had to wish him a happy birthday

This is my very good friend, Tyree Green. I met him when I was 14 years old. He was active duty in the military and lost his life today. I am completely beyond devastated. He was the kind of person that despite where life took him, he never forgot the people he met along the way. So even ten years later in our mid-twenties, living two different lives, he always made it a priority to check on me and wish me a happy birthday every year. I had no idea I had an angel in my life until you left me. Tomorrow is never promised, hold the people you love closer. People like Tyree don’t deserve to fade away. He deserves to be remembered, celebrated, and respected. 


That’s a lot of good press for a traitor.

Hey! Don’t blame Blue. He’s as much of a captive of the Reach as we were. We have to set him free.

Happy birthday, @bun-bun-bum!

I hope all of your wishes become true! You’re an amazing artist and a super nice person, with all the love of my heart, happy birthday!!

I know it’s a late, in my country it’s already 21st, but it’s the effort what counts. I had more trouble with my internet than what i thought i’d have :c

Sherlock enters the patisserie early in the morning. The place is very popular, so he knows they’re bound to run out of all of his favourites quite quickly. He takes a seat in the corner, inconspicuous and private, the way he likes it, and places his order: one slice of salted caramel chocolate cheesecake and an espresso. 

The cake finally comes and a feint smile ghosts his lips. He has fond memories of cake, after all. Always a celebration with other people. Like last year, with John, Mary, Mrs Hudson and Molly. Mycroft even popped in for a minute to wish him and stuff his face full of cake - the same one he’s eating now, which John had pre-ordered and brought over to Baker Street because he knew it was Sherlock’s favourite. John… who still won’t return his calls… whose letter said to leave him alone if he cared about him at all. Which he does.

He slices a little piece with his fork and murmurs, “Happy birthday to me.”

Happy Birthday to Qian Kun!

To Qian Kun~ I hope your day today is as beautiful as your souls is. The most selfless person, I hope all your wishes come through and everything falls into place for you. Kun, the one who is always by Dong Sicheng’s side in NCT Life because Sicheng was the shy child who was most familiar with Kun so he stuck by him all the time so that he doesn’t feel left out. Kun, the one who was not fluent in Korean and had a very hard time understanding the Korean members but still laughed along whenever a joke was made. Kun, the one who was always smiling his beautiful smile on NCT Life no matter what. Kun, the one who is constantly spotted with younger trainees and taking care of them and showing them around. Kun, the one who has his wallpaper as NCT because even though he has not debuted as yet, he loves NCT with all his heart to the moon and back. Kun, the one who travelled to an unfamiliar country in hopes of fulfilling his dreams. Kun, the one who silently supports the members by liking posts about them on weibo. Kun, the one who left his family in Fujian and found a new family in the NCT members. Kun, the one who wrote endless songs during his teenage years until now, and has never given up on his dreams. Kun, the one who selflessly volunteered at an elderly home to help those who needed it. To Qian Kun, a humble hearted person with the world of love to give those around him- happy birthday and happy new year. I hope wherever you are, you are happy and smiling that warm smile of yours and feel the love of those around you.

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Birthday Wishes » Jack Maynard

99 for Jack please? Xx

“Happy birthday!” You cheered when your now four-year-old son Elliot emerged from his room of the apartment you both shared. You had split up with his dad, Jack when he was two, but he did put all his love into the boy and spoiled him rotten. 

“Thank you mummy!” He beamed hugging you. You pulled him into your arms and cuddled him into your chest while placing a kiss on his head. “Is daddy coming over today?”

“I’ll ask him whilst you open all your presents.” You grinned tickling him.

“Ahh!” He giggled. You carried him to the living room where a stack of presents and cards laid neatly on the sofa. You watched him open them from the corner of your eye as you sent a text to Jack.

‘Are you coming over today?’

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Make A Wish // Jungkook

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut

Summary//Request: Anonymous said: Can I request some Jungkook smut for my virgin being? He’s oficially an adult now so he and his gf celebrate that.

“Happy Birthday Jungkook!” the entire room exploded in excitement as Jungkook entered through the hotel function room doors with you. He had absolutely no idea that you, his family and the other members of BTS had been planning his surprise 18th birthday party for the past 2 months.  Trying to keep it a secret from him proved to be somewhat difficult with his constant pestering and questioning of what you were all planning to do for him, also trying to make sure that one of the boys didn’t let it slip by accident turned out to be a nightmare and a half, but they managed to keep everything under wraps – just.

You had told him that you were taking him to a fancy hotel, just you and him for dinner on the night of his birthday. You were both dressed elegantly, Jungkook donning a classic black tuxedo, and you in your black, lace dress with a gorgeous pair of black heels which complimented your toned legs perfectly. He couldn’t keep his eyes off you as you both rode the short distance in the taxi to the hotel together, his eyes lingering on your dress and the way it hugged your curves in all the correct places. You and Jungkook were still virgins, never having gone further than just heavy petting and groping. You had long decided that as part of his birthday present, it would be you ready to give yourself to him. Jungkook had always wanted to take things to the next level; especially in the heat of the moment, but knew that you weren’t fully ready either, thus he respected your decision and always took care of himself when the need arose.

Jungkook almost jumped out of his skin at the sight of his family, friends and members screaming Happy Birthday to him, grabbing on to your arm in pure shock. You giggled at his reaction, before he looked at you with a knowing stare.

“You planned this all along…ahhh” he whined loudly into your face. You pulled him into your arms before telling him that everyone had known about it for months, not just you. To which he sighed “So you’ve been keeping secrets from me?” You have him a light, playful punch to the arm, before walking over, hand in hand to join the rest of the party in the middle of the room.

The night was filled with celebrations. Jungkook greeted each guest and thanked them for coming and making his party one to remember. You all danced, sang and finally when it was time for Jungkook to blow out his candles, Namjoon reminded him “Don’t forget to make a wish, Kookie!”

Jungkook looked to the ceiling while nibbling on his bottom lip before glancing over to you, smiling coyly. He winked, before blowing out all 18 candles in one go, resulting in the room erupting with cheers and singing.

“What did you wish for?” you asked sweetly, taking your place beside him as a slow, ballad like song began to play. Jungkook took your hand in his and led you to the middle of the dance floor, joining the rest of the couples who were beginning their romantic style dancing together. “If I tell you, it won’t come true. We’ll just have to wait and see” he gave you a cheeky grin as he pulled you firmly against him, his left hand resting on your waist while holding your right hand in the air with his as you lay your head on his shoulder and began dancing to the slow, meaningful music.

“Thank you for planning all of this, it must not have been easy to keep it all a secret.” He said while nodding over in the direction of the other boys who were pulling “lovey-dovey” gestures at you both dancing together. “They are a handful, but I love them like they were my brothers. They were so helpful with everything.” You cooed into his ear, making him smile even more. He thought about how lucky he was to have a girl who he loved with all his heart, a girl who his family adored, and a girl who got on so well with the other members of BTS who also loved you like family.

The party began to wrap up around 1am, Jungkook’s family saying their goodbyes along with the other members of BTS who were giving knowing winks to Jungkook as they knew you were both staying in the hotel together that night, their words and actions making both you and Jungkook’s cheeks burn with embarrassment. You hadn’t informed them of your plans with Jungkook tonight; obviously. But they boys weren’t idiots either.

“Enjoy the rest of your evening Jungkook. Remember; nice guys finish last!” Jimin called out, biting into a cherry as he walked out of the room, making Jungkook gulp nervously. You gave Jimin the evils as he winked at you, before joining the rest of BTS in the van and driving off in the direction of their dorm. You walked towards Jungkook, taking his hand in yours.

“Shall we go up to the room then?” you said nervously, to which Jungkook gave you a small smile and followed you like a lamb. As you stepped out of the elevator on the 11th floor, you both stayed silent while walking to your room, not really knowing what to say to each other.

Jungkook plopped down on the bed upon entering the room, untying his shoe laces and kicking the dress shoes to the side of the room before slumping back against the pillows. He sighed, thinking about how much fun he had spending time with everyone. You however, were in the bathroom slightly freaking out about how to bring up the topic of “I’m ready” to Jungkook. You slipped out of your dress and heels, leaving you only in your new black lingerie that you had bought especially for this evening. It was beautiful, trimmed with cute lace around the edges and small pink bow sat between the cups on your bra. You fiddled with it nervously, before putting on the white dressing robe as provided by the hotel. You took a deep breath, and decided that you would just wing it, that there was no point in thinking about it too much. You opened the door and walked back into the bedroom to find Jungkook laying back on the bed. His shirt was slightly unbuttoned, revealing his beautiful collarbones as he lazily flicked through the channels on the T.V. His eyes glanced over at you from the T.V, before realizing that you were in your dressing robe.

“Are you tired babe?” he asked.

You wandered over in front of the T.V before slowly switching it off. You looked back over at Jungkook. He licked his lips slowly, trying to read your expression.

“What is it?” he grinned nervously.

You held your breath, before slowly undoing the tie around your stomach, and letting the robe fall to the ground, leaving you in just your bra and panties. Jungkook’s face fell to the floor, as his eyes widened at the sight of you. He swallowed heavily as he felt his heart beat pound in his chest. You were nervous as hell, but you wanted him badly. You were more than ready to let him have you.

You climbed on to the bed, crawling into the space between his legs. Your face burned crimson as your body heat began to rise at the thought of Jungkook’s skin on yours. You crawled onto his lap, putting your arms around his neck.

“Happy Birthday Kookie~” you whispered into his ear, your breath tickling the sensitive skin of his neck as you did so. Jungkook’s hands primitively found themselves resting on your hips as he pulled you in closer to him, eliminating the space between you both. Your lips found his, giving him small, open mouthed kisses as he began to hungrily kiss you back, feeling a fire ignite with in him that burned with passion at the feeling of your clothed core just on top of his semi-hard member as he tried his best to control himself.

“Tell me what you wished for” you purred into his ear, feeling a little braver from his needy reactions. Jungkook bit his lip before rolling you on to your back and putting his weight on you, taking your breath right out of your lungs.

“This…” he said, looking into your eyes as he began gently kissing your neck, moving down your collarbones to your chest as he groped your breasts through your bra. You arched your back, letting him wriggle his hand around. He fumbled a little with the clasp, but to your surprise he eventually got it. “Anyone would think you’re a pro at this” you teased, making him smile his adorable bunny smile that you fell in love with the first day you ever met him.

“No (Y/N). You’re my first…that’s what you want, right?” he asked shyly.

“Yes Jungkook…I want to be your first. I want you to be mine too…” you felt hot as the words left your mouth. Jungkook’s face lit up at your confession, as he slipped the straps of your bra down your arms, before taking the bra completely off and revealing your soft bosom. His mouth went straight for your nipple, as he gently kneaded your other breast, switching every so often to even out the attention. You panted softly at his tongue flicking over your hardened buds as he looked up to your face to see it twisted in the most beautiful way ever, making him feel a little braver. His right hand began travelling down your body, lightly tracing its way before slipping underneath your panties and massaging your wet folds, making you hiss at the contact. You were already so wet for him. Even though Jungkook had never done this before, it felt natural; it felt right. It felt like he was always meant to do this with you and only you, as he took the initiative and inserted one long digit inside you, eliciting small mewls from you as he began to go at a faster pace, pumping in and out of you gently, sliding his fingers up your sex to meet your clit, lubricating it with your juices. He raised his head up and began kissing you again, this time his kisses being a little more rough and needy than before as you moaned into his mouth.

“It feels so good…” you panted, tensing your stomach up as he massaged your aching clit with his fingers. He stopped; much to your displeasure, to lean back and remove his shirt. You examined his beautiful physique, his impressive abs, making you hungrier for him as he undid his belt and pants before pushing them down his legs and throwing them somewhere on the floor. Your eyes fell to the obvious tent in his trousers. You widened your eyes, as Jungkook slowly pulled his boxers down and you took in his large length. He chuckled at your shocked and obviously scared reaction, feeding his ego by the second. You had an idea that he was well endowed, but you didn’t imagine it would be this big.

“I’ll be gentle…don’t worry.” He said softly, pulling you panties down to feast his eyes on your naked womanhood. Feeling embarrassed, you closed your legs and put your hands over your face. “Don’t hide from me…you’re so…beautiful” he said as he spread your legs again, before crawling in between them.

“Oh, wait” you said, making Jungkook jump back slightly, thinking that you had suddenly changed your mind. He watched you reach down the side of the bed, before pulling out the foil wrapper containing a condom. He sighed and smiled at the thought of you planning all of this, as he took the packet out of your hand and opened it carefully as to not tear the condom. He began to roll it slowly on to his length, securing it in place before aligning himself with you. With his chest pressed to yours and his lips ghosting over your face, he looked deep into your eyes with complete love and adoration.

“Tell me if it hurts…if you want me to stop, I will. Okay?” he caressed your soft cheek in his hand. You smiled as you swallowed the lump which had formed in your throat, giving him a quick nod. Jungkook slowly entered you, watching your face wince in slight pain as your tight walls hugged his member. He bit his lip hard, trying not to cum then and there as you felt so amazing even now. Once he was all the way in, he stopped to let you adjust to his size. The pain slowly turned dull, as you motioned your hips upward to let him know you were ready. Jungkook began slowly thrusting deep within you as he panted into your ear. The feeling of him inside you was strange, but oh so pleasurable as you placed your hands on his shoulders. He tucked his arms under yours as you both moved together, making the bed rock gently at your movements.

You felt your body tense as he hit your g-spot over and over, his movements becoming less rhythmic as he neared his end. You gripped the back of his head, making him look into your eyes.

“(Y/N)…I love you so much” he said in between soft moans as his thrusting became harder and more sporadic. You moaned his name over and over, before seeing stars as you unravelled underneath him. Jungkook’s orgasm took over him at the feeling of your walls contracting around his member as he shot his load into the condom, silently applauding himself for not finishing before you. He continued to thrust, riding out his high before eventually slowing down. Gently, he pulled out of you, before removing the condom, and placing it in the bin beside the bed. He collapsed on top of you, both of you out of breath and panting heavily as you stroked his slightly damp hair from his sweat. He lay with his head on your breasts, listening to your heartbeat becoming calmer as each minute that went by.

“Happy Birthday baby, I love you” you broke the silence. Jungkook didn’t answer, causing you to look down at him. He was fast asleep on top of you, making you giggle quietly at his post orgasm expression. You carefully pulled the covers up around your naked bodies, before turning the bedside lights off, leaving you both in complete darkness.

Jungkook dreamt of making love to you again that night, knowing that you were the only girl he wanted to make love to. This had been the best birthday present he ever could have wished for.

At this point in my life, I was carrying around both an iPod and a phone. I’m grateful for this in retrospect because the entire chorus came in one ridiculous rush, as I listened to the music on a loop on a crowded A train to a friend’s birthday party in Williamsburg.

I lived at the top of the A train at the time, so that meant taking the A from 207th street to 14th street, then the L into Brooklyn. I don’t know how to describe the feeling. It did not exist one moment and then there it was, coursing through my head: “Death doesn’t discriminate …”

I got out of the train in Williamsburg and began singing into the voice memo function in my iPod from the loop I was listening to in my phone. (This is why I was glad I had them both.) I said hi to my friend, wished him a happy birthday, had exactly half a beer, and turned around for another hour-and-a-half train ride home, during which I worked out the other verse variations. 

Music doesn’t discriminate when it arrives either. It’ll get you on the A train if you’re open to it.

-Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton: The Revolution

I’m seeing so much negativity so here’s some positivity…. 

Emma blew out her birthday candle and had nothing to wish for because she was happy. :’) 

Emma Swan looked freaking beautiful okay

Captain Charming 

Killian telling David we all make mistakes but it doesn’t change who we are (I cry about this) 

“Now go kiss your damn wife” 

Sean Maguire 

Emma humming someday my prince will come 

Henry is a cute little knight and Emma still calls him kid

How cute are aged snowing though?? 

Bobby slayed that scene as EF Rumple 

In the premiere Emma and Killian will meet for the first time again. And I can already see the way they’re going to look at each other and I’m already a;ldkfj;alkdjf;adjf about it. 


Kent Parson flirts like a dork but you just know he once surprised Tater with a choreographed lap dance to Feelin Good on his birthday. They’re both really getting into it and Tater’s hand is on Kent’s ass and one of Kent’s hand is buried in Tater’s hair (and other other fumbling at the at the crotch area lol). Kent at this point is making breathy whines near Tater’s neck and Tater’s mumbling in something that may or may not be Russian dirty talk. The entirety of the Falconers (who have positioned themselves strategically in Tater’s apartment to surprise Tater for his birthday) are deciding between coming out of their hiding spots reluctantly before Kent goes 2 far or somehow sneaking out and were leaning towards the latter when Tater suddenly hoists Kent up. He carries Kent to the kitchen counter and sets him down, where Kent’s hand swipes a book and it lands on a Falconer crouching behind the counter with the cake, who yelps then looks horrified. Kent screams and nearly falls off. Tater tries to shield Kent and grabs the closest thing (skillet) to attack the burglar. Once he realizes it was his teammates he recovers quickly and is extremely pleased by cake and the birthday surprise attempt, who are all nervously laughing as Tater introduces a very pissed Kent as his boyfriend (”Hahaha yes sorry. This is Kenny from the Aces.”)

The next day they have a game against each other and Kent refuses to catch Tater’s eye even though he knows the man is giving him sad puppy faces because the Falconers are all giving him wiggly eyebrows and humming Nina Simone when they’re around him. 

(Two Aces + Tater himself had to hold Kent back when he snaps and lunges for a Falconer, yelling, “Fight me, you ass!”) 

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Hi there!!~ Today's my birthday and that just gives me the question: How would the UT/UF/US/SF bros surprise S/O for their birthday?? :)



He forgot.

The entire day, you think that you’ve got some kind of big date planned, but all he does is take you to the movies and casually falls asleep with his head resting on your shoulder and your fingers entwined.  He doesn’t mention your birthday, and it’s a shame.. because you got dressed up.  You’ve known that he was super laid-back and never really made a big deal about anything, but you also expected him to not forget something like this.  Even if he had just wished you a happy birthday, it would have been nice.

Or if he had even stayed awake during the movie.

You’re frustrated, but you’re still holding onto hope that he’s going to remember.  You start casually dropping hints about cake, but he just makes a few jokes that normally draw a laugh from you, but this time, just leave you irritated.  By the time you get back to his house, you’re hurt.

… And then, when you open the door, all of your friends pop out and Papyrus and Undyne are collectively holding the biggest cake you’ve ever seen.  You start to tear up and turn toward Sans, who shrugs and winks at you.  "what?  you didn’t think i was really going to forget something like your birthday, right?  give me a little cred here, kiddo.“  He chuckles and slips an arm around your waist, pressing his teeth to your cheek.  He’s pulled out all the stops; all your favorite foods are there, your favorite music is playing, and your favorite people have gathered.  A bulk of the presents are also from him, and they’re all things that you’ve never out-right verbalized that you’ve wanted; he pays attention to the little details when he’s out with you.

After everyone’s gone, he’s going to fall asleep with you in his arms.



Sans always makes a huge deal about Papyrus’s birthday, so it’s only natural that he should want to do the same for yours!  Papyrus has spent weeks learning how to bake a cake just for you (it’s still going to taste questionable, and the crunchy bits are eggshells, but he tried really hard, so if you could stomach a piece that’d be great), but before you get to taste it, he wants to take you to all your favorite date spots.  That restaurant you love going to?  You’re there.  Have you ever mentioned roller skating before?  Well, he’s game to try it.  The entire day is devoted to making you happy, and he’s so active that it’s going to be difficult keeping up with him.  

He keeps assuring you that "THIS IS THE GREATEST DATE BECAUSE IT’S ON THE DAY OF YOUR BIRTH!  WE HAVE TO CELEBRATE APPROPRIATELY TO MARK SUCH A MONUMENTAL OCCASION!”  Whatever you suggest, he’s all over with a passion.  He’s going to sing to you when you go back to his house, and he’s especially excited over your wish, but “BUT DON’T ME WHAT IT WAS OR IT WON’T COME TRUE!  BUT I HOPE THAT.. THAT I’LL BE ABLE TO GRANT IT FOR YOU!”

His gift is a hand-made scarf to match his in your favorite color.

Feel free to spend the night cuddled up to him in his race car bed because that’s frankly the best way to end any birthday celebration.


You wake up to a selfie of Red shirtless and halfway covered up by his crimson bed sheets, a devious smirk on his face.  The body of the message reads:  "happy birthday, sweetheart.“

It’s going to be a good day.

He’s bought you a cake, sure, but he’s also gotten his hands on quite a few chocolate-covered strawberries–because he heard they were sensual.  He wants to hand-feed you the strawberries, and the intensity of his eyelights on your face as you eat them incites a blush that he finds adorable.  The day is going to be spent in his house, either on the couch or in his room, though if you insist on going out, he’ll end up complying.  He’d prefer to just stay inside and keep you to himself, however.  He wants you wrapped up in his arms, and yeah, he’s going to be a little handsy.  

For your present, he’s gotten you a bracelet.  It’s simple, with a little skull-and-crossbones charm hanging from it, but the idea of you wearing something that makes you think of him every time you look down at your arm makes him really pleased.  

Red sings happy birthday to you, and with all the lights out and the flickering candles on the cake dancing across his features, you feel like it’s the best part of the night.  His voice is deep and rough, but he’s got a surprisingly good singing voice, and with his arms around your waist and his mouth close to your ear, it’s enough to make you melt.  



You’d better dress up for this one.  Papyrus is taking you to the fanciest restaurant (how in the world did he ever get reservations?  You decide not to question this one), and afterward, you’re going dancing with him. A little known fact about Edgy is that he’s a fantastic dancer, and even if you’re not, it doesn’t matter when he leads you through the steps so expertly.  His usual scowl even softens a little when he dips you back, and by the time you’re finished dancing, he’s smirking at you triumphantly.  "ARE YOU HAVING THE BEST NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE YET?“  

Back home, his gift is going to be a stylish leather jacket that somehow fits you perfectly.  You’re pretty sure he added a few studs to it himself to make it look a little edgier, but it only makes you appreciate the gift more.  He tried to bake you a cake, but it turned into an oozing, gloopy mess, so he disposed of it and was forced to buy you one from the store.  He mumbled the happy birthday song under his breath while avoiding eye contact and then urges you to "USE YOUR OPPORTUNITY FOR A WISH WISELY!  ..AND THEN TELL ME WHAT YOU WISHED FOR!”  


Blueberry wakes you up at your house– even if he doesn’t have a key or didn’t stay the night, he’s there.  He pounces on your bed and straddles you so he can lean down in your face.  "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  I WANTED TO MAKE SURE I WAS THE FIRST ONE TO TELL YOU!“

..He says this despite the fact that he called you last night/this morning at precisely midnight and sang happy birthday to you.

The day is spent much like the one with UT!Papyrus; he takes you wherever you want to go, only dinner’s at his place.  He’s cooked tacos (with heaps of glitter) and baked a lop-sided cake.  Both of these creations aren’t going to be pleasant, but he’s so excited for you to try it that you can’t refuse.  He’s going to get Stretch downstairs to help him sing happy birthday to you, and then the three of you can watch movies on the couch while Blueberry cuddles into your side.  

Ultimately, you fall asleep on the couch with him gathered in your arms and your turned with you back resting against Stretch’s shoulder.  

For a gift, Sans got you a rather large plushie because he wants you to sleep with something that reminds you of him when he’s not sleeping over in your bed or vice-versa.    


Stretch had a cake made for you at Muffet’s, and while he’d rather spend the day just chilling and watching TV on the couch with you, he’s going to make an effort to make the day special.

That means you get a picnic in the park.  

Stretch is actually a decent cook, though he’s whipped up a few different sandwiches and snacks to bring.  He’s scouted out the best place in the park to roll out a blanket, and after your lunch, he’s going to just pull you back to rest your head against his chest and enjoy staring up at the clouds rolling by.  

When you’re finished with that, he takes you to a bar that’s got a live band playing that’s just your kind of music.  Whether or not you drink, you still end up seated in the back, listening to the band while being tucked beneath Papyrus’s arm.  If he’s had a few drinks, you’ll be able to coax him into dancing, but otherwise, he’s just going to tap his foot along with the beat.  

Afterward, he gives you a gift pertaining to your biggest interest.  If you’re an artist, you get a sketchpad or new watercolors/colored pencils.  If writing/reading is more your thing, you get a book you’ve been lowkey wanting.  If you happen to collect glass figurines of crying clowns, well he has a whole shitload of those in a box just for you.  Papyrus is way more perceptive than others give him credit for.

He sings to you, his voice low and mellow, standing behind you with his hands resting on your waist and his face right beside yours.  



That means.. you’re going to a theme park!

Did I mention Sans’s brother is coming, too?  Yeah, Papy’s coming because there’s no way in hell that Sans is going to stand in all of those lines, so he wants some back-up intimidating the crowds of humans.  Two skeletons that look as rough and sharp-edged as they do happen to be the ticket to the front of the line, and no one dares to say anything.  At this point, you’re used to receiving some dirty stares from things Sans may say/do, so you’re not even phased.  The three of you ride everything–twice–and on your way back home, Sans pulls over to eat at a nice restaurant.  Papyrus takes a shortcut home.

Since Blackberry failed miserably when he attempted to make you a cake, he relies on the free dessert your waitress brings out when he tells her it’s your birthday.  Embarrassingly enough, a giant group of the staff comes out to sing you happy birthday, and Sans jumps on the opportunity to mouth the words of the song along with them.  Yeah, he doesn’t sing; his face is flushed with the mere thought of it.  

After dinner, he drives you back to his house, where he gives you a collar like Papyrus’s as a gift.  Then, he spends the rest of the night clung to you, repeatedly asking you if you had a memorable birthday and then DEMANDING to know what you wished for when you blew out your candles.  


Papyrus doesn’t want to really go anywhere for your birthday; he’d much rather spend it at your house.  So, he brings over a cake he bought, candles, a gift, a stack of movies, and sets everything up while you’re still asleep.  When you wake up, he’s napping next to you on your bed, his arm lazily thrown across your waist.

"happy birthday, sweetie,” he mumbles when you wake up, pulling you against his chest and nuzzling his face into your neck.  He takes his time getting out of bed with you–and hey, if you decide to grab a quick shower, he’s going to ask if you want company with a sharp smirk.  Once you’re ready to start the party, he’s going to order a pizza and spend the day watching movies with you in bed/on the couch.  If you’ve ever wondered what a massage would feel like with skeleton hands, well you’re in luck because you’re about to find out!  He pampers you, and when it comes time for the gift, it turns out that he’s gotten you something pertaining to your hobbies as well as a simple necklace–with a heart the color of your SOUL.  After all, that’s the part he always finds the most beautiful of all when it comes to you.

He sings you happy birthday in a low, smooth baritone, his fingertips trailing along the skin of your lower back, just beneath the hem of your shirt.  When he’s done, he leans in until his fangs are close enough to skim your earlobe and says, “make a wish~.”

LuHan scenario - my wish

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genre: birthday fluff and birthday sex ;)

Warnings: eating out, neck bites, dirty talk

summary: Luhan comes for a visit while you celebrate your birthday with family and makes sure that you have a very happy ending.

word count: 7,460+

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I called him today..
“I didn’t think you’d pick up”
“I didn’t think you’d call”
“You know.. it’s my birthday soon.”
“I know.”
“I miss you. I miss us.”
“I’m happy with my life right now”
“What about our promises? To get married and have a family of our own?”
“We’ve had our two years already..”
“But don’t you wanna try again?”
“I can’t.”

He hung up..
“I just really miss us.”

—  i wish everything was different
Happy Birthday, Dean

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Characters: Dean x Reader, Cas

Summary:  You spend Dean’s Birthday wishing you knew where he was.  Drabble set after the Mid-season Finale. 

Warnings: Angst

You found yourself staring into space often these days, your eyes lingering places Dean had often occupied: a stone column he liked to lean against, the chair he lounged in while looking for cases.  All these places were saturated with him, his echo imprinted on them.

But he wasn’t there.  

You didn’t know where he was.  

Cas’ heavy footsteps woke you from your thoughts and aimless staring.  He stepped into the library, eyes immediately finding yous.  He shook his head slightly, almost imperceptive and what little hope you were surprised you still had crumbled.  

“Nothing new today,” he said, sitting across from you.  You nodded, closing your laptop.  “You haven’t slept,” he remarked.  

“I can sleep when they’re home.”  You rubbed your red, blood shot eyes and tried to remember the last time you’d slept for more than an hour.

“Burning out won’t help us find them any faster,” Cas commented, taking in your appearance warily.  You must have looked a sight to see.

“Nothing is helping us find them, so what’s the point in sleeping,” you snapped.  Cas leaned back and you cringed.  “I’m sorry Cas, I’m just-,”

“Sleep deprived.” 

“Yeah,” you nodded.  

You let silence creep into the room, staining the air with mingled worry and longing. 

“Today is his birthday,” you commented, tracing a grain in the wood with your fingernail.  “I don’t want him to be-,” you trailed off.  Alone?  In pain?  Dead?

Cas leaned over and clasped your hand.

“We will get them back,” he vowed, the promise burning in his blue eyes.  “We’ll get Dean back.”  You nodded, the aching, hollowness of your worry written on your face.

“If he-,” you paused, “-when he comes home. I’ll make sure he knows.  Every day.  I’ll make sure he knows how much I love him.”  

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Birthday Disaster

Warnings: Like one curse word

A/N: This is a really short thing that I wrote in honor of Lin’s birthday, I hope you like it!

“Happy Birthday Lin!” You raved into your phone.

“Thanks, Y/N.” Lin exclaimed.

“I wish I was in London with you.” Ever since Lin moved to London temporarily, to film Mary Poppins Returns, you had wanted to surprise him by showing up in London, unannounced, and his birthday was the perfect excuse to visit him.

“I wish you were here too.” He pouted.

“I have some urgent work to do, I’m sorry that we can’t talk more.” You sighed. “I love you!”

“I love you too!” He exclaimed.

He had no idea what you had planned.
Your plane ride to London was at 10:00, so you packed your suitcase and hailed a cab to the airport. Throughout the whole plane ride you were full of nervous energy and excitement, ready to see your boyfriend. Once you landed in London, you called Lin.

“Hey, Lin.” You ventured. “Where are you right now?”

“Hey, Y/N. I may, or may not be in New York right now.” He disclosed. “I was just about to call you.”

“Well, that’s funny because I may, or may not be in London right now.” You revealed.

“Shit, so your saying that we both flew across the ocean to see each other?” He questioned.

“Yep.” You confirmed. “This is a birthday disaster.”

“But it’s the thought that counts.” He countered.

“It’s the thought that counts.” You agreed. “But just wait for me in my apartment, I’m flying back to New York pronto. I can’t bare to be an ocean away from you anymore.”

“I love so much, Y/N.” Lin laughed.

“I love you more, Lin. See ya!” You hung up with a smile on your face.


21 years ago the world was blessed with a beautiful small angel! 
And it had to be on the first day of the year! 
How beautiful! 
Today he is warming our hearts with his cuteness and love! 
Let’s cherish this beautiful prince and send him some good wishes! 
Happy Birthday Qian Kunnnieee!! ♥♥♥♥♥ Let’s see you soon!! ♥♥♥♥ 

244 Days

Authors Note: I was having a bad day today so here’s a short drabble with some angst, yay!

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Reader deals with Bucky’s death on the day of their anniversary.

Words: 403

Warnings: angst, depression

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There was not a chance you were getting out of your room today. There wasn’t a chance you were getting out of bed today, there wasn’t even a chance you would be moving from the same spot you were in.

The team didn’t even bother with you, they tried about a week ago, the day of his birthday. Steve was having a hard time that day also, everyone was, but still went out to his grave to wish him a happy birthday.

You hadn’t.

You couldn’t.

You wished you had, but you didn’t, and now you regretted it.

It hurt more than words could describe. Every day was an ongoing battle inside of your head, debating whether you should move on or continue to sulk in your room, something which you’ve been doing for the past 244 days. For the past 8 months.

It’s almost been a year.

Almost a year since his death and it still felt raw, like it had happened the day before. Every romantic novel you read didn’t do the actual heartbreak justice. Every widow and widower you’ve spoken to always said that they moved on and that they’re in a better place now.

244 days and you still hadn’t moved on. 244 days and you still wished that he was here, sitting next to you, holding you. The same way he always used to hold you. His better place was with you and your better place was with him.

He. Him. God, you couldn’t even say his name. You couldn’t even hear it without breaking down.

Your face was dry with tears that came and went, your heart ached to the point where it was numb and you couldn’t feel a thing, both physically and mentally.

It was like you were dead along with him, and you were. When he died, a huge part of you died also. But it didn’t matter how many times you said that in your head, you still had to face the cold hard truth every time you wake up.

Bucky was gone and he was never coming back.

It was something you had to remind yourself every day, every hour, every second, no matter how much it hurt.

And today, March 23, would have been your two-year anniversary with him.

You’ve been dreading today for the past 244 days.