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Request: can you do one where Justin is y/n’s best friend and they go to a party together and he takes care of her and they end up kissing? Love your blog, can’t wait to see this posted!

Warnings: none

Word Count: 532

You had gotten invited to a party by one of your close friends, she said it would be nothing more than a few people talking and dancing, but that was a complete lie.

Justin had insisted on coming with you to make sure you didn’t get into any trouble, but trouble seemed to be the only thing you had manage to make throughout the night.

After breaking up three fights you had started drunkenly, he was more than ready to go home.

“C’mon Y/N get down, let’s go.” Justin huffed watching as you swayed your hips slowly on top of a table in the center of the living room, giggling you finished off the liquid in your cup “BEST FRIEND COME DANCE WITH ME.” You urged with a hiccup, rolling his eyes he grabbed your wrist gently giving it a slight tug forcing you down from the table.

“Jay I just want to party!” You exclaimed dramatically, sloppily slinging an arm around his shoulder “Y/N your drunk, let’s go home okay?” He smiled pressing a kiss to your cheek, you allowed him to lead you outside and to the curb where his car was parked.

With his help you slid into the car, he was quick to follow slipping into the driver’s seat beside you “You want me to take you to yours or do you want to come back to mine?” He asked fishing his keys from his front pocket, lazily looking to the side you replied tiredly “Yours.”

Without a word being spoken Justin picked you up from the car and carried you inside his house, setting you back on your feet once you reached his room you clumsily tripped into his making him stumble back into the door with you pressed firmly against him.

The air was thick and warm, his hot breath fanned just below your nose, without thinking you closed the space in-between the two of you pressing your lips to his causing him to stiffen in shock.

To your dismay he pulled back slowly “You’re drunk, you won’t even remember you did this Y/N so please stop.” He whispered, his voice strained, why you didn’t know “I’m going to remember Justin and am not going to regret it.” You stated confidently fisting the collar of his shirt tightly before tugging it sending him forward and once again your lips connected.

This time instead of hesitating he melted fully into the kiss, his hands trailed down to your waist just above the hem of the dress where the gripped your hips sending a warmth through your body, snaking a hair through his hair you gave it a slight tug making him moan quietly against your lips.

This time you were the one to pull back, still caught in a trance it took you a few moments to open your eyes, when you did Justin was staring at you intently “I’ve always wanted to do that.”

Request - Deputy Jordan Parrish “The Deputy gets the girl”

The class had been restless for the entire morning. They had been whispering about a real deputy coming to school and you could see the nerves in their eyes. You smiled. For weeks you had been listening to their stories about sheriffs and thieves and you had thought that maybe this was the right moment to invite Jordan to talk about his job.
“Are you all ready to meet a real deputy?” You closed the book on your desk and you saw how all kids did the same, nodding. “I will ask if he wants to come in, but only if you are really really really quiet.” You put your finger on your lips and you noticed how all the kids bit their lips, making sure not to make a sound. You never had much trouble to keep them in check, but you had to admit that it had never been this easy.
“Is this the class of Mrs. (Y/L/N).” He knocked on the door and you watched how all the mouths dropped as soon as they noticed the uniform he was wearing. He had brought everything he was allowed to bring with him and for a moment you couldn’t hide your own admiration.
“Yes, Deputy Parrish.” You nodded and smiled, his lips whispering a quiet I love you, before he turned to the class.
“So, these are the kids that want to know everything about becoming a deputy?” He waited until the kids nodded again and you sat down in your chair, leaning back while he was talking about the job he clearly loved so much.
“Sir?” A kid on the front row raised his hand. “Is it true that deputies always get the pretty girls?” He seemed serious, but you couldn’t help your cheeks from blushing. For a short moment Jordan turned his head towards you and you noticed the smile on his lips and the little lights in his eyes, before he turned his face back to the class.
“Deputies are no superheroes, but…” He stared at you again and you bent your head, biting your lips. “Yes, this deputy got a pretty girl.” He smiled and you saw how one girl in the back raised her hand this time.
“Are you and miss (Y/L/N) in love?” She started smiling and you stood up, taking a deep breath, before you felt how Jordan grabbed your hand.
“Yes, miss (Y/L/N) are in love.” His voice wasn’t even shaking or trembling.
“But Mr. Parrish is here to talk about his job, not to talk about me.” You cocked your head a little and you squeezed his hand. “Being a deputy is not about getting the prettiest girl.” You let his hand go again and walked to your seat.
“No, but as a deputy it’s important to have friends and people you love.” Jordan swallowed and straightened his back. “Not everything you do and see as a deputy is nice.” The smile on his face disappeared. “Sometimes people get hurt or worse and that’s not always easy.” His eyes looked at you. “Then you need people who listen to you and care about you.” He looked back at the class. “That’s why the superheroes and the deputies get the pretty girls.”


30 Day HISTORY Challenge : Day 4 : Your HISTORY OTP


It’s Yijeong. Yijeong and everyone/thing. All the members have a soft spot for Yijeong for reasons unknown sorcery