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You know, reading @whitefire321′s post gave me another opportunity to draw background Camilla and here she is

Comatose-Chapter 7

Summary: You are the sister of Charles Xavier, You are part of the Avengers and Dating Bucky Barnes, Unbeknownst to you Bucky is having an affair with Natasha, you catch them in the act and things go downhill from there. You are a Mutant with Similar powers to Jean, Only with Immortality thrown in.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Bucky X Natasha, Logan Howlett X Reader

Warnings: Angst, Violence, Cheating, Feelings of worthlessness, Depression

Bucky’s POV

It had been days, days, since he last held you in his arms. Heard you laugh. Felt your warmth. The last time he had seen you had terrified him. You weren’t who he remembered. There was no emotion to your voice, no expression on your face. You had been like an ice sculpture, perfectly frozen, and he had done that to you. His words, his actions, had done that to you. He was disgusted with himself.

He had betrayed the woman he had loved to be with Natalia, a woman his warped mind had told him he needed to feel normal. To feel loved. He couldn’t pinpoint the moment where he felt that (Y/N) no longer held him together. That your heart and love wasn’t enough for him, and he detested himself.

You had left because of him. He had run you off, and he didn’t know if you were coming back. A knock on the door has him moving forward in a daze. He had little desire to speak with anyone, and no desire to hear another round of accusations thrown at him. They were all true accusations. He just didn’t need them to tell him again what a fuckup he was.

Turning the handle and swinging the door open reveals a very teary eyed Natasha. He groans inwardly, Not now. He couldn’t deal with her and his own guilt at the same time.

“Bucky,” she sniffles. “Can I come in?”

He steps aside, nodding his agreement but leaves the door ajar, not needing the repercussions if someone thinks they’re picking up where they’d left off. “What do you want, Natalia?” he sighs when her pleading eyes lift to his.

“You,” she replies simply.

Thrusting a hand through his hair, Bucky’s frustration with her keeps growing. “I know,” he says, “But I made a mistake. We made a mistake.  I know I’m hurting you, Nat, but I can’t do this anymore.”

“She isn’t here anymore! She abandoned you. I’m here, I want you,” she purrs moving toward him.

“No, Natalia,” he says, grabbing her wrists when she tries to touch him. “She left because we made her. Her boyfriend and her best friend went behind her back and betrayed her trust. This is our fault!” he roars.

She flinches at the volume, shame coating her features. In a small voice she asks,“What are you going to do?”

Taking a moment to think, he sighs, “I’m going to get her back.” There was no other choice. Letting her go, screwing things up in the first place, was the stupidest mistake he’d ever made. Though Natasha’s eyes were full of tears, she gave an understanding nod as he walked out the door.

Making his way to the kitchen he finds Steve. Things had been strained between the two of them since (Y/N)’s abrupt departure. Steve knew what had happened, and Cap was not happy with Bucky. Loyalty was everything to a man like Steve. The fact that he had been able to betray his best girl… Bucky didn’t blame the man for looking at him like he was.

“Hey, Punk,” he greets, receiving a disinterested grunt in reply. Bucky sighs, crossing his arms over his chest. This could be harder than he thought. “Look, Stevie, I really need your help.”

Steve lays down the newspaper he was reading and looks up at Bucky. “What could you possibly need my help with? Got someone else on the team to stab in the back?” he grits out between clenched teeth.

He flinches, the words harsh and cold, coming at him in Steve’s Captain America voice. A tone which once would have never been directed his way. There’s nothing he can do but push on, because without Steve on his side, he’ll never get her back. “I need to find her, Steve. I screwed up big time. Please!” he pleads.

Cold blue eyes regard him for a long moment before Steve kicks out a chair. “We are going ta need ta talk ta Tony. And you ain’t exactly his favorite person right now.”

Bucky only nods. He wasn’t exactly anyone’s favorite person right now.

Your POV:

You had spent your morning sparring against Logan. It felt good working on your muscles, being able to do anything but think. By focusing only on the movement, when your opponent was going to attack next, how they moved, and what their abilities were, the voices were quietest then. Your mind became completely devoid of thought.

Charles had been trying to pick at the wall, steadily pulling out genuine reactions. You had smiled when a nervous Logan had brought you, your favorite burger and a bottle of Whiskey, asking if you would like to have dinner. It was sweet. A remnant of the early days of a relationship long past.

You had felt the lingering hurt of it then. He was your first, well, everything really, and he had fallen hard for another woman, leaving you behind. It had bled into your relationship with Bucky, your insecurities marring most of your time together. But here he was, The Wolverine, trying his best to make amends for past hurts, showering you in attention. Doing his damnedest to bring you back to yourself. For the sake of Logan, you were trying to glue the pieces of your broken psych back together.

You had no idea what his intentions toward you were. If he wanted to try again, your heart wasn’t ready for that. But you couldn’t bring yourself to distance yourself from him entirely. Logan was your anchor to reality, but, if you were honest with yourself, you were still head over heels for Bucky Barnes.

You doubt that you will ever get over him. The emotions hidden behind that solid wall were too big, too intense, too… everything to simply walk away from, but try was all you could do. Even when it felt as if you were suffocating under the weight of other people’s expectations.

They looked at you and saw her. Saw Jean. Saw a woman on the brink of breaking. You should be better than Jean, stronger. The weight of her trauma and grief had ultimately led to her destruction, and you were more than aware that you were heading down the same path.

You were determined not to let Bucky’s betrayal morph you into a darker, more twisted version of yourself. Because, if you did… there was no one in this world that would have the power to stop you.

Decision made you head to Logan’s quarters. Knocking on the door you wait for him to answer. When he finally appears, you plaster on your biggest smile,stroll into his bedroom, and plop yourself onto his bed. You grin cheekily at him. “So, wolfy,” you bite playfully. “What are we doing tonight?”

He smirks at you, that signature Logan grin. “I didn’t know we had plans, darlin’,” he drawls,  causing your grin to widen. His expression turns to one of mild panic.

“C’mon, old man. What will it be?” You laugh at the scandalized look on his face. “Booze and broads?” you say, holding up a finger. “Or booze, pizza, and trashy horror movies?” you ask, adding three more fingers.

He studies you thoughtfully for a few moments before finally breaking into another wolfish grin. “Booze, pizza, and trashy horror movies it is,” he says, reaching for his phone.

Yeah. You were going to try.

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Muse - “Something Sweet”

hi guys!!! this is gonna be a new series i’m starting ( if you’re into it ) – part two and part three

what??? a lin fic with an in the heights reference for the title?? groundbreaking am i right

i’ve never written before (wish me luck) and I know i’m very very very very new here but please gimme a moment of ur time and we can see how things go !!

summary: all nighters take a toll on everyone, but who knows? maybe a cup of cheap coffee really can fix everything

word count: 1186

warnings: if you think a cute & stuttering young lin is gonna make ur heart feel too big for your rib cage then maybe this isn’t 4 u? also if you hate dumb grins, you should see urself out

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1999: Somebody Told Me

Request by anon: 1999. Dialogue: “No. It’s always been you Dean.”

Word Count: 1216

A/N: I’m not too sure about this one. I couldn’t really capture the feeling of this song. Mostly because I haven’t ever been able to figure out how this song makes me feel or what it’s really about. Online people say it’s about how hard it is to write songs when he has writers block (or something like that) but that just doesn’t really mesh with the words or the actual music and that might be why I like this song so much. I can listen to it over and over and still not know what is happening in my brain when I hear it. But lemme tell ya, it sure makes it hard to write.

Song 1999: Somebody Told Me by The Killers

“What’s up with Dean?” You asked, biting off the end of a celery stick. “And when did we run out of good food? Shouldn’t this healthy, produce crap go first? I mean, it’s not full of preservatives like the good stuff is.”

Sam scoffed. “It’s good for you.”

“Doesn’t mean it’s good food,” you countered, searching the cupboards for some peanut butter. Anything to make this green water stick taste good. “Seriously, please tell me Dean went to the store for something edible.”

The silence that grew after your question made you suspicious. Putting your search on hold, you spun around and eyed the youngest Winchester who was looking too entranced by whatever was on his laptop screen. “Sam…”

“He went out.”

“For… food?”

Sam finally looked up and heaved a sigh when he saw that you weren’t going to give up. “On a hunt. Said he needed some alone time or whatever.”

That definitely wasn’t good. “Dean only needs time alone when he’s emotional. You’re telling me that you let an emotional Dean Winchester go on a hunt alone when his judgement isn’t always the best?”

“I, uh, yeah?” Sam scratched the back of his head, avoiding your eyes. “Look, Y/N. Dean can handle himself—“

“He nearly died on the last hunt. The only reason he’s still alive is because we had his back.” You stormed out of the kitchen and quickly packed a bag in your room. Sam followed, trying to calm you down and explain that Dean would be fine, but you refused to believe that.

It wasn’t that Dean was a bad hunter. Quite the opposite. He was an exceptional hunter. But lately he’d been off. He was avoiding everyone and sulking around. You barely saw him anymore, and you missed him. You used to spend every waking moment together.

“Where did he go, Sam?”

“He told me not to tell you.”

“But you get to know?” You hadn’t expected Sam to know where Dean went. You thought Dean would have just left without telling anyone. But apparently he’d told Sam. Which meant that he didn’t need time alone. He just needed time away from you.

Well, he wasn’t getting away from you that easy. “Samuel Ricardo Winchester—“

“Not my middle name.”

“—You will tell me where Dean went or so help me Chuck, I will torture the information out of you.”


You pointed your car towards the hotel Sam said Dean had booked a room at, but then you saw the Impala parked at a diner, so you quickly changed your plans. Dean was not about to leave that diner without telling you exactly what was going on with him lately.

The bell above the door tinkled when you walked in, drawing the attention of a passing waitress. “Good morning! Booth or table?”

“Um,” you glanced around the room, searching for the familiar sandy hair. “I’m actually meeting someone.” Then you spotted him and nodded towards the booth he was in. “There he is!”

Walking over, you tried to plan out what you were going to say, but you couldn’t get very far. Once you made it past the initial greetings, you couldn’t even begin to guess how Dean would react. And you used to know him so well.

“Hey, stranger.” Your voice had Dean’s head snapping up to look at you in disbelief as you slid into the other side of the booth. “How’s the case going?”

“Good.” He grumbled, taking a bite of his breakfast. “You don’t have to be here.”

“No, I do.” Forgetting all pretense of small talk and politeness, you dove right into the nitty-gritty argument with your friend. “Wanna know why?”

“You’re gonna tell me anyway.”

“I’m here to tell you that you need to get your head out of your ass and suck it up.”

That definitely wasn’t what Dean expected. He just stared at you for a minute, trying to piece together your blunt statement. “Suck what up?”

“Whatever the hell is going on with you! You’re never around anymore. You barely ever talk to me. And I miss you. I miss talking to you and hanging out with you.”

Dean sullenly stabbed at the waffles in front of him. “Seems like you’ve got someone else to talk to and hang out with.”

“The hell you talking ‘bout?” Your whole life was spent with the Winchesters. The bunker, the Impala, the neverending string of hotel rooms… You were never not by their sides.

He looked between you and his plate a few times before sighing. Your eyes went wide when he pushed his plate away. Dean Winchester not finishing his meal? This had to be something big.

“I’m talking about how you’re always on that damn phone of yours. And you always wanna hurry back for your stupid weekly dates with whoever you keep texting. I’m not the one who’s never here anymore. Now that you’ve got a boyfriend that you never talk about, you’re never here.”

The more he spoke, the brighter you could feel your cheeks becoming. This wasn’t something you wanted to admit to Dean. Sure, he was your best friend, and it wasn’t like this was anything to be embarrassed about, but you just knew that he would tease you incessantly once he knew.

“I don’t have a boyfriend,” you mumbled. Now it was your turn to look down at Dean’s half-full plate. If admitting this would save your friendship, then you could withstand the teasing jabs that were sure to follow. “I’m in a book club.”

He drew back in surprise and pursed his lips. “Come again?”

“A book club, Dean. A fucking book club, okay? I download the books on my phone and read them on all of the long ass car rides and in our downtime. And the meetings are held each week. I get to be normal for a few hours and gossip with some women in town. I get to be around other women, not that I don’t love you and Sam, but it’s still nice to have a little break.”


Finally daring to look back at him, you saw how his thoughts were translating onto his face. Eyebrows drawn together in confusion slowly smoothed out when he finally reconciled what he thought was going on to your explanation. His lips slowly turned up at the corners before jerking back down when another thought obviously crept into his brain. 

“So… no boyfriend?”

“No. It’s always been you, Dean.”

As soon as the words passed your lips, you wanted to take them back. That was admitting too much.

So you hurried to cover up your slip up. “I mean, you’ve always been my best friend. I’m not going to replace you with anyone.”

“Right,” he drawled, eyes narrowing thoughtfully. He opened his mouth a few times, starting to say something, but seemed to stop himself when a pink tint crept onto his cheeks. “So, book club, huh? Do you read those trashy romance novels?”

“Shut up, Dean.” You rolled your eyes, relieved that he hadn’t commented on your slip-up. You weren’t quite ready to risk your friendship like that quite yet. “We good now?”

He pulled the plate towards him and took another bite, chewing happily. “Yeah. We’re good.”

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columboring  asked:

,,, r u ok ,







Entertainment Dolls | Enoch O’Connor x Reader

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

A/N: So, I saw this post from @neonfreckles and I couldn’t help but want to write something about it, it ended up being cute and shitty at the same time, but oh well. It’s, like, my first time writing something for MPHFPC and I already wanted to write something for it already a while ago, so yeah, I hope you like it! (This story takes place before Enoch goes to Miss Peregrine’s loop)

Characters: book!Enoch O’Connor/fem!reader.

(R/N) stand for “Roommate’s name”.

Word Count: 1030 words.


Her eyes were slightly bothered by the sunshine coming from the open window, causing her to rub her eyes and open them slowly as she let out a loud yawn, stretching herself right after. The girl looked around her room, realizing that her roommate was no longer in her bed. What time was it? She closed her eyes again, sinking into her pillow and staying that way for a few more seconds before she let out a grunt and stood up.

(Y/N) left the room, walking lazily down the hall, where she could see the other children’s bedrooms, all empty. She sighed knowing that when she found (R/N), she’d teased her about waking up that hour, whatever time it was.

The girl started down the stairs, taking a quick glance in the living room to see if anyone was there, but found only empty seats. She frowned, strange how quiet the house was, not what you’d expect from a place full of children. After a few seconds of silence as she stood at the bottom of the stairs, she heard the laughter coming from outside. She rolled her eyes, the yard should have been the first place to look.

She opened the door, revealing some of the children gathered under one of the trees, apparently watching something. (Y/N) approached to see what was happening there and then noticed, leaning against the trunk of the tree, her friend, Enoch O'Connor, who seemed to be entertaining the younger kids, making his dolls dance and do tricks.

But the funniest part of watching that was that it seemed like he was having more fun than the children, having a small smile on his lips, bowing in thanks as the kids started applaud him. He only seemed to notice his new spectator as (Y/N) applauded him, making him curtsy at the girl.

One boy then lightly pushed the other with an amused smile on his face, the children looked at each other for a moment, it seemed to be clear to all of them that a tag game had just begun, causing them all to run away in different directions, finding a new game to have fun after the end of Enoch’s presentation.

“Hey, (Y/N).” he said, drawing her attention back to him.

“Hey.” the girl looked around, looking for her roommate with her eyes. “Did you see (R/N) today?”

“Oh yes, she was telling me a few minutes ago how loud your snores are.” he said, giving her a small grin as he watched the girl sit next to him.

“Yeah, look who’s talking.” she rolled her eyes, leaning against the tree. "If she hadn’t been so loud I wouldn’t have gone to bed so late last night.”

(Y/N) heard him snort before he started talking about the bets some of them started to make when they couldn’t decide whether she had passed out or died for not showing up for breakfast, but her attention was totally on the last doll that was still standing, walking a little disoriented near the other dolls and then falling down. Enoch lifted him as soon as he noticed, patting it on its back, pushing it in one direction, causing the doll to run away.

"And there it goes.” she said as she watched the little doll disappear through the nearby bushes.

“It’ll come back.” the boy stated as he stared at the plants, but returned to pay attention to the girl when he heard her stomach rumble loudly. "Well, it looks like someone’s hungry.” A smirk appeared on his lips.

"I didn’t have breakfast.” (Y/N) murmured, feeling a little embarrassed.

“Or lunch.”

Her head turned quickly to him, her eyes widening. “Did I miss lunch?” she looked up at the sky. “What time is it?”

Enoch laughed at her despair, receiving a glare from the girl. “Calm down, we ate half an hour ago.” she nodded, her stomach rumbling again. “(R/N) said she’d keep something for you.”

(Y/N) snorted, frustrated. “She’s going to eat whatever she got for me.”

“I tried to hide the food, but she found it anyway.” he said, making her pat him on the shoulder, recognizing the effort he had made.

(Y/N) was going to suggest that they come in to look for her friend when a movement in the bushes caught their attention. The little doll ran off from there, almost falling in its way as it tried to carry a flower, then stopping beside Enoch and dropping the plant there, sitting on the ground and then falling next to the others. The girl raised her eyebrow.

“It brought you a flower.” she said, feeling slightly confused why it would do that. Maybe Enoch’s dolls liked him so much that they brought gifts from time to time.

“Oh no.” he turned his face slightly, avoiding her gaze as he held the flower to her. “It brought you a flower.”

(Y/N) felt an automatic smile appears on her face, she giggling as she took the flower from the blushing boy’s hand. “Well, it’s beautiful.” she said softly. “Thank you.”

He didn’t seem to be willing to look at her so soon, continuing with the face turned away as he looked at anything but her. A smirk appeared on her lips, which pressed against Enoch’s cheeks in a quick kiss. If his cheeks were already red, they had managed to get even more. He pursed his lips together, trying to hide the goofy grin that tried to appear on his face as he still tried to avoid her gaze.

“Come.” she said getting up. “Let’s find (R/N) and see if my food still exists, yes?”

Enoch nodded, still saying nothing and stood up. The two of them walked side by side toward the house, their hands brushing against each other for a few seconds before Enoch took the initiative and held her hand in his, finally letting the grin he held emerge on his lips, making (Y/N) smile back at him as he stared at her.

They felt as happy as they could be at that moment. Neither of them aware that they wouldn’t stay in that loop for much longer after that.

I had a few people tag me to post a selfie before the new year. To be honest I was a bit scared to and put it off… but I’m trying to be more brave this year.

So here you go. This is ME.

Also it’s fancy cause that’s how I roll ;) hehe.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any recs about Sasuke and Sakura in the renaissance time period? Like, one of them is royalty, or they both are? Also, do you have any author recs for authors that are still cranking out Sasusaku fics regularly? Thanks so much! You are a wonderful human being for providing so many wonderful recommendations.

Yeah, I know a few fics like that!

Sadly though the only writers I can recommend that still write things regularly for SS are @roraewrites and @kuriquinn. and i know there are a few others but i haven’t really had the time to visit the ssfanfiction tag or any of the stories on FF or ao3 lately cause i’ve been pretty damn busy but im sure you can find them. or maybe others can hop in an recommend. idk.

Glad you like my recs though :)

Dear Mango Cheese Fandom, this is a Call Out.

Hi! So for the most part, when it comes to book series, I stay out of the fanbases/fandom. Whether I think it’s because there’s going to be a lot of discourse or I just can’t find being in the fandom all that appealing. But, for once I decided, “Hey, let’s give it a shot.” and I went into the Mango Cheese tag. (Specifically the Alex/Magnus tag.) (this is a long post but since you guys 

Can’t saw I was surprised.

This isn’t directly in a good or bad way but? Specifically just in a “yeah, I’ve been in fandoms like this before and I can’t say I’m surprised.” From what it seemed, the content creators seemed friendly, and there wasn’t any ship wars/discourse from what I could find. So far so good right? Then I found what I had been expecting.

Whitewashing and Transphobia.

(I’m doing a read more cause this shit got long.)

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SUMMARY: Dean mourns the loss of a loved one and the reader interferes with unexpected results

CHARACTERS/PAIRING: Dean x  Reader, Sam, Cas (mentioned)


WARNINGS: angst, character death, mention(s) of suicide, fluff - I hope that’s all…

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Oh my, I’m nervous. My first published fanfic. I hope you like it, and if you have time to drop a quick note, I’d appreciate the feedback. I’ll take a liberty to tag Mimi ( @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog ) ‘cause she was kind enough to give me tips - If you have time to check it out, I’d be doing cartwheels. :-) Oh yeah, almost forgot, this is in both Dean’s and Reader’s POV.


The flames rose high against the pitch black night, consuming both wood and flesh. I was numb - had no tears to shed, no punches or curses to throw at the one responsible for the hollowness inside me. My family was torn to pieces and I wondered if I had a reason to fight anymore. Wood cracked and the pyre collapsed, sending sparks up to the sky, and I let my eyes follow them, reminiscing the hundreds of times we had watched the stars together. There would be none of that from now on.

The flames subsided slowly as the hours ticked by and I stood still, thinking about our time together and the things I left unsaid. All those missed chances, missed moments. Oh God, I wished I had just come clean! Now there was no one to say it to, and I could never apologize for not saying it sooner. I had waited too long and there would be no new chances. It was entirely my fault.

I stood there alone until the fire had died and dawn was breaking. A new day, when all I wanted was to get yesterday back. The sunrise was stunning, but I didn’t really see it as I drove back home. I had lost the most important thing in my life and nothing could move me anymore.

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So uh. Yeah. This is a thing. That I wrote. AND YEAH IT TOOK ME A COUPLE HOURS TO FINISH WHICH PISSED MYSELF OFF CAUSE EVERYTHING ELSE IS A STRUGGLE AND THIS??? LITERALLY CAME SO EASY TO ME??? What. What. WHAT. Ugh. Anyway. Yeah, so I EMBARRASSED MYSELF WRITING THIS SO WARNING. Something hella embarrassing happens in this and if you feel any form of social awkwardness from movies and/or books, just… Just be prepared man. On the plus side, THIS WAS SO FUN TO WRITE MAN. (But the ending kinda sucks so sorry not sorry, I TRIED OKAY.) 

Tags: @allaboutdatcalum (bc she requested this… In a way. ^-^ I AM GRATEFUL, THIS TURNED OUT FAB, hopefully), @fuckyeahbulletclub (bc she is my boo boo af AND I LOVE HER AND I HOPE SHE LOVES THIS we were talking about it all day today bc I WAS SO EXCITED FOR IT) and lastly tagging @hardcorewwetrash (bc Seth is the love of her life and??? She’s my bae??) 

Warnings: NSFW, lots of cursing, insults, masturbation, sexy times,  uh. Yeah. That’s. That’s it. My warnings. BUT YEAH SO YEAH. And it’s also pretty fluffy fluff Sethie poo cause. Come on. He’s a toughie but. He’s a real sweetie pie, like come on. COME ON.

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razz-berri-arts  asked:

I kinda wanna make a skelinkton but I'm scared ppl will think that I'm copying off of PJ and Omni. I love the concept of a skelinkton tho

OK I think it’s time to mention:

“PJ doesn’t have to be the only skelinkton…in fact… he is for sure NOT the only one!”

I have designed two other skelinkton characters that would be based off of the cool and warm color spectrum! 

Only got them sketched out but I hope to redesign them someday!

but gosh - anyone can make a skelinkton - go forth!!! PJ is a rare version of a skelinkton due to how he’s formed but normal ones do not need strings within to survive. Just need to be in an area with a trait or two of a soul surrounding the ink to form them! (normal skelinktons form to a baby just so you know!)

I even have the main shapes and secondary color that the soul would have based on the main and secondary soul traits they were born with!

So… for example…. for PJ, his soul traits are:

So since he mostly was around determination - his soul shifted to a four pointed star. And due to both sides thinking they are doing the right thing, there was enough justice around to affect the color!

A skelinkton’s soul does determine the main traits of the being themselves, however it doesn’t mean they fully stick with it. A skelinkton could have the Kindness trait all the way through, but could end up only being kind to a few people and not just everyone (though they would be nice to everyone right away). For PJ, you would think he would be super determined to stay alive and to fully dedicate his time to balancing the multiverse, but really, he has had many many points he wished he didn’t exist - plus having many points in time that he didn’t really want to walk from universe to universe. It just depends on the drive of the skelinkton. 

Another thing to note is that the top of the skelinkton’s soul always remains at the top. If you try to flip it, it will slowly rotate back to having the top at the top. This doesn’t really effect the souls that are circles or even all the way through, but for other shapes:

No matter if the shape is uneven, or has a normal way of looking at it, the top will always be the top. 

Well I kinda rambled enough about the souls of skelinktons! If anyone has any questions on the species in general - go ahead and ask! And yeah - go forth!!! Go and create!!! And if anyone says that your OC is a PJ or that it’s copying - Heh, bring me over and I will support you. Cause gosh dang it not every skelinkton is PJ!

oh… sorry… had to deal with people asking or saying that Omni is a PJ…just… man… and Omni is a Pluris! Something different from a skelinkton! People need to learn how to use Google or heck, go to tumblr and use that search. You don’t need an account to search! o-o

Bed Activities

Request: “you’re such a good author <3 ! could i request one where a friend of the reader is really rude and without manners and is very open about his bed activities and is just the opposite of a gentleman and when he comes over bucky is. not. impressed. at. all. (fluff and humor <3)”

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (and Dean Winchester)

Warnings: swearin’,

A/N: I hope this is good enough :) alsO THE MALE FRIEND WILL BE DEAN WINCHESTER BECAUSE I DUNNO I THOUGHT HE’D FIT THIS PART BUT ANYWAYS CONTINUE. Also I’ll edit this tomorrow because I’m tiredddd okay now continue.

You haven’t heard from Dean in a while so when he called one day, saying he’d be in town, you got excited. Which was why you were running around your apartment, cleaning up.

“What’s going on? Is Steve coming over? You know you don’t have to clean up for him, he’s nothing special.” Bucky jokes when he came out of your shared room in only his boxers.

“No, it’s not Steve.” you respond, placing the pillows on the couch nicely. “It’s Dean.”

Bucky stood there. “Who the hell is Dean?”

You finish with the pillows and turn to your boyfriend. “Dean Winchester. He’s my best friend, Bucky, I talk about him almost all the time.”

“You do?”

You face palm. “Do you ever listen to me?”

“Yeah, when you talk about interesting things like me.” he responds and you roll your eyes playfully.

The sound of the doorbell could be heard and you smile. “He’s here!” you exclaim. “Go put clothes! Go! Go!” you push Bucky to the room before running to the front door.

With a deep breath, you pull the large door open, revealing Dean. A smile spreads across his lips and he closes the gap between the two of you with a hug. “Y/N.”

“Hey Dean.” you smile, tightening your grip on him.

“How are you? Last time I saw you, you had braces and those little pigtails I always tried to undo.” he says as the two of you pulled away and entered your apartment.

“Yeah and I always kicked your ass when you did.” you laugh, sitting down on your couch. “And I’m doing good, got a roof over my head, got food, got a bed.”

“What about a boyfriend? Did you finally get one of those?” he smirked.

“Actually, yes, you asshole. I wasn’t gonna stay single forever, like you said I would.” you respond.

“Proved me wrong.” he says with a smile. Before you or Dean could get another word out, Bucky comes in with clothes on.

Bucky stares at Dean with a look that could not be identified and Dean squirmed under the look. “Uh, hi. I’m Dean.” he stands up to shake his hand.

“Bucky.” he responds, shaking Dean’s hand with his metal one.

“Well, Bucky, your squeezing my hand a bit too much.” Dean tried to laugh off the pain.

“Oh, sorry, I don’t know my own strength with this thing.” he responds as they pull away.

Bucky sits down next to you, wrapping an around around you as Dean sat down as well. The tension  soon faded when you began talking about the old days when you two went to school together and how you’d have to scare off a lot of girls if Dean didn’t want anything to do with them.

“Alice never stopped trying.” you laugh.

“Yeah, she was determined.” Dean chuckled. “Speaking of Alice, I bumped into her the other day.”

“Oh god.” you laugh, shaking your head.

“She. Looks. Great.” Dean says. “I had to be with her one more time and holy crap it was better than the first.”

“I don’t want to-”

“I mean she was amazing. I think she took gymnastics because she’s flexible as hell. She was doing all these things. Like the way she lifted her leg up - oh my god.” he continued.

“Dean!” you laugh.


“I don’t want to hear about your bed activities.” you giggle.

“Aw c’mon, you used to listen to me back then.” he laughs. “Oh! And I met this other girl back in Pontiac who was a sex machine. I mean, she had me sweating.”

“Dean.” you couldn’t stop laughing. He always did this. He would tell you about him having sex with girls then tell you exactly what they did and sometimes he even got up and demonstrated how they did it.

“We were on the floor, right? And she put her legs all they back like this.” he got on the small space on the floor and attempted to show you how but failed, causing you to laugh even more. “Well, they went back more. And she did this really weird position, but it felt amazing.”

While he continued on about his sex life Bucky sat there with a blank expression. He was not impressed at all. You were friends with this guy? Really?

“You think you’re really cool, don’t you?” Bucky blurts, causing both you and Dean to look at him.

Dean gets up from the floor and sits back on the couch. “Excuse me?”

“You talk about your sex life like you’re so proud that you screw woman after woman. Like each girl that you’re with is like a medal you wear until you meet the next.”

“I-I don’t-” Dean stutters, not knowing what to say.

“Do you have any respect for women at all?” Bucky questioned.

“Um, yes, I-I do.” he nods his head, trying his best to choose his words wisely because the dude with the metal arm can literally snap him in half.

“Do you even have respect for yourself?” Bucky asks.

“Bucky.” you warn, placing your hand on his chest to stop him from talking.

“What? I’m just asking your friend a question.” he shrugged.

“You can’t judge what he does with women when you’ve done the same thing in the 40′s.” you state.

“I didn’t go around telling people about everyone I had sex with though.”

“Okay, I’ll stop,” Dean says, “Just don’t kill me, metal arm dude.”

You look over at Dean and tried not to laugh at the way he was sitting on the couch.

“Are you scared of him, Dean?” you question.

“W-What? Pfft no. I just like to keep big guys like him on my good side so.. Yeah.” he tried to play it off but you could see right through him and by the looks of it, Bucky could to.

“Oh look!” Bucky gasped, pointing a metal finger at the door, causing Dean to flinch. “The doors unlocked, let me go lock it.”

Bucky stood up, swinging his arms as he walked past Dean. He freaked and scrambled over to you on the couch, keeping his eyes on Bucky’s arm.

“Are you okay?” you laugh, watching Dean.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” he responds, not taking his eyes off of Bucky.

The whole rest of his visit, Bucky taunted him with his metal arm. Let’s just say Bucky had a little too much fun with scaring Dean.

A/N: I tried :(


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it's funny that princeescaluswords complains about fandom not being an exclusive property of his or of his favs posey/scott when he spends ALL his time ignoring actual canon in order to convince himself (??) anyone (???) that every single teen wolf character is trash except scott mccall obviously, who's perfect and jesus incarnated and so on and so forth! he also recently posted an untagged anti derek-stiles-sterek pro-scott fic in the sterek tag on ao3 just to mock their fans so, yeah. STFU pls

That sounds like an attempt to cause trouble. I wonder if they were attempting to make some kind of point, and how that all worked out. 

There’s nothing wrong with being pro-Scott, although it usually manifests itself into some virulent anti-Stiles threads that are neither here nor there and get strangely defensive. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had Scott stans think they’ve somehow got me in a bind. 

Them: I love Scott. He is the best character ever and he can do no wrong!

Me: Ok. What do you think about this wrong thing he did once though? 


Me: You’ll notice I never said he didn’t. 

Actually, prince is one of the few pro-Scott people I can interact with who doesn’t immediately go for the “BUT STILES IS ALSO NOT PERFECT” defence. Which of course is not really a defence at all.  As far as defences so it’s right up there with the “But she started it!” defence I used when I was five and my sister was being mean. And it never worked as a defence back then either. 

I get wanting to defend your faves. I get wanting to write and read stories where your fave takes centre stage. But I don’t get refusing to see your fave’s flaws.  Scott does make wrong decisions, and he has done some stuff that (if this was real life and if he was my friend) I would consider inexcusable. And that’s fine, because otherwise the show would be boring, right? We need conflict, or there’s no story. But let’s not kid ourselves that everything Scott does is for the best, or even for the right reasons. 

Scott fucks up a lot. Remember that time he fucked up so completely that Theo convinced Liam to kill him? I mean, that’s a catastrophic fuck up of leadership, friendship, empathy, and whatever the hell else stans have decided are True Alpha Scott McCall’s core character traits. 

And–again, for those of you at the back who didn’t hear it–this is fine. It’s fine to have a character who fucks up, because nobody wants to watch the adventures of Werewolf Pollyanna. The issue isn’t that Scott makes mistakes. That has never been the issue. The issue is that the narrative in the show still attempts to frame Scott as the moral compass, when clearly, between his deals with Gerard Argent and Deucalion, he’s raking about in the muck just as much as everyone else. I’m interested to know if the show will acknowledge that at some point or, like the stans, it will just continue to push the shiny Saint True Alpha narrative until the end. 

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Hello ♥️. I was just wondering if you had a list or something outlining why u think Alec is autistic. I went in your autistic Alec tag (I'm on mobile so I'm of the belief it didn't show me all the results but idk??) and it didn't really say much and I would just like to understand more. Thank u!

it probably didnt show all the results cause there should be a lot of stuff there!! but yeah i’d be happy to go over some of his autistic traits

  • stims (rubs the back of his neck when he’s agitated, rubs his fingers together, plays with his cufflinks in 1x12 etc)
  • avoids eye contact (or alternatively, makes too much eye contact, but that is more rare for him imo)
  • gets meltdowns (his fight with jace in 1x09, most of 2x01, & there’s more)
  • dresses for comfort and wears the same things a lot
  • gets anxious (’i can’t breathe’, ‘i’m glad we got away from that crowd’)
  • stutters and stumbles over his words, has a hard time finishing sentences
  • has a monotonous voice and he mumbles a lot
  • really!!! struggles with change in routine (eg when clary showed up and turned their lives around)
  • he’s blunt.. like he can be very rude and it’s usually not on purpose (i wrote this post about that in case you havent seen it)
  • every now and then he goes nonverbal for long periods of time
  • alec is never the one to take care of the interactive part of a mission.. izzy and jace always handle that while he stays in the background
  • and the one time he has to talk to someone he uses a phrase he’s probably heard a lot but doesn’t make any sense in the situation (’you come here often?’)

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A- age: 19
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E- easiest person to talk to: my bf
F- favourite song: there’s just too many to even try to list
G- grossest memory: one of my aunts once fed one of my cousins half a cockroach once during a prank
H- horror yes or no? Yeah, as long as it had a good ending for heaven’s sake. I could rant for hours on every horror movie cause the endings suck
I- in love? Yeah, if all the fictional villains and pretty anime/cartoon boys count
J- jealous of people? Actually, I used to be of two girls
K- killed someone? Do my paras count? And my bf’s hopes to surpass my fave villains?
L- love at first sight or should I walk past again? Unless you fulfill the criteria in I you’ll have to walk past quite a few times
M- middle name: none
N- number of siblings: 2
O- one wish: to be able to travel whenever and wherever I want
P- person I called last: my landlords daughter
Q- question you’re always asked: some variant of “are you even listening?”
R- reason to smile: currently the two lil plants growing from the blocked drain pipe in my balcony (they’re using newspaper shreds as soil and I could talk about those for hours too)
S- song you last sang: dream of you
T- time you woke up: sometime at 11pm
U- underwear color: I don’t even know anymore. All my awful attempts to do laundry killed all the colors from all my clothes
V- vacation: anywhere is cool :) and any type of vacation as long as it doesn’t involve too many people I know or relatives
W- worst habit: procrastination
X- x-rays: of my ankles
Y- your favourite food: coconut balls
Z- zodiac sign: aquarius

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amigaaaaas (chicas, friends for life), it me again ac (aka renee and samuel) aka trash mom, cause i consider you all my children. anyway nough about me let’s move on to my son. first of all i’ve had such a struggle putting my thoughts into actual words?? like it’s been so hard explaining him so if this is all so confusing and doesn’t make sense let me know, but i hope u get the gist of him even if it’s just a mess. aka me. a mess™

also i shall not fail to mention that i love plotting, i’m just extremely bad at it and usually i just wing it so like, come wing it with me fam.

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a - age: 25…I think

b - biggest fear: That I’m actually really annoying and people are being nice to me cause they feel sorry for me lmao

c - current time: 8:55 p.m.

d - drink you last had: Water

e - every day starts with: Tears Trying to get out of bed and get ready for work

f - favorite song: Lazy Eye by Silversun Pickups 

g - ghosts, are they real: Yeah

h - hometown:  Progreso .

i - in love with: Paladin Danse

j - jealous of: A lot of things

k - killed someone: Sure

l - last time you cried: Recently

m - middle name:Nope

n - number of siblings: an older sister and a younger brother

o - one wish: To have like a lot of money

p - person you last called/texted: called my mother texted some friends

q - questions you’re always asked: I dunno lmao

r - reasons to smile: Yeah 

s - song last sang: The Hardest Button to Button by The White Stripes

t - time you woke up: 8 am

u - underwear color: Bright Green

v - vacation destination: Somewhere where I can actually relax

w - worst habit: Tapping my foot

x - x-rays you’ve had: Arm, torso

y - your favorite food: Spaghetti

z - zodiac sign: Cancer

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