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Our Secret - Kol Mikaelson Oneshot

Word Count - 597

Requested by - Anon

‘We have to stop sneaking around like this one day you know’ You spoke softly to your boyfriend, Kol Mikaelson, who as always came out from the shadows as soon as the two of you knew your siblings, the Salvatores. 

'Well, my darling, Y/N, we would not have to skulk around the town like a couple of delinquent teenagers if it werent for you now would we?’ Kol snapped back at you, the smallest traces of resentment in his tone as he pulled you closer to him, holding you at the waist and kissing your nose as an apology for his words.
'You know I’d love to go out with you… be seen with you but we both know damn well that my brothers would kill you if they even caught wind that-’
'Actually, love I think I’d have killed the two of them before they’d even thought about hurting me, or you for that matter.’ Kol interrupted, you knew he was right. There was no real danger for Kol, however that did not make things easier for the two of you to open up about your relationship with the Mikaelson. There had been too much drama and conflict between their family and yours, and while Kol had often been blameless, he was far from innocent.
'Whatever’ You spoke bluntly as you broke free of Kol’s grasp. 'I will tell them, I just need to find the right time, and I’m not spoiling our day together worrying about all the complications that come along with, well, you.’ You spoke honestly, yet hesitantly. You hated lying to your brothers, but you hated fighting with them more still, and as of now lying was the simpler option.
'So where are you whisking me off too today then sir.’ You called over to your boyfriend as you collected your things, in an attempt to change the subject
'You’ll have to wait and see, Y/N.’ Kol smirked as he moved his hand to the small of your back, leading you out of your room, and the Salvatore boarding house.

Kol had taken you to the edge of Mystica Falls, overlooking the lake with the Wickery Bridge standing far into the distance, the two of you had spent the day alone, watching the day pass you by, venturing towards the tops of the hills over the Mystic Falls border before sitting down for a perfectly prepared picnic complete with fresh fruit, home-made cakes and pastries and champagne Kol claimed to be stolen from some European princess you had never heard of. As the two of you sat together, looking out into the lake, towards the Wickery Bridge, your legs outstretched and crossed, your head resting in the crook of Kol’s neck and his arms firmly around your waist, the two of you watched as the sun set. Colours shifting slowly from blue to yellow and orange, to purple before the sun had almost completely disappeared and stars could be seen in the horizon. After a long period of silence you finally spoke .
'I’ll tell them.’ You words quiet and understated.
'What are you talking about, Y/N?’ Kol enquired as he lifter his head from yours and turned to look at you, confusion in his eyes.
'Lets tell them, together, my brothers they deserve to know, and as perfect as today has been. I don’t want to lose you because I’m afraid of my brothers. So lets tell them.’
'I’ve never been happier to see your brothers’ Kol answered, jovially as he moved in to kiss you, slowly and lovingly.

My Body, My Rules {SimonxReaderxNegan}

Word Count: 3.5k ( I enjoyed myself too much XD)
**Rated MA for mature audiences only!**
Notes: This is for a request by a Nonnie~ Anonymous said: Possessive sexy Negan please!!! Thank you ❤️❤️❤️
Summary: Negan gets jealous over the woman who has taken an interest for Simon and not him. He’s used to getting what he wants, are his charms failing him?

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Risks [Jeon Jungkook]

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Genre: Fluff

Words: 1155

On the count of three, Jeon Jungkook was going to tell you how he really felt about you

Everyone after lunch had a class, rummaging through their lockers to get to the designated classroom on time. Jungkook and I however, were in no rush, considering we were the only two with a free period. Weird how my best friend and I got that luck. Usually, we’d stay on school grounds, just walking around, not causing too much trouble. Sometimes I tease and tell him how much of a mess him and his close friend Taehyung would be if he was in my position. 

However, today, we walked in complete silence. Side by side like always, his hands in his pockets and mine on the handles of my backpack.

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The last four weeks I had no time to use tumblr. I had many things to do (for example learning for university). Today I had a little bit more time, so I decided to log in to my tumblr account again.

I want to thank everyone who reblogged, liked or commented my posts while I wasn’t online! There are too many notes to read them all, but I really appreciate that you all like my photos!

Hello to my new followers! Feel free to write me a message, but don’t expect an answer soon (I don’t have much time at the moment).

I’ll Make It Up To You

Pairing: Luke x Female Reader

Word Count: 844

Warning: Cursing? I mean I literally wrote “fuck” once…

Requested: Yes!

Masterlist x Requests

I had SO MUCH FUN writing this. I may or may not have done the work I was supposed to do today but I regret nothing. Sorry if it sucks. Thank you to the Anon who requested, and feel free to shoot me some requests! Hope you like it!

I love my best friend, I really do, but I am feeling increasingly less affectionate towards him as today progresses. I get that he’s Luke Hemmings, ooh aah, but I don’t think requesting one day of his time is too much. We were supposed to meet up at 11, and its currently 2 pm and there’s no sign of Luke. Now I’m little mad, because I remember him mentioning that we were supposed to head to the venue around 3, which means he has officially blown off our entire day together. I grab a cab and head for the venue, because I’ll honestly take whatever time I can get with him. I walk up to the ticket counter and flash my backstage pass. I make my way to the backstage and pull on the handle…but its locked? I try it again, but to no avail. I’m officially mad. First he blows me off, and then he clearly forgets to tell the guards that I’m coming. Great. I sit on the edge of the sidewalk outside the door, even though its cold, wet, and windy as hell. I’m so angry that my entire face is hot. After an hour of freezing my ass off outside, I’m about to leave, but I hear a familiar voice call my name. “Y/N? Y/N is that you?” I look up to see Luke and Calum walking towards me, and I feel my anger build all over again. Luke goes in for a hug but I duck under his outstretched arm and go for Calum instead. I hug Calum tightly, burying my face into his chest and squeezing my eyes shut. I feel him hug me back after a second, and his body vibrates with an awkward chuckle. “Uh, okay. Hey there Y/N.” He says. “Hi Calum,” I reply softly, my voice muffled by his jacket. I stand like that for way too long, and I don’t bother to move until I hear Luke clear his throat loudly. “When you’re done smothering Calum, we can go in.” I raise my head and give Luke a dirty look before turning back to Calum. “Yeah, it’s cold. Let’s go.” I grab Calum’s hand and pull him towards the door, snatching the keys from Luke on my way. “Oh. Oh okay.” Calum says softly, allowing me to pull him along. I grip Calum tightly as we walk down the long hallway, asking him questions to keep him talking and keep Luke quiet. I glance back, and Luke looks angrier than I’ve ever seen him before. I hear Michael and Ashton’s voices coming from an open door, but I feel a hand grab me before I can follow Calum into the room. I turn and face Luke, and his blue eyes are full of fire. “What the fuck was that?” Luke growls. “Since when are you so excited to see Calum?” I glare at him, not saying a word. “Really? Not going to say anything, huh?” he prompts, but I still stay quiet. Luke scoffs and paces back and forth, running his hand through his hair. “You know what? I’m kind of offended, Y/N. I haven’t seen you in months and your way of greeting me was clinging to my best mate like a magnet. It was like I didn’t even exist. I had no idea that you liked Calum that much. Honestly I thought you’d be a little bit excited to see me.” He says angrily. My nostrils flare and I feel my ears heat up from my built-up anger. “You’re mad? Seriously? We were supposed to meet up today at fucking 11 am and you forgot!” I yell back. “Not only did you forget, but you didn’t bother to text me back or return my calls! What, is it so hard to send a fucking text message Luke? Really??” I’m so angry that my hands are shaking. “And to top it all off, I had sit outside freezing my ass off because you forgot to tell the guards I was coming! So please tell me again how angry you are that I was more excited to see Calum than I was to see you.” Luke’s eyes are wide now, and I’m guessing he only just realized that we had made plans. “Yeah, yup. We had plans buddy!” I scoff and laugh humorlessly. I wait for him to say something, but he’s silent, simply staring at his feet. “Do you like him?” he asks softly. I think I must’ve misheard him. “What?” I ask. “Do you like Calum?” he asks again. “Oh my god Luke! This isn’t even about Calum! This is about you and your obvious lack of consideration! Did it even occur to you as to why I’m so mad about this? I don’t remember making plans to spend my day with Calum today, I made the plans with you goddammit! I c-“ Luke grabs my face and smashes his lips onto mine, shutting me up. “I’m sorry.” He whispers. I swallow hard and take a deep breath. He surprised me, and I wasn’t sure how to react. “I’ll make it up to you, I promise.” He says, kissing my cheek and grinning widely. I grin back, and suddenly realize how beautiful his smile is. "Yeah? Well you’ve got a lot of making up to do, Hemmings.”


Seth x imprint!reader

Request: “i just discovered your blog and wooow, you’re v good!! can i make a request? Where imprint!reader moves from spain to la push because she loves nature and the views (she wants to be a photographer, too) and one day the pack and her meet because (+) they catch her making photos of them with her bigass camera (lol this is me) because she finds them so pretty and they match so well w/ nature as a background? (Sorry if its too much detail omg) (+)also reader can be seth’s imprint if it isn’t too much! sorry if i seem like a freak lol i just love photography and the nature of la push!! tysm i luv you a lot have a nice day! take care and good luck on school !!”

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Paying the price

Chapter 13

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„Come on, Lexi! Just these two!” Avery whined, shoving two shot glasses into my face. I gave her a stern look, already having declined for three times but she was relentlessly in her tries.

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You're Older - Grayson Imagine

Requested by: Anon

Growing up being in the same grade as Cameron Dolan, you were familiar with her younger twin brothers, Ethan and Grayson. As you progressed in your education through school, you and Cameron became best friend. Each weekend, you would be over at her house just hanging out. Grayson would always play pranks on you and Cameron and try to listen to your conversations. Cameron always groaned in annoyance with the pranks, but you thought it was actually pretty cute. In your opinion, the boys were cute… like kid cute. After the boys got into high school with you and Cameron, they both started to fill out. In more ways than just one. The two of them started getting into fitness and sports, making their frames tall, lean, and muscular. It was undeniable that the two were an attractive pair. Towards the end of your junior year, the boys started posting short clips on social media and they gained a huge following! You felt like a proud mom. They had come so far from their home made videos and edits. You had to admit that they videos were quite funny and you could really see why they had so many fans in such a short time. Soon, you and Cameron graduated and headed off to college. Being best friends, Cameron and yourself decided on the same college and rigged the housing system so you could room together. When Cameron visited home, you went with her and helped with the twins video. During a confessional video, Grayson had to confirm whether or not he had a crush. After many attempts to distract Ethan, Cameron, and yourself from the question, he finally answered. He said that he had known a certain girl for a while and they actually grew up together. As soon as the video was posted, their fans started trying to guess at who Grayson could have a crush on. Reading through some of the tweets with Cam, you came across one that suggested that Grayson had a crush on you! That was ridiculous! He could never have a crush on you! Not with you being so close to his sister and him seeing you in your worst state numerous times. You brushed it off and after a while, Cam and you went to sleep.
You woke up to hear yelling coming from down the hall of the Dolan house. You stretched and got out of bed to follow the noise. You got closer to the yelling and noticed that it was Cameron who was yelling. “How could you do this Grayson?!” She bellowed. “What was she talking about?” you wondered to yourself. Grayson’s voice came small like one belonging to a child. “I’m sorry, Cam, but I’ve been in love with Y/N since eighth grade and you can’t do anything to change that.” Your jaw dropped to the floor. Were you hearing things okay? Because there was no way you heard what you thought you did just then. Grayson couldn’t be IN LOVE with you. A crush? Sure, you could see it with his constant teasing and blushing around you, but in love? No way.
A couple of weeks had passed when you received a text from Grayson. “I know that you heard Cameron and I speaking the day after we posted the video.” It read. Witty as you are, you typed a reply quickly. “I don’t think I would call that speaking.” You sat your phone down only for it to vibrate immediately with another text message from him. “Look, Y/N, I need to know if there is any chance that you and I could be something. I’m tired of waiting for this feeling inside of me to fade away and knowing within my heart that it won’t. There. I’ve said what I need to say and you know already how I feel about you. The ball is in your court.” When you read it, your heart sank. Had he really been telling the truth? You decided to ignore him like you done so many times before, but this time, you actually felt badly about it.
Grayson’s secret hadn’t affected your friendship with Cameron and for that, you were so grateful. Cam knows too much now for her to be set free from your bond. The fans had finally died down a couple of months ago when they were incessantly asking you and Grayson to get together. You didn’t have anymore classes for today, so you decided to take a nap, but before you did - you opened Instagram. The first picture that showed was a picture of Grayson kissing some girl on the cheek. Rage consumed you. “How could he do this to you?” You pondered. You instantly got out of bed and took off to go home for the day. You sped down the interstate and arrived at the Dolan household within an hour. You didn’t know if Grayson was even there, but you would soon find out. You opened the door without knocking. You were considered family, so no one questioned your presence in the house now. You sprinted up to Grayson’s room and flung the door open. He was laying on his bed and snapped his head up when the door hit the wall behind it. “Y/N? What are you doing here?” Grayson asked you innocently. You took three big steps over to his bed and sat yourself in front of his crossed legs. His face held a confused expression and, in that moment, you swore that he never looked more adorable. Quickly, you snaked your hand around the snape of Grayson’s neck and smashed your lips into his plump, pink ones. After taking a second to adjust and assess the moment, he began to move his lips against yours. You pulled away just a tad after a few minutes of just feeling his lips mold with yours and kept your lips grazed on his. “Grayson, I love you. Be with me.” You whispered against him. Grayson responded to you with a small chuckle and returning his lips to yours.

Chapter 18 - Rhythm

Chapter One & Two  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9  Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21

If you were honest with yourself you’d spent the whole week after giving Chanyeol his reward waiting to see if he’d be able to keep it a secret. So far, it seemed that he hadn’t blabbed, not even to Baekhyun.  Sure, Baekhyun still suspected something but he didn’t seem to actually know what had happened.  The week following your visit to Chanyeol’s studio was rather uneventful. Actually it was almost boring. You went to the SM building every day and gave a lesson to either one or a few members during the day but so far no one had requested a lesson. Today for example you had actually gone shopping for a few hours because you knew the guys were off to photoshoots and interviews for the rest of the day.

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JB Imagine - Hate & 25 min girlfriend (Part 2) - (Best Friend)

A/N: Here is Part 2 ! Hope you guys enjoy it. Also I’d like to wish all of you who are celebrating, a very joyful Christmas. Hope you guys have a great holiday. Please be sure to like and send me feedback for more imagines like this. Make sure to have my notifications on so you won’t miss an imagine post like this one. Much love ❤️

( Part 1 ) | ( Part 3 ) | ( Part 4 )

(Part 2)

Warning : Language

Indirectly speaking here, Justin is basically forcing his fans to like his girlfriend. Until they all do so and learn to accept them being together, you’re telling me that then after he’ll go back to normal ?

This is unacceptable, me being his best friend for so many years and yet he chooses her over me. Can we take a moment to not forget him slapping me… Boy you just crossed the line. This isn’t the end just yet.

Why do I feel like it was all just a break up with an ex ? Because you’re in love with him.No I’m not, he slapped me and he had the audacity to tell me off. We both know deep down you still love him. I’m done.

If you’re wondering where I’m staying over, I’m currently at my old apartment - I bought it for myself yet I don’t stay here, so I just use it as an investment from time to time by renting it out.

Just as I got out of the shower, my notifications went off.

🔥 Cameron D 💕

Hey hey babe ! Haven’t seen you in such a long time, thought we should maybe catch up. Free today ?

Hiii :) it has been way too long and I miss you so much. We have so much to catch up on. I’m free anytime today btw .xx

I miss you too. How about dinner tonight or Would you rather hang out with the guys and some girls at my place ?

Anything sounds good to me, you know I don’t mind either. You choose today and let me know. I’ll be there anyways .xx

Okay well how about this… Dinner tonight at 8 and after that you can spend the night at my place with all of us. Sound good ?

Looks like someone really missed me 😏 jk. It all sounds perfect, can’t wait ! See you later X

Same here, see yahh 😁❤️

So this calls for another mission. Luckily I had a dress in my closet, whilst sadly most of my belongings are at our house, that being Justin’s and mine.

You know what they say about dressing up ? Dress up as if you’re meeting your ex-boyfriend. I grabbed my black bodycon dress and folded it into my duffel bag, for the time being I just threw on a pair of joggers and a t-shirt… Looks like I have to get ready at our place.

Pulling in to our driveway, his car is already parked out…My senses tell me that the chick is here and they’re both doing each other right about now. I parked next to him, grabbing my duffel and locking the car.

I’m not ringing no doorbell because this is just as much as my house as it is his. Unlocking the door with my spare key, I didn’t dare to do my usual of shouting “I’m home.” I’m probably the last person they’d like to find right about now.

The house was surprisingly clean. Something is up. Walking up the staircase hit me like a bus of the memory from yesterday… Ass. Passing by his room I could hear the moans and could sadly still hear it from my room. To try and cut out the disturbing sounds from across the hall, I played Controlla by Drake - DJ Flex Remix.

I threw the current clothes I had onto my bed. Note: I’m just in my underwear. Feeling the music made me want to attempt the Controlla Challenge. {Check it out on YouTube if you haven’t} Moving my hips in sync to the beat - the door was forcefully opened. “What are you - (Y/N)” his jaw dropped open…He’s never seen me half naked or in a bikini before though I didn’t expect that kind of reaction.

Just when my mind thought of being sweet and a tease, thinking I could say “oh hey babe” … Yeah that can’t happen after what stirred up yesterday. My sassy side struck through me “Can I help you ?” I rolled my eyes. I walked into the bathroom throwing on my silk gown to cover half of my body. “Uhm well - you see the thing is - wow” he stuttered, running his hands through his hair and licking his lips, as he was taking his time staring at me.

“Eyes up here perv. What do you want, to cause another fight ? Are you forgetting the part where this is just as much as my house, as it is yours” I crossed my arms over my chest. “Now that you put it that way… never mind, though why are you here…half naked ?”

I bent down to pick up my clothes in which I knew my cleavage is showing, but not that I care because he was too busy effing Sofia in his room anyway. I threw them in the clothes bin “Packing my clothes to move back to my old apartment and I need to get ready for a date tonight”

I pulled out my clothes from my closet in bundles and onto the bed “Why are you moving ? Theirs no need to do that” he walked over and sat on my bed. “Justin. I’m not letting this all go so easily with you twisting your words today and acting nice to me. You slapped me yesterday, not forgetting that you called me a bitch and now you question why I’m moving out when you clearly asked me yesterday why haven’t I fucking left yet ? So are you just playing dumb or needed a memory refresh ?”

He lowered his head looking at his shoes “Now if you can excuse me, I need to shower and get ready…Oh yeah and how’s this - you left your girlfriend to speak to me for 10 minutes when you couldn’t do the same yesterday” I loosened the gown and let it fall to the floor.

I got dressed and went for a neutral look as I wasn’t one to have heavy makeup on unless it’s a special occasion. I sprayed on perfume and grabbed my purse - I can always come by later with Cam to pick up my things.

I went in the kitchen to make myself something to eat and all I could think of at that moment was cheese toast, so I made it.

I placed a glass of water alongside my cheese toast and that was when Justin walked in, taking a seat on the bar stool opposite me. “Ready to cough up and explain ?” I asked and took my first bite of food. The room was silent, trying to ease of the awkwardness I drank some of my water “Your opinion doesn’t make a difference to me, but how did I not know you’re hot af ?” That’s when I spat out my water. Boy crossed the line again. Strike 2.

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Because there’s no such thing as too much fluffy Christmas Destiel! ❄

Dean gripped the edge of the sink, his knuckles turning white. He’d fled to the kitchen supposedly to check on that huge turkey in the oven, but honestly he’d just felt overwhelmed and he’d been looking for a moment alone.

And okay, yeah, it was a good kind of overwhelmed. But overwhelmed nonetheless. Because everyone was here. And happy. And healthy. And for once the world wasn’t about to end. This was the first Christmas that he got to properly celebrate with his mom, as an adult at least, and while Dean was grateful, it also eerily reminded him of Djinn dreams and pocket universes.

Mom here, Sam here, Castiel here. Their friends here. Jody and the girls, Donna… All of them were currently in the war room, talking over drinks beside the giant-ass Christmas tree that Sam had insisted they’d get for the occasion.

Dean took a deep breath, convincing himself that it was real, and most of all, that it wasn’t temporary.

“Dean? Are you feeling alright?”

The sudden sound of Castiel’s voice from behind him made him jump a bit, but when he collected himself, Dean tentatively turned around and offered Cas a weak smile. Cas was standing in the doorway, but took that as a sign to come closer, taking a few steps towards Dean until he was close enough to touch Dean if he’d reach out. Obviously the guy had some sort of special Dean-radar, always detecting when something wasn’t quite right.

“I’m good… Really.” Dean muttered, rubbing the back of his neck. “Just having a hard time believing that today is real because… everything is good. Too good maybe. Makes you wonder if it’s even real, if you know what I mean?”

“Oh, Dean…” Cas sighed, sounding almost wistful, his blue eyes soft yet mildly concerned.

Before Dean knew what was happening, Cas’ hand found his, and he intertwined their fingers. Dean stared down at their hands in wonder, then back up at Castiel. The angel looked a little more rumpled than usual without all of his overcoats and with his tie loose and backwards, a faint blush on his cheeks, his hair ruffled. Cas was truly feeling at home here these days - with Dean-, yet another thing that was too good to be true.

But true regardless, Dean realized as Cas squeezed his hand, grounding him.

“I’ve told you from the start though, haven’t I?” Castiel mused, now carefully placing the palm of his free hand against Dean’s cheek, the warmth making Dean melt into his touch. “Good things do happen. Sometimes we have to wait a little longer before they do. I’m sorry you had to wait this long, but I can assure you that it’s real…”

They stared at each other, neither willing to break eye contact, and Dean caught himself wondering if it would be extremely greedy for him to want just one more good thing today. When he noticed how Cas’ eyes darted down to his lips, he figured that, perhaps no, it wouldn’t be too much to ask, not this time.

Dean didn’t know who was leaning in first, but they met somewhere in the middle, his lips against Castiel’s for the very first time. Fingers tangled in hair, mouths explored and noses brushed, neither of them pulling away until Sam barged into the kitchen, accidentally interrupting them.

“Seriously, you two, sneaking away to do that? And you don’t even have the excuse of mistletoe.” He teased them, but to Dean’s relief otherwise his younger brother didn’t seem at all surprised to catch Dean in the act of kissing their guardian angel.

They were both grinning when Sam left with a another beer and a playful roll of his eyes.

Good things do happen, Dean. For the first time since they’d met in that barn all those years ago, Dean genuinely dared to believe that Castiel had been speaking the truth all along.

Random human Sonic update!

So, I quit my (awesome job in the digital apps division of a major kids media brand) about a month ago and today was my last day. I’m feeling several things:

1) Like my coworkers bought me two glasses of wine and that was too much given that I never drink anymore

2) Like I’m so fucking happy to never commute to Times Square anymore for the foreseeable future

3) Like I’m psyched to have 2 seconds to figure out what to actually do with my life

4) Like I’m terrified to be broke and work in customer service again because God knows how much my anxiety can actually handle

5) Like I’m gonna try and spend more time blogging, writing, and studying language and photography

So I have no idea what I’m doing now. But. I’m definitely doing SOMETHING.


Twitter 17/05/03

Today the KII members who had free time picknicked together. That being said, two people couldn’t make it, so we were 17 in total.

It was so much fun playing intense dodgeball. I laughed too much.

Twitter 17/05/03

Today we tried playing a mass rock paper scissors game, but, as usual, whenever someone says “the shape with the most people is the winner” , the game turns into a rock and paper game. 

This picture was taken when the K2 members were diligently playing the werewolf game outside.

Twitter 17/05/03

Kocchan-sama brought these very rare pizza potato, which aren’t sold anywhere anymore, to the picnic. 

Kocchan! Just what kind of person are you! It’s the pizza potatos that I’ve longed for!

Twitter 17/05/03

When we were noisily spreading the picnic blanket, there was a man walking around wearing a Miyazawa Sae t-shirt sort of far but still close to us. He didn’t notice the noisy 17 KII members at all.

Also, Yumana’s face is growing longer.

Control - A Jared Oneshot

Disclaimer: Fiction.

Warnings: Near death experience, sex!

Tagging: @hazeleyedleto @spillinginkwithlove

Notes: So I finally got down to writing the Jared oneshot that has been floating around in my head for a while. A huge thank you to the amazing @hazeleyedleto. Thanks for helping me sort out my dilemmas. ;) Sorry if there are any mistakes, just point them out and I’ll fix ‘em. Love you guys


I was excited to surprise my best friend. We hadn’t seen each other in a while on account of my work schedule and him being busy with his band travelling the world. I had met Jared a couple of years ago on a rock climbing trail outside of LA. We had struck up a conversation and found out we had lots of things in common. From there, our friendship evolved pretty fast.

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Ok so- we don’t talk really much BUT-

I love birthdays, and today I had a lot of free time, and I heard u like Erza and cats and I LOVE ERZA too and when you reblog something u often tag it “my talented mutuals are talented” and I always found that really cute and THERE ARE SO MUCH “AND”s but the thing I wanted to say is

Happy bday @black-cats-bring-good-luck 

Men and Their Pride

PromptHi!! I rly loved your TJeffs story “In Front of You” and I was hoping maybe you could do a sequel or something similar where the reader and Thomas start officially dating and Alex is a lil salty or angry at first. I just really want some cute/snarky interactions with TJeffs and the reader. Btw your writing is AMAZING and I love ur stories!! thanks sm! (In Front of You)

Word Count: 2,584

Author’s Note: There were a lot of requests for a sequel to In Front of You, so I hope y’all enjoy it!

“My dear, please remind me why we are traveling to the Hamiltons’ home so I can make sure that I am not losing my grip on reality.”

You giggled at Thomas’ only half-joking statement as the New York scenery passed by your window, for you knew that this visitation was just a quandary to him. Eliza had written you a letter as soon as you had broken the news to her that Thomas had begun to court you, and had insisted on you visiting her and her husband as a couple.

“Eliza invited us over for tea, and I could not decline her invitation simply due to your aversion to Alexander,” you responded in amusement, clasping your hand with his. Bliss still filled you at the fact that it was now proper for you to make such gestures of affection. “Besides, she is my dearest friend, and I will certainly not let my new relationship get in the way of my former ones.”

“Then perhaps I should have taken that into consideration before asking if I could court you, because I did not realize how often I would be seeing my rival on account of our connection,” Thomas joked, a twinkle in his eye as he laced your fingers together.

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Metanoia (Pt. 2)

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Metanoia (n.) the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self, or way of life

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
◊ Summary: You knew Seokjin was the love of your life, and yet his wasn’t the name that appeared on your wrist.
◊ Genre: angst, soulmate AU
◊ Word Count: 2,167

|Chapter 2

Three days had passed since your incident with Taehyung. You hadn’t heard from him or Jin at all, though that didn’t really surprise you. After all, Taehyung didn’t have your number and Jin was working and hanging out with Hana. You had work too, of course, so you didn’t have much time to think about it. Today wasn’t any different, though you had a little while before your shift started.

You’d been lounging around your apartment for the past three hours that you’d been awake. You didn’t really have anything else to do. Most often, if you had free time, you were hanging out with Jin, but since meeting Hana he didn’t have as much time for you. Perhaps it was selfish to think that you deserved his time, but he was your best friend, as well as the man you loved.

Unfortunately, with nothing to do, that left you alone with your thoughts.

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