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That Bendy and the Ink Machine song actually got me to easily go to sleep with it’s funky murderous rhythms. Thank you, insanely catchy song, for curing my two weeks of insomia.

Although, I should probably give credit to the fact my nephew finally came home from the hospital yesterday– so my anxiety wasn’t at full compacity either. BUT I AM GIVING CREDIT TO THE SONG! 

To my lovelies waiting

For an update on something…. ive had quite a week.

My mom came home from the hospital, stable but still, talks of feeding tubes and nursing homes and all sorts of shit i promised her i would never let happen. Since shes home shes extra needy and wants me to visit every single day, which is hard to do.

Ive cancelled every single cake i had this month. Every single one. What am i even doing anymore?

We had a funeral today, the visitation yesterday for one of my husbands family members and that was hard. With this mess with my mom I didn’t realize she was so sick and now i kinda feel like a jerk for not going to see her before she died.

I havent had a moment to just sit and write, but my mind is always working and im actually rather surprised and excited about something that im thinking about.

Tonight i had a bath, did a face mask, turned on some music, had a moment to myself to just sit and stare. It was nice i guess.

Fire Alarm

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Masterlist | Based off the first prompt from this

Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 1,320

Warnings: Swearing, fluff (I tried my best?)

A/N: So because of school work right now, I haven’t really had the time to update ‘Flashes’. I’m really sorry!!! So instead, I decided to write this drabble that came requested from @chrystalcaper. Hope this is something like what you requested, love! Anyways, enjoy the one-shot!

Generally, like most people, you enjoyed sleeping.

And considering it was the weekend, damn right you deserved that sleep. You’d had a tough week at work, and now, sleep was the only thing on your mind. Not to mention that the summer warmth enveloped you in a cocoon of fatigue.

So one might say you were pretty damn pissed when at exactly 3.02 AM, the residential fire alarm echoed through your apartment, the hallways and other people’s rooms.

You almost fell out of your bed at the sudden burst of noise, your heart leaping in your chest and your eyes widening in a sudden rush of adrenaline. A small gasp escaped your lips as you tried to blink out your surroundings and calm your stuttering heartbeat.

What the fuck just woke you?

But as you adjusted into the real world (although rather shakily), you realised that the blaring noise went on. And on. And on. And—

Okay, maybe you’ve been woken by the fire alarm. Although, right now, you were so tired that you were seriously considering just ignoring the alarm and burning alive. Hey, at least you’d die sleeping, right?

… Then again, smoke inhalation (if there actually was a fire) wasn’t really a fun way to die, so…

Sighing, you timidly pulled the blanket off your form, slightly shivering at the cold air that initially hit your bare arms and legs. But then, the cold air turned into the warm summer air again, and you felt your nerves warm up. Then, you realised that if you kept stalling around like this, damn right you would get nowhere. So to pick up the pace a little (although reluctantly), you swung your legs out the bed and got to your feet, slipping on a pair of flip-flops for outside.

… Didn’t they tell you not to run in flip-flops?

“Fuck it,” you muttered grumpily, kicking the footwear off and going barefoot instead. You really didn’t have time for this contemplation of safety rules right now.

You walked out of your apartment and saw that other people, just like you, were evacuating (although some looked far more pissed off than you were). So, um, maybe you weren’t the only one who was hella groggy and now had a headache.

It did not, indeed, help that the alarm was still blaring and partially feeling like an echo on your ears.

Sighing, you kept walking, taking the emergency stairs like everyone else on your floor. That’s how you ended up squashed between a family of five and three douchebags who were yelling (Great, just add to the fucking noise) all the way to the ground floor. As soon as the exit was half a meter near your form, you (politely) shoved through, narrowly avoiding stepping on a five-year-old. Okay,  maybe you felt bad for that one, but hey — you could’ve actually stepped on the child, so in some way, it was a win.


… Right, your sleep-deprived brain was definitely rambling and making up bullshit on the spot now.

Walking out of the apartment building, you felt yourself shiver slightly at the colder air that hit you. Okay, maybe you should’ve taken some time pulling a sweater on or something. Your baggy shirt and shorts weren’t really doing anything to keep you warm.

Trying to find a free spot in the huge-ass crowd, you were relieved to find a spot somewhere near the back where people wouldn’t necessarily see your rather dandy outfit. So that was exactly how you ended up standing somewhere a good 80 feet away from the actual meeting spot. Yes, that was how big the crowd was. There were a lot of people in your complex.

Suddenly, you heard something — through the masses of people — that you didn’t even expect.

You heard a chuckle.

Well, first off, the chuckle sounded like heaven had come down just to bless your ears with that sound. It was absolutely beautiful, was deep enough to belong to a man, and—

Wait, what was heavenly-laugh-man laughing at?

Slowly turning around, you spotted a — holy fuck he’s built like a brick house — rather very handsome man in your sights, with a blond head of hair, striking blue eyes and a jawline chiselled by the gods. And damn — he was wearing nothing except for boxers.

Focus, (Y/N), you scolded yourself internally, trying not to let your eyes wander. Your mouth felt slightly dry, but then you managed to weakly ask, “What seems to be so funny?”

He seemed to focus on you then, and smiled a bit. “Well, it looks like you could fit two of yourselves in that shirt, ma’am.”

“Ma’am?” You asked, confused at the term he had used. “Why would you call me—”

And then, you mind finally seemed to connect the dots, figure out what one plus one was, let it click, something like that.

Because apparently, no one had bothered telling you that Captain America lived in your complex.

Holy fuck,” you breathed, so silently and under your breath that almost you yourself didn’t hear it. Well, that explained the unnaturally god-like looks and those pecs— “You’re—”

“Steve Rogers,” he finished off with a small yet warm smile, holding his hand out for you to shake. You nervously took it and smiled as the two of you shook hands. “I live in apartment 385.”

“385? That’s right next to my apartment!” You half-exclaimed, excited about the fact that Captain fucking America lived right next door to you. Well, now you were happy that one of your friends had convinced you to move to New York.

“Oh, that’s great then,” Steve smiled, a happy glint in his eyes. Then, said blue eyes trailed down to your shirt and he commented, “Seriously, are you even sure this is your shirt? It looks like even I could fit in there.”

You both laughed a bit at his silly comment, a warm air about. Then, he added, “Seriously, you’re just so tiny and cute—

Suddenly, he froze. You felt your eyes widen a bit at the fact that Captain America just called you cute— But then, you could see that his cheeks were flushed and he was avoiding looking at you.

Did Captain America just become shy?

Well, if that wasn’t the most adorable view ever, you mused to yourself, grinning at him. Then, you half-cooed, “Is Captain America blushing?”

He chuckled, the flush in his cheeks still visible. Then, he smiled down at you and said, “Well, this definitely isn’t going the way I want a first meeting to go.”

“Then how about we do a rematch?” You asked, mischief lacing your voice as you smiled up at him. He himself was clearly enjoying this moment, too.

“Sounds great,” Steve remarked carefully. You noticed only now that the two of you were mere inches away. You would kiss him (if you eventually mustered up the courage), but not now. So then, you went on your tip-toes and gave him a soft, chaste peck on the cheek. And even that soft peck made butterflies run wild in your stomach and your heart do a giddy dance.

“I’ll see you tomorrow at 7, my place,” you whispered, knowing he heard you. Then, you turned around to the people already filing back into the building — it had just been a practice session.

Well, if the practice session scored you a date with an incredibly handsome man, then you’ll let it slide that it was at 3AM.

Walking away from him, you heard him call, “By the way, I hope I’ll be an adorable view tomorrow!”

You felt your cheeks heat up like sparklers, but then you playfully scoffed and called over your shoulder, “We’ll see.”

And with that, you walked back into the building, definitely looking forward to what would be happening on Sunday at 7PM.

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I really hope you guys had better 2017 start then I did.

As my status updates lately got very random a bit of summary.

Start of January my tablet broke and needed a couple of weeks to get a new one for working. Followed the recent heavy flu which lasted 2 weeks and really kicked me out of routine as I was mainly tied to bed, recovering.

Just as I could get out of it and finish the job I was already super late with my hard drive crashed without warning and lost everything. All settings, saves, bookmarks (because Chrome email synced bookmarks are crap and won’t function the way it should). With my computer upgrade hard drive was the only one I had no funds to change but then they not shown troubles and were stable before. 

I am super late with commissions, work and pretty much everything, I lost about 2 months of set up schedule and plans. As I set back up everything I will sit on commissions and properly finally reply most of my emails and messages which I could not before. Everything is a mess and I really hope this bad luck route is finally over and can catch my breath, rid of the stress and catch up with all.

My haggis experience

As some of you may have seen, my stepdaughter brought me haggis from her trip to Edinburgh this week. Some of you have asked me if I had tasted haggis before, and if it’s something I had really wanted, or an unwanted present - I want to clarify that no, I had never had it but I asked her specifically to bring me some, as I always wanted to try it. You cannot get it in grocery stores in England, where I live (or perhaps you can, but only in some speciality ones I don’t go to).

I had some for lunch today so this is my update for those of you who are wondering (so basically this is for you @canuck-sassenach). First of all, it comes in a nice box but inside the box was a simple can. Just a reminder of how nicely it was packaged:

(Next to it is a coaster just in case you can’t tell.)

So, it says on the can the contents of haggis are: lamb offal, beef suet, oatmeal, onions, water, salt, pepper. So, not anything that would make you instantly desire it, but if Angelina can eat all those spiders in Thailand, this is not much worse than that.

Initially, as you open the can, the first thing that hits you is the horrible smell. It is preserved in some weird water, and I had to open all the windows and wash the haggis just to get rid of the stink. Luckily I don’t get fazed by bad smells or anything like that (I can easily clean up puke, blood or anything else after others without batting an eyelid, sorry if this is TMI). So, the haggis is a kind of a ball of all those ingredients above, mixed together and wrapped in a foil. The foil is not edible although from what I understand, the wrap can be made of intestines in which case it is edible.

I cut the foil and I sliced haggis like you would slice a salami. Here is a pic of what it looked like on the inside:

And this is one from the outside, sorry for the bad quality pic:

It needs to be eaten warm, so I microwaved it for a couple minutes. I was VERY reluctant to eat it at first, as I still remembered the smell it had before I had washed it, and it wasn’t exactly inviting me to take a bite. But it was, surprisingly, much better than I expected. I had it with some fresh crusty bread and pickles (but that’s just me being weird, I love pickles with everything, and that is not just the pregnancy talking - I have ALWAYS loved pickles). I understand you are supposed to have it with mashed potatoes and some vegetables, but I couldn’t be bothered to cook all that. I had it simply with bread, pickles and also with some black pudding - a sausage made of blood, which I had tried before, and liked, so I knew I was going to be all right eating it. But haggis, to me, actually tasted better than the black pudding, as the black pudding I found to be over-spiced and I couldn’t taste much of it other than the spices. Whereas the haggis tasted more meaty and less spicy, which I preferred.

To summarize, haggis won’t become a part of my regular diet, and neither will black pudding. But I like variety and tasting new things, and I also I think they are actually quite healthy meals (think of all the iron in the blood, this is great especially if you’re anemic), so I will definitely eat it occasionally. Perhaps on my next visit to Scotland. For now, I have that whole ball of it to finish yet, and I’m quite looking forward to my next portion!

I will be visiting Italy in May where I’ll be trying whatever quirky food they have to offer! 

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Man, I can't remember the last time something had me checking so obsessively for updates, LOL. Love your work!!! It seems to me that Bradley Cooper is begging for a transformation. He's really turned into quite the DILF. Could you work your hands-on magic and help me take a spin?

Well thank you, as always I’m glad to be of service and there’s definitely a time and place for you to become Mr. Cooper, and that time is now.

Enjoying the simple festive atmosphere of The Studio, you never were exactly one to pay much attention, like many others especially as you suddenly find yourself bumping into another man, his drink spilling all over you and you can barely get an apology in before you find yourself quickly whisking yourself away, reaching for the nearby door and opening it to your room. The drink itself almost burns at you before you finally glance down at time to see your damp clothes. For some reason you have the strong urge to take them off and that’s exactly what you do, your wet hands moving against your will as you begin to realise you’re changing.

Your hands are paler, more weather beaten but still well kempt as rich brown hairs begin to sprout on your arms, your own hands starting to grow, the fingers lengthening as your arms begin to follow, lengthening and widening with muscle as you can already see the development of your muscular biceps, thickening more and more with every movement and every flex.

It’s now you realise how your stomach is still wet, damp with the transformative liquid that drips down with your sweat, glistening on your body as any and all fat melts away slowly, carving out your abs that slowly inflate through the disappearing fat, your now thin stomach sporting more brown hairs that start to adorn your fair and well-travelled skin, your chest already growing hairy as your pectorals bounce and flex as they continue to grow more and more.

Your bare thighs start to thicken and with it your hair continues to change as you can already feel the burning and pleasurable sensation going straight to your cock, your back against the wall as you can’t help but continue to sweat and moan as it feels like someone is lapping at the head of you cock, the image of yourself against the wall and unable to quiver and moan in your muscular body burning into your mind as you watch the transformation continue in a mirror across from you. 

Your calves grow more and more muscular as your feet remove themselves from your pants that are still wrapped around them, before you watch the toes pierce through the socks, the arch widening and lengthening as they tear away at the socks before they burst and revealing your new and larger feet.

You’re forced to watch as your face starts to realign and shift, your jawline becoming more chiselled as your head shrinks slightly, whilst your own stature grows straight, tall, and confident. A beard adorns your face as more of the same rich brown hair starts to slowly grow as your nose grows slightly more pointed, your eyes change as you’re forced to blink from blurred vision and open them to see the sharp blue of your eyes stare back at your changing face in the mirror. 

You continue to moan, still moaning and moving against the wall as the ghostly tongue continues to lick at your cock, edging you on, making you want more and more just as your hair grows longer and becomes styled, you just see the image of yourself, Bradley Cooper, in all your muscularity moaning against the wall and it tips you over, causing you to shut your eyes as you cum, over and over again.

By the time you open them again, you find yourself shirtless, glancing down at yourself and the mess you made as your wardrobe fills with numerous suits, shoes, and other paraphernalia. 

All of it being dedicated fans who wanted to get closer to you or a few pesky journalists who got too close and now can’t get enough of you. 

You can almost hear their moans in your mind whenever you wear them and flex inside of them, touching their bodies and sending them over again and again, causing them to moan and cum repeatedly, just like what happened to you.

Nonetheless, looking at yourself, you’re now Bradley Cooper, wondering what drink was spilled onto you, and where you could get some more.


marchofthethieves  asked:

Hi!! I found your lunar chronicles fics on AO3 and knew I had to track down your blog so I can know when you update because your writing is WONDERFUL. YOU ARE SO TALENTED AT WRITING EVERYONE IN CHARACTER AND AHHHHH you're amazing!

Thank you thank you thank you!! ♥u♥ I’m so, so glad you like it so far! I’m working on the next chapter now, so I’m hoping to have an update for you soon! In the meantime, here’s a little teaser for Good Night, Starlight:

The chickens squawk and bump into each other in France. Wordlessly, Scarlet turns her portscreen and walks toward the barn. Green grass and fog and fields pass by on the screen. In her seat, in a spaceship on the cold, barren moon, Cress smiles to see it.

“Wolf?” Scarlet calls. The barn doors creak open. It takes a moment for the camera to adjust; when it does, the dim light coming into the barn reveals Wolf, crouched down and petting a cat. Scarlet snorts. “Hey. Cress wants to say hi.”

Wolf looks up. “Hi.”

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Do not get bored with so much work? ;)

Not bored yet, not even close. Sorry for lack of updates this week tho, I had a cold that screwed up my drawing schedule a bit. But I’m feeling much better today :D

there used to be a website where once you make an account, you could read translations of manga?? it was one where they didn’t do anything to the raw scans so you had to hover over the text areas and then someone had written the translation for it in a box on the left side……it always had the latest updates for manga like instead of having to wait for scanlators to clean it up and translate it and then post it with english it was just the raw scans with translations on the side……has anyone heard of this??? I can’t remember the website for the life of me but it was so great



a third commission post with updated art and guidelines!! 

i realized that i had improved soooo much more since the examples on my old post so i decided that it’s about time to show that improvement! prices are still the same, and as usual, send me an ask or IM me if you want to commission me! if you can’t buy any, reblogging this would be much appreciated!!

my paypal is still chicascomissions@gmail.com !!

Minor change

Having had problems with my first name with foreigners it has come to attention it is best to go by my middle name Xavierre. You may call me X for short. Thank you for understanding this change. This’ll make things clearer for future. :) 



A messy little comic where a discovery is made (and the masses eat it up).

Part 2

I told you I would return lol