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GOT7 Reaction: Them being clingy/wanting to cuddle (request)

I am so sorry this reaction has been taking us to so long to post, but thank you for being patient with us. We are just trying to get all our reactions done to the best of our abilities because we really do want these to be written as best as possible.


“Babe!” you cheered as your tired boyfriend draggin his self in after a long day of practice.

“Hey baby!” he said with a tired smile as he made his way toward you. He joined you on the couch, just suddenly flopping on top of you without warning. he tightened his limb around you. “i missed you today.” he said softly.

“I missed you too.” you said as you waited for him to move a bit more until he cuddled you up as the big spoon like he always does.However, this time he kinda just stayed where he was. he had landed on you to where his head rested on your shoulder. he gave up halfway through his crawl and just puckered his lips for a kiss, too tired to move any closer. Of course you maneuvered awkwardly to meet his lips, just so happy that he actually came over when he said he would. It felt as though you hadn’t seen him in days.

“Babe, I’m way too tired. Take it over from here and just hold me.” he huffed dramatically. 

All you could do was giggle. “Was practice really that intense today? “ You cooed as you ran you fingers through his hair.

“Yeah, practice lasted forever.” he groaned. “I was just day dreaming of hanging out with you here all day.

“Well at least the day is over now!”

“Uh-huh” he mumbled as he nuzzled his head on your chest, settling himself so that he faced in the direction of the tv.

Mark soon feel so silent you thought he was asleep. “Baby?” you whispered.


“Why don’t you go sleep?”

“I’m watching tv with you.” 

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“My angel! I’m home!” you could hear Jb’s  voice fill your apartment from your home office.

You could hear him make his way to the kitchen, grabbing a glass of water, then making his down over to where you were. He skipped into the room with a big smile plastered on his face and he greeted you with a warm kiss. “How’s my cupcake today?” 

“Wow, someone is extra peppy today.” you almost groaned as you moved your tired eyes up at him and away from your paper work.

“Of course I am. It was a short schedule today remember? This means we can finally go to that new BBQ place that opened up!” he said excitedly.

“Shit!” you thought. You had completely forgotten that you both planned to go whenever he had time in his schedule and he wasn’t that tired. “Aw, baby.I completely forgot and I just have so much work for this project.” you pouted

Suddenly he frowned just the deepest frown you have ever seen, it broke your heart. “But I finally have time now. I’m free tomorrow morning too… but the place doesn’t until open the afternoon…”

“I’m sorry sweetie.” 

With slumped shoulders he let out a huff. “It’s okay… but I’m still here with you anyway that is what matters. I’m gonna go get another chair and come here and watch you work then” he said leaving the room. He had sounded a bit more cheerful, but you knew he was still disappointed when you saw him dragging his feet.

He soon returned with a dining room chair and placed it right besides you. He sat down and immediately rested his head on your shoulder. joining you in look down at your papers with a frown. 

“So what is this for again?” he asked after getting bored of watching you writing for only six minutes.

“That project I told you about the other day.” you said in a mumble.

“The one that isn’t do for another two weeks?”


“Are you kidding me? You have enough time to work on it, let’s go eat bbq tonight!” he whined right into your ear.

You nudged him off, cupping his pouting face. “I know, but I am so behind already baby.”

He grabbed your hands and held them to his chest. “But please!” he begged. “It won’t take us more than two hours! You are always complaining that we don’t go on enough dates, this is the perfect time now. Let’s go!” a hint of excitement coming back into his voice

“I really can’t afford to loose anymore time though.”

“How about this, we go eat, then tomorrow i spend aaaaaaaaall morning helping you?” he offered,

“Or how about this, you go watch tv and unwind for a few hours or like go take a nap, while I do this, then later tonight we watch a movie together? That way right now I get my work done.”

His face cringed up at that suggestion and he slouched down in his chair dramatic, obviously turning down that idea.

“Can’t you just order something from them as delivery then?”

“No, it won’t be the same.” he grumbled, his angry jaw was beginning to show a bit.

“Don’t you think your acting a bit childish about this?”


“My goodness, if only the rest of the guys could see how you were acting right now.” you let out a small chuckle

In one last attempt to get his way, he lunged at you engulfing you into a tight  hold. “Please! jagi?!?” he begged some more


“Please? Please? Please? Please? Please? Please? Please? Please? Please?”


Still he held on tight, pushing his forehead up against yours, getting more annoying by the second. “Please? Please? Please? Please? Please? Please? Please? Please?”

“Boy, the longer he hung out with the maknaes the more he had started to act like them.” you thought. It didn’t seem like he was going to stop any time soon. “Fine!” you finally broke.


“Yes!” you groaned

“YAY!” he jumped out of his seat. “Let’s get ready! And I promise I will help  you with your work tomorrow, let’s just enjoy tonight!” he cheered as he gave you another big kiss.

“Whatever” you smiled.  Even though you knew you would be behind, it was worth seeing the smile on his face again Plus you were really looking forward to the whole bbq date to begin with.

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“Thank you!” you smiled to the barista

“Thanks” Jinyoung said in a low voice as he grabbed your hand and directed you to a small table in the far corner of the cafe.

You sat down at one end, however, instead of sitting in front of you as any normal person would, your boyfriend decided to bring his chair over to your side and sit right besides you. “So you’re sitting right next to me, why?”

“I’m sorry, did it suddenly become illegal for me to sit next to you?” he asked sarcastically as he sat down, resting his arm on the back f your chair.

Moving right next to you was s bit out of the norm, but hugging you in public like this was just plain weird coming from him. Jinyoung was not the one for this much affection in such a public place. With him being an idol and all even having a date in public was a big deal to not attract any type of attention to yourselves. All you could do was throw him a weird look as a type of response.

“You look adorable when you stare at me like that.” he said keeping up that sarcastic tone of his. Then he got even weirder, coming close and giving you a  quick kiss.

“…I will never understand you.” At this point it was just best to ignore the whole ordeal all together.

As the two of you waited for your drinks, you spoke casually (the only normal aspect of everything), just catching up on the small things you didn’t have time to talk about before

It wasn’t long before the barista came by. He very subtly placed the drinks down, gave a smile and walked off. Despite the small interaction, Jinyoung had changed his demeanor at the other guy’s presence. Jinyoung fell quiet mid sentence, only staring at the young man, scooting a bit closer to you and putting his arm around you waist. Again, however you ignored the behavior. All you wanted to do was just enjoy the date in general.

You spoke again, however, this time it seemed as though Jinyoung was not paying attention. His eyes were constantly glaring over at the counter area at the front of the cafe. “Babe, are you listening?” you asked

“Huh?” his eyes flickered over to you “Yeah, of course!”

“Yeah? Then what did I just say?” you tested

“Um… So how has work been?” he asked to change the topic.

You squinted your eyes at him suspiciously.

“You know you are really cute when you squint your eyes at me like that!” he said with a hint of aegyo and hugging you tighter.

“… uh-huh…” still you just ignored it.

Throughout the rest of the small date, he was still off. The entire time he never had his hands off you. Under no circumstances did you go to the front counter for anything either. Even for something as small as a napkin he would run up and get it for you, getting up so fast that you didn’t have time to protest.Most  (annoyingly) of all, he just could not stop glancing over his shoulder to the counter area.

It wasn’t until you both were walking out of the cafe that you finally realized why he was acting so weird. as you both walked to the exit, you noticed his eyes dart over to the front area, targeting the barista, again just suddenly grabbing your hand as you passed him. 

Upon joining the the rest of society in the crowded side walk you asked, “So you were jealous?”


“That’s why you were acting weird. You were jealous?”

He scoffed. “Me? Jealous of the barista? Pft! No!”

“Well, I didn’t ask whether you were jealous of the barista or not. But I guess I know now that you actually were!” you smiled

“I wasn’t jealous!” he insisted

You squeezed his hand and kissed his cheek. “You’re really cute when you are jealous.” you giggled.

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It was a very early 7 am when your phone began ringing sporadically. You quickly opened the text messages to see what the commotion was about.

“Baby!” “Open” Your” Door” “Now” “Please” “Thanks” “I” “Love” “You” “<3″

You dragged yourself out of bed and tried to run to the door to see if your boyfriend was really there. “Baby?” you asked with a smile when you saw Jackson standing there completely awake with the biggest, cutest smile. “What are you doing here?”

“Guess who got the day off today!” he cheered as he skipped into your place. His energy levels were too much for you this early in the morning. You were still processing the fact that you were even awake.

“Wait… a day off?”

“Aww, baby how sleepy are you?” he laughed. “Yeah! A day off! They told me last week and I thought I would come over and spend the whole day with you.”

It was a cute gesture that he wanted to be with you this whole day. You couldn’t help but get that whole butterfly in the stomach feeling whenever he was being cute… but you also couldn’t help but decide to get a bit of revenge on him for waking you up so early. “So… Last week when I asked you when you were free to hangout and you said that you were busy aaaaaaaall week… You lied to me?” you asked dramatically.

That was when his smile toned down a bit “…Yeah, but like I said. I wanted to surprise you!” he said as he pulled you into a hug

“But you still lied. You lied to me”

“Yeah… but only so it was to be a surprise!”

You let out a gasp. “So you really did intentionally lie?!?”’ you tired your hardest not to smile since he seemed to think you were genuinely upset.

“It was just a tiny lie, baby” he said as he hugged you a bit tighter

“No stop hugging me.” you said despite the fact the you didn’t push him off you.

“I’m not gonna let you go until you forgive me”

“Well you lied to me and you know that I don”t like liars. so like let go of me so I can go about my day.” That was when you got yourself out of his his arms and went back to your room to go wash up.

Suddenly you felt him come up behind you and grab you into a back hug.

“I am gonna go wash up. Let go of me you liar.”

“Nope” you could practically hear his adorable squirtle grin.

He followed you into the bathroom and continued to hug you as you began brushing your teeth and washing you face.The entire time he was giving you stupid compliments like “Your bed head makes you look fabulous’ and you were trying your best not to break. In general it was hard just to go through your waking up process with him hugging you and all.

Next you decided to make breakfast so the two of you awkwardly shuffled to the kitchen. You grabbed some eggs and ham and cheese to make omelettes.

“What are you going to make us?” He asked as he rested his chin on your shoulder and watched you prepare everything. 

“I’m only making food for myself. You lied to me so you don’t get anything″

“But I’m soooooooooo hungry. AND IT WAS JUST A SMALL TINY LIE! I’m still here with you aren’t I?”

You just shrugged.

“I know how I can get you to forgive me.” he said ominously.

“And how do you think you can do-”

Suddenly he started tickling you from all over ”HAHAHA JACK- HAHAHA STOP!”

“Not until you forgive me!”


He did so. “Yay I’m forgiven.”

“So what do you want to do today?” you asked as you turned the stove on.

“Hmmm I don’t know” he said as he came back hugging you from behind again. “Just whatever you want to do.” he said kissing your cheek

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“I’m here!” you declared as you busted into his bedroom armed with medicine and food.

Youngjae looked up at you from his bed, snuggled by blankets almost wrapping himself up like a burrito.

“Jagi, what are you doing here?” he finished his question off with a labored cough.

“How dare I find out from Mark that you were sick!” you said as you made your way up to him. “I’m here to look after you silly.”

“No, you don’t have to. I don’t want you to get sick like that last time I made you take care of me.”

“Too bad, I’m going to be with you until you get better.” you said as you put your hand to his forehead to check for a fever. “What’s wrong exactly, how are you feeling right now?”

“Like I’m dying.” he frowned

“You hungry?”

“…That depends… What did you bring?” he asked looking over your shoulder to the container sitting on his bedside drawer.

“Your favorite soup obviously.”

“…Then yes i am hungry… Feed me?” 

“Why cuz you feel like you are too tired to move? is your body aching too much? Or do you feel if you eat too much you might throw up?” you were quick to interrogate, going into nurse mode to figure out exactly what was making him sick.

“No, I just don’t want to undo my blankets. I feel really cold right now.”

You did so, anything so that he could stay comfortable. After he was done you went back to seeing what else you could do for him. “Is there anything  else you need? I brought some medicine if you need anything.”

“No Jinyoung gave me some before they all left. Just lay down with me.” he said in his best attempt at his signature smile. He wiggled to one end of the bed to give you more space. When you came up next to him, he undid a small part of his blanket cocoon and stuck his hand out to hold yours. “Don’t worry I didn’t cough into this hand, not even once.” he reassured.

You put your hand in his “It’s ok, but are you sure you don’t need anything else?”

“Nope you are all I need.” despite being sick he was still able to throw a cheesy saying at you.

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You heard rustling in the other room and soon your boyfriend stepped into your bedroom.

“Finally you got here.” you said in a groan since you were so close to knocking out already.

“Hey” he said softly. He climbed into bed next you to you, placing his hands on your hips.

The room was dark so you couldn’t get a look at his face, but you knew something was off. HE didn’t greet you cheerfully, didn’t slide his hand up and down your body like he always does, that fact that all he said in the two minutes he was there was only “hey” was not a good sign.

“Baby, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” his voice was so soft, you barely heard him.

“You don’t seem okay. What’s wrong/” Now you were wide awake. “C’mon, just tell me.”

That’s when he moved away from you. “I’m gonna get ready for bed.” And just like that he walked away to the bathroom.

That ‘s when you pulled your phone out and gave Yugyeom a call. 

“Hey y/n! What’s up?” You could hear Yugyeom’s  voice sounding tired but still cheerful. 

“Hey, nothing much i was just curious about something.” you almost whispered. You didn’t want Bambam to hear you. “Did something happened today? Like I don’t know something upsetting you know… Bambam seems a bit off right now that he is over.”

“Yeah? Well i don’t know. He was a bit down today. I kept asking him why, but he never told me. I am thinking he is just tired we have been pretty busy the last few weeks.”

“Yeah? Well, yeah. That’s true you guys have… Well you get some sleep. Sorry for calling you so late.”

“No problem. Night!” he said before he hung up.

You waited patiently for your boyfriend to step out of the bathroom. Once he did, you could make out some small sniffling sounds coming from him as he walked over to you. he crawled into bed, coming back up to you, just holding you like he did before.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” you whispered.

He didn’t say anything. He dug his face between your neck and the pillow. For a second you were a bit annoyed that he refuse to say a word, but then suddenly you felt your shoulder getting wet and you realized he was crying. You knew better than to say anything more. You just held him tightly until he let it all out.

Eventually he was done and pulled away from you to get some air. You just lay back, still giving him a moment. “You feel any better?” you asked softly.

He nodded.

“So what was wrong?”

“…I feel homesick.” he whimpered. “…I got a missed call from my mom today. I - I tried to call her back, but when i did she didn’t pick up. she was probably busy. I know it’s nothing… but i don’t know. The last time we talked was a while ago and just- I just miss being home.” he pouted.

“I get it. It really has been a long time since you spoke to her.I would be just as upset if i went that long, baby.” you said as you ran your fingers through his hair to get the stray strands away from his damp eyes.You placed a kiss on his forehead.

“Can we just go to sleep now?” he mumbled, pulling you close again

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“I’ll make us ramen!” you said as you and our boyfriend returned to your apartment from your mini-vacation to the beach.

You turned on your lights to find your place completely spotless. “Wow! Those cleaning people you hired did such a good job!”

“Right, I told you they were good.” he said as he dragging the bag in from the hall, keeping it a point to hide his growing smile from you.

You made your way into the kitchen, opened the cabinet door, only to see that the top shelf was crammed with every thing, leaving the lower shelves (the only ones you can reach) empty… causing you to have a shit attack. “Yugyeom!” you shrieked. “Yugyeom, why is fucking everything crammed on the top shelf?!?”

All you heard in return was laughing coming from the living room.

With a rush of adrenaline you opened up every single drawer and cabinet. Every single little thing (except for the large pots and pans) was magically stuffed in the unreachable top shelves of your cabinets or your pantry. “UGH!”

“I told you i was going to get you back for ratting me out to Jinyoung about me ACCIDENTALLY  breaking his headphones.”

“Hey i was trying to protect myself, i wan’t gonna deal with that mess.” you said justifying yourself. “Be happy i at least told him you did it on accident. HE would have been alot more mad if he just found his headphones suddenly broke. I am so now i am so going to get you back for this!”

“I’d like to see you try!” he said as he stuck his tongue out at you.

“You wait and see.” you said ominously. “Until then you best start putting all my stuff from that top shelf back where it belongs.”


“Fine, I’ll do it myself!” you looked over to your table only to notice that your dining chairs were missing. “What the?”

“Oh yeah. I also paid them extra not only to move everything to the top shelf, but also to move your chairs to the basement.” he said with a smirk.

you glared at him as you went over to the counter, attempt to climb up  the bottom shelves to reach the top. That’s when Yugyeom came up behind you and pulled you off.

“Let me go!” you growled as you struggled to get out of  his hold.

“And risk you falling? No!” he said more seriously.

“Oh now you’re being an adult?”

“How about this…” he began as he placed you down on the ground, but still keeping his arms around you. “I’ll take all the stuff down… But i want a kiss for everything I put back.”

“Reward you for pranking me? Heck no!”

“Aww, don’t be like that baby. You couldn’t keep your lips off me while we were on the beach, what’s so different now?” 

You continued to glare at him, so many plans of revenge running through your head. “…Fine, but i want everything exactly where it was before.”

“Ok!” he smiled as he puckered his lips for a kiss.

You gave him a quick peck. “Now bring down the cereal.”

He did so, very easily lifting his arm and grabbing the box., placing it to its proper shelve in the pantry. Then he came back to you, puckering his lips for another kiss.

you gave him another one. “Gosh this is going to take forever.” you groaned.

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Again, I am so sorry this took me a long time to post. 


Let’s take a minute and talk about Mamoru’s car… 

Now, thankfully, some other poor soul has gone through the trouble of identifying what type of car Mamoru sexily drove around for four seasons, because Lord knows, I don’t have the patience for that kinda mess.

But anyway, it is believed that Mamoru drove an Alfa Romeo SZ. And while, to many of us, myself included, the only thing that means is he owned a shiny red car. BUT there’s some pretty interesting facts about this particular model.

These cars were manufactured in Italy in 1991, which explains Mamoru’s driving seat being on the right when they drive on the left in Japan. Still, not that interesting, right? Well, as it turns out, only 1,036 of these cars were ever made, and of that 1,036, of which 38 were for testing, only 100 of the Alfa Romeo SZ’s were ever imported to Japan. (None made it to the US, as they weren’t street legal) So, right away, we know that Mamoru owns a pretty rare car. You just didn’t see these things on the road. I hadn’t even heard of it until I had way too much free time to do this research! 

After some further digging, I found that the original price for the SZ to be about $35,000. Well, that’s not so bad, right? But we have to remember that that’s $35,000 in 1991. Adjust for inflation, and you come to about $65,000, today. And considering the SZ was an import, it’s probable that it cost MUCH more.

So, what does this all mean? Well, only one thing, really. BOYFRIEND WAS LOADED. Orphaned, college student, dater of middle schoolers Mamoru was FLUSH WITH CASH. Like he could make it rain. 

And Usagi? I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger, but… :D

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[Miraculous Ladybug]: Just Asking For Some Privacy

finally get to reveal my fic from the ML Ultimate Guess Who Game that @mlficwritersanon​ organized!! also, it’s in the top 10 of fics with most kudos which, wow, holy shit, thank you so much :)

i don’t write gen fics often so it was really heartwarming to see one get this much attention, so thank you all so much for those of you left kudos and comments (even though you didn’t know it was me :P) 

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: Just Asking For Some Privacy 
Pairings: Gen Fic: Marinette/Ladybug, Adrien/Chat Noir, Chloe/Queen Bee, Alya/Volpina
Summary: “No but she’s right. What the heck could the four of us possibly have to do that’s apparently so important that it needs to be done in private, in an abandoned locker room, and in the middle of an akuma attack?”

The latter half of Adrien’s sentence hung in between the four of them while they all stood in silence and narrowed their eyes at each other.

Now that Adrien mentioned it…that was a little weird.

Just Asking For Some Privacy

So here’s the thing.

Finding the perfect hiding spots for transforming and detransforming was easily the most difficult part about being a superhero. Hands down.

One minute you’re running into the girl’s bathroom on the fourth floor about to jump out the window and save the city, the next you’re hiding in the bathroom stall from a mob of older lycée girls touching up their makeup before their first period class, balancing precariously on a toilet, and getting frantic calls from your teammates about why you’re not there to help fight an akuma the literal size of the Eiffel Tower.

Then you have to show up to a fight and explain why your foot is drenched in toilet water all while maintaining the grace and dignity of Ladybug, a.k.a Team Leader, a.k.a. Should Probably Have Her Crap Together Better Than This. You’d think that after a year of being Ladybug this part of the job description would get easier, but apparently that’s just too much to ask for .

“You know it’s not as bad as you think,” Tikki whispered to Marinette as she walked to her next class. “At least you have a lot of free time in between classes and after school to get some privacy. Some Ladybug’s didn’t even have that.”

Marinette pouted. “I know you’re just trying to put things in perspective, but it’s still annoying. I had to transform underneath the reference desk in the library today. I cannot emphasize how impossible that felt in the moment.”

Tikki shrugged and dipped back into Marinette’s bag when she spotted students passing them in the halls. “Might be worth trying to find a new official transformation spot now that you’re in a new school for lycée.”

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Seth x imprint!reader

Request: “i just discovered your blog and wooow, you’re v good!! can i make a request? Where imprint!reader moves from spain to la push because she loves nature and the views (she wants to be a photographer, too) and one day the pack and her meet because (+) they catch her making photos of them with her bigass camera (lol this is me) because she finds them so pretty and they match so well w/ nature as a background? (Sorry if its too much detail omg) (+)also reader can be seth’s imprint if it isn’t too much! sorry if i seem like a freak lol i just love photography and the nature of la push!! tysm i luv you a lot have a nice day! take care and good luck on school !!”

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My Body, My Rules {SimonxReaderxNegan}

Word Count: 3.5k ( I enjoyed myself too much XD)
**Rated MA for mature audiences only!**
Notes: This is for a request by a Nonnie~ Anonymous said: Possessive sexy Negan please!!! Thank you ❤️❤️❤️
Summary: Negan gets jealous over the woman who has taken an interest for Simon and not him. He’s used to getting what he wants, are his charms failing him?

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Bittersweet! Hwang Minhyun

Part 1// Part 2

Prologue: You get a wedding invitation. ♡ Angst?

It was a normal morning when you went down to the lobby of your apartment. You walked to the mail room and opened your room number to see a lacy pale white card with a tiny myrtle, the flower of marriage and love.

‘Ahh, so the time has come.’

You were 7 when you met him. Your parents told you to get ready for a fancy restaurant because they were going to meet their friends who went overseas for a couple of years.
“y/n, this is Mr. and Mrs. Hwang.” Your mother smiled and motioned you to go say hi. You did your greetings and glanced at the boy who was staring at you. You smiled at him before going to your seat. You didn’t notice the pinks in his cheeks throughout the whole night, and the dinner ended with you two only knowing each other’s names.

At the age of 10, you and Minhyun were at the park.
“Here y/n!” He handed you thornless rose.
“Oh, thank you!” You smiled as you observed the beautiful flower.
“You’re welcome! Do you know the meaning of this flower?” He asked, eyes twinkling with a huge smile.
You shook your head.
“It means love at first sight!” He laughed as he ran towards the swings. Oh, my lord, you should have had a mirror with you to see how red you got, like ‘y/n, did you get sunburn on your face??’ resulting to your dad going to the store to buy bulks of sunblock.

At 15, you joined the astronomy club with Minhyun and had countless stargazing nights.

“Hwang Minhyun! Come back over here!” You yelled as you ran towards the troublemaker. It was the last day of your high school, and the fact that Minhyun confessed to you on the chalkboard with huge letters didn’t help. Especially when he left red roses all over the classroom floor.
“Yah!” You were at least 10 ft away from him.
He laughed as he turned around, still running away but backward. Don’t do this at home kids. You blushed at the sudden eye contact.
“I love you y/n!” He uses his arms to make a heart before turning around and running faster away, still laughing.
“Idiot! At least come back and help me clean up!!”

One night, Minhyun took you out to the countryside to look at the stars. He took your hand and smiled at each constellation he got right. Making you giggle when he pouts at the ones he got wrong.
“y/n, let’s get married under the stars.”
Your eyes widen and your cheeks flushed red as you sat up and looked at him. He was red too as he looked back at you.
“Really?” He nodded.
You head up your pinky finger, “Okay, promise me in front of the moon!” You flashed him a smile.
He laughed before connecting his pinky with yours. “Promise.” He kissed you.

Luckily, you guys were able to go to the same college and your relationship just continued to blossom. Looking back, you guys always happy and enjoyed each other’s presence. There was never a dull moment, and he was always there for you when you were down and vice versa. You guys took care of each other. Both of you guys made it through college, despite the harsh courses and the messed up sleeping/eating schedules.

Perhaps… it was when one of your friends had a wedding. You and Minhyun were, of course, invited. It was a beautiful ceremony with one of your best friends being the maid of honor. She looked beautiful, almost distracting everyone from the original bride. Minhyun wasn’t an exception. If you just kept your eyes on the bride and groom, maybe you wouldn’t have noticed how Minhyun just continued to look at your best friend, Seomin. However, you did notice and entangled your hand with his, squeezing it a little while giving him a small smile. He returned your smile before continuing to glance.

Or maybe it was that time in college when your group of friends decided to have a karaoke party. You excused yourself to the restroom and came back to see Minhyun, not in his original seat. He was sitting next to your best friend. You brushed it off and thought it was a normal conversation and went to sit next to Jaehwan as he looked at the songbook.
“Which song are you deciding on Jaehwan?”
“Oh! Hey, y/n! Where’s Minhyun?”
“He’s talking to Seomin right now.”
“Oh- well let’s sing this song together!!”
He grabbed the mic from Seongwoo and took your hand.

Ps. Seongwoo was shook, but recovered and sang the song with you and Jaehwan.

It can even be the time when it was almost Jisung’s birthday and Sungwoon was planning a surprise party, so he invited the whole friend group to a family restaurant. You didn’t even pay attention to the sitting positions, but you couldn’t help but notice Minhyun wasn’t by your side- rather he was across from you and Seomin was on his right.
‘They must be talking about their class again.’

About a year after college, Minhyun and you haven’t been meeting up as often. When you had free time, he just seemed to be busy. When he had free time, you agree to meet up despite being tired. As the months passed, you guys grew more distant.

You still talk Seomin, since you guys were best friends.
“Hey! Do you want to hang out today? Minhyun canceled, and I have a reservation at a pretty cafe.”
“Sure! Can we meet up in an hour-”
“Babe, do you want to get something to eat?” You must be hearing things.
“…was that Minhyun? Sorry, I must be missing him too much to the point where I’m hearing his voice.”


The silence answered everything.

“Goodbye Minhyun.”

Ever since that day, you always had purple hyacinth delivered to your door every Friday. You ignored them for 2 weeks, before realizing flowers deserve better treatment than your hate for him. Thus they are potted in your balcony.

Back to the present, you grabbed the lacy invitation and walked back to the elevator.
‘The boys are coming later, I better have food ready.’

“Woah y/n! This is really good pasta!” Sungwoon said as he continued to chomp down the dish. The others nodding in agreement.
You laughed, “Thank you.”
So… are you planning to go to the wedding? Ow- what the heck Jisung.” He grabbed his shin.
“Shut up Jaehwan,” Jisung muttered.
“Haha, no it’s fine guys. I’m okay!” You smiled and glanced at the purple flowers. “It’s been years.”

The 5 boys follow your gaze and sighed one by one as they saw the flowers.
“You still get flowers?” Daniel asked, still looking at the garden of purple.
Seongwoo sighed, “You know the meaning of the flowers?”
“Mhmm… ‘I am sorry, Please forgive me…’”


“…Ah… he’s even able to make my taste sour.” Jaehwan frowned.
Everyone burst out laughing.
“You know, you can go with me to the wedding y/n.” Seongwoo offered as he winked at you.
You raised your eyebrow. “Oh?”
“No way. If she’s going with anyone, it’ll be me.” Jisung stood up and posed.
Sungwoon pushed Jisung aside, making him lose his balance. “Why you? I think I’ll be a better choice.” Sungwoon strikes another pose.
“Please guys, let’s be real. She should go with the best visuals in this room, me. Kim Jaehwan.”
You burst out laughing with Daniel before he grabs your hand “Your pick should be Nayana.”
It was a fun afternoon filled with food and laughter.

The place of the wedding was beautiful. It was in the countryside, with the moon and stars shining above.
‘So he’s still in love with the night sky.’ You chuckled quietly before parking your car.
There he was, at the entrance, looking ethereal as always. You waited for a huge group to blend in with in order to go past him. But he noticed.
“y/n.” He grabbed your wrist.
You gave him a smile, before signaling him to let go of your wrist.
“Hello Minhyun, I like your choice of the wedding’s place.”
“Look y/n-”
“It sure is beautiful here, reminds me of the past.”

He grew silent. 
You continued, looking up at the moon, “You remember the promise?”
Tears were gathering in your eyes. “Just promise me that you’ll be happy now.”

Your vision blurred as the tears fell.

“Thank you for everything Minhyun.”

You smiled once more before walking away.
The others were waiting for you at the assigned table. As soon as they saw you, they offered open arms and smiles.

‘Ahh, how bittersweet.’

Unedited. 1458 words. A bit angst…?
Thank you for reading!  

Our Secret - Kol Mikaelson Oneshot

Word Count - 597

Requested by - Anon

‘We have to stop sneaking around like this one day you know’ You spoke softly to your boyfriend, Kol Mikaelson, who as always came out from the shadows as soon as the two of you knew your siblings, the Salvatores. 

'Well, my darling, Y/N, we would not have to skulk around the town like a couple of delinquent teenagers if it werent for you now would we?’ Kol snapped back at you, the smallest traces of resentment in his tone as he pulled you closer to him, holding you at the waist and kissing your nose as an apology for his words.
'You know I’d love to go out with you… be seen with you but we both know damn well that my brothers would kill you if they even caught wind that-’
'Actually, love I think I’d have killed the two of them before they’d even thought about hurting me, or you for that matter.’ Kol interrupted, you knew he was right. There was no real danger for Kol, however that did not make things easier for the two of you to open up about your relationship with the Mikaelson. There had been too much drama and conflict between their family and yours, and while Kol had often been blameless, he was far from innocent.
'Whatever’ You spoke bluntly as you broke free of Kol’s grasp. 'I will tell them, I just need to find the right time, and I’m not spoiling our day together worrying about all the complications that come along with, well, you.’ You spoke honestly, yet hesitantly. You hated lying to your brothers, but you hated fighting with them more still, and as of now lying was the simpler option.
'So where are you whisking me off too today then sir.’ You called over to your boyfriend as you collected your things, in an attempt to change the subject
'You’ll have to wait and see, Y/N.’ Kol smirked as he moved his hand to the small of your back, leading you out of your room, and the Salvatore boarding house.

Kol had taken you to the edge of Mystica Falls, overlooking the lake with the Wickery Bridge standing far into the distance, the two of you had spent the day alone, watching the day pass you by, venturing towards the tops of the hills over the Mystic Falls border before sitting down for a perfectly prepared picnic complete with fresh fruit, home-made cakes and pastries and champagne Kol claimed to be stolen from some European princess you had never heard of. As the two of you sat together, looking out into the lake, towards the Wickery Bridge, your legs outstretched and crossed, your head resting in the crook of Kol’s neck and his arms firmly around your waist, the two of you watched as the sun set. Colours shifting slowly from blue to yellow and orange, to purple before the sun had almost completely disappeared and stars could be seen in the horizon. After a long period of silence you finally spoke .
'I’ll tell them.’ You words quiet and understated.
'What are you talking about, Y/N?’ Kol enquired as he lifter his head from yours and turned to look at you, confusion in his eyes.
'Lets tell them, together, my brothers they deserve to know, and as perfect as today has been. I don’t want to lose you because I’m afraid of my brothers. So lets tell them.’
'I’ve never been happier to see your brothers’ Kol answered, jovially as he moved in to kiss you, slowly and lovingly.

Accidents Will Happen (Part 4-Final) (Avengers x reader)

Part 3

After the day that saw the team shrouded in black and distraught into silence, the return to the compound felt empty, as did the days following one after another as if they were caught in an endless loop that none of you could break free of.  Everything was gray and cold and pointless; you had no desire to return to work, or to talk to anyone, or even just to get out of the bed that you had shared when your body demanded that you eat or something as necessary as using the bathroom.  Your whole body ached and your mind was numb.

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Harry Styles Imagine

Imagine you are a songwriter and are good friends with Harry and he invites you to write with him.

You flick through all the channels on your TV for what seems like the longest time. You sigh, nothing catching your interest. On your days off your forced yourself to relax as they happened rarely but you were absolutely bored out of your mind. “I love my work way too much” you whisper to yourself, finally settling on the cooking channel. A few minutes later you felt your phone buzz beside you, you pick it up and check it to find one of your good friends Harry text you.

Hey love, just wondering if you’re free at all today? x

Reading the text he sent you, you smiled. He had picked the best day to ask you. You text back quickly.

Yeah I am, why what’s up?

I booked out a studio for 4 hours to do some writing and was wondering if you’d like to join? x

I would love to Haz! What time do you want me to be there?

Great! In about an hour? x

See you then :)

See you soon love. x

You got up from the couch and switched off the TV and happily skipped to your room. What Harry didn’t know is that for a little while now, your feelings for Harry had grown. You weren’t quite sure what these feelings were at the start, but once you knew what they were, they were hard to ignore. But nevertheless, you still pushed them to the side. You would never tell him. What if he didn’t feel the same way and it jeopardised your friendship? Another thought was that if you guys did get together but then broke up, things would never be able to go back to the way they used to be. These sad thoughts and worries were enough to scare you from telling Harry the truth. Losing Harry is a thought you could not bear, you wanted him in your life, even if it meant just as friends.

After what seemed like forever you picked a plain white t-shirt, black jeans, black jacket and your favourite black pair of boots Harry bought for you at Christmas last year. You went back into the living room and grabbed your phone and then your car/house keys off the kitchen bench. After making sure the house was locked you got into your Black Mercedes C-Class Sedan and headed off to the studio. The half an hour car ride seemed to drag on and on, but your mind constantly kept going back to Harry. “I need to stop this madness. I can’t pursue this, I just can’t. God why are you such an idiot Y/N, falling for someone you can’t have” you angrily said to yourself.

When you reached the studio gate you rolled your window down once you were beside a man in a black suit. “Hey Tom.” You smiled at him. “Oh hey Y/N, go on in.” He smiled back at you and then talked into his microphone letting them know to open the gate. Once the gate was open you gave him a small wave which he returned and you drove on in. Whilst looking for a park, your heartbeat picked up as you saw Harry’s car. “I know he’s here, what are you doing Y/N” you scolded yourself. You parked your car right next to his and turned off the ignition. You closed your eyes, took a deep breath and then got out, locking your car behind you before making your way inside. Sienna, the receptionist looked up at you as you walked in and gave you a small smile. “They’re on the second floor, studio 2B.” You gave her a nod, thanking her and made your way into the elevator and up unto the second floor. 2B was to your right, pretty much as soon you walked out the elevator. You grabbed the doorknob and opened the door to be greeted by Jeffrey Azoff, Jeff Bhasker, Mitch and of course Harry. You closed the door behind and then greeted everyone individually. You make your way to the black leather couch and sat yourself on Harry’s left as Mitch was on his right and you guys got to work.

—- About 27 minutes later —-

“Harry mate, what’s up? You seem kind of down all of a sudden.” You hear Jeffrey say and you look up from your phone to Harry. His eyes, slightly sad as he was looking up at Jeffrey. “Yeah I’m, uh fine. I just need a breather if that’s okay.” Jeffrey nodded and Harry got up leaving his notebook behind. But about 15 minutes had passed and Harry still hadn’t returned. You were getting a little worried about him, so you put your phone in your pocket and stood up, “I’m going to go check on him, be back soon.” you said to everyone and everyone either gave you a nod or hummed in response. You knew exactly where he’d be as that’s where you always go if you need a minute to yourself also. You went down the elevator to the first floor and made your way out the back door. The cold air hit you first, making you shiver slightly as you walked out. The sky was overcast today, nothing new for London, because it pretty much was everyday. You looked to your right to see Harry sitting on a park bench with his head down in his hands and his elbows resting on his thighs. You walk over to him and sit down next to him, sitting slightly sideways to look at him. He didn’t budge at all. He stayed in the same exact position. “Penny for your thoughts?” you said after 30 seconds of silence. He sighed and got up from his position and looked at you and then in front of him. Although he looked at you ever so briefly, it was enough to catch a glimpse of those emerald eyes which were slightly glossy.

“I’ve just been feeling a bit down recently so I thought coming to the studio and writing would be therapeutic but I was mistaken. I came out here to gather my thoughts and they’ve become a bit…overwhelming I guess. ” he said, still staring ahead. “What’s got you down in the dumps?” You asked. “Just a lot of things, been thinking about about Robin and how much I miss him. I’ve also been thinking about my future and who I want to spend it with.” your heart fluttered slightly at that. “I feel like I’m getting towards the age where I wanna start thinking about marriage and about having kids but…” he shrugged. “Well is there anyone you fancy?” You asked him. “There is this one girl. She is sweet, funny and caring. She always puts her needs before others because that’s how compassionate she is. She always knows how to cheer you up when you’re down because she hates it when others are sad. I find myself falling for her more and more every single day. Even if I don’t see her, if I get one text from her or see an instagram post of hers, a tweet, anything. Even just thinking about her, you know. I-I find myself so consumed in my own thoughts of her and I find it so heavenly. But what if she doesn’t feel the same, I don’t want to lose our friendship.” He sighs sadly.

You smile sadly. That’s exactly how you feel about him. “You should really tell her how you feel. She sounds like such a lucky girl. I’d give anything to have someone think about me like that…I’ll tell you what, how about you organise to meet up with her the next time you both are free. That is definitely something that should be said in person.” Harry looked at you, smiling slightly and nodding. “You’re absolutely right, I’ll call her right now.” He stood up and took his phone out. “Well I’ll leave you to it. Come back in when you’re done.” You got up and walked back inside.

You felt your phone vibrating in your pocket as soon as got inside. You fetched it out of your pocket to see the name “Hazza” appear on your phone screen. You laughed and decided to walk back out to him. He’d obviously heard your footsteps and turned around grinning at you. Harry hung up the phone and put it away. You continued to walk over to him, grinning at him also. “I feel the same way.” Was all you said before you felt him grab you gently and put his lips against yours. The kiss was passionate and lasted for a few seconds before he pulled away. He held you close against his chest for a minute, giving the both of time to recover from that kiss. You both then pulled away and looked at each other adoringly. “Are you free tomorrow at about 11:30?” You nodded, “I sure am.”

“Well we best be going back inside. We have just under 3 hours left in the studio. Come on.” He gestured towards the building. You followed him back inside and back into the studio you guys were in previously. You and Harry were grinning from ear to ear and giggling like little kids when you guys walked in. Jeffrey, Mitch and Jeff all looked at you guys and smirked, suspecting what had happened back outside. Both you and Harry blushed and sat back down on the couch. “I can’t believe that actually happened”, you thought and looked up at Harry. He met your gaze and then his hand reached out for the side of your face, then he proceeded to bring your head to his lips and kissed your forehead. And that was how it all started…

Arab slave trade (Zanzibar slave trade) and Congo-Arab war

[This post will be brief and written in a way that is accessible to all. Also, non-Congolese people keep your opinions to yourself, don’t make blank statements and dont no share your thoughts on this post, I don’t care for them. If you comment you will be blocked] This post will not go into too much detail, I won’t talk about specific ethnic groups or places in Eastern Congo (that will be done on separate posts)

The Arabs and Waswahili (Swahili people; who are also referred to as Baswahili in D.R. Congo today) of Zanzibar and other Swahili City States had been trading with states/kingdoms like the Luba kingdom of the Congo region  before the arrival of the Belgians. During the time of the Congo Free State, whilst the Belgians controlled most of the Congo the Arabs and Waswahili of Zanzibar had Eastern Congo. Tippu Tip whose real name was Hamed ben Mohammed al-Murjebi, was one of the most notorious, famous and powerful slavers in Eastern Congo. Reybrouck writes “At first he had acquired his luxury good, slaves and ivory in a friendly fashion. Yet, from 1870 on, all that changed. As more and more tons of ivory began flowing eastward, traders like Tippu Tip grew in power and wealth. In the final account, the sacking and pillaging of entire villages proved more cost effective than battering for a few tusks and adolescents. Why spend days chattering with local village chieftain, refusing lukewarm palm wine when your religion forbade you drinking anyway, when you could just as easily torch his village. The name Tippu Tip sent shivers down the spines of those inhabiting an area half the size of Europe.” And Zanzibari control of Eastern Congo continued until their relationship with the Belgians turned sour which then turned into a war (proxy war). 

[An account of the slave trade:

We pass a woman tied by the neck to a tree and dead, the people of the country explained that she has been unable to keep up with the other slaves in the gang, and her master had determined that she should not become the property of anyone else if she recovered after resting for a time. I may mention here that we saw others tied up in a similar manner, and one lying in the path shot or stabbed, she was in a pool of blood. The explanation we got invariably was that the Arab who owned these victims was enraged at losing his money by the slaves becoming unable to walk, and vented his anger by murdering them]

The outbreak of the war was blamed on the Arabs and Waswahili. The Zanzibaris had signed a treaty on February 1887 promising to end the slave trade in Eastern Congo but failed to do so, then the Belgians implemented plans to stop them. This was not done because they cared about the Congolese people, it was done because the slave trade and Zanzibar undermined the Belgians authority. It was the fight for economic and political power in the Congo which the Belgians presented as a Christian anti-slavery crusade. The war broke out it 1892 and ended in 1894 and tens of thousands people died. It was a proxy war because most of the fighting was  done by Congolese people, who aligned themselves with either side.

Baswahili/Swahili identity in D.R. Congo 

After the war had ended, the majority of the Arabs and Waswahili returned back to Zanzibar a lot of them remained and lived in in Eastern Congo. Swahili-Arab culture has had major cultural influences on Eastern Congo, along with the Waswahili descendants of the Free State living in Congo, mainly Congolese people in Eastern/Central Congo identify as Swahili/Baswahili and they are different from ethnic Swahili people living in the country. Ethnic groups such as Lega, Lokele, Baluba (mostly of Katanga but also some from Kasai), Bembe, Kusu etc etc have all been influenced by Arab-Swahili culture. Especially ethnic groups from the Maniema province and other Arabised areas. 

It should also be noted that the majority of the enslaved Eastern Congolese who were sold at the Zanzibar slave markets were taken to Egypt, Persia, India, Pakistan and Arab nations

  • D.R. Congo: The Darkness of the Heart: How the Congolese Have Survived 500 of history  by Loso Kiteti Boya
  • Congo: The Epic History of a People by David Van Reybrouck
Wanna One reaction to their girlfriend being friends with the other members girlfriends


In all honesty he’d probably be a little bit jealous of how much more time you spend with the other boys’ girlfriends when all of them are hanging out together than with him. He’ll probably be a bit straightforward about it in order to *steal* you back.

“I know the other girls are fun to talk to and hang out with, but I want some attention too. Don’t just ignore me for the others.” 

Originally posted by daewi


Sungwoon would be happy that you get along with the others and would just hang out with everyone together.

“Hey, should we all go to karaoke tonight? We have some free time after our schedule is done.”

Originally posted by wannawone


Like Sungwoon, he would also be happy about you being friends with the others. In a way, it would help everyone keep track of one another and he wouldn’t have to worry too much about you getting lonely when he and the other boys are fairly busy.

“What did you guys do today? Shopping? Sounds like you had fun.”

Originally posted by nu-blessed


I feel like Seongwoo would end up being pretty jealous as well. Unlike Jisung who would say something, he would just hang out with Daniel even more. Sometimes even third wheeling on some dates.

Daniel “Hey come take your boyfriend back.”

Seongwoo “Why are you trying to get rid of me? I thought we were a team? What’s gonna happen to Ongniel!?”

Originally posted by sungwoona


Jaehwan would probably try get her attention in as many ways as possible. It may even become a little obnoxious. This includes hugging her randomly at times.

“Hey we should go on a date. Just the two of us. No one else.”

Originally posted by dearestguanlin


This fluff would just be happy that everyone gets along. If she didn’t get along with the other girls then he probably would have been a bit sad, but would try to find ways for everyone to bond. He gets worried about her since he isn’t always around and sometimes his cats just aren’t enough to keep her company.

“Hey, we’re running a bit behind right now. You and the other girls can head out first. We’ll meet you there.”

Originally posted by ji-hooon


He might become a bit more clingy towards her considering she’d probably be spending most of her time the other girls. He’d be holding her hand or cuddling her as much as possible.

“She’s mine. She’s gonna spend the day with me today and none of you are allowed to interrupt.”


Woojin seems like would be the type to always be worried about his girlfriend. He would be so relieved to know that she got along with the rest of the girls.

“So how’s Sungwoon’s girlfriend? You guys hung out recently right?”

Originally posted by woojinnies


Since she was friends with the other girls, he didn’t have to worry about you. This poor baby would probably be a little less shy with pda since he knew that all the other guys and their girlfriends.

“Would you mind if I held your hand?”

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Since she was friends with the others, he’d probably plan double and maybe triple dates with the others, especially Jinyoung.

“Jagi, do you wanna go on a date to the mall with Jinyoung and his girlfriend? We could probably find some cute couple clothes.”

Originally posted by dearlydaehwi


I feel like Guanlin would’t mind if she was friends with the others or not. He would just tell them to deal with it if they didn’t like it. That’s his girlfriend and he wasn’t breaking up with her any time soon. 

“I’m a bit glad you guys get along. Means that I can have you around more often.”

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Good morning 💗 I woke up at 7 today on purpose. 😬 This week I’m determined to get back on track with my morning routine. Kuba wakes up early every morning and goes to the beach to work out but I like lying in bed too much. 😅 Waking up early does make me more productive during the day so that’s my goal! I like waking up early because then I have more time to work on things. 🙂 Oatmeal motivated me to get out of bed this morning because I was hungry. I had cinnamon oatmeal cooked with sugar-free soya milk and water, topped with grapes, frozen raspberries, banana, coconut and chia seeds. What’s your morning routine? Do you like waking up early? 🌅

request from the drabble list. (you can request here)

a/n: no editing we die like men

#4: stop eating and look at me 

After shooting for 5 months on the other side of the world Sebastian finally came back. It was his second day home and all he wanted was just to stay in with you, watch movies, cuddle and order some food. For 5 months he could only dream of a day like that and now he just couldn’t be happier. The day before you two were busy unpacking his stuff and since Sebastian arrived in the very late evening, you immediately fell asleep after the work was done.

You were now sitting in front of your boyfriend finishing your breakfast, while he was telling you all the crazy stories from the set. His bright eyes were sparkling and you could only think of how much you missed them.

After laughing at another hilarious story, you smiled softly and said: “God, I missed you so much”.

Sebastian let out a small “Aww” and took your hand slightly caressing your skin and then added: “I missed you, too. Well, we now have a lot of time to just do nothing..together”.

You nodded and then looked away.

“I actually called Don and said you’re free today”.

“What? Why?” Sebastian looked a little confused as for why you decided it was a good idea, because you haven’t had that much time together after being apart for so long.

“I thought it would be nice if you could just go and have fun with your friends”, and despite Sebastian thinking something was wrong, you really meant it.

“Thank you, but no, I wanna stay with you”. His brows were frowned as he looked at his plate still filled with food because of all the storytelling he did.

“Sebastian”, you said while watching him taking a huge bite of a waffle and then adding: “stop eating and look at me”.

Sebastian looked up trying to keep his mouth closed as he was chewing.

“Go hang out with the boys and then, when you come back, I’ll be here waiting”, you sighed slightly “can’t wait to show you the new lingerie”.

Sebastian mumbled something and cocked his eyebrow smiling at you.

It’s going to be a fun night.

Chapter 18 - Rhythm

Chapter One & Two  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9  Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21

If you were honest with yourself you’d spent the whole week after giving Chanyeol his reward waiting to see if he’d be able to keep it a secret. So far, it seemed that he hadn’t blabbed, not even to Baekhyun.  Sure, Baekhyun still suspected something but he didn’t seem to actually know what had happened.  The week following your visit to Chanyeol’s studio was rather uneventful. Actually it was almost boring. You went to the SM building every day and gave a lesson to either one or a few members during the day but so far no one had requested a lesson. Today for example you had actually gone shopping for a few hours because you knew the guys were off to photoshoots and interviews for the rest of the day.

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Unaccompanied Minor l Shawn Mendes Imagine

a/n: this turned out being a lot longer than expected, i’m sorry. but i really hope you enjoy it!!! <3 you can find part two here

Originally posted by flyingiseverything

Flying was one of the most fun things in the world. Well, at least that’s what you thought when you decided to become a flight attendant. You were a people person, and the fact of getting to know places, even if it was for a very short period of time made you fall in love with your, now, job. Plus, you were single, and didn’t have children, so every time one of your colleagues had trouble with their schedules, you were the first one to offer to cover for them, not being able to have enough of the feeling of interacting with people and flying. Sure, there were costumers who were just rude, and guys who enjoyed free drinks way too much, but you still loved it. You had just completed your first year working for Air Canada and you were looking forward for many more.

Most people didn’t know, but flight attendants are up way long before boarding begins. Today, for instance, your day had started at 4 AM, at the base of the airline to discuss the flight details, then you were driven to the airport with the rest of the crew, you passed security and then you finally were directed to the plane one hour before boarding started, which meant almost two hours before the flight. You were finishing the security check when the flight purser approached you and asked for a word. Unconsciously, you smothered your uniform before giving her your best smile. 

 “(Y/N), we are having an unaccompanied minor on today’s flight, and she’ll be flying on Premium Economy, which is your section for today” she said and you knew what that meant; you had to chaperone the unaccompanied minor. “Her seat is 12E, she’s only 6 years old.” your superior told you and you nodded.

 "Don’t worry, I’ll take care of her” You assured and she smiled before leaving.

 It wasn’t the first time you had an unaccompanied minor on your watch, but you had never had a girl so young, but you couldn’t really complain, since having her on your watch meant you got to seat beside her during take-off, landing, and even in the event of unexpected turbulences, instead of your assigned jumpseat, and that was very nice considering the flight from Toronto to London was kind of long. You didn’t notice when your superior approached you again to tell you it was almost time to start boarding, which meant you had to leave the aircraft and go looking for the little girl who was on the first boarding group. You fixed your skirt and blue scarf before walking to the gate. Some people stared at you in confusion, not really understanding why a flight attendant was outside the plane they were about to board, but it became clear when they saw you kneel in front of the little girl who was first in line. A tall, handsome boy had been silently keeping an eye on her until you arrived. You helped her show her passport and boarding pass to the crew before taking her hand and guiding her towards the plane. You learned her name was Olivia, and she looked anxious about flying, but you tried to keep her head out of it. You quickly found her seat, and as she talked about her dog named Kristoff, you buckled her up and left her ready for take-off. The tall boy you had seen before had his seat right next to Olivia, he gave her a nice smile before stowing his belongings.

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Harry's attraction to Ginny in the early part of HBP

A complaint I used to see a lot about Harry x Ginny was that his “sudden” attraction to her, when he saw her kissing Dean, came out of the blue and that there were no hints for it prior to that, so I put together a list of all the times in HBP, before the awakening of his infamous chest monster, when Harry is clearly crushing on her. (all page numbers are from the Scholastic edition)

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