had you been there tonight you might know how it feels

Nothing Else Matters pt 3

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Warning: Mentions of drinking

Genre: Fluff (for this part at least lol)

*haha this part might make you cringe at how cheesy it is…sorry

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The stinging feeling of the alcohol as it made its way down your throat was almost unfamiliar to you. Sure you’ve drank before but not like this, not this heavily. You were a beer kind of girl, but tonight called for vodka. You were still l trying to wrap your mind around the fact that you had been rejected. You didn’t know what was worse, actually being rejected or the reasons they rejected you. The letter stated many reasons why, mainly being that you had no professional training. That’s understandable, they wanted someone who had gone to school for dancing. But how was it okay to reject a person for not coming from a wealthy family? For not matching their standards of beauty? That was not okay, not to you at least.

Your eyes skimmed over the exceedingly rude words yet again, “When you’ve taken care of your overall personal appearance and have gained a year or two of professional training, we can gladly have you back for another audition.” Who the fuck gets off on saying these things?! They have no right! Re-reading the letter was only making you more and more melancholy. Trying to fight off the tears, you took another shot as a knock sounded at your door. Yoongi, you had completely forgotten that he was coming over.

Twisting the doorknob you opened the barrier between you and Yoongi. The sight of him and his cocky smile usually had your heart racing, but this time it had the opposite effect. Upon seeing him, you bit your lip as the unshed tears began to flow freely down your cheeks. Heavy sobs taking over your body. Yoongi immediately set the plastic bags of food and drinks down at his feet to envelope you in a tight hug. It robbed you of your breath.

“Y/n, you’re too beautiful to be crying. Why are you crying?” You couldn’t even get a word out without choking on them. You were gasping for breath that your lungs desperately needed. He rubbed your back and cooed various comforting phrases into your hair. You hadn’t known how long you two had been standing there like that before you finally got your emotions and breathing under control. 

You untangled yourself from him to wipe away the last of your tears on the sleeve of your hoodie. “Please come in,” you finally managed to croak out. Picking up the bags and drinks, he headed to the island in the kitchen while you shut and locked your door. You walked off to the bathroom to splash some cold water on your face to rid the evidence of your break down.

After patting your face dry you walked back into the kitchen to find Yoongi reading the letter you hadn’t bothered to throw away yet. He felt your gaze on him and looked up at you.

“Y/n, I’m so-” you cut him off with a shake of your head. Your rejection was the last thing you wanted to talk about right now.

“I don’t want to talk about it right now okay?” he simply nodded his head. You walked over to stash the bottle of liquor away and crumpled up the meaningless paper before throwing it in the trash.

You situated yourself on one of the stools that sat you at the island as he busied himself with getting plates and eating utensils for the food. “I hope you’re hungry, I brought a lot.” You chuckled at him, classic foodie Yoongi.

Your stomach growled as if on cue, “I’m starving actually.” Your voice still sounded a bit hoarse but he paid no attention to that. “What did you bring?”

He began opening the many containers. “Mmm dumplings, gimbap, bibimbap, and chicken kalguksu.” All of them were your favorites. He winked at you. “I knew that they’re your favorites so that’s why I got them. You worked so hard lately. I thought you deserved the best.” You smiled at him, silently thanking the heavens for such a man in your life.

He twisted off the caps to a couple of beers and handed one to you, clinking his bottle against yours “Eat well y/n.”

“Eat well Yoongi.” you replied.

The two of you sat there for what seemed like hours, eating and talking. He let you in on some of the projects him and the boys were working on. You loved the way he lit up at the talk of music. Music for him is what dancing was for you. Life. Everything. You could sit there for an eternity and listen to him talk about his love for the subject. Even after the event of being rejected for the spot, something you desperately wanted, you found yourself smiling. Let’s face it, you loved everything about Min Yoongi. 

“What? Why are you smiling like that?” he asked nervously. 

You sat up straight feeling heat rise to your cheeks, “No reason.”

He smiled his gummy smile, “Sure. You’re such a bad liar.” He stood to start clearing the plates. You got up to put the leftovers in your fridge. Standing almost hip to hip, the two of you did the dishes. He washed, you dried and put away. He stole glances of you here and there and when you caught him he’d look away slightly embarrassed.

After the sink was clear of any mess, you made your way to the adjoining room when you felt the snap of the damp dish towel across your backside. Turning to point a finger at him, “Watch yourself Min Yoongi.” Before you knew it, he was right up against you.

“Yeah? What are you gonna do about it hmm?” Surprising you again by taking the tip of your finger between his teeth and biting slightly, making you gasp. 

“Ouch pabo! Why you gotta be so rude?” You shrieked. He released your finger with a laugh. 

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He pushed past you to sit on the couch and turned on the television. You could get used to the sight of him in that very spot. Without hesitation you settled down right next to him, not caring that you left no space between either of you. 

“Hey! I was gonna pick a movie!“ he complained when you snagged the remote out of his hand.

"You picked the movie last time. It’s my turn.” You chose Almost Famous. It was one of your all-time favorite movies. “Besides you haven’t seen this one.” He huffed but you knew he wasn’t mad.

Neither of you spoke a word until you had looked at him for the millionth time trying to gauge his reaction to the movie. “Take a picture it’ll last longer pabo,” he said eyes never leaving the screen.

You pouted and crossed your arms at his comment. He chuckled at that and tugged on your sleeve to free your arm. You tried to keep them folded but gave up on the second tug, and he took your hand in his. Sweeping his thumb across your skin, the small gesture was so comforting. You laid your head on his shoulder, getting more comfortable as the ‘Tiny Dancer’ scene started playing before you. You hummed along with the classic song.

“This is your favo-” you shushed him. He remained quiet for the rest of the scene as well as the rest of the movie.

When it was finally over you answered his unfinished question, “Yes this is my favorite movie,” you tried stifling a yawn but failed. “And yes that was my favorite part.” Yawning once again after you finished the sentence.

Yoongi glared at you confusing you for a second before yawning himself. You broke out in laughter at his expression. “It is late. I didn’t mean to keep you for so long.” You apologized untangling yourself from him to stretch. 

“I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.” he replied in a tone barely above a whisper. Those few simple words left your heart racing, you no longer felt tired. If anything, you have never felt more awake than in that moment.

He turned to you and brought his hands up to frame your face, “I mean it y/n. I want to be where you are.” His warm breath sent goosebumps up and down your body.

“I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else either Yoongi.” You closed you’re eyes in anticipation of his lips connecting with yours. It seemed like an eternity before you opened your eyes to see him staring at you. “Yoongi?” You nibbled on your lip nervously waiting for an answer. “What is it?”

His eyes bore into yours as his thumb pulled your lip from your teeth. “You’re just so beautiful. So beautiful y/n, sometimes it hurts.”

Your shaky gasp was swallowed by his lips as his mouth finally met yours. You leaned into the kiss you’ve been waiting for since you met him all those years ago. Your arms wrapped around his shoulders, one hand making its way up to the hair that met the bottom of his neck. Lightly grazing your fingertips through it, he groaned at the feeling. Without breaking the kiss he pulled you onto his lap, your legs setting on the sides of his. He moved his left hand to your lower back, pressing you closer as if that was possible. Feeling bold, you swept your tongue over his bottom lip asking to deepen the kiss. You could feel his fingers play with the hem of your hoodie as his tongue moved in perfect rhythm with yours. You whimpered when you felt his lips pull away from yours. Your forehead leaned against his, both of you not saying anything, trying to return your breathing to normal.

After a few moments Yoongi broke the silence, “Y/n please ask me to stay.” You heard the desperation in his voice and decided to tease him.

“Now Yoongi, why would I ask such a thing?” The expression on his face made you giggle. You climbed off his lap and you started retreating towards your room. Glancing over your shoulder at a confused Yoongi and winked. “Are you coming or not?”

Making your way further into your room, not waiting for an answer because you knew what it was as soon as you heard to patter of footsteps behind you.

If you came this far, thank you for reading!! I’m sorry for the cheese factor! I hope you liked it *runs and hides* -T <3

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