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In Time

Daryl Dixon Imagine

Request: Can you do one where the reader has to fix Daryl’s bike cause he totaled it and is too hurt to do it himself?

(I kinda went into a different direction with this, but I think it’s still close enough)

word count: 993

I was sitting on a bench outside Aaron’s and Eric’s house watching Daryl fine-tune his bike. He got it back from Dwight a while ago but for some reason Daryl couldn’t stand the fact that it had been in Dwight’s possession for so long. He had wanted to ditch it but I had convinced him to screw Dwight and tune the bike until it wasn’t the same anymore. He had agreed because where in the world would you find a working bike these days?! One that wasn’t mine of course.
“You need help?”, I yelled with my eyes still closed as I heard loud clanging coming from the garage.
“I’m fine”, he grunted back but the bang following his words proved him a liar.
“I know a thing or two about bikes. I’ll help you!” I stood up and walked over to the garage where Daryl stood flabbergasted and more or less completely covered in motor oil.
“Maybe I’ve overdone it”, he whispered looking down.  
“Yeah, maybe”, I said. “It might be done for, you know that?!”
“I’ll fix it.”

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in-game screenshots, no photoshop. was frustrated that there’s no actual waterfront lots in ts4, so i made my own water. not the most technically elegant thing i’ve ever made but it’ll do until i figure out something better.

the greenish brown colors are my favorites, blue water just doesn’t look realistic to me since where i live the ocean isn’t blue, it’s green and brown.

(sorry for the crappy gif, i had to shrink it down so i could post it here)

edit: forgot to add this, here’s how it looks on the beach: