had to you know

So if we aren’t gonna get the acoustic AYHTDWS performance at the Grammy Museum are we at least gonna get AYHTDWS acoustic on the b-stage at the Reputation Tour

in other, more positive news - i wrote 6k words tonight on my novel and it’s uuuurggggh c o m i n g t o g e t h e r at last…. very slowly but it IS and i’m actually kind of proud of myself which! I haven’t felt in a long time

“Is there a reason,” Charlie says slowly, “that there are tanks down the street?”



“There’s lot of reasons, like that a Jay had an adventure and maybe made friends with a very sad monster and it wanted a friend so I totally turned into a friend and maybe people got scared and did you know that giant monsters don’t actually want to destroy cities?!” 

Charlie stares at me. “Those lots of reasons seem to all be ‘Jay’.”

“I bet there’s other ones too cuz that’s a lot of tanks and there were airplanes with missiles too!”

“… do I want to know what happened to those?”

“I maybe moved them so they don’t hurt anyone right now but I bet I can find them again,” I explainify.

“Right. Get Honcho. We’re leaving.”

“With my new friend, right?!”

“It might be safest, yes.”

For @kari-izumi Atem is in love with the cat his boyfriend Kaiba brought home for him. He named him Timaeus.


V is for voltron!!!!

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