had to resize it a lil

We all knew Davesprite x Jade was a thing/solid ship, but upon further reflection Jade X Nepeta is a really cute pairing as well

  • they are cat + dog
  • they both grew up independently, fending for themselves in what seems to be more wilderness-like places (island and cave)
  • They both get v excited over things
    • would probably have a fun time role playing together (ex: Jade had a trollsona, Nepeta being Nepeta)
  • are goddamn furries
  • enthusiastic about nature, such as growing things or straight up hunting
  • cuties, lil’ears, animal motif
  • underestimated in their friend group
  • bond over having some sort of strange relationship to Karkat
  • Jade’s power as a witch was to resize and create space, Nepeta was to steal souls, they balance each other in a body and soul dichotomy, the material and immaterial

Jadenep y’all, 10/10