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Solangelo Youtuber au part 1

So, if you’re reading this and you haven’t read my PJO youtuber au, I recommend you go read that first so that way you have a feel of what types of youtubers they are and things like that.
• So, Nico first discovered Will on one of those times you stay up all night looking at weird and random You Tube videos
• The thumbnail was of Will holding up a ukulele, a giant smile stretched across his face
• The video was of Will singing the song ‘I Want To Break Free’ by Queen. That’s all it took for Nico to click on the video. A cute boy and Queen
• Let’s just say the video hooked Nico and he fell into a dark hole of covers, remixes, mash ups all done by the blonde curly haired boy
• By the end of the night Nico had watched all 300 hundred or so videos Will had on his channel and had a very new and broad music taste
• Soon it became an obsession and everyone was aware that Nico liked this guy
• He would wait refresh his You Tube page nonstop every time Will tweeted he would be posting a video, waiting for Will to upload a new video and he’d be one of the first people to like his Instagram pictures
• Everyone who knew Nico knew Will. That how often he brought up Will in conversation
• “Yes, Nico I saw Will’s new video today”
• Or “Yes, Nico you already mentioned tree times how cute Will looks in his new selfie he posted”
• It went on like this for at least three months
• That was until, Nico finally DMed him on Instagram
• It had been a decision caused by a lot of alcohol and stupid friends like Percy and Jason
• He hadn’t realized until the next morning he texted Will saying how much “he loved his videos and thinks he’s really cute”
• Nico was sure that Wil would ignore him, but maybe because of his certified Instagram account and large amount of followers, Will responded
• He was, as expected a sweetheart and replied saying “omg thank you so much, you have no idea how much this means to me!”
• After that, texting became a regular thing for them
• But soon, texting tuned into phone call and phone calls turned into face time and face time turned into the want to meet face to face
• Nico had never had an internet friend before, so he was never graced with the horrible feeling of “what if”
• “what if I’ve just been talking to an old man sitting in his underwear”
• “what if Will is actually horrible in real life”
• “what if he’s a government spy, looking to take down my You Tube channel and steal all of my subscribers? All 6 million of them?”
• But that was ridiculous, because Nico had seen his face and had talked to him face to face, even if it was over a screen
• They finally made the decision to meet up at a local You Tube event held in New York
• The day had been stressful, full of crazy fans, long lines, and terrible air conditioning. But once Nico and Will were done meeting their fans, they searched desperately for each other in the large crowds
• They were searching through crowds of people, trying to find each other, when they made eye contact
• It was like the movies, they pushed through the crowd, trying to get near each other, when suddenly, thy were in each other’s arms and suddenly everything felt so right
• Nico would never admit it, but he even cried a little
• It was such a relief, seeing Will in person after telling him everything about himself. His dark secrets and cute quirks and worst fears
• As they held each other, Nico noted how Will’s freckles were a lot more noticeable and how his arms were bigger than he imagined
• “Hi” Nico whispered
• “Hi” Will said back
• And Nico doesn’t remember a time he was happier


The tit-off

So I tried uploading this for over two days now. But since our home interet had a melt-down I have to use the mobile version of tumblr and it won’t let me upload anything. :/
So.. The last two panels were additional - hence a bit sketchy, but mobile tumblr won’t even let me put pictures in my text posts XD
So… Uh I hope you like it?? Kuro and Shiro are having a little tit-off in this one, because they both try to impress Keith. Kuro is slightly smaller and less bulky than Shiro (but he’s still bulkier than most so damnit)… But he knows how to put his muscles on display ;)
He’s also a bit paler than the rest, but that’s because the poor baby has never seen the sun before.
Maybe I’ll draw a comic where the Paladins take him on a trip to a planet and he gets a sunburn after like five minutes or so XD

Lemonade: the visual album... LIVE!

Beyoncé released her visual album in April 2016. Below are performances of all of the songs on her sixth consecutive, #1, Grammy award winning album, Lemonade, including appearances at the Country Music Awards to the Grammys. Enjoy <3 

Pray You Catch Me

Hold Up

Don’t Hurt Yourself 


6 Inch / 6 Inch

Daddy Lessons

Love Drought / Sandcastles


Freedom / Freedom

All Night


VMA 2016 Performance

sdv headcanons

just saw a post about common headcanons of the stardew valley characters and decided i’d add some thoughts of my own!!

-sebastian is self-conscious about being naturally thin. this is part of the reason why he hates the summer so much; he doesn’t like the idea of wearing less clothing and showing off his body to others.

-haley is actually a genius, and graduated at the top of her class in both high school and college.

-maru is short, like 5 feet tall or under, and perhaps full-figured or plus-sized.

-clint recently had an amicable divorce with his high school sweetheart, and he is awkward around women (particularly emily) because marrying young has caused him to have little experience in the dating world.

-penny had to put her high school education on hold to take care of pam when her drinking issues got especially bad. she was able to get her GED, but this is why she is so adamant about making sure vincent and jas get an education.

-emily is a vegan. 

-alex is secretly hopelessly in love with haley, but it is only if your character gets really close to him (8+ hearts) that he is finally able to get over her.

-demetrius is so protective of maru because after she was born, robin couldn’t have any more kids.

-robin had sebastian when she was a teenager, but she never regretted it.

-harvey is latino.

-evelyn was super gorgeous and a model when she was younger, which is why she always seems to reflect on the “good old days”.

-shane used to be an excellent soccer player, even had a college scholarship, but then severely injured his knee and was forced to drop out of school and work at joja mart. this didn’t stop him from loving the game, though, and he watches it regularly on television.

this is all i can think of right now but feel free to make changes or add to the list!


just for you, sweet anon

Trope-A-Dope #1

@killingmeitsso2yearsago said: One of my favourite is when one of them is doing a liveshow and somehow they slip up and they coming out live :-)

I loved this, so I made it a 5 + 1 (I know, how many more times am I gunna do this with a simple prompt?)


And don’t forget to Send me prompts for this project with the most-used Phanfic tropes.

It’s Worth Deciding

(~5k, Fluff, coming out, 5+1)

The five times Dan and Phil nearly came out in a live stream. And the one time they did.

Title from Half Life by Duncan Sheik: “Before the truth goes back into hiding I want to decide ‘cause it’s worth deciding”


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Never Going to Lose You

Originally posted by atravelgirl

Request: Could you do a grant imagine were the reader is his wife and they watch movies together and the reader cries every time something sad happens and grant films it every time and the fans love it

Notes: So this was shorter than I envisioned. I hope you guys like it, though!

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Harry Styles - People Are Always Shipping You Together Imagine

[Cuuuute. Enjoy!]

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I was inspired by this post from @jennis41digsdragons​ -> http://jennis41digsdragons.tumblr.com/post/146261420454/what-else-should-we-talk-about

>This is Jennis idea! All I did was visualize it :)

You don’t know how much I want this conversation to be canon!! :D

EDIT: @spontaneouslydyingdragons  wrote a fanfic based on this: http://spontaneouslydyingdragons.tumblr.com/post/146283132989/leffie-draws-fanart-i-was-inspired-by-this

PS: I’m sorry if the formating is a bit odd in this post. Tumblr unfortunately won’t let me upload these many images all in one string. I had to add the last panels as part of the text.

SLBP: Kojuro/MC/Masamune

pairing: kojuro x mc x masamune
rated: 18+, very nsfw
warnings: threesome, slight breath play, explicit language, assumes MC is cis
summary:  Never in your wildest dreams had you thought something like this might happen when you arrived at Yonezawa, and yet here you are, sandwiched between two of the Lords of the castle, with none other than Date Masamune himself between your thighs.

~* read it here *~

this fic got seriously out of hand… OTL due to the sheer length of it (18 pages), i’m not going to bother posting it as a text on here; to read it, please follow the link to where it’s uploaded on googledocs!

Gf's housemate from hell didn't know she was messing with the devil.

Gather around, it’s going to be a long post. It’s also getting things off my chest finally.

Okay, so this story sets in India. My gf at that time was in University and living in a house with around 6 other housemates. She was fine with all of them except 1. We’ll call her FB. Fb was the type of housemate that made sure that my gf’s life there was miserable. She’d do something almost every day to upset my gf. Sometimes it’d be little things like stealing her food, borrowing her shit without permission and not returning it etc. Other times, she purposely chipped off parts from her coffee mug that I got her as a gift, slashed her bike tyres, wouldn’t let her and other housemates in at 1am when they was returning from a party and left them stranded outside..etc. you get the picture.

The house they were living in was for ‘girls’ only. Guys were allowed but then asked to leave after 12am where sometimes 'random’ security checks happen. I say 'random’ because they hadn’t had a security check in the 1.5 years she had lived there. Fb’s boyfriend lived with her for a week with no consequences either. So it’s no surprise that when I came for a 2 week stay over to the house (from another country because we were long distance), the landlady got a tipoff on the first day and a security check happened where I got kicked out. With nowhere to go at 1am and a kind of remote region, my gf decided to sneak me back in to stay the night and leave in the morning for a hotel. When I climbed up the staircase to go upstairs to her room, she saw me. We locked ourselves in the room , but then there were cops after 30 mins that showed up because fb claimed that I “raped” her and “touched her”. Wtf. I didn’t even acknowledge her. So the cops interviewed us for an hour and her parents were called (they live in a different state) explaining what she had done and a big deal was made. She had also been told she would be denied a stay for the next semester (current semester ending in a month). I was let go due to the false accusation (everyone at home said it didnt happen) but still out in the streets at 4am, sitting on the bench, with the nothing to do but plot my revenge.

So it begins.

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Some commission busts for the ever generous @myangelsheaven​! These busts of their demon version of Dark Link from the Legend of Zelda. I had a lot of fun making all these different expressions~! Thank you as always for your patience, @myangelsheaven​!

More zelda from me here! 

Please do not edit or re-upload without explicit permission of the commissioner! Thank you! 

Christmas DLC Translations + FAQ

Hello everyone! It’s been a while again, and we’ve gotten a whole lot of questions about the new Christmas DLC and whether we’ll be translating things like the main menu voice clips and the ringtones. So here are some quick answers:

Will you be translating the Christmas DLC stuff?


I had the most ridiculous time with getting the audio (things not working, then working without sound, then not working again, etc etc), but I was finally able to solve the problem this morning. I now have all of the main menu clips and the bonus text/email/ringtones queued up for translation by our lovely team.

Will you be uploading the audio here?

Not sure.

We still have yet to receive a reply to my email, though it’s been quite a while so I may email Cheritz again to ask about it. Hopefully we’ll get the go-ahead and can post the accompanying audio with the translated text.

If you can’t post the audio, how will you post the translations?

We’ll make a text post for the text tones, email tones, and ringtones, and a post for the main menu audio with the characters’ names and the translation of what they say beneath it. That’s not too much of a problem for the text/email/ringtones, though you won’t be able to match what you hear the characters say in the main menu to the translation if you don’t know Korean, unfortunately, as it is random.

Also on that note, as with the Halloween update each character has exactly three different voice clips on the main menu.

Hey, do you know how to [insert question about Xmas DLC here]?

We’re not a question-answer blog on all things MysMe, so you should probably ask a different blog. I take general MysMe questions on my other blog @zentherainbowunicorn, though I haven’t played through all the Christmas DLC yet so you’ll either have to wait for an answer or can ask another blog, as well. Thank you!

Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays!

I took screenshots of all the unique (not just cropped from gallery photos) Icons from the Mystic Messenger deep routes (good endings only)
(Under a cut to save dash space cause there are 72 of them)
Happy Messaging~
Edit: I replayed a route or two and did not catch any new icons so this is it. If anyone has any that I missed and want to send them in I will credit you at the bottom of the post :)

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Second Family - Finn Bálor One-Shot

Request: Hey could you maybe do an imagine where Y/N and Finn introduce the baby to some of the WWE roster

A/N: Thanks for the request, anon! ^.^

Originally posted by babyphotography1

Originally posted by be-evil2

- 3 Months Later -

“Ava!” You giggled, bringing your fingertips down to tickle against the little girl’s sides as she let out a shriek, a bubbly grin consisting of drool forming. You smiled, peppering her face in sweet kisses as you assembled her outfit for the day. “We’re taking you on a trip. How does that sound my sweet angel?” You cooed, watching as she kicked eagerly.

At three months old, Ava was developing normally. She was trying her hardest to roll over from her back to her tummy, not quite getting the full concept. Half of the time she would get stuck on her side and would grow agitated, meaning you or Finn had to quickly turn her back to first position.

She started to imitate sounds, widen her eyes at some things you’d say and even started to recognize faces. Of course she immediately knew you and Finn were her parents, but now she was starting to react to seeing you both. With you she would grin from ear to ear and wave her hands.

With Finn she would smile, giggle, and kick her feet which brightened his day up more than anything.

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@texts-from-underground, my voice + a fuck ton of audacity effects

i can’t believe mettaton is fucking dead

So, here’s a small audio thing I made (and have had to re-upload several times now because tumblr is annoying) because I was inspired by this post by @texts-from-underground

Congratulations on your 10 million subscribers @therealjacksepticeye !! :D

I am not super good at English or writing letters, so plz forgive me for grammar mistakes and crappy wording :(

I just wanted to say thank you! which I have been refraining to because I thought it wouldn’t reach you anyway… but I thought whether you see it or not, I should say it if I feel like it :D being purely thankful is a rare and precious feeling for me. 

oki first of all, THANK YOU because

You really helped me through the last couple months of my study abroad in the U.S. I had hard time adjusting to the culture and would often turn into a depressed hermit who does nothing but get stuck on the thought of whether I should’ve said ‘excuse me’ instead of ‘sorry’. But you and ur energetic vids kinda let me forget about the mistakes (and probably mistakes no one really realized) I’ve made, and taught me to forget about it :) 

But above everything, thank you so much, because

you got me back into drawing. I was reluctant to draw anything for more than 5 years because I ran into a massive art block back when I was in high school. And that art block is still there, and I still don’t know what to do with it. But I decided to deal with it, because you gave me the energy to. In two ways! Your words motivate me, and drawing you is a lot of fun for me. I haven’t uploaded any on this blog except this, but my document is literally filled with ur sketch(*ノωノ)You’ve played a really big role in me deciding to study art when I get back to my hometown. Thank you Jack :)

sorry for the wall of text, I love you to no end 

 And I hope you had an awesome day! *lots of hugs*