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Tease (M)

Character: Yoongi x reader

Genre: Smut 

Word count: 881

W: Just plain simple smut. PWP. Please read with caution.

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The Fall

Reposting this as a coherent block because I’m seriously considering leaving it off here until we have more material for the Living Story/expansion.

Spoilers for current GW2 plot.  Explicit gore, body horror, minor lore bending.

What: Ashraf’s captain gets a ship again, but it’s as part of the ill-fated Pact expedition.  He and Captain Artan struggle to help a surviving sylvari crew mate keep it together while making their way out of the jungle.

The ship falls.  Treias struggles against falling to the dragon.  And a fall he took long ago haunts him through the jungle.

For the curious: Ashraf al Mehtani | Treias | Captain Artana Varan

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