had to resize it a lil

Erm I was tagged by @emigotchi @cheekrubsu and I thought there was one more? Why can’t I find it ToT

Anyway.. .yea so um.. this is my bio? I hope you enjoy it! I hope that it looks okie I had to resize it a bit. OTL 

I used Leo and Sid’s colors xD and perhaps a lil Kenshin (Ikemen sengoku) in there too. ^^)7

I think everyone’s been tagged but

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anonymous asked:

um, hi! I noticed that you have a mac with s4s too, and I was wondering if you had this problem: When I load up a mesh nothing appears in the viewer window and when i resize the window the viewer becomes all glitchy and warped. Do you think you a solution for this if it has happened to you?

yo!!!!! hmm i have not had this problem :-(((( im sorry friend i have no idea what could be wrong??? my solution 4 everything tho is try updating ur app !!! maybe somethin’s a lil screwy??? i dunno!!!!!! sorry friendo :-( xoxo