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  • Victor: happy birthday, lyubov moya!
  • Yuuri: oh, you found out?
  • Victor: Phichit texted me last night because he had the feeling you'd conveniently forget to mention it...
  • Yuuri: I didn't want you to think you had to do anything special, you already do so much for me...
  • Victor: well, since I didn't have time to go shopping, I made you a present instead.
  • Yuuri: ... what are these?
  • Victor: favors! Whenever you want me to kiss you or something, you just give me the slip that says-
  • Yuuri: *grabs Victor by the collar* you think I need an "I owe you"? If I want a kiss, I'll take it.
  • Victor: ... please do.
Yuri on Ice interview translation - Pash! 2016/12 (p10-11)

I could finally finish translating the interview with Toshiyuki Toyonaga (Yuri Katsuki) & Kouki Uchiyama (Yuri Plisetsky) published in the 2016 Dec. issue of Pash!, on pages 10-11. Actually I started translating it last Wednesday (afternoon), but then episode 7 caused me to be brain-dead for the next following days… Not in a negative way, but yeah I’m sure you can understand what I mean @_@

By the way, it wasn’t viewed a lot because when I posted it I had just created a Tumblr account and so for some time it did not show up in any kind of search (tag search included), but I actually translated a similar interview with the same 2 seiyuu from Animage, which you can find here. Normally when interviews with the same people are published in the same period they tend to be similar, but actually these two interviews are quite different and both very interesting to read, so I do suggest that you take a look at that one too. I find myself nodding a lot when reading them, I feel that both Toyonaga and Uchiyama are very much into their roles and what they say about the characters makes a lot of sense to me.

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Toshiyuki Toyonaga & Kouki Uchiyama Cross Talk

Toyonaga-san and Uchiyama-san play the two “Yuri”. In a friendly atmosphere we have asked them about their roles and the relationship between them and also about what they think of each other’s acting.

Yuri starts to develop manliness and Yurio starts feeling nervous.

—First of all, let us know what you think about the character of Yuri Katsuki.

Toyonaga: Yuri-kun is an athlete qualified enough to participate in the GP series, yet he is mentally weak. But I think he has very good technical and acting skills. The fact that he’s a late bloomer is very Japanese in a way.

Uchiyama: While he seems psychologically weak at first, as the story progresses he becomes more manly, like he develops a backbone. We see that he’s not only weak, which makes us understand that he is a person with many different sides to him. He’s 23, which is still young, but in figure skating that’s not necessarily young, and he himself realizes that this might be his last season. Seeing the story through his eyes makes you realize how tough the world of figure skating is.

—What do you think about him finding eros in katsudon?

T: Yeah well I had kind of mixed feelings (LOL). But the way he is always serious about things is cool, and seen from an external point of view it’s also somewhat amusing, and I think this, together with the world created by (Mitsurou) Kubo-san, is one of the selling points of the series. Besides, Yuri-kun chose katsudon, but in the real world too there might be skaters who choose bizarre things as their theme. In this anime we know that he is visualizing katsudon, but if we watched without knowing it we would just normally think that his skating is fascinating or erotic.

—Regarding “Yuri’s manliness” as you mentioned before, in the series there are scenes where he declares love during a press conference, or he suddenly lets out that he wants to be hated as the man who stole Victor from the world.

U: If you asked me whether I could do the same… I’m not sure. Yuri has been living in the high-level figure skating world, so he might perceive things in a different way than us. It’s probably not the first time he deals with the mass media. I don’t think it’s easy to understand the state of mind of someone like him.

T: I kind of understand him in a way. When I was around 23 I also wasn’t very discreet about what I thought, in both a good and a bad way. I remember that I used to speak out loud what I thought and felt without really being careful about it. I didn’t really think about how what I said could shock or affect the people around me. When I recall this I think that indeed Yuri-kun is just 23, he’s pretty young in the end. But I do believe that he must have been under a lot of pressure, both because of his psychological weakness and because he had to face the truth that Victor had become his coach. Maybe that press conference in episode 3 is actually the moment where he became determined to skate with Victor despite all the pressure.

—What about Yurio, then?

U: Yurio is about to advance to the senior tournaments after obtaining very good results in his junior years and being praised as a genius. He has an ambition to make a grand senior debut to show himself to the world.

—The electric guitar BGM that plays when he shows up is quite impressive.

U: Yeah, it’s pretty flashy. There are a lot of scenes where he shows an aggressive behavior… (LOL)

T: He bullied me (LOL).

U: But I think that the gap between his hostile behavior and the moments where you can feel his real age is one of the elements that makes his character interesting.

T: Yurio has kind of a bad temper (LOL).

U: He’s a bit unusual.

T: Personally, I was actually looking forward to seeing how Ucchi would play him. In the end that sharp personality does suit a 15 years old boy. As we can see in some scenes like in episode 3 “Onsen on ICE”, he is also able to acknowledge his own defeat, which means that he’s not just selfish and that at his age he already understands that recognizing when you lost is the key to becoming strong. That’s what makes him a genius, in my opinion. People like him have the qualities of a star, and that’s why other people follow them or are attracted to them. …I envy his popularity! (LOL)

U: (LOL) Well, Yurio is catchy. Including his looks.

—What impression did you (Toyonaga-san) receive from Uchiyama-san’s Yurio?

T: It’s presumptuous for me to say this, but I’ve always thought that Ucchi has a flair for sensing other people’s acting. In this series too, when we discussed with sound director (Youji) Shimizu, director (Sayo) Yamamoto and Kubo-san and it was decided how to flesh out Yurio, he responded right away. Same goes for my Yuri Katsuki. When playing Yuri-kun I decided to make him really “flat”, and I personally had the feeling that both in the recording test and the actual performance Ucchi was adapting his acting to that, like “I see, Tosshi is playing Yuri in a flat way. Then I’ll do this other way (for Yurio)”. I think that’s quite remarkable.

U: I think that in a way Toyonaga-san is a stubborn person, as in he usually has his own idea on how he wants to play something. I’m not really like that, so when someone tells me “please do this way” I don’t have a reason to object and I just change my acting as requested. But when Toyonaga-san is told “please try to do this way”, sometimes if he has a different opinion he will speak what he believes out loud. It’s a different style, but I respect him.

T: I’m not sure which one is better though (LOL). But actually it’s not something that happens so often to me. I can also do like Ucchi, usually. Just that for Yuri Katsuki, I have the feeling that I can’t play him properly if when they tell me how to act I can’t understand the reason Yuri is feeling that way. So it happens that, during recording, we spend time talking Yuri’s lines over. The thing is that if I just do what they ask me without actually being convinced of it I’m worried that it might reflect in my acting, that it won’t sound convincing… Yeah, I guess I am stubborn, indeed! (LOL.)

U: I don’t think that’s a bad thing (LOL). Maybe if there was a better word? “Stubborn” kind of tends to have a negative image.

T: Nah, I think that I really am stubborn. That’s why I’m very envious of your ability to reset all you’ve done until that point and just restart from scratch. I’m not really good at that.

U: Sure thing is that Yuri really speaks a lot in every episode. He’s a perfect example of a protagonist.

T: Kubo-san too told me “sorry that there are so many lines, but actually there’s gonna be even more later on” (LOL). But to be honest, what I found most difficult is not the number of lines but the fact that comedy parts and realistic parts are mixed up. This series has a very fast pace, and sometimes my acting mind can’t keep up with the speed. Like the sudden switch when the mini charas show up, it’s not something that happens very often in other series.

U: When watching it might not feel as fast, but yeah, playing it is quite tough (LOL).

—How do Yuri and Yurio feel about each other?

T: I don’t think Yuri thinks that much about Yurio…

U: He doesn’t look like he cares a lot about him.

T: Yeah, it looks like he doesn’t really think anything. He has stronger feelings regarding the fact that Victor came to his place. Yurio feels that Yuri stole Victor from him so of course he lashes out at him continuously. As for Yuri, he’s like “there’s no point in taking it out on me..”. In the end it’s not like he personally asked Victor to come there.

U: I think that Yurio is profoundly convinced that Victor was supposed to become someone that would greatly influence him, and that he was stolen from him. He is also nervous because he wants to keep up his good results from the junior era and he fears that if he doesn’t start properly he will lose the best period for an athlete. He is also afraid that if Yuri Katsuki blossoms he might become an amazing athlete. It’s for all these reasons that he is determined to pull apart Yuri and Victor. That’s how I picture him when I play him.

Victor is to Yuri the same as Jackie is to Toyonaga-san!?

—What is Victor to Yuri and Yurio?

T: To Yuri I guess he’s basically like a god. He has always admired him. I used to be a big fan of Jackie Chan, I think it’s probably the same.

U: I see. So it’s as if Jackie Chan suddenly showed up at your place and told you “I’m going to teach you action stunts”.

T: …I guess it would be like that. “Eeeh! No, wait, my room is full of your posters!!”. Kind of.

U: Ok, maybe not really the same (LOL).

T: Probably not (LOL). Well, it’s not like I wanted to do stunts like him anyway!

U: You should be an action star of a certain level for it to be the same (LOL).

T: Yeah. I’m not really on the same level as Yuri-kun (LOL). Well I do think that it’s somewhat like that. In the beginning Yuri-kun was probably ecstatic, but after some time he’ll likely get worried of what people start to think about him, considering that Victor is giving up his life as an athlete to coach him. I think he will realize that he cannot keep on just worshipping him like before.

—Who is your favorite character?

T: I like Popovich, absolutely! I really want you to look forward to his spirit (LOL).

U: I’m sure people will love his character. (Wataru) Hatano-san did a good job.

T: Yes! He’s really pitiful, but when you see that from the outside it’s kind of funny! Mind, I’m not talking bad about him, but isn’t it true that sometimes people who are seriously sad, surprised or scared look a bit funny seen from an external point of view?

U: Depending on the point of view the same thing can feel like either a comedy or a tragedy.

T: He’s the perfect embodiment of that. You can completely understand his feelings, but he’s still funny.

U: I like Kenjiro Minami quite a lot. He looks up to Yuri, right? I really liked how he shaked Yuri up when he was feeling embarassed about his past performances.

T: To Minami-kun Yuri was probably the same as what Victor was to Yuri.

—What scenes impressed you?

U: I liked when in episode 1 we see the recollections of Yuri’s life. I thought it was really well done how in such a short amount of time they showed many sides of his past. It had a great impact and I like it a lot.

T: I liked the scene in episode 2 where Yuri hastily hides all the posters in his room and then when he’s in his bed he suddenly realizes how happy and excited he is that Victor is there. I think it’s very much like him. Also, who is that guy, Takao, that Mari neechan was talking about?? (LOL). He just appears for an instant but I can’t help wondering who he is. Also, the night before “Onsen on ICE”, when Yuri goes to Minako-sensei’s place to practice the choreography, and the scene in episode 4 where he sits next to Victor on the beach and they talk, they all fit Yuri’s character and had me impressed.

—Could you tell us some anecdotes about recording?

U: The 3 skate nerd sisters played by (Akiko) Yajima-san are amusing. They are entertaining to watch on the screen as well.

T: Those 3 sisters are funny. They first record the 1st one, then the 2nd and the 3rd, so basically Yajima-san is doing the recording in 3 times. Sometimes the picture just shows the lineart and sometimes it’s just the storyboard, so not even sound director Shimizu understands what line is said by which sister (LOL). But apparently in Yajima-san’s mind they are different and actually she changes her acting slightly for each sister, I think that’s really amazing.

—Lastly, please leave a message for our readers!

T: What is interesting about this series is that the meaning of “growing up” is a bit different than in most others. Yuri-kun already has skills, so it doesn’t really feel like he’s “growing”… more like that Victor is opening doors for him that he wasn’t able to open before. When he’s not performing he still is his usual meek self, so his original personality does not really change, but by being with Victor he’s influenced by him little by little. I think you are all cheering on the GP series of the real world, but in the meantime the GP series in the anime is also getting to its most interesting part and the China tournament is about to end.

U: Yurio is waiting for you in the Russia tournament coming next.

T: Yeah. There will finally be the confrontation with Yurio. Stay tuned to see how they will end up eventually. In the next episode, ep. 7, my favorite guy Popovich is going to show an amazing performance (LOL), enjoy that and the rest of the series too!

U: We are going to see lots of characters with varied personalities, coming from different countries and grown up in different conditions. This series is an original anime, so actually we’re also very excited when doing recordings because not even we know what’s going to happen in the long run. I hope that you can feel the same while watching. Be sure to follow the series until the end!

T: …Actually, I heard how it ends~… from Kubo-san.

U: I don’t think you should have.

T: It’s not how you think! I couldn’t help it… She got drunk at a dinner meeting and just let it slip out (LOL).

U: Don’t make her drink! (LOL)

I had a few people tag me to post a selfie before the new year. To be honest I was a bit scared to and put it off… but I’m trying to be more brave this year.

So here you go. This is ME.

Also it’s fancy cause that’s how I roll ;) hehe.

Jealous (Dean x Reader)

Character: Dean Winchester                                                                                   Words: 1158                                                                                                              Warnings: Some swearing, light drinking, Dean being an idiot                                    Summary: Dean gets jealous when a guy flirts with you at a bar.

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Hello friends. Finally finished an old WIP I’ve had sitting around for months. Obviously I updated Karin’s hair cause…yeah, that style rocks.

Enjoy Otokage Sasuke having fun times with his head scientist wife. :3


art by me (lisimba-art)

One last dance?

It’s getting late. Remus sits, watching others dance. Tonks already left, saying she had Auror training in the morning and needed some sleep. James had quidditch practice, and had to “get his game on” by getting a solid 8 hours of beauty sleep before practice. 

Remus yawns, and just as he’s about to getup to wander towards the door, a familiar voice asks “Leaving so soon, Moony?”


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A- Age: 19

B-Biggest fear: Life without purpose

C-Current Time: 5:33pm

D-Drink you last had: Dihydrogen Monoxide

E- Everyday starts with: Dogs barking at the top of their lungs

F-Favorite song: Currently: “Guillotine (Swordz)”

G- Ghosts, are they real? : Yeah, cause i saw them on a discovery show about ghosts

H- Hometown: I no longer have a place i can call home

I-In love with: The idea of being happy with my situation

J-Jealous of: No one, jealously is such an ugly trait

K-Killed someone: To the best of my knowledge, no

L-Last time you cried: My guess is as good as yours

M-Middle name: MastaForm

N-Number of Siblings: 1

O-One wish: For the pain to go away

P-Person you last called/texted: @macgoldypatzy

Q-Question you’re always asked: Guess what? ( Usually by @theultimaterenegade )

R-Reasons to smile: Getting fewer by the day

S-song last sang: Isn’t She Lovely

T-Time you woke up: 7am

U-Underwear color: …

V-Vacation destination: Another planet

W-Worst habit: Speeding

X-X rays you’ve had: n/a

Y-Your favorite food: Stir-fry from The Real Chow Baby

Z-Zodiac Sign: Pisces/Aries

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I think its nice that the coach is comfortable enough (w raz at least) to talk about some of his stuff now? Like that bit he says about the navy like i get the feeling he would have never talked about his insecurities or whatever before the first game happened if that makes sense?

Yeah yeah I get what you’re saying!! He definitely is a lot more comfortable with sharing his thoughts now, keeping them inside is what caused him to try taking over the world in the first place! If he had felt comfortable with talking to anyone about his issues, none of it would have happened!

But now that Raz’s helped him relieve that pent up anger and stress in The Meat Circus, he’s a lot more comfortable now and probably won’t hide things anymore. Though he’s no longer bothered by what happened with him and his father, years and years of being told he’s not good enough for anything has really lowered his self-esteem, and that’s probably never going to go away. But at least now he feels comfortable with telling when he feels uncomfortable and it doesn’t stay inside anymore.

Morry is an openly emotional person, it turns out. He told Raz about what the Navy said about him and his stumpy legs, and he cried about it and let it out, and Raz let him. He listens to that boy band pop song because it makes him feel better. It’s high-energy music with a positive message, and I feel he needs to listen to that kind of stuff (I love the song too! It brings me up too!)

He’s also open with his interests now. He was always afraid that people would judge him and laugh at him for having an interest in feminine things, or at least having a general acceptance when he’s around them. But he likes this kind of stuff and he’s comfortable with sharing it now.

Sorry I just started rambling, I tend to do that when I’m on mobile. I’m sorry if I went in circles or repeated myself a lot, I just went off and typed everything that went through my mind reading your ask the best I could!

Get To Know Me Tag!

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Rules: Complete the survey and say who tagged you in the beginning, when you are finished you have to tag people to do this survey. Have fun and enjoy!!!

1) Are you named after someone? Nope. Lol my parents just named me Christy and yeah

2) When is the last time you cried? The last time I cried? Lol i think it was last week. I just had like a mental and emotional breakdown cause of all the stress.

3) Do you like your handwriting? Yeah I like it! I mean it could be better but I like it

4) What is your favourite lunch to eat? Chicken strips…man I love chicken 

5) Do you have kids?.….I am a baby 

6) If you were another person, would you be friends with you? I think so? I mean I think I’m a nice and genuine person-which are the type of people I like to suround myself with. Lol but I feel like I can come off to strong or too “bubbly” fro some people

7) Do you use sarcasm? ALWAYS! It’s gotten to the pint where my friends can’t tell if I’m joking or not. 

 8) Do you still have your tonsils? yep! 

9) Would you bungee jump? I am hell’a afraid of heights so idk

10) What is your favourite kind of cereal? OKAY! SO LIKE THERE ARE IS THIS CEREAL IN AMERICA THAT WE DON’T HAVE IN CANADA BUT THERE ARE BASICALLY COOKIES-BUT FOR CEREAL AND THEIR TINY! I FUCKING LOVE THEM. But I haven’t had them in like two years-but it’s by far my face cereal. 

11) Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? It really depends. If they’re new-yes. If I’ve had them for a while-I just get really lazy. 

12) Do you think you’re a strong person? Physically yes? Emotionally ehhhhhhhhhhh. Lol like I radiate happiness and stuff but like when things happen I am a complete mess. 

13) What is your favourite ice cream flavour? Vanilla! YES I AM BASIC BUT ITS SO GOOD! OR ROCKY ROAD!

14) What is the first thing you notice about people? Their smiles-and if they ain’t smiling then eyes

15) Red or pink? pink

16) What is the least favourite physical thing you like about yourself?my height lol I WANNA BE TALLLLLLLL

17) What colour pants and shoes are you wearing now? grey pants and I got no shoes on-or socks for that matter.

18) What was the last thing you ate? A doughnut….I want another one

19) What are you listening to right now? BTS - Danger AGHHH WHAT A THROW BACK 

20) If you were a crayon, what colour would you be? blue

21) Favourite smell? Vanilla or lavender 

22) Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? My best friend-or we can call him my boyfriend but like it’s nothing offficial, God i’m blushing just typing this.

23) Favourite sport to watch? SOCCER!!!

24) Hair colour? really dark brown so basically black-I wanna make it light brown or pastel purple doe

25) Eye colour?  brown 

26) Do you wear contacts? nope! contacts scare me   

27) Favourite food to eat? pizza and chicken wings

28) Scary movies or comedy? comedy! Horror movies make me rlly paranoid

29) Last movie you watched? Moana and it was reallllllyyyyyy GOOOOODDDDD

30) What colour of shirt are you wearing? Blue

31) Summer or winter? summer I was born in the tropics man I can’t help it

32) Hugs or kisses? Well I’ve only ever cuddled or hugged and always dodged my first kiss lol but I think I’d like both tbh

33) What book are you currently reading? none rn sadly school is a pain

34) Who do you miss right now? My boyfriend, my grandparents, and too many other people 

35) What is on your mouse pad? nothing lol I don’t have a mouse pad

36) What is the last TV program you watched? WEIGHTLIFTING FAIRY KIM BOK JOO I AM STILL EMO AS HELL

37) What is the best sound? rain 

38) Rolling Stone or the Beatles? Beatles

 39) What is the furthest you have ever travelled? America lol I haven’t been out of Canada

40) Do you have a special talent? I guess singing????

41) Where were you born? Philippines!

42) People you expect to participate in this (although it’s completely optional)?

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a. - age: 18
b. - biggest fear: to cause problems and being a bother to anyone, or well, EVERYONE
c. - current time: 9.22PM
d. - drink you last had: sprite
e. - everyday starts with: grabbing around for my phone and checking the time
f. - favorite song: Currently Nishino Kana’s No. 1
g. - ghosts, are they real: yeah. i generally believe in things that has nothing to disprove their existence. which means that i can very easily get scammed OTL
h. - hometown: Singapore
i. - in love with: someone whom I rather not mention
j. - jealous of:  people who has their future planned out and decided and everything
k. - killed someone: nope, thank god.
l. - last time you cried: uh yesterday, when I was freaking the hell out of my A level results and there were people who are way too nice and I totally do not deserve them oh my god.
m. - middle name: none
n. - number of siblings: 1 older brother
o. - one wish: i have a lot of wishes, but how about for togashi’s health to recover 100%
p. - person i last called/texted: my mum
q. - question you’re always asked: what time is it over there
r. - reason to smile: all of you sweet people
s. - song last sang: 呐喊 by Angela Zhang (I’m trying to find this song okay but I’m really enjoying relistening to her old songs again)
t. - time you woke up: 9.30am (i slept for 13 horus omg, how wild)
u. - underwear color: uhm why, i dont wanna check
v. - vacation destination: japan
w. - worst habit: procrastinating things and doing other things
x. - x-rays you’ve had: none
y. - your favorite food: uh… steaming white rice…? or can I just go with strawberry shortcake
z. - zodiac: gemini

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It's me! The salty anon from so long ago lol I could have guess that you don't like Gruvia! You rarely post them...happy v'day!

Helllllllo salty anon! Happy Valentine’s Day!

And yeah, if i ever had a notp it’d probs be them (tho they’re not really a notp for me i just could do without them). i do still read their fics (though i don’t come across many??? but i’m also not really actively looking, haha), and i love the artwork :)

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Signs as things I've said
  • Aries: surprisingly, i have a friend
  • Taurus: yeah, my favorite song by fallout boy, i write sins not tragedies
  • Leo: my uncle is very hard
  • Virgo: oh your penis is open enough
  • Libra: oh i thought you were looking at ronald reagan
  • Scorpio: i killed a snake cause i'm bad at picking up social cues
  • Sagittarius: i wish i had a horse to ride me
  • Capricorn: on a more serious note, as a diehard power rangers fan,
  • Aquarius: i know this like i know the back of my spine
  • Pisces: who is football
  • Yukina: Is your dick Jesus?
  • Kisa: ...
  • Yukina: 'cause it's gonna rise this Sunday
  • Kisa: ...
  • Yukina: 'cause I'm going to worship it
  • Kisa: ...
  • Yukina: 'cause I'm gonna put it underneath some rocks and then it'll come out of those rocks and Mary Magdalene will cry
  • Yukina: BOOM!
  • Kisa: ...You're the sole reason Jesus is crying right now
  • Yukina: YEAH HE IS
  • Kisa: ...
  • Yukina: 'cause your dick...
  • Yukina: "cries" and...
  • Kisa: You need to stop right there before we get sent to worse places than hell

Tfw you don’t care about a series anymore but the discourse pulls you back

Anyway, yeah, I’ve made a couple posts already, I make posts on a whim and to sort out my thoughts, maybe I should start tagging these as something other than “ignore”

I /definitely/ get why people were complaining about this episode

While Goku enjoys fighting, he’s never actually caused threats before, not intentionally and in the face of being told not to
(Though arguably we don’t know HOW he would have handled the Freeza thing had he actually been able to avoid Freeza and leave without a fight like King Kai originally wanted. Even in that instance it ended up being an unavoidable fight, and not one caused by Goku.)

Though I consider it worth pointing out, Goku genuinely does not consider Zeno a threat and doesn’t understand why Beerus and Whis do. Which is in-character for him to take people on their word and he’s not going to consider someone to be bad if it doesn’t seem like they’ve done anything bad. (Full disclosure, I did not finish the Trunks arc, so if Zeno did something bad there I don’t know about it.) You’d think Goku would take the possibility of danger seriously, though I suppose ARGUABLY he thinks Beerus and Whis are overreacting.

It feels wrong because while Goku has made some selfish calls in the past (sparing Vegeta), he didn’t come across like he was going to do whatever he wanted no matter what. Even the not wanting to take out the androids thing, wanting to fight them wasn’t his sole reasoning. (And I will fight anyone irl who brings up the fighting Majin Vegeta thing, because for the hundredth time Vegeta literally had to kill people before Goku fought him. How people construe that as selfish I have no idea.)

So I think that’s the main reason this episode feels wrong. Because Goku comes across in a way he actually has not in previous material.
Maybe it’s more the /way/ it was handled, than what was done, idk.

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Because of the Zayn message you got I went through your Zayn tag and I probably shouldn't have cause it makes me feel exactly the same as when I think of this very good friend I had in high school that I know I will never be friend with and talk to again. you know like some friendship can't recover. It's a weird nostalgic feeling that makes me kinda happy, kinda sad but mostly empty. That's what I feel when I think about Zayn and 1D (even if I still can enjoy his music separately)

i totally get that. and yeah i personally don’t think there will be any kind of musical or public reconciliation between zayn and ot4 (at least not for a long ass time) so i view them as their own separate entities at this point too. 

but yeah same to enjoying their music separately.