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Voltron AU: Wings 03

(Many thanks to @ladydouji and @eastofthemoon. We had fun talking about these.)

Humans are born with wings, downy, fluffy little things, but their wings usually aren’t strong enough for them to start learning to fly until they’re around seven or eight.

That doesn’t stop little ones from trying to fly, and parents often put “wing hats” on their wings to make sure they don’t get themselves in trouble or hurt their wings trying to fly too soon. They’re just soft cloth or knitted covers that fit over their wings ad make them too unwieldy to even try to fly.

Sometimes in really cold places, even adult will wear wing hats, although it’s more common to tuck wings under bulky coats that are designed to accommodate them.

Needless to say, Hunk has pictures of Lance as a toddler wearing brightly colored and stripped wing hats, courtesy of Lance’s mom, and he threatens to show them to people when Lance is really being a pain.

Wing adornments are also fairly common, as is dying feathers, although molt patterns are generally pretty random and can lead to some strange looking wings as the color molts out in spots.

There are a few spots on the wing that can be pierced without doing any harm, and Hunk, Shiro, and Pidge all had their wings pierced before they joined the Garrison.

Hunk and Pidge both had a piercing in each wing. Pidge liked sparkly studs and occasionally clusters of dangling chains with little gemstones on the end. Hunk liked polish stone studs, and he would happily tell anyone who mentioned liking them (or mentioned them at all), all about the geology of the stones.

Shiro was kind of a punk. He had three piercings in one wing and two in the other, and he liked metal studs and occasionally chains strung between the piercings.

Lance never pierced his wings because he was worried about it slowing him down, but he had a helix piercing, and his favorite stud was a tiny stone turtle that came from Hunk, although he had a silver one shaped like a rain drop that he really liked too. Lance would also sometimes wear light, chain meshes over his wings. He liked the sparkle and swore the weight was good strength training for his wings, although it weighted almost nothing.

All of their piercings are long closed up. Garrison dress code doesn’t allow piercings because they’re a safety issue when they’re doing combat training or physical conditioning. There is no paladin dress code, but the prospect of having a piercing ripped out during a fight has so far swayed all of them from redoing the piercings.

Keith never had any piercings. He just never cared. He liked being able to fly fast so he didn’t see any reason to do something that might slow him down.


Charleston Farmhouse Dining by SaudadeSims

Here it is! As @deelitefulsimmer can tell you, I’ve been working hard to get this set finished and released! I’m really so happy with the way it turned out. You can thank @deelitefulsimmer for the painted wood texture idea! I had to redo  almost*all* the textures when she suggested it, lol. The robin’s egg blue one is dedicated to her.

The curtains in this set make me happy. I love them. They are my favorite thing I’ve ever made. I’m trying to get them to be able to take alpha so I can make some sheer ones, but those aren’t done yet. Soon, I hope. They are cloned from a poster so they don’t snap to windows, sorry to those of you who prefer snapping curtains!

I hope you enjoy this set! Let me know what you think!


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Requested by @ifindyourlipssokisssable

what they want:I’d like to request a saucy daddy kink Dean Winchester x Reader that really plays up Dean’s natural umf-ness, dominance, and control pls & ty

Readers name Samantha /sami with humor to the same name as his brother

Auothers note: so when I first wrote this I did it wrong and misunderstood what they requested they wanted a Dom Dean and a sub reader so yeah I’m redoing it and hopely this one is good enough.

It’s been over a year since the boys meet Samantha or Sami as she told them to call her on a hunt, you see Sami was a hunter who case was almost jeopardized because of the Winchesters. Lucky all three hunters could finish the hunt without too many severe injuries and eventually one thing lead to another and the young women found herself hunting with the Winchester and living in their secret underground bunker. Dean who had been attract to Sami upon laying his emerald green eyes on her found it funny how her and his brother name sounded almost alike, but he had to admit it sorta made him jealous.
Not only did Sami and Sam do things together but they ended up forming a close bond to one another sorta like Cas and Dean have just less awkward. Both adults could be seen in the library researching or just tapping away on their computer and phone to find a case, and dean did not like that one bit.
Sam knew his brother had a crush on the huntress and even went out of his way to make Dean jealous, not because he liked her or anything nope Samantha was one of his best friends actually but he did all of this so he could push Dean into confessing his feelings for her but when that didn’t work he tried a different method which including flirting with Sami at a bar and dancing with her one the dance floor which making as much body contact as he could.
That’s what landed Sam with a broken nose in the bunker smiling as he could hear the two hunters fucking their brains out in his brother’s room.
Sami hadn’t expected Dean to get all jealous and angry at Sammy but oh boy did it turn her on, when he pulled her away from Sam and pushed her behind him before he swong his fist a Sam’s nose just made he weak in the knees. She almost moaned from just seeing his hands gripping away Baby’s steering wheel so tightly that they turnt white. The way he dragged her roughly into bunkers door way and towards his room before pushing her up against the wall and attaching her lips with his. She’s never seen such dominance in a man before and honestly it sorta turnt her one.
Sami remembered waking up the next morning to being wrapped in a tight but gentle grip of deans arm and she almost moaned at the thoughts of that night that came rushing back to her, she could see bite marks and bruises around her arms and lower half and seeing deans chest and arm could make her only imagine what his back looked like. The dark haired male had hickeys on his neck all the way down to his collar bone and he wore a dark purple bruise on his left shoulder which was most likely from her biting him after he bit her, seeing dried up blood down his arms in straight lines was from Sami clawing at his arms in pleasure. Sami bit her lip and turnt in deans arms her face in his chest as she closed her eyes unknowly to her deans eyes opened and was watching her with a small smile on his face.


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(Gif not mine)

Sebastian x reader 

Word count:1148

A.N: I really hope you enjoy it and I hope I fiffiled your needs (That sounded dirty, I didn’t mean it)


“Alright next questioned.” You finally managed to stop laughing from what a fan had just told you “Go ahead sweetheart.” You pointed to the girl in the white top with curled hair.

“Hi I just first want to say that I love you.” She paused for a minute.

“Thank you that means a lot I love you too.” You smiled at her.

“Alright now my question is, was it awkward having to kiss a man older than you in Grey’s Anatomy and how do you feel about leaving the show?”

“Well Eric and Patrick were very kind they never made anything awkward and all around it was a good vibe and as for leaving the show it was very sad, my character was a very strong independent woman that you barely saw cry but when it all came to an end she did end up crying but in the script I wasn’t suppose to cry that was actually me crying but anyways to answer the question it was very sad I spent eight years in the show they end up being my family, I still keep in touch with all of them so it’s all good.” You almost started to cry thinking about all our memories in the show.

The crowd awed and they started to ask more question that was until you little boy, Alexander, came walking on stage which caused the crowed to get over joy with him.

“Say hi to them Alexander.” You told your son.

“Hi.” He spoke into the mic and waved causing the room to be filled with hi’s and hello’s.

“How did you and Sebastian meet?” A male fan asked.

You thought back to when you meet him and got bubbles in your stomach.

“Oh god we met back in ‘07,I was dating Chace at the time and we actually went out to eat and then he ended up dating Leighton which was really sad for me since me and Chace had broken up because he knew that I thought that Sebastian was cute so he ended up setting us up after Leighton and Sebastian broke up.But now she’s married just her husband and her beautiful baby and I’m married I have a baby boy and two other babies on there way, we all keep in touch even they’re great I love them. ” You chuckled and the fans laughed and pointed at another fan.

“Is Sebastian overprotective since you are pre-” But your son cut her by busting out laughing and scream since some of the fans were getting his attention.

“I’m so sorry.” You went over to a table and grabbed a toy that a fan had given you and gave it to him causing him to calm down and play with it “Sorry you can continue.”

“It’s okay, was Sebastian overprotective of you when you were filming Civil War?”She asked.

“Well I didn’t know I was pregnant at that time I was only two months along but as soon as we found out he was but it was good since we only had like moth left of shooting but we still went back to redo some scenes, it was mostly because we had some fighting scenes together and he thought that he might kick me or something but I always told him to just do it and it’s gotten pretty worse since then because now I’m six months along he’s a afraid that I might get hurt.”

“He’s so cute.” They all said almost at the same time. Soon the crowed went wild when they saw Sebastian step on stage.

He smiled and waved at them “Telling them all my secrets babe?” He leaned down to kiss you then he placed a hand on your stomach “How are our babies doing.”

“They’re fine.”

“Good.” He then proceeded to get a chair and sit next to you and take Alex of your lap and into his.

“I have a question for Sebastian.” She gave you a smile you nodded and she continued “When did you know that you were in love with this lovely woman.” She motion at you which all you could do was just smile at her and at her question.

“Ah excellent question, I knew that I was in love with her when we were out we had gone to a premier it was Once Upon a Time  and I tripped and it wasn’t a small stumble it was bad like I ate that so hard.”Seb explained it to them causing them to laugh “It was really embarrassing but before I could do anything she tripped and was already in the ground next to me not caring how many people saw and all the pictures and videos they took she just laid there with me laughing her ass off until I finally got up and I helped her up, but I’ve never had someone do that for me never had I ever felt good about the choice I made for finding someone like her I felt good, in love.” He told them the story.

  You could remember that day like it was yesterday which caused tears to form in your eyes.

“Again sweetheart?” Seb asked as he wiped away the tears away.

“It’s the hormones, shut up.” You told them, everyone just stared at the two of you taking videos and photos of the two of you.

“Whatever you say sweet heart we all know it’s because you love me.” Sebastian gave you a smile that made you melt, it felt just like the beginning all over again.

The rest of panel and signing along with the photo op’s were great, well Comic Con San Diego was great to say the least. That night at the hotel you finally put Alex into bed after a lotta laughs and reading so you showered and then Seb did as well, you were waiting for in bed after you put on a t shirt and some underwear, as you laid in bed you look thru instagram and saw some clips and photos of the three of you and smiled at your beautiful family and more to come, you were looking at the comments and they were nothing but sweet which filled you up with joy.

“You look beautiful babe.” Seb got into bed and kissed you.

“Thank you.” You blushed.

“Wow babe almost ten years of knowing each other and I still make you blush.”

“What can I say, you have a way with me.”  

“Good.” He turned of the light “I love you.” Sebastian kissed you.

“I love you too, so much.” You were always so afraid to loose him.

“And I love you guys too.” He lifted the cover and gave your tummy a kiss “Good night.”

“Good night sexy sea bass.” You teased him which caused him to groan and pull you close.


  • your essay is your opportunity to show something about you that doesn’t come across elsewhere in your application.
  • this is about you as an individual.
  • your essay should have a unique voice to it, making it an essay that only you could have written
  • colleges will often cross-reference your essay with your ACT writing / SAT writing scores for quality, meaning it’s important you write your own essay.


  • clearly address the essay prompt/question.
  • follow all instructions, such as word count (which is strict) and suggested components (if they recommend using multiple paragraphs, etc)
  • triple-check that your grammar, punctuation, and spelling are correct.
  • avoid tangents and stick to your point.
  • at the same time, provide context succinctly. don’t assume your reader knows what you mean when you use specialized language.
  • you probably don’t have the same sense of humor as your reader, so don’t rely on jokes throughout to make it interesting.
  • revise it ruthlessly.
  • ask your english teacher if they can revise it for you (considerately, and if you know they might have time).
  • have your parents and friends revise it too. fresh eyes always help.


  • you don’t have to use a suggested topic, like a hobby. if the essay is asking about a significant turning point in your life, however, and that hobby played a major part in it, then maybe it’s a good idea to talk about when you learned to embroider.
  • use it to explain your application. if there’s a prompt about going through a struggle and your grades dipped when your parents got divorced, talk about how that affected your life.
  • choose a topic that your best friend could recognize you by if she didn’t know who had written the essay.
  • your reader should be able to tell why you picked that topic. show them why it’s special to you.
  • colleges value passion, ambition, and personal dedication to a cause over almost all else. demonstrate that you have that.
  • talk about what happened, but more about why it happened and what it did for your character development.
  • avoid lying. sincerity is hard to convey but easy to detect.
Adore Me.

I really don’t know what to say except this is all because of @jinkimon and here we are with puppy!Minhyuk. This is almost 5k so please don’t come for me, I have so much I edited out. This is a whole universe now. A universe of softness and indulgent fluff.

My soft love

Please go out with me to that cafe

I can’t leave you 

Because you’ll blow away with the wind 

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Okayyy so this is my review of my favorite morphe brushes I just got and tried!
Tbh I really wasn’t sure what to expect with morphe, I looked through countless reviews and videos, looked up pictures and negative rants. So I was kinda expecting the worst but hoping for the best? I picked out a bunch of brushes that were reviewed countless times through youtubers, and then some that just caught my eye and felt like I needed to try them out. I was super worried that the negative reviews were right and I just wasted a bunch of money on a bunch of garbage, I’m always skeptical with “YouTube” brands because of past bad experiences. So for a while I just put myself in the mindset of “if I don’t see and try it in a store or in person I don’t want to waste money on it”. I’ve kinda been bored with makeup and not into for the past year or so, like it became not fun for me and I just stopped buying and trying new products as much as I had before bc what was the point? I just restocked what I needed, mainly bought skin care, and sometimes tried new things but they didn’t excite me. I missed the joy makeup gave me before so I felt like I needed to “redo” my collection to hopefully fall back in love with my favorite hobby, the brushes I had were all old and idk I just felt like my makeup was blah bc of it, so I finally decided to give morphe a try since they have a huge selection of inexpensive raved about brushes!! I’m honestly SO surprised with the quality!!! I thought out of the almost 60 brushes that I purchased I would really like and use maybe 10 tops, I thought I would be disappointed in a bunch of them and just use the ones I really like, but oh my god!! I swear I haven’t been this excited about a purchase in soooo long! Every brush I bought had a purpose I can think of and use for, even the ones that I initially was like eh or what the hell can I use this for?? Ended up my favorites!! (Mainly eye and brow brushes which I will show in the review) the brushes are all super soft and just great quality over all, idk if they just improved over the years or people were just being negative but I don’t know why anyone would trash talk these inexpensive high quality brushes.. Anywayssss..
So here is a round up of my favorites so far!!

E43 - is just basically a smaller E3 but today I used it for my cleaning up my under eye setting powder and then I grabbed it again to apply my highlighter very soft, and just feels like a high end brush.

E3 - I used it for a slight contour, I don’t like harsh contours on cheeks but this picked up the product just enough and the shape of it reallyyyyy just added the right amount of product in the right places!

E4 - a simple blush brush, but it’s so soft and picked up a small amount of product and applied the blush flawlessly to my face so it got a rank in fave face brushes so far!

E8 - I looooove small chubby round brushes, they are perfect for creating an “airbrush effect” in larger pore areas, I don’t really have large pores but when I use brushes like this to blend out foundation and powder around my nose/cheek area it creates just a smooth flawless finish and I have been needing a replacement for a Sephora brush I had for years that started losing its density and amazingness. This is a great cheaper alternative that is just as good!!

E41 - I have never applied my bronzer to my face so perfectly and quickly as I did with this brush, it picked up just the right amount of bronzer without creating the orange face look, applied it without scratching my face or leaving behind a bunch of fall out like a sorta similar sigma brush I have does!! Looove it!!!

M439 - I feel like every youtuber/reviewer/Mua and their mother has this brush and raved about it so I had to pick it up and try it out for myself. It really does live up to its expectations!! It gives a super full coverage even with a medium/light coverage foundation, I don’t always like to have fullllll coverage but when I do this brush will do the job! It does kinda suck up a lot of product, but not as bad as some other similar brushes I have. It’s super soft and you will have a even full coverage on in like 10 seconds with this brush.

M528 - I think I applied my Laura mercier secret brightening powder with this one, I can’t remember what I did with this brush but I threw it into my love pile and it doesn’t have any colored product on it so I think I just applied the powder with it. It’s super soft and can my used as a highlighter, or setting brush!

E - 18 if you have smaller almond shaped eyes like me YOU NEED THIS BRUSH and also the M501, and E36 but I’ll get into those in a bit, the E18 is absolutely perfect for applying a crease color into small spaces, it picks up as little or as much product as you need and is just a must have brush.

M250-0 - OHHHH myyyyy godddd!!! The eyeliner brush I have been searching for but never found, I always came close but it was either to thick, had stray little hairs, was too long, or too stiff, something was always slightly justttt off with other liner brushes. They were good, they did the job, but they didn’t make it as easy as this one did!!! I haven’t had this even winged liner in like two years I swear lmao. I always have one eye perfect and the other one is it’s less perfect twin, or they both just looked like shit and I eventually came to except the fact that a super amazing winged eyeliner was just not gonna be in my life, untillllll this beauty came in the mail today😭 it’s. Just. Perfect. I completed a winged simple cat eye that was as even as humanly possible for me in the shortest amount of time it ever took me to do it, idk if I was just running on adrenaline from finding a perfect liner brush or bc my eyeliner looked amaze on the one eye I did first lol.

M213 - You also need this in your life, trust me. If you are sloppy in your eye makeup technique or just want something to really tightly apply shadow to your lower lash line effortlessly, then you need this brush. Don’t even doubt it just buy it. Also for some reason it looks really big in the picture above but it’s a super tiny little smudger with soft bristles but it isn’t flimsy. Just try it, you will see.

M575 - when I first saw this brush I felt indifferent about it, it kinda looked too long to be a good blending brush, I usually liked “fluffier” blending brushes and this one looked to long and slender, but wow.. for my eye shape it was the perfect “precision” blender! You know how with fluffy blending brushes shadow tends to kinda go all over your eye? And if you have smaller eyes like me it starts looking sloppy really quick, but this really helped blend and diffuse color ONLY where I wanted it! Surprisingly amazing!

M501 - okay… This brush is the brush out of alllll the brushes I kinda took one look at and was like?? “What the hell am I going to use this for?? Maybe highlight?? Idk?” It’s really oddly shaped, tapered, slim, slender, weird… Looks like a useless little highlight brush if your really particular about where you want to place high light or if you’re gonna be doing an infants highlight lol. For some reason I grabbed this weird little brush and started using it as an eye blender and was SHOCKED it’s like this brush was made for my eyes, it diffused my crease color so perfectly, the tapered part went into my crease and just idk, it was magical. I blended carelessly throughout my eye and it just created the perfect eye look!! The problem I always have with blending my shadow is that I get a dark color too far into my inner eye, creating like a Natalie Portman from the swan lake ballerina movie effect if that makes sense, I hate the way that looks on me and this brush just effortlessly blended without dragging color into my inner eye corner. I feel like I have a difficult eye shape and I hate doing shadow bc of it. But not anymore 😍 M432 - this is a basic flat square brush, it’s great for the waterline but I used it to shape up my brows and it did a great job! It’s the perfect density and size to sculpt brows without adding a crazy amount of product to the area, it’s a must have in a makeup collection especially if brows are your least favorite makeup application like mine, my brows annoy me and a good brow day for me is rare because I have a giant scar through one which always makes the shape of it different then the other one. But today I’m having an amazing brow day and it took me half the time it normally would to do my brows with my new brushes :D M224 - another staple!! I had a Mac one that I used for years but it was starting to look raggedy, I use these brushes on days I have a blemish I need to cover and apply a bit more product, to sometimes apply foundation to my face before going in with a beauty blender, to shape brows, to apply a concealer from a pot to my under eye. I use these types of brushes as like product picker uppers and packers, it’s like a forgotten brush that is very useful but not as talked about by me because it’s boring but very much needed in a makeup lovers collection! This one has synthetic bristles and is overall really well made, I was expecting this one to be a super cheapie garbage brush, but it’s up to par with my Mac one when it was in its prime days lol. M160-1/16 - another brush I saw and was like this kinda looks terrible.. The bristles seemed to long and soft to use for brows, but I tried it today and it’s wonderful for creating a softer brow look!!! Like wow, it picks up a little bit of product so if you’re heavy handed with brows like me it’s a MUSTTTTT it applied my favorite brow powder to my brows and I swear it made my powder work and look better then ever, I used it in the front part of my brows and it’s just gonna be an everyday staple for brows. M413 - I feel like I judged all the brow brushes to harshly when I first opened my package, I thought these were gonna be the crappy brushes of my entire order which was fine with me because they were the cheapest so not too much lost I thought. This brushes bristles are FIRM like super firm.. And kinda long. Immediately I thought that it was gonna scratch my skin and pick up way too much product.. I tried it gently, and applied my powder to my scar and wow this brush is def a favorite, I just have to be light handed when applying! But it picked up product and applied it right where you put it, I then brushed and diffused the color with the spoolie. My brows look so refined but natural in combination with the M160-1/16 brush, I used the M413 towards the ends and middle. I think this brush is also great for people who like bolder brows bc of how easy it is to shape and apply product with it. Andddd lastly, for not at least! G20 - this brush is great for packing on shadow! It works great for my eye shape. I mean there’s not much to really say about it other then it does its job! I also like the gunmetal color, I got a few brushes from gunmetal collection but haven’t tried them out yet. The bristles are soft, the shape is perfect, the size is great. It can also be used as a concealer brush for blemishes. Overall I’m super happy with my order and I think it’s money well spent!! Sorry about the longgg post but I tried to sum up my favorites so far as best as I can. I haven’t washed these brushes yet so I don’t know how they shed or how they are after washing but I’ll keep all you updated!:)

Story time.

Last November. Almost a YEAR ago. Someone placed a custom order. They never purchased it. So I waited 1 week past the usual 4 week hold I allow. Just in case. So that’s about 1 ½ months.

Weeks after I sold it they came asking about it. I explained what happened. Re-explained my hold policy, which I had done already when they first ordered. And they chose to redo the process. Like actually filling out the form to be back on the waiting list and all that.

I inform Them when it’s finished. Remind them that it’s a MAXIMUM of 4 weeks. And then they never got back to me. It’s been 9 weeks.

So I have had an active order with this person for almost a year.

Do not be this person. Do not place an order if you do not intend to follow through. Unless you give me a reason you can’t help, such as moving or something. I will not hold custom orders more than 4 weeks anymore. And you do have to inform me if something comes up. Don’t just leave me wondering if your gonna respond ever or not.

Additionally, from now on anyone who repeatedly placed orders and does not follow through and maintains no communication, will be blocked. (This doesn’t include discussing options/prices without actually placing an order. I understand planning ahead for purchases!)

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Almost  all RWBY girls! I was thinking of turning them into stickers, but maybe just small prints would be nice (and cheaper). I had a lot of fun drawing all the girls and there’s a few I’d like to redo, but overall I’m happy! 

The first time they stand on a court together after graduation Neil can’t wipe the grin of his face for the entire game.

Of course Kevin had been called back to Court as soon as he started to play whole games with his left hand again. Andrew was invited only a year into his professional career, but didn’t join until Neil became part of the national team two years after graduation.

Only half a year later Matt made the cut as well.

Neil rejoiced at the news, Kevin gave a smile on top of his acknowledging nod, and Andrew didn’t react at all except for a raised eyebrow at Neil’s antics. When they actually met at training two weeks before the next international match however Andrew greeted Matt with a quiet “Good to see you.” Matt’s eyeballs almost popped out in surprise.

They day of the match Neil buzzed with excitement at the prospect of playing with a line-up made up to two-thirds of former Foxes. For the first twenty minutes it was only Kevin and Andrew on the court, but after a heavy foul on one of their backliners Matt got to make his first appearance in an international match. He went out with the biggest grin Neil had ever seen on him. A few minutes later Neil replaced Kevin for the rest of first half, and after the break only Matt was immediately back on the court.

It wasn’t until eighteen minutes into second half that the four of them finally stood on the court together. Neil’s and Matt’s excitement showed in their playing and even Kevin’s game stepped up a notch. They all but destroyed the French team.

Having practically half of their former team there for celebrating at the goal line (Andrew still wouldn’t join them otherwise) almost felt like they were back on the Foxhole Court. Back where a boy on the run had finally found his place and got a chance to fulfil his dreams.