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Paring: Jungkook x reader
Genre: Fluff, online boyfriend!AU
Word Count: 3.2k

“God, I cannot wait to actually be able to interlock my hand with yours.”

Distance is only a test to see how far love can actually travel. But the distance gets tough when you not only live a whole country away, but your boyfriend is also an idol. Not forgetting to mention, you’ve never met him in person. 

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can i request 46 and bakugou for the ask event !!!

Of course you can sweet thing!

Bakugou Katsuki:

Writing Prompt #46- ‘What if I told you I’ve been in love with you since we were kids.’

Looking back, the promises made in one’s childhood should never be taken seriously. For example, if one had promised themselves at a young age that they would fall in love with a Prince and be married off happily by age 16, chances are one would not see this as a serious promise.

However, if one had promised to marry a close childhood friend at an early age, that should also be taken lightly right? It was a simple toddler idea of love and how marriage works, not an actual proposal right?

Or at least that’s what Bakugou had wished his childhood friend (Name) would take into account and realize. His stupid declaration of puppy love and marriage was enough to make your small heart flutter at the time and both of your mother’s squeal with delight. Though in reality he only wanted to marry you because he had been there when your quirk emerged.

And to the four year old Bakugou, you suddenly became someone much cooler, thus he wanted you all to himself. And what’s the best way to do that? Marry them. But when he got his quirk, the thought had all but vanished from his mind.

Or at least he wanted too, but you would always bring it up when he least expected it.

“So Kacchan, I was thinking…” You had started during one of the breaks. “Do you think pink and ivory or blue and ivory would be better for our wedding colors?”

“For the last fucking time… I’m not marrying you!” He huffed.

By this time and after hearing about it for over a decade, his explosive calls had ended whenever you brought it up, and now were instead retorted with an exhausted and frustrated tone. Like a parent after a long car ride with a young child.

You giggled and scurried away before he would actually blow up at you. You had known him since the two of you were newborns, thus you knew his tendencies fairly well.

“Y’know… you’ve never explained why they always brings up this marriage thing? You two in an arranged one or something?” Kaminari asked.

“She fucking wishes…” Bakugou growled and scoffed at the thought of his parents actually trying to have him in a quirk marriage. If that ever happened… there would be more swearing than usual.

“So what’s the deal then bro?” Kirishima pressed on.

“When we were little, according to my shit mom, the moment they got their quirk I asked then to marry me… to which they accepted.”

Kaminari let out a snort and Kirishima beamed excitedly. This was quite a piece of information!

“Well I suppose it makes sense then.” Kirishima mumbled.

“Yeah it sure does!” Kaminari agreed.

“What are you fucks going on about now?”

“Well they’re waiting for you dude!” Kaminari exclaimed like it was obvious.

“Huh?” Bakugou huffed and got worked up on his cryptic words.

“Well it’s pretty obvious that they still like you. It’s not like (Name)-san is not popular amongst the students at UA. But they always turn down the people who ask them out.”

“So do you like them?” Kirishima asked, poking the explosive student as he did so. “Come on bro! You have to like her, that bond of childhood only grows stronger as you get older!”

“What does it matter? They never told me, so it must mean I’m not good enough to be fucking told!”

“Naw man, (Name) just doesn’t want to risk losing your friendship. So instead they’ve relied on the promise you made to them to see if they should or not.”

“Wow Kaminari! You’re pretty smart when it comes to romance stuff!” Kirishima complimented his friend.

“It’s my specialty!”

“You’re both so fucking dumb that it’s driving me mad…” Bakugou stood up and paced towards the classroom door.

“You going to confess to (Name)?” Kirishima called.


He slammed the door shut and the red haired and blonde haired boy exchanged knowing glances.

“He totally is… and he’s gonna fuck it up.” Kaminari chuckled.

“Good thing (Name)-san knows the type of person Bakugou is.” Kirishima responded.

During this whole confrontation, you had been at the vending machine idly sipping on a strawberry milk. Break would be over soon, but you were in no hurry to get back.

“Hey shit eater, move over.” Bakugou called out and you moved to the side so he could make a purchase.

When he had bought a drink he popped it open and leaned against the wall near you. He watched as you lazily sipped your drink and stared down at your phone.

“Hey.” He said suddenly and you looked up at him.

“Hmmm?” You asked back, not sure why he suddenly wanted to make conversation now.

“You shouldn’t hold onto such a dumb thing I said to you when we were kids, it shows how fucking ridiculous you are.” He scolded you.

“Hmmm but that’s the problem Kacchan.” You swung your finger in front of him.

“And what’s the fucking problem?”

“Well you see, that proposal changed everything for me.”

“How so you dumbass?”

You giggled and shrugged your shoulders.

“How would you react if I told you that I’ve been in love with you since we were kids? Because you told me that?”

He choked on his drink and nearly blew up the can as a result.

D’Oublier Quelqu’un - Jim Moriarty x Fem! Reader

Pairing: Jim Moriarty x Fem! Reader
Tags: none
Warnings: cussing
Rating: T
Word count: 1676
Author’s Note: My first request! This was requested by anon - 

Jim moriarty x reader, euros holmes manages to wipe out jim out of her memories

Hopefully you like this anon, I did my best! Sorry if it wasn’t exactly on par! It was a bit challenging, but I loved writing this :) 

d’oublier quelqu’un - to forget someone (en français)

James Moriarty x Fem!Reader

It was in the middle of the night when half asleep Y/N Y/L/N heard the quiet footsteps of someone in her flat. It was probably a burglar, she inwardly groaned and moved in her warm bed. She had a big day tomorrow  and she didn’t want to upset her new boss on the first day of work. Y/N was even more surprised and disgusted when she felt the side of her bed dip down and warm arms encircled her. She wrinkled her nose with further disgust when she felt him kiss her hair.

Was this a burglar or a creep? A perv? Taking in a deep breath, she elbowed the said burglar in the nose and smirked when she heard him groan. A loud thump indicated that he had fallen off the bed. She rolled off her bed and switched the lights, armed with a gun which she had managed to pull from under her bed. The man in front of her had jet black hair with pale skin. But his eyes were… different. They seemed soulless and cold, but emotion and mischief swum in them. And currently, those eyes were looking at her with amusement. He was dressed in a crumpled white button up, which clearly was undone, baring his chest and his boxers. He chuckled at her stance and made a move toward her, which made her even more nervous and kept her finger on the trigger.

“Looks like the move Sebastian showed you worked after all,” he laughed. “I know, I probably should have knocked… but it’s been a long trip and I just wanted to sleep with you.”

“Who are you?” Y/N demanded in a loud tone, wary of this man. “Either you’re in the wrong house or you’re crazy!”

The man rubbed his hands together, a bit confused by her actions. “I didn’t really know you’d move back into your old apartment. I was only gone for a couple of weeks.” He started to walk toward her again when she made the move to pull the trigger; he immediately stepped back and raised his hands in surrender.

“Look I don’t know who you are buddy,” she warned, her voice loud yet calm. “I suggest you get the hell out of my house.” The man’s playful demeanour changed and coldness seemed to seep into his eyes. Y/N couldn’t help but shiver.

“Enough playing Y/N,” his friendly tone became dangerously cold and sickeningly sweet. “Daddy’s had enough now. You can drop the act. I’m tired and I just want some rest.” He started to angrily walk towards her when she fired two warning shots at the wall, narrowly missing him. The man looked at the wall behind him and now, he was a bit scared, giving Y/N more confidence. “What’s going on Y/N/N? Is something the matter?”

“Stop calling me that!” Y/N shouted, not caring if her neighbours heard her or not. “I don’t know who you are! If you stay one more minute in this house, the next bullet will be through your brain. Now get out!” She gestured to the door. The man looked visibly hurt, and she couldn’t help but feel bad for him, but he had to get out. He was an intruder in her home, some sort of spy. He quickly picked up his clothes, gave her a longing, sad look and quietly left the room. Y/N visibly sighed and switched off the lights, trying to fight the uncomfortable feeling that was gnawing at her chest.


Couple of months later

“How is Y/N/N?” Eurus Holmes spoke to Jim Moriarty, whose back was turned toward her as he prepared to leave. “I do miss having her around. Her strawberry tartlets are to die for.” His eyes hardened at the mention of Y/N’s name.

“She’s doing perfectly fine,” Jim replied coolly, not letting any emotion show. It had been several months since he had seen her last on that fateful night. “She’s hard at work at her new job. We’re busy. Very, busy.”

“Jimmy darling,” Eurus cooed. “You are lying. You always speak in short curt sentences when you’re lying. I’d know, Y/N/N told me.” Jim closed his eyes and clenched his jaw. Eurus was cleverly playing him.

After that night, he gave Y/N her space. He had Sebastian look into several hospitals to see if his princess had had an accident of some sorts, but she hadn’t even been registered for the past couple of years. He hacked several websites and found nothing seemed out of place. It was as though she had simply forgotten he’d existed. His eyes widened with realisation. Eurus was responsible for erasing him from her memory.


“Can I sit here?” a bespectacled woman approached Y/N’s coffee booth. The E/C eyed woman smiled and nodded at her. “Sorry, it’s just that the shop is crowded.”

“That’s fine,” Y/N Y/L/N gave her a warm smile again. “I just have lots of work to do, so I’ll be here the whole day.” The woman laughed and opened up her laptop and began typing away.

“I’m Y/N, by the way,”  Y/N held out her hand for… the woman to shake. “I live down the street but I like coming to the café to finish my work.”

“Ròs,” she replied back, gripping her hand tightly. “I’ve never worked in a cafe before, so hopefully it should be good!”


After a couple of hours together, Y/N and Ròs had become good friends. They even ended up exchanging numbers after Y/N had to leave.

“I’m sorry if this is personal, but do you have a boyfriend?” Ròs asked her shyly. Y/N nodded excitedly.

“Yeah, his name is Jim,” Y/N admitted, turning red. “He’s a sweetheart, but he’s away on work most of the time. I really have to run Ròs, catch you later?” Ròs waved her goodbye as Y/N dashed off.

“Jim…” Eurus Holmes murmured to herself, taking off her glasses and smirked. “Looks like I found her after all.”

After a couple of days, Eurus  Holmes had deliberately lodged herself in Y/N’s mind. She was able to reprogram her memories and became a dominant presence in her mind. Now that Y/N was completely at her mercy, she knew what to do next.

Ask Big Brother Mycroft for a nice present.


“After everything I’ve done for you,” he reverted back to his sickly sweet high pitched voice and turned around. “I was your Christmas present.” Moriarty mock-pouted.

“But Christmas presents are meant to be played with Jimmy,” Eurus cooed, picking up her violin. “What on earth is the point of them then?”

“Nicely played,” he narrowed his eyes slightly at her. He would be lying if he said he didn’t miss Y/N. He missed her every day, every hour, every minute and every second. He missed her warm presence in his cold heart. He missed the loud music he came to every night, the aroma of food wafting through their home. Her tinkling laughter whenever he told her a joke. Her hugs when she had to leave on a trip. Her everything.

“Oh, I know how to play very well,” she turned away and began to play the darned violin. Jim Moriarty blinked several times and walked out of the door. He unclenched his fist on realising that she would never actually remember him. It wasn’t a trick Y/N played on him, it was a game Eurus had played.

The criminal mastermind walked out the door with his heart heavy, but he didn’t let it show on his face. He had things to do, he had no time for wallowing in sorrow. On seeing his bodyguards, his denier changed into an easy going one. He resumed chewing his gum and beckoned them to follow him. In one of the brightly lit corridors he caught sight of familiar H/C hair in his peripheral vision.   He whipped his head around and saw those E/C coloured eyes that haunted him day and night. She was dressed in a suit and he could just see a gun peeking from a hidden holster. Y/N looked over her shoulder nervously and took a timid step toward him. With a flick of his wrist, the bodyguards disappeared and he concentrated on solely her.

“I’m sorry for breaking in,” he spoke calmly, fighting the urge to envelope her in his arms. “I arrived in the wrong home. I hope you have a good day.” Jim tried to edge past her, but she put her hand on his chest in order to stop him from leaving.

“You are James Moriarty,” Y/N spoke softly. “The consulting criminal.” She put a gentle palm on his smooth cheek, making him gasp softly. “I know you, I don’t know from where, I just do.”

“Researched you,” he put his hands in his pockets. “I know everything about you.”

“You’re lying. You always speak in short sentences when you’re lying.” Her eyes scanned the rest of his face. “You know me intimately, no one calls me Y/N/N. But I know you do. You wear Westwood on special occasions. Your best friend is Sebastian Moran. You call him Tiger from time to time.”

“Does this mean you remember me?” Jim spoke breathlessly. To his disappointment she shook her head.

“I’m sorry, I don’t,” she replied sadly. “The woman in my head tells me things about you. She’s beautiful and she’s always there. But I want to know you for who you are. I want to be me. I think you know who I truly am.” She slipped a piece of paper into his pocket. “I think you know where to find me.” She gave him a small smile and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Jim Moriarty had another chance and he would treasure the brilliant and beautiful woman who graced his presence. He just loved her so much, he would do anything to be with her.

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Just Friends ~Part 9

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(gif isn’t mine credit to owner) 

Hey there people, this part is a bit different since it’s from Jungkook’s point of view so I hope you like it :D 

I just realised how long it is omg :’) 

The final should be soon after this :3

-5 988 words 


➳ Jungkook’s point of view 

~Jungkook misses Rose..~

prologue , part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10

I was laying in my bed with the girl I had just finished fucking. The city lights made the pearls of sweat sparkle upon her perfect body. Her chest was rising as she tried to catch her breath. My eyes traced her curves and I got up to shower letting her recover from our wild sex. It had become a habit for me to fuck random strangers and I wasn’t proud of it. The poor girl didn’t even know that all along I was pretending she was Rose. I had used her and Rose just wouldn’t leave my head. I felt horrible. What the hell was the matter with me? Why couldn’t I let it go? I knew I wasn’t good enough for Rose, even if I wanted her she would just push me away and after all I had put her through I couldn’t blame her.

It all started that one night. I should have told her right from the start instead of trying to hide my problems from her, I wanted to protect her, she already had enough to worry about but instead, I hurt her. Now there was a sweaty and panting girl next to me in my big lonely apartment. She was beautiful, the type of woman I would have fallen for before, but she wasn’t her. She wasn’t the one I wanted to share my nights with, every time I fucked a girl, I would remember the way she moaned my name the few times that I had managed to get my hands on her. I shouldn’t have done that, I had hurt her again. But she wasn’t saying no, and I couldn’t stop myself, she had me wrapped around her finger and she didn’t even realize it. If only that night I had gone to see her, things would have been different.

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“A Whole Universe Away” (Beauty and the Beast, modern uni AU)

Inspired by a conversation this morning, in which I at one point was thinking “that is totally something Lumiere would do”, I typed out this…thing. Modern AU.

All semester, Lumiere had lamented to Adam about being a whole universe apart from Plumette here in their student exchange country, while she stayed in France. Even the Shakespeare Performance paper they had both been selected to do over here on the other side of the planet in some far flung country’s university, could not distract his heart completely from his beloved Plumette stuck in France. He couldn’t go a day without messaging her on Facebook at least ten times a day, unlike Adam, who managed to restrain himself to about two or three times a day. 

And now, already, the mid-semester break loomed a tantalising two weeks away. 

“Do you not miss her as much as I miss Plumette?” Lumiere sighed one day as they shared a quality wine at a restaurant after a rehearsal. “I have even booked a plane back to France at the end of next week.”

Adam raised an eyebrow, “And when did you book this plane?”

“Today, of course,” Lumiere said, “I go next Thursday. And before you ask, no, I could not have borne to wait a day longer to fly back to France.”

“We have class on that day, Lumiere! And the mid-semester break is only a week long–how long will you be there? Five days?” 

“Nine days,” Lumiere corrected, before flashing his most winning grin at his friend, “You know, I can always try to get you a ticket back to France too.” 

“Not for next Thursday!” 

“That’s only the last class anyway–nothing for us on Friday. Don’t you want to go home and see Belle too?” 

“Of course I do, but not next Thursday.”

“It’s only one class. And come on, tickets to France are cheap right now.” Lumiere leaned over in his chair and unzipped his bag to begin a tug of war with it as he tried to pull out his laptop. 

“Lumiere, no, I can’t just go to France at the last minute–”

“Sure you can. Anyway, I’m sure there’s something next Friday, since you’re so intent on staying back for just that one class right before the holidays–”

“I need to study!”

Lumiere shrugged as he placed his freed laptop on the table, opening it. A little ding came from it as it woke up. Keys clacked as he typed in his password, followed by another affirmative ding as it was approved. 

“You can study in France too, but why do that when you can spend quality time with Belle?”

“She’d study with me.” 

Lumiere made a face. “You know what, you’re right. You’ll be huddled away together while Plumette and I tour all of Europe as much as we can. Road trip to Germany, Spain, Italy, and Portugal.”

“All in nine days? And somehow back in time for a flight back?” 

“I’m sure we can do it. Love always wins the day. You can come with us too if you want. Doesn’t Belle always talk about wanting adventure in the great wide somewhere? Oh hey, look, a 24-hour flight special for Europe with way cheaper prices!” 

With a flourish, Lumiere spun the laptop around, so Adam was now faced with an open flight webpage with deals for Europe splashed across its home page. Despite himself, Adam found himself taking pause as he considered the rather good flight prices. 

If I’m going over there for a week or so to see my sweetheart…

“Convinced yet, mon ami?” 

A week in his beautiful homeland, a week that would seem to go too fast, and yet still full of Belle. 

I’ve missed her so much. 

Adam sighed, leaning back in his chair. He didn’t know how Lumiere managed to find these amazing flight deals, but either way, he was sold. He could always study on the flight anyway. 

“It’s very short notice, but…”


France. It’s just a week, but…France. Home. 

Adam finally admitted defeat. “You’ve sold me, Lumiere.” 

“I knew it!” Lumiere pumped a fist in the air in triumph with a shout, drawing disapproving glares from a group of old ladies at a nearby table. He didn’t even notice. “Once again, love draws us back to our sweethearts even if for a lamentable few hours.”


“May as well be hours,” Lumiere sighed, “Oh Plumette, my darling Plumette, we shall soon be reunited.” 

“Yes, yes,” Adam rolled his eyes, “I get the general idea, Romeo.” 

“Come on, you miss Belle too.” 

“Yes, but I’m not swooning with lovesickness like you are.” 

“I’m not swooning!” 

“Yes, my old friend, you are.” 

You miss Belle too, don’t you?” 

“Yet I’m not swooning. Funny that.” 

“I’m not swooning,” Lumiere protested, convincing no one, “I just miss Plumette that much.” A pause, and then, “Besides, you’re always taking notes in class, right? I can always borrow your notes for next Thursday, can’t I?” 

Adam let loose a long-suffering sigh. Much as Lumiere could tire him out with his antics sometimes, he couldn’t say no to him either.

“Just this once, Lumiere, just this once.”

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You were terribly nervous for today as you went through your closet for the perfect outfit. You’ve just been invited to a party from you friend but parties were never your scene. You finally decide on a black slimming dress that cut mid thigh with a white jacket. You start to do your hair as your phone rang, curler in hand still trying to finish you pick up the phone.
“Hello ?”
“Hey I’ll be there in like ten!” It was your friend, your glad she gave you a warning otherwise you would have taken forever. As soon as you finish your hair you here a honking outside. You grab your matching heels and head out the door to the awaiting (y/f/n).
“HEY BESTIE THIS IS GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN” she practically screamed in your ear as she rambled on. You started to regret your decision knowing that she’ll get caught up in the excitement and probably leave you. But it was too late because she was already at the blaring house.
“(y/f/n) don’t leave me alone again tonight please ” you turn to your friend.
“Alright alright I’ll try not to” but once you walked in the doors you totally lost her. People were everywhere with red solo cups in their hands, laughing, screaming and dancing. You pushed past the crown into the kitchen to get something small but you were occasionally pushed into to someone. You got your drink and decided to just wait outside. It was chilly but the sky was clear and the stars were shinning brightly.
“ what’s a pretty girl like you doing out side in the cold” you heard a voice behind you remark. You silently prayed that it wasn’t some drunk pervert but when you turned around you were met with the most gorgeous blue eyes you’ve ever seen.
“U-um I needed some fresh air” you stuttered out, cursing yourself in your head “ what are you doing out here? ” you asked.
“ same as you, plus you looked lonely” he said as he put his jacket around you.
“ it’s cold and even if I barely know you, you don’t deserve to be sick” he winked but you greatly accepted it because it was freezing out. You both stood there in silence.
“ I’m Nash and you are?” He turned to look at you and you felt your heart melt.
“(y/n)” you shook his hand but instead of letting go after a few seconds he pulled you in close and whispered in your ear.
“ you know something about you makes me what you so damn much….” He didn’t get finish his sentence though because (Y/F/N) came barging outside saying your name.
“ there you are! I’ve been looking everywhere! it’s late and I wanna go” you turned to give Nash his jacket but he was hanging you his phone with the new contact button, you quickly typed it in and said goodbye.
Through out the whole ride home (Y/F/N) pestered you about the new guy but you just laughed at her nosiness.
*after car ride and your home*
When you were about to fall asleep you felt your phone buzz. You looked over as the bright light flashed.
Nash: I had fun with you tonight even if it was just a exchange of numbers and names, sleep well and I’ll be seeing more of you soon.
You smiled to yourself slowly drifting off to sleep.

Reichenbach Z to A

The Sunday after The Reichenbach Fall first aired, I posted my theory about how Sherlock survived the fall and called it my Reichenbach A to Z.

On the Sunday before the new series of Sherlock, I made myself sit down and write the whole thing out again. But this time I started the chain of events way further back.

It was really just a personal exercise. I’ve got lots and lots of posts in my archive explaining parts of this in greater depth, but I’ve never strung the whole thing together in one post. And since human memory gets overwritten pretty easily, I wanted to try to document where all of this landed in my brain before new episodes came and made me misremember what I used to think.

So, as with my Reichenbach A to Z, my Z to A isn’t really about being right. I do think parts of it are right, but there’s so many pieces in it that there’s got to be a bunch of completely wrong stuff as well. Plus–also as with my original theory post–I let myself include some things just because I find them entertaining, and not because they’re actually likely.

The mental scaffolding for this post was all constructed WAY before they even started filming the new episodes, so I can assure you there are no [s p o i l e r s] to be found here.

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March 9th, 2014 - Recently, I've been dying to meet you

AUTHOR: justa-fangirl

March 9th, 2014 – Recently, I’ve been dying to meet you

Every day, Alfred would take his Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming console to work with him. A lot of people seemed to think he was too old for video games, but Alfred would be happy to explain to any of them that they were so totally wrong. People could never grow out of video games, because it was a medium of entertainment that was always evolving!

And besides, what else was he supposed to do on his daily commute? His 3DS actually helped make the crowded train journey home the best part of his day, because that was when he got to play StreetPass.

StreetPass was a special function on the 3DS, whereby anyone who carried their own console would pop up on your system if you passed them on the street in real life. When you met someone’s little avatar, called a Mii, you could use them to play games and win little prizes.

It was pretty addictive, and Alfred loved opening up his 3DS on the train home to see all the people he’d inadvertently met during the day, and trying to figure out where he might have met them and who they might be in reality.

Alfred had chosen to make his avatar look like himself, so that people who met him on StreetPass would be able to recognise him. (He had a bit of trouble getting his character to sport that unique cowlick of his, but along with the big smile, bright blue eyes, golden hair and tan skin, he felt he was pretty recognisable as his Mii.) But sometimes people decided to get creative with their avatars, so it was hard to tell who they might be in real life.

Like the little guy Alfred met one Monday evening as he played StreetPass on the train home from work. He was checking out the parade of avatars he’d met that day and couldn’t help but laugh to himself as a disgruntled looking little Mii popped up at the end of the line. He was short and almost stick-thin, with clashing blond hair and giant black eyebrows. Nobody had eyebrows like that, and even if you did, you wouldn’t want them reflected on your Mii! The avatar must be based a cartoon character or something.

The big eyebrows made the Mii look permanently grumpy, but that made the little avatar’s smile all the more adorable when it greeted Alfred’s character at the gates of his Streetpass Plaza.

“I’m Arthur from England,” the Mii said. “Nice to meet you! Gallifrey Stands.”

Alfred’s eyes widened at the message, and he smiled giddily. A fellow ‘Doctor Who’ fan! Sure, many people in England loved the famous sci-fi show, but this guy was obviously a big fanboy to use such a slogan as his StreetPass message. Alfred had the utmost respect for such geekiness.

“Recently I’ve been playing Pokémon X,” Arthur continued, which caused Alfred to perk up again. “By the way, I like cats. My dream for the future is to be a wizard.”

It was an ordinary enough encounter, but still Alfred was drawn to this Arthur guy. He seemed to be an adult (judging by the fact that they’d met during commuting hours), who loved Pokémon and Doctor Who. What wasn’t to like?! Alfred hoped they’d StreetPass each other again tomorrow.

Sure enough, when Alfred popped open his 3DS on the train home, there was Arthur waiting for him at the gates to his StreetPass Plaza again.

Meeting twice meant Alfred now had the chance to put in a special new greeting message just for Arthur, so he whipped out his stylus and typed out a personalised message eagerly.

“Love Doctor Who!” he entered into the box, hoping the small 16-character limit of the message could convey his excitement. Now, if he met Arthur again tomorrow, that greeting would be sent to him. Maybe Arthur would even write a special message for him!

It went on like this for a whole week. Alfred and Arthur passed each other at some point every day on Alfred’s way home, but never actually saw one another. They did begin exchanging messages via their Miis, though.

“Fav. episode?” Arthur’s Mii asked on Wednesday.

“Prob Don’t Blink” was Alfred’s reply.

“Acceptable.” said Arthur on Thursday, and Alfred laughed out loud. He’d passed some sort of fanboy test, apparently.

“Excited for 12?” Alfred replied on Friday evening (meaning the 12th actor to play the show’s titular character, who would begin his role later on in the year).

By now it was the weekend, so Alfred wouldn’t be hearing Arthur’s reply till Monday. He found himself actually desperate for the working week to begin, just so he could do his commute and see Arthur’s avatar again. He knew it was stupid, but it was exciting actually meeting someone, making a real friend, on StreetPass.

Monday finally arrived, and on his way home from work Alfred met Arthur again on his 3DS.

“U dont even know” read Arthur’s message, grammar and punctuation all gone in favour of expressing his fanboyish excitement.

And that was when Alfred resolved to meet Arthur in real life. It would be a tricky process, but he was determined.

So Tuesday evening, Alfred kept his 3DS out as he walked back to the station after work. Every few seconds, he’d flick to the StreetPass application to see if he’d passed Arthur, hoping that he looked at least a bit like his Mii so Alfred would be able to spot him and say hello.

But no such luck.

Camping out on a bench beside his platform gate at the station on Wednesday proved just as fruitless, and on Thursday, Alfred was held back after work, and didn’t see Arthur at all.

It was shocking how much that depressed him. This one little avatar had really brightened up his life these past two weeks, and the short personal messages they exchanged on their way home were something Alfred looked forward to every day.

On Friday, getting a bit desperate, Alfred decided to check his own train, just to be on the safe side. He knew it was probably a long shot, and it was pretty embarrassing prowling up and down the aisles of the train cars, peering into every face to see if it was Arthur. But he was just that determined.

He’d reached the last car and his heart had drooped miserably in his chest when he suddenly spotted tousled blond hair poking out from behind a seat-back a few rows ahead of him. Arthur’s Mii has hair like that, Alfred thought to himself, hopefully. The man was facing away from him, but as Alfred tiptoed closer, he spotted a 3DS sitting in the man’s lap.

A spring burst into Alfred’s step and he almost skipped over to the stranger, standing next to his seat in the aisle and looking down at scruffy fair hair as the man focused on his 3DS. The passenger must have noticed someone standing next to him, though, for he glanced up, and a pair of green eyes widened in surprise as they met Alfred’s brilliant, victorious smile.

So the big eyebrows were real, after all. Alfred found he was actually really glad to see them. It wouldn’t be the same Arthur without them.

You!” the man exclaimed, and Alfred beamed at him.

“Hello. I’m Alfred. Recently I’ve been playing StreetPass Plaza. By the way, I like cats. My dream for the future is to be a hero,” Alfred recited, copying his Mii’s greeting. Then he blushed, scratching nervously at the back of his neck. “And I couldn’t really fit this in a sixteen character message so I’ve been trying to meet you so I could ask…do you wanna go out sometime?”