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Mod Post: Spoiler Tags

(Mod: Hello, everyone. Hope you’re all doing well.

This is to let you guys know what tags this blog will be using when volume four premieres, in order to help you guys to avoid spoilers. This will be posted again five days from the premiere date, and again the day before the premiere, in order to ensure that you all will be able to see which tags will be used.

General tags to avoid spoilers will be:

  • rwby spoilers
  • rwby volume four
  • volume four spoilers
  • rwby4
  • rwby4 spoilers

In the event any new characters are introduced, the following tags will be used:

  • new character
  • new characters
  • (insert new character’s name)
  • (insert new character’s name) (rwby)
    • This tag is usually used for characters whose surname we do not know. If we know the surname of said character, then refer to the tag (insert new character’s name)

The title of the newest episode will also be tagged, listed as:

  • episode: (insert episode title here)

Finally, given that most of the content I will be reblogging will be put into the blog’s queue, here is the queue tag I use in case you want to blacklist that as well:

  • vac-queue-o

All content reblogged from new episodes will be first saved in drafts, and added to the queue after it is made available to the public, in order to ensure that non-First members will be able to see the new episode spoiler free. Please also bear in mind that, should you feel it necessary, it’s completely okay with me to unfollow this blog in order to avoid any spoilers, especially since we had issues with people seeing the episodes last year and saw spoiler content on the blog. Should you guys have any questions or concerns, feel free to send me an ask and I’ll be sure to get back to you on it. That is all. Have a lovely day!)

Calm Down Everyone!

So if you look through the Wonder Trade tag at the moment (and probably for the next couple of months), you are going to see a lot of people who are unhappy about the interconnectivity between ORAS and X/Y. While I understand that it’s tiresome to wade through another round of low-level beginning-of-the-game Pokemon, some of the comments about it- and the other trainers- have been harsh, and in some cases, downright nasty.

I feel that, once again, people are forgetting that there are children playing this game- children who have never played Pokemon before; children who, in their excitement and inexperience, are just trying out and enjoying all the features the game has to offer.

It’s ok to express your frustration over the flood of Zigzagoons and Wurmples- trust me, I’ve had a few thoughts myself. But what’s not necessary is to be so mean about it- particularly to go public with it- specifically to put it in the tags.

Anyone who is familiar with the Wonder Trade, realistically, should have expected this, because it’s no different from the first couple of waves of X/Y (the initial release and then the Christmas flood). It will peter out eventually. It will peter out more quickly if we continue to focus on actively making the WT better, instead of complaining. 

The Pokemon community has usually been one of the more positive communities, and it’s a letdown to see people so glibly flinging insults. Again. Especially when you consider exactly what the Wonder Trade is. It is a randomized trading mechanism; the thrill is in the uncertainty. From simple statistics it’s rather unrealistic to expect a win every time. Are the trades a little heavy on the losses at the moment? Sure. Is there a way we can fix that? Yes, absolutely.

We- especially the older trainers, like myself- should focus on “being the change we want to see”This is how we turn the tide back in favor of a positive WT experience.Setting good examples for the younger generation, taking an active part in leading by example: releasing unwanted/undesirable Pokemon, putting nice things back up for trade. Cute nicknames. Nice items. Etc. Those are the types of comments and posts that are completely acceptable, and we should see more of, because they are constructive and educational. 

I’m positive that not everyone agrees with me, and that’s fine. But in the face of the brewing storm of negativity, I feel it’s important to remind everyone that in the end, all of us- young and old, experienced and new- are here for the same reason: because we love Pokemon, and Pokemon is awesome. 

P.S- if you really want someone to yell at for spoiling the WT, the people trading Pokemon with names like “Fuck You” and racial slurs are probably much better targets than the kids who are learning their way around the game.I’m gonna go out on a limb and say maybe, just maybe, those are the people who are really ruining the fun, but I have yet to see as many posts aimed at them as the “dumb kids”. Priorities, people………….