had to upload this today didn't i

Today in “Kakashi, no”
An AU nobody asked me but I drew anyway (blame Martin) in wich Hidan didn’t fall for the trap Shikamaru and Kakashi arranged and went back to support Kakuzu. Kakashi is totally not swooning, okay?

(I had to upload like this because of the resolution)

animasmind  asked:

Heyo o7 ! Didn't you say that you had a presentation about I-can't-remember-what ? How did it go ? Hope it went well, you're the best cookie EVAH I love you <3

Ah yea sure! thanks for caring ! ゛(●ノ´・//u//・`)ノ

In fact,it’s the preview i uploaded today . Mah game thesis+ oral presentation was “ From 2D to 3D “ and i had to make a poodiepie in 3D. ヽ ( ꒪д꒪ )ノ

It didn’t end up pretty well since i’ve only apologized for almost 10 minutes about how shitty i am in 3D. it was..very embarrassing haha

Anyway,i’ll show the final result tomorrow !8u8 


“(Asks aren’t open so doing it through here) maybe Lafayette in 15 and 16 for the clothing challenge?”

Here you go! The French boy is all dressed up. :D
(It wouldn’t let me upload the photos since I’m on mobile so I had to post it like this .-.)