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@victuuri-week Day 4 - *Smash Bros voice* FREE FOR ALL!!!

*cough* Sorry, I’m reading it like this everytime lmao. I love mermaid AUs too much, and since I used the “Mythos AU” day with something else, I decided to do it today! It’s my birthday, so i’m happy I got to draw some mermaids for today XD

Just a feel HCs to go with this pic (english isn’t my first language, sorry if anything comes out wrong or doesn’t make sense):

  • Yuuri had a really bad breakdown and tried to kill himself by jumping on the stormy sea. 
    • Viktor was just swimming by when he found Yuuri, already passed out, and without even thinking saved him and carried him to the beach.
    • Yuuri regained his senses momentary, and the only thing he could say when he saw the figure leaning over him was “Beautiful”.
  • Viktor gets immediately smitten with this human, but he know he shouldn’t stay for longer since anyone could see him now out in the open (he was already going to get in trouble for letting this man see him). So, full of regret for not being able to stay by his side, he jumps back on the sea, and watch from behind some rocks as someone founds the man passed out and calls for help.
  • Yuuri wakes up in a hospital, his entire family crying and hugging him and begging him not to do that again. He immediately feels bad for giving up so easily and making them cry so much, and hugs them back, apologizing.
    • Later, when they are calmer, he asked who was the long-haired man that helped him off of the sea. But everyone just seems confused by this and inform him that he was found lying alone at the beach by a passerby. 
  • But Yuuri was sure there was someone else, and when he gets discharged, he goes back to the little beach, looking at the sea, without really knowing what to do. 
  • After that, he goes there everyday, and while that worries his parents, he actually seems a lot less down when he is by the sea, so they let him go (Mari keeps messaging him every 5 minutes to be sure he is alright, tho).
    • Everyday, there is a pair of cerulean eyes underwater staring back at him.

…I got carried away lmao (I didn’t had this written down and came up with some parts rn, sorry if it’s messy XD). Thanks if you read this all!!

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K-Pop side of Tumblr...we need to talk.

In a weird turn of events a Facebook meme group I’m in posted pics of Hyungwon from Monsta X, and one person included the link to this…

A palm reading. By this dude, who has a channel dedicated to palm reading:

I thought it was weird, but then I saw that Monsta X had two other members posted: Wonho and Minhyuk. And when I went deeper, I saw he has playlists of people he’s done palm readings for.



But yeah go check out Tony Leggett’s Kpop idol playlist and see if your bias had their palm read!


What are you looking at?

as mentioned before, feeling crappy these last days. so I decided to do what we all like to do when we feel meh but still wanna draw smth- portraits! :’‘D

my love for 76 grows everyday which is probably in big parts because he reminds me of one of my own chars that I’d kill for. I saw smwhere a pic of 76 with a cigarette in his mouth n I really liked the idea. had to borrowed it~ I personally like the gold version more but I made the blue one for those who prefer cold colours and/or don’t recognize 76 without blue lol

check out my commission table!!

Actions Speak Louder

Actions…have me thinking. Sam knew that we would find out he was with MM in Georgia at this wedding from the antis. So why bother posting a pic of himself on the private MPC Facebook page? Many are saying it’s because he wanted to make sure we saw he was with MM but I don’t think that was the case. To me it looks like he was wanting to prepare us so we wouldn’t be shocked or taken by surprise, like a signal to expect fuckery so we had time to prepare and ready ourselves.
Let’s look at his actions when around MM. Sam doesn’t promote his life at all, yet he promotes the moments he is around her. This is not normal Sam behaviour. Before we saw him in NC information was dropped in a private Facebook group and we got a photo of him standing in front of a sign that gave his location. That is NOT normal for Sam. The pattern is he lets us know his location but he doesn’t appear an any pics with her, just his location. He posted a pic in front of a sign AGAIN. This sign had a clearly labeled map, the last one was a sign with the name of his location, never a pic with his GF. The red carpet was the same. There isn’t one pic of them. He doesn’t pose with her EVER. And if you google ‘Sam Heughan’s girlfriend’ there isn’t anything of her… only Caitriona will you find in a pose. He could easily post something on IG with his lovely blonde GF but nothing. I think he was telling us his location and wanted to warn us that he will be around her but is not with her. I think the pictures of the signs are almost like a double entendre. It was a location, he’s in her location but not 'with’ her. He is telling us he is going to be around her but why isn’t he acting like she’s the girlfriend? He doesn’t and NEVER has. The only reason I can think of is because she isn’t. Does he ever reveal his whereabouts in the U.K. Or on vacation? Yet he promotes it when in NC and Georgia? I believe he let us know both times to prepare us about it but he can’t let it look like he’s preparing Shippers can he! At the moment he and Cait are closeted. He’s lived in Scotland going on four years and he has never been seen in a grocery store but he travels to NC and he is caught in the kale aisle twice and never posed with MM? Why go? Why let everyone know when you won’t even have a pic taken with her? Why only give location? This is NOT normal Sam behaviour. The difference is he has never EVER posed with MM in the same pic. Ever. Whatever we have got are pics of the same locations or photos sitting or standing that don’t reveal a thing. But we have all sorts of poses with Caitriona. Sam has cleverly made a clear distinction between MM and Caitriona and continues to do so and many poses exceed professional limits! I think we were feeling confident after this last month, that we were getting what I like to call a gentle reveal. I knew it was too close to December signing but it felt like something had changed and perhaps they were given a green light. Realistically though, there’s no way a reveal was going to happen so close to a business transaction the likes of this merger. If I was a shareholder and I hadn’t been informed about a possible liability (like the two leads of Starz most costly production being together) I think I’d be pretty pissed if they revealed their relationship a couple of months after signing on the dotted line. As soon as Caitriona tweeted the 1am fists I should have had alarm bells ringing. Instead I was caught up with the excitement of it. The MM + Sam farce can’t just disappear. There’s a relationship that has been presented. It has to take it’s course with some realistic timing and a break up and Sam and Caitriona have to admit they can’t 'fight their feelings anymore’ yet! I think perhaps Sam and Caitriona were feeling confident too. I think they thought we knew the pattern well enough to be skeptical as soon as Sam set foot in LA. I think they felt confident they had given us enough this last month to know whatever we saw we’d question or at least we wouldn’t question them! The opposite has happened. I know many feel Sam was cowardly in posting that pic on his MPC private page but I see the opposite. He has stuck his neck out to give us the heads up! And many are crucifying him for it. How quickly we forget…The Tiger is a lyin…keeps me company…

thoughts about the 100th ep and that 5x09 spoiler...

So I’ve been percolating thoughts about this stuff for a while now. Every time we get a new bit of information, I add it to the pile. So I wanted to collect these thoughts I’ve had into one post. Mostly for my own reference but if you find some use out of it, that’s all the better. 

  • I think the “dream” isn’t just Oliver’s mind. I think it’s induced by the aliens. 
  • I think Oliver, Sara, Ray, Thea, Dig are all captured and put into those pods we saw in that one BTS pic and that is where the dream is “fed” to them. 
  • I believe they won’t realize it’s a dream at first. The episode description sort of indicates this when it says everything seems perfect before Oliver starts to notice imperfections. 
  • I think Oliver may realize what’s happening first and then clue the others in. 
  • I think Thea will be reluctant to leave, hence “Thea, we can’t stay here.”
  • This means that being engaged to Laurel isn’t Oliver’s “ideal” or even his subconscious wish/dream. He’s not controlling the dream. 
  • I think seeing Felicity might play into Oliver’s realization of the dream. He may feel a way when he sees her which might trigger an actual memory. 
  • Bonus points if that memory triggered is their first kiss lololol
  • I’m not expecting a lot of overt Olicity or even OTA in this episode. This will be mostly focused on Oliver’s family life and seeing his parents and furthering that legacy plot while paying a little homage to that history of the show. 
  • I also think it’s OK that it’s not Olicity/OTA focused, the rest of hte show is so I can give it up for this one. Plus I just really wanna see his parents again and see Moira with Thea and just YES. ALL OF IT. 
  • I think 5x09 might show Felicity realizing something’s off with Billy. 
  • I’m pretty sure the spoiler Jen shared with us refers to a season 1 flashback. 
  • Again, I’m not expecting OVERT romantic moments here, but I am expecting the seeds of hope to be sown. 
  • I think this will give us a glimmer of that hope, to get us through midseason break and into 5b. 
  • Yes, I still think Billy is totes evil. The only question is HOW evil? 
  • Sidekick? Or Prometheus himself? The debate rages on. 
  • I’m kind of excited to see the old s1 arrow suit again too, ngl. 
  • Basically: these next two eps sound AMAZING to me. 
  • I’m very ready to celebrate this amazing milestone for this show. 
  • This cast and crew have put their heart and souls into this show and I’m so grateful for that. I’m so happy for them.
  • So I will be raising a glass. And looking towards the road ahead. 

Happy weekend, y’all! 

When I saw this promo pic for the 2017 french concert production of Les Misérables, I thought they had decided to put some bits of the 1980 original production in the show and that somehow, Gillenormand had found his way back into the story.

It turns out this gentleman is not Gillenormand but Victor Hugo.

How will it work out, I have no idea.

By the way, the actor is Christian Décamps and he also happens to be the frontman of french prog-rock band Ange.

Got7 Reaction #11 - They’re going through old posts on their crushes Instagram and accidentally like a really old picture

GOT7, BTS, BIGBANG, and BLACKPINK when their insta-salking/facebook stalking their crush and they accidentally like a picture/post from months to a year ago please?? xD

Mark: To his crush he’d probably be shy so when he accidentally likes their old instagram pic he would really, really freak out. He would probably avoid his crush for a while afterwords hoping they’d forget by the next time they saw each other

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He’d keep yelling and running around the room with his phone in his hand, completely overreacting and screaming that his life was over

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Jaebum: “Well there goes any chance I’ve ever had with him/her…”

He unlike the pic but know that you still would see it. He would then sink into himself and contemplate life as he thinks about how he blew his chance with his crush

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Jinyoung: He would spend all night thinking of ways to play off the fact that he liked a 3 year old picture of you. He would think of every scenario and even foolishly plan to steal your phone to delete the notification. He would do anything to regain the image he was trying to maintain with his crush

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Kunpimook: He would message them right away

OMG!! My hyungs stole my phone and started liking people’s old insta pics lmaoo i’m gonna kill them *laugh-crying emoji*

Then he would just really hope that they believed him

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Yugyeom: Instant mortification.

He would stress about it for days and avoid seeing his crush until they texted or snapchatted him again. Even after they reached out to them, he would still be super careful of his interactions and try to regain his composure with them

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I joined the Outlander fandom around a year ago. I started tweeting about the show, did a little digging about the actors, saw a BTS pic of Sam & Cait wrapped around each other at an event, went hmm, and found tumblr and shipper blogs.

For a really long time I was in a shipper bubble. I would “messy tweet” (my words) with a handful of friends but never with any cast tagged. I blogged about the ship, but also about the show. I did my own “research” into the ship so I could catch up and learn and I formulated my own opinions from there.

When I first joined this fandom, Sam and Cait had just done the IFH. Yet the shippers I followed on twitter would explode with happiness and joy and cute, pretty harmless tweets to Sam when he would come online. It was FUN. The first shipper tweet I ever tagged Sam in was in March - and he liked it. I still feel like that like is my shipper badge of honor.

Since then, the majority of my fandom participation has been ship related. I blog about the show, I live tweeted several S2 episodes, etc, but my Outlander fan identity is wrapped up in being a shipper. This is just a guess, but I would say the majority of my shipper tweets have actually been untagged. They’ve really been meant for the shipper audience I have.

I’ve helped grow the shipper fanbase, at least on twitter. And while my shipper tweets may seem silly or stupid to other people, they make a lot of other fans happy. They keep fans connected with each other. That’s always what the shipper experience has been about to me, and for me. I personally feel that’s important to the growth of the show.

Along the way, I have formed very close friendships with several other shippers. I feel extreme loyalty to this group as a whole. And I have experienced firsthand what has happened as shippers (myself included) have had untagged tweets and blogs screencapped and sent far and wide in this fandom to cast, crew, and other fans to mock us. It’s been painful. We have been misrepresented. We’ve been called creepy, unwanted, bullies, disrespectful, not “true” fans, etc. My shipper bubble, the one I was in for so long, had popped.

I could say a lot of things about the twitter accounts or anti blogs I apparently make frequent guest screencap appearances on - but today I saw the question posed of “why” do shippers exist by a crew member? Because we like what we see between Sam and Cait. Because some of us have put events together and think maybe they actually are together. Because many of us have found commonalities beyond Sam and Cait and we have stuck together. These vocal shipper accounts exist because we say what many others may be thinking or wishing or hoping for but don’t express (like 80k others). And we support the show through it - even me, when I am throwing shade or tagging Sam to ask when this will end - we are here as FANS.

I am tired. I don’t know how much longer I can or will keep this up - I am running on empty for Sam and Cait, but not for the shipper community. I just hope that whatever happens - someone within production truly understands the value we have added as fans.

anonymous asked:

LOL Mama! Great points! But I don't think I'm going to sway her. Even now she thinks they are in LA together. But really from what I can see, there were pics of Sam and Cody, Sam and Amy, Sam and Abbie, and why only now the prom pic? Has our fearful (yes Fearful) leader said anything about his brand new pic that we all have had a great time with? Or should I wait for another pic to surface? ;) - Hanging On Anon

I think this is part of the reason I wasn’t long in coming back around yesterday after this picture surfaced.  I remember how I felt when I first saw the pictures of Sam and Cody, the pool play with Amy, Monte Carlo, the EIFF…Pretty damn crappy.  And as it turned out they all got explained later and I wasted four perfectly good crappies on things that didn’t deserve them.  This will be the same

And no, don’t hold your breath  He won’t acknowledge this picture or this relationship, as per usual, because there’s nothing to acknowledge.  But you know…if your friend ships Sam and MM?  More power to her.  I grant her the same courtesy I ask for myself.  Fan how you like but do it respectfully.  


TOWEL-CLAD DISTRACTION (Tom Holland imagine)

words: 707

A/N: this is such an accomplishment *praising hand emoji* i feel so bad though for still not being able to do all those prompts, but i will do them in time - life’s been a bit hectic. but then i came one evening to tumblr and felt so attacked and offended when all i saw was those shirtless pics of tom and this is the result. like, guys, i’m not okay. (+ gif credits to the owners ! xx)

warnings: nothing serious, except shirtless tom and attempted fluff + subtle mentions of sex



Distant sounds of water hitting the tiled floor. The water being cut off, seconds later the bathroom door opening in the hallway. Changing position, you didn’t want to wake up yet. Tom had woken up a while ago and you could feel the bed being half-empty. Everyone else in Tom’s childhood home must still be asleep, for the house was quiet.

Tom got out of the bathroom, seeing your still sleeping form and decided not to wake you up yet. Leaning over you, he landed a soft kiss on the top of your head and made his way out of the bedroom.

Ten minutes later, you had come to the conclusion that sleep wasn’t an option anymore. Opening your eyes and stretching a little, you got up and took threw the first shirt you got from the floor on. Making your way to the kitchen, you could hear soft humming, and then you spotted the lean boy between the kitchen counters, a mug of assumably tea and a phone in his hand.

Taking your time, you couldn’t but bite your lip in admiration for the lean boy, who had his towel still hanging from his waist and hair still a little damp from his shower. His muscular torso in full display, you were reminded of the activities that took place the previous night - although very discreetly, since you weren’t alone in the house.

Snapping back to reality, you made your way towards him. Sneaking your arms around his waist, you rested your head between his shoulder blades, his shower fresh skin radiating warmth to your cheek. Surprised, Tom tensed at first, but then put his tea and phone on the counter, taking hour hands in his a bit bigger ones.

“Hey, babe. How’d you sleep ?” he said, turning his head trying to look at you over his shoulder.

“Mhmm … amazingly,” you replied, voice muffled by his back and a little bit sleepiness. You two stood there for a while, in a comfortable silence. Tom had picked his tea and phone again, scrolling through something while sipping his tea. It wasn’t until you heard a camera go off that your peaceful state was disturbed.

“Moo’om …” Tom groaned, glaring at his mother who stood at the other side of the kitchen aisle, her camera in her hand.

“Whaat ? You look look so cute I possibly couldn’t resist !” she shrugged, smile plastered on her face. Tom couldn’t be mad - he actually blushed a bit, a shy smile tugging at his lips. “Anyhow, I’m just going to visit the restroom, and then go back to bed,” Nikki said, laying her camera on the isle and walking towards the bathroom.

“Oh, and since you’re both up, could you possibly take Tessa for a walk ?” she said, pointing at the dark grey dog, who had appeared in the kitchen doorway.

Tom turned in your embrace, now facing you. He looked into your eyes, before cupping you cheek with his hand and kissing you. The kiss was slow, passionate good-morning kiss. Breaking apart, he kissed your forehead and pulled you against him, laying his chin on the top of your head. This was the situation where your noticeable height difference came to use.

Closing your eyes, you inhaled his scent, which was mostly overpowered my his shampoo - the scent was one of your favourites, so you wouldn’t complain. Listening to his steady heartbeat, you almost fell back asleep right then and there.

“Maybe we should listen to my mom and take Tessa out before we fall asleep again,” Tom said slowly, his voice softly echoing from his chest.

“Yeah … But … should we really ?” you said, voice getting higher at the end. “I mean, you are already without clothes and I’m only wearing this shirt. And I think your family is still asleep, so .. back to bed ?” you looked up at him hopefully.

“And by ‘back to bed’ you mean to continue from where we left last night ?” Tom said, smirking.

“Maybe … But I blame you. You shouldn’t walk around clad only in a towel - you know that turns me on,” you said, grabbing his hand and dragging him back to the bedroom. Tom following, rolling his eyes while smiling at your reasons.

I have reason to find this pic disturbing:

Besides the bandages on Karai’s face and her arm in a sling, notice anything else different?

Some of her armor is gone.

Call me crazy, but ever since she got mutated, I’ve thought that her armor became part of her human form.

See lookie:

When she first mutated into a snake, we saw right away that it looked like her armor fused to her body. 

Then when she morphed back into a human form at the end of the episode, I was kind of confused by the fact she had her clothes back.

I mean when Kirby mutated, he lost his clothes. Most characters who mutate seem to lose their clothes. 

And when he turned back into a human because of retromutagen, his clothes were still gone. They didn’t magically reappear. 

Even though Karai didn’t get un-mutated and she simply shape-shifted, I was still confused by the fact she had her old clothes. I developed the belief that her clothes weren’t actually clothes anymore, but part of her body… her human form anyway, much the way that armor is a part of her snake form. And that’s why she can go between forms without having to get dressed. Her clothes fused to her.

So if pieces of her armor are missing from her human form, does that mean she got really really really hurt?

If her armor is a part of her human form and it’s gone, then if she turned into a snake, would she have pieces of flesh just missing?
Would it be like that time in Harry Potter when Ron lost a chunk of his shoulder apparating?  

Or maybe her clothes really are just clothes and she only has them because the writers needed it to be easy to make her switch forms. I dunno.