design inspiration and her credit card were calling her name. Smiling sweetly, Hanna faced Caleb and pouted her bottom lip. Knowing Blair would further teach her how to get her husband to cave to anything.

Pretending not to notice her fascination in the clothes, Caleb scratched his head, “You know, I think I see the coffee shop a few stores down.” he craned his neck, nodded, and gestured for Hanna to follow him to it.

Rolling her eyes, Hanna craned her neck, peering behind the mannequins, mocking Caleb, she began her sentence the same way as well, “You know, I think I see Men’s clothing in there. We have to get you looking as nice as Chuck for tonight!” Grabbing Caleb’s hand, she dragged him through the double doors into the brightly lit shop.


In the lounge area of the award-winning and much Instagrammed about coffee shop, a man full of fire scrawled words into a notebook. The paper was being pressed so hard it was on the verge of tearing in two. Just like the man’s heart.

Leaning back in his chair, the guy sighed. His hand was cramped. His notebook was almost full. And his coffee was very cold.

A guy of the same writing kind and almost identical physical characteristics- dark hair and pale skin like he hadn’t seen the sun in days- approached his doppelganger, “I don’t mean to interrupt, I know how it is when you get on a role, but, do you want a refill on that?” The man pointed to the coffee at the table in front of them.

Looking around from the notebook to the cold coffee, the writer scrambled for words. He was infamous for his rambling, but it seemed the notebook had stolen all of them, “Yeah, that’d be great.”

Taking his cup to the counter, the man ordered one and payed for it as well. Retreating to the writer, he handed him a fresh cup.

Gratefully taking a sip of the hot black wonderfulness, the writer dug in his pocket for change.

“No, no, it’s on me. I want a trade. A coffee for a discussion on writing.” At the obscene gaze from the writer, the coffee-buyer felt the time had come to introduce himself, “Ezra Fitz, former English teacher and struggling writer.”

It was a fair enough deal, you had to admit, “Dan Humphrey, struggling writer and hated by all of my former friends.”

Ezra Fitz nodded. He had come from Pennsylvania to succeed as a writer, looks like changing locations does nothing in a city full of other wannabes and failures. Wherever you go, you take yourself with. In New York, everyone was in the midst of learning that life lesson.

Running a hand through his mane of dark curls, Dan went on. His rambling had returned all too soon, “Funny thing is, I’m hated by all my former friends for publishing two stories on them. I’m struggling to finish the third.”

Shocked at the similarity to himself, Ezra’s eyebrows shot in the air, “I tried that, writing about what I know of people. I called it a true crime novel. At the time, I couldn’t make myself publish it, but now, I think I can.”

“You become a shut out when you do. The first book, I changed names and altered stories. The second book, I didn’t change anything. I kept everything as vile and horrible as it really was. I ruined parts of their lives. And my own.” Dan reflected on what he did to the only people that ever truly cared about him.

Ezra nodded, realizing all the effects he could on Spencer, Aria, Emily, Hanna, and, Alison, if he did publish. If he did do it, could he handle the aftermath? “Did it completely ruin their lives?”

Leaning back once again, Dan pondered all of this, “For the moment, definitely. It delayed everything that would be handed to them anyway. Not in the long run. They’re all living high-paid, high-class lives.

Getting to his feet, Dan marched over to the stacks of newspapers by the dimly lit windows. Gathering a copy of each, he returned to Ezra and his all-too comfortable arm chair. Dan scowled down at the familiar faces on the pages of The New Yorker, The Times, The Post, and his personal least favorite- The Spectator.

Plopping the papers onto the table as he grumbled what his friends had become and done, Dan showed Ezra the group of socialites that ended up truly getting the best of Dan. “Chuck and Blair Bass are still the King and Queen of the Upper East Side.”

A front page article on the almost royal couple and their family was dropped to Ezra. “Chuck is the CEO of Bass Industries, a manipulative asshole, a basic murderer, and he still got the girl.” Staring at Blair’s photo for longer than he should of, Dan pointed to the beautiful brunette, “She deserves so much more than Chuck Bass. Blair is brilliant and witty, perfect, and she settled for the monster that is Chuck Bass.”

Ezra stared at articles and pages on a very in-love couple who was taking New York by storm, giving to charities, helping out the lower class, building their family legacy, and maintaining a successful company and life. Just by the way Dan talked, he had at one point or another been in love with Blair and Chuck had gotten in the way.

The next paper was dropped in front of the former English teacher. Instantly, it caught his eye. The lettering, the detail, the design…

“Meet Nate Archibald, or Nathanial, as he now goes by.” Dan narrated, gesturing to the guy waving from a podium on a stage, “He’s rumored to be running for mayor, if he wins, he’ll be the youngest one in history. He also is the Editor-in-Chief of the New York Spectator, the paper you’re holding. Really, he’s a manwhore and a crybaby.”

Shocked, Ezra slowly nodded. Dan knew a lot of dirt on these people. Up until now, Ezra had been planning on voting for Archibald. Consider his opinion swayed.

Dan dropped the final articles and papers on the table. The stack was definitely the thinnest and the lightest. It was as if New York’s memory of the allusive blonde was slowly disappearing with her. Pitiful, really.

“Serena van der Woodsen. The former fantasy of all my high school years. She’s ruined quite a few opportunities for me and just did what she’s infamous for. Leaving. She ran off to Los Angeles without a word to anyone. Some say she went crazy, she got pregnant, she’s starring in a movie, she joined a cult. No one knows. She’d make you feel special, only to move on to the bigger and better moments later.”

The blonde looked like she could be capable of all the things people thought- both good and bad. And she looked like she didn’t care about any of it whatsoever.

Finishing up reading about the people who’s bad doings were seemingly unnoticed, Ezra set the papers down on the table between him and Dan. What these people had done, to Dan and in front of him, definitely wasn’t forgotten by any means. Nor should it be.

“You know, Dan, you know a lot about these people. Almost all of it isn’t in any of these papers. You could still take them down. People never change. I’m sure they’re the same people you’ve always known them to be. But, cults and going crazy when you’re trying to start over? Being a womanizer and running for an office? Leaving you for the clearly not better choice, a murderer, and a CEO? You could still ruin them- all of them. If that’s what you want.” Ezra told Dan, throwing in his two cents.

Staring at the faces of people he once called close, Dan definitely agreed. They all deserved some type of repercussion for their pasts. Licking his lips at the very thought of all of them falling down and staying down, Dan bobbed his head yes, Someone needed to show the world who Chuck Bass, Blair Bass, Nate Archibald, and Serena van der Woodsen were. He tried before, but his conscience and good heart failed him. This time, it wouldn’t.

“You’re right, Ezra. You care to help me?”

Extending his hand, Dan clasped Ezra’s firmly, smiling sickly at his new found friend.

The meeting between The Writer and The English Teacher was one that the Upper East Side, locals, newcomers, and all, would never cease to forget.

Hey, everyone! I hope you loved the first chapter as much as I loved writing it. Keep on the look out for more chapters coming soon. You can find the story, here, on my tumblr, but also on FanFiction.net  and Quotev.com. Thank you so much for reading!

Chapter 4: Stick With Me

“Wow,” Steve said sombrely.

The park was quietly emptying, and the sun was hovering low on the horizon, threatening to set. The air was humid, and the sounds of the Common had faded away, slowly dissolving into the background as Natasha took a long, slow, deep breath. “Yeah,” she said. “Wow.”
“I always knew, you know?” Steve said cautiously. “In the back of my mind. I knew. But… it’s hard. The first time is always hard… But that. It’s hard to hear. I’m sorry.”
“It’s hard to say,” Nat replied, and sighed again, this time more heavily. Though it had been hard, to relive a time in her life she had tried to beat from her memory in every way possible, she nevertheless felt that a weight had lifted. “You may be the only person left alive who knows that about me,” Nat continued. “My files are out there, but even that wasn’t in them.”
“That’s a heavy burden to bear,” Steve said. “I’m glad if I can take some of that weight off.”
“Thanks,” Nat said. She wanted to smile, but the effort exhausted her, and she couldn’t manage it. “Do you want to keep walking?” Steve asked. Nat thought for a moment. She was tired, and comfortable where they were, wrapped in Steve’s jacket with no one around, almost like they really were normal. But it was no use running from what she’d known was coming all along. “No,” she said, “let’s head back.”
“Okay. Lead the way.”

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  • send me ♕ for your muse to get dared to kiss me

Tenille had been backstage with a few of the divas talking and daring each other to do goofy things to pass the time. Danielle, Summer Rae, saw Colby walking by in the background and dared Tenille to go up to him without a word and kiss him, for what she described as ‘practice for on-screen’. She knew she couldn’t turn it down as sighed and nervously go up going over to him. She heard him saying something to her but she cut him off as she grabbed his face and kissed him square on the lips. 

Whoa, Hold On - Ghost Imagine

Anonymous asked: Can you do a fluffy Ghost one?

A/N: Still, pretty new and pretty bad at this.. But thank you guys for the requests and support, I hope you like this one, here we go <3


Devin had recently come home from the last tour the band was on and he was glad to be home. Every time he could, he would spend it cuddling with you in bed, and of course a Tim Burton movie quietly playing in the background while you guys did so.

This particular night though, you both were cuddling in the tub. You resting against his strong chest and him rubbing your shoulders gently. He often times left kisses down your neck and jawline. You sighed lightly when he did this, it felt so sweet and relaxing. 

The warm water surrounding you two was full of scented bubbles and the lights were out, with only a few candles on the bathroom counter lighting the good sized room. 

As time went on you had started to feel a little sleepy. but awake enough to keep your eyes open.”Y/N?” You heard Devin call, only slightly over a whisper.

“Yeah, hon?” you asked, turning your head around to look at him in his beautiful eyes. He had a smile on his perfect features.. 

“You know what?” He mumbled, his mouth now pressed against your eased shoulder due to his little massage session. 

“What?” You giggled.

“I want us to have a bright future.. I want us to be together for as long as we both shall live,” he stopped for moment then looked at you with big eyes and lifted his head off your shoulder. “ I want us to get married some day..”

You blushed and hid your face in his chest. It amazed you how he still made you blush whenever he said something really cute or sweet. But you also had that affect on him. 

“No, really I mean it.. I want us to get married and buy a big house. And we’ll live happily together forever..”

You made an ‘aww’ sound at this and turned around completely and wrapped your arms around his neck. “ Want that too..” You kissed him sweetly and he snaked his arms around your waist pulling you into him and holding you as close as possible. So close you might have thought he was thinking he would lose you forever if he let go. You may have secretly wanted that to be the reason, you didn’t want to lose him either. 

You two kissed for a few minutes but then parted due to the lack of air. Devin stared into your eyes as you did so to his.

“You know what else I want?” He said quietly.

“What do you want..?” You asked giggling under your breath. He chuckled and went quiet for a minute.

“I want to have a family with you.. I want to have as many as possible.” He smiled a toothy smile that made your heart melt.

“Ok, how about we have a family.. but we don’t have like 14 little ‘Ghosts’ running around here.. How about 2 or 3 to start?” You suggested.

He sighed and shrugged,” I think 14 is perfect, maybe even 14 little ‘Ghosts’ and 1 little (Y/N)?” He grinned, urging on to have more than a few.

“How about 1 little ‘Ghost’ and 2 little (Y/N)’s?”

Devin stared at you, pretending to be seriously offended that you only wanted 1 little ‘Ghost’. You stared back, trying to be serious too but you both ended up giggling at each other. 

“Fine,” he started,” How about 2 little ‘Ghosts’ and 2 little (Y/N)’s?”

“Thats perfect..” You leaned down and pressed you soft pink lips to his once more and cuddled back up to him. You may have made these plans but you will never know if things will go accordingly.. Who knows, maybe there will be 14 little Ghosts running around the new house you planned to have…

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₩ our muses are caught in a thunder storm together

Somehow, Tavros had made it to Mituna’s planet and they were spending most of the day together. Most is the keyword because the consorts were taking advantage of the new visitor. It was soon after the consorts had their share of fun times with Tavros that he was set free. 

It was more later toward the evening that they were in Mituna’s new game hive. They were chatting among themselves while having the t.v. playing in the background. The house rumbled suddenly, a loud boom making it resonate. 

A bright flash struck outside, plainly visible from the nearby window. The power died out and the both of them were left in darkness. Mituna sighed and walked to a nearby closet, grabbing some candles and lighting them. The flame was just big enough to light a good amount of the room. He lit a few more and set them on the coffee table.

He reached out and gently patted Tavros’ shoulder. “Are you alrIIght there?”