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☯ 2 years together ☯

I can’t believe this blog already has 2 years since I made it. I still remember those days like they were yesterday! 

I remember I had no clue how to use tumblr. I made the “first” blog (the first touhou-memories) earlier in July 2015 and I had like 3 or 4 posts which got almost 10 notes in total. And then I wanted to change my tumblr theme and make a customized one. Little did I know that tumblr was a website full of bugs and I ended up changing my theme the exact day a bug that affected all tumblr users made all the notes disappear. I thought my posts’ notes had gone because of the theme and I couldn’t make them appear again. I thought I screwed up my blog and deleted it. Luckily, I had only one follower back then, who followed me here again. After a few days I made this blog again (this current touhou-memories) and reuploaded the posts. So it shows that my oldest posts are since 12 July 2015. 

The first month, the blog was gaining few notes because I didn’t know anybody interested in Touhou in real life that also had a tumblr. I didn’t know how to promote this blog. So I just kept posting stuff and tagged them and hoped people would find them through the tags. And it worked. Slowly but steadily. And here I am now. 

I want to thank all of you that liked, reblogged my posts and followed this blog! Thank you all for being here and making my days happier! I love you all! 

But I have to give special thanks to my first 20 followers, who believed in this blog when it was almost nothing. When it had few posts, few notes, when nobody else thought this blog will eventually make it until today.

Below they’re in the exact order they followed me:

@elixird, @asksakuyathemaid, @dragonowlie, @eirinyagokoro, @bluereimus, @grimoireofalice, @kisekinomahou, @originalmastersparkdonotsteal, @wx78, @unknen-miochan, @cinnimonipod, @dudechan, @mimiiikyuu, @knightofadistantstar, @2xpistolsandawink, @renai–circulation, @joelpadilla12, @ascendedmaiden, @anordinarymagician, @ya–yi.

If you are not tagged above but follow me, it doesn’t mean that I don’t care about you! Above are just my first 20 followers. But all of you that follow me now, mean a lot to me! I cannot tag you all, because you are over 2500.

Thank you everybody for believing in this blog and appreciating it! It means A LOT to me! I love you everyone for being here. Without you, this blog wouldn’t have become what it is today! Thanks for all the moral support, the nice messages, even for the criticism that helped me fix some flaws! 

The adventure continues~

In the summertime.

Summary: Some summer memories cannot be forgotten. The weeks you spent with Chani are some of those. (or, 5 times you wished summer holidays would never end)

Genre: Fluff/Angst.

Word count: 3000+

Notes: Reuploaded because the Chrome extension for interactive fanfiction screwed up last time I uploaded lmao.

Also if you want to request something, requests are open!

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