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NCT127 Reaction to their girlfriend being cuddly and giving them attention 24/7

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He would feel so lucky to have you as his girlfriend and try to give you all the attention you deserve also. From bringing you out shopping to cute coffee dates. 


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He would appreciate you being around so often and brag about how amazing you are to others 24/7. He would never shy away from the attention, PDA was his way of showing people you were his. 


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He would be a shy smiling, blushing mess every time. He would find you so adorable and remind you that he loves you just as much by cuddling back. 


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He would be happy straight away whenever you were around, no matter what mood he had before. You would bring out the fun side of him and he would want you around more because of this. 


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Whenever you cuddled him or praised him he would become so confident. “That’s my girlfriend.” He would post about it, bragging to everyone about his amazing girlfriend and how much he loves you. 


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“Aww so cute!” He would absolutely love it. Cuddling you back and giving you just as much attention because he knows you deserve it. 


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He would find it adorable that you wanted to give him attention and he would make sure you knew how much he appreciated you. He would kiss you 1000 times whenever you cuddled him.


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He would be so thankful for having you by his side. Whenever he got insecure he could count on you to cheer him up. All you had to do was cuddle him and tell him how great he was. 


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He is hella shy so would love it when you gave him attention, he was always too nervous to ask to cuddle. He would come out of his shell eventually because of the love you show him everyday. 

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i saw that post where baby katsuki swears and i had a thought - bakudad filmed that right? so imagine baku pisses off his mum, so she sends the video to kiri as revenge, he shows the squad and they're all crying "aww he was so cute and small!" then baby katsuki swears and they LOSE IT they go absolutely BAT SHIT INSANE from laughing they're all rolling on the floor, tears in their eyes, sero almost pees himself and for the next week one of them will randomly start giggling because.... "da fuck"


every time bakugou says “da fuck” in the future they throw a laughing fit for several minutes, bakugou needs rest

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So I've been dying to give you prompts because I love your writing but I had zero ideas lol luckily the prompt thing you posted inspired me, so here it is: 10 "I might have had a few shots" where kala is drunk and cute and wolfie adores her? :) thanks!

Aww yes this idea is adorable.  Set after the cluster has rescued Wolfgang and right after they’ve left London for a new safe house.  This goes along with my headcanon that Lito brought both Hernando and Dani, and that Felix went looking for Wolfgang and the cluster brought him into the fold.  There are mentions of Dani/Lito/Hernando because I apparently decided Kala and Daniela needed to have a conversation about their boys.  (There’s also some Daniela/Felix in here because I literally can’t help myself sometimes.)

After a month or so in their new safe house, Daniela’s birthday rolls around.  They can’t throw her a big party like she would normally have, but Hernando and Lito (and the rest of the cluster) want to do something to thank her for everything she has done for them.  From being there for Lito to trusting him enough to fly across an ocean for people she’d never met, Dani had made an impression on them all.

Riley found one of her old contacts to get them a considerable amount of alcohol without drawing attention to them.  Nomi and Bug set up the computers so they’re ready for Riley to mix some music.  After Will, Sun, and Wolfgang do some recon to double check that the area is clear, everyone lets loose.  Riley spins up the first track (not too loudly) and the fun begins.

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I’m sorry but I have to share this because I’m laughing so hard right now!

Like I said I’ve recorded myself acting out today’s post and now I’m listening to it to type it on the computer and man, I’m such a fangirl hahah

me on the recording:aww so cute

me on the recording:oh god I’m going to cry

me on the recording:ahh I’m so excited!!

me on the recording:aww my baby!!

me listening to the recording:Girl, you’ve created this, you know what’s going to happen. Stop reacting!!

I’m sorry about this random post but I had to share it because I’m laughing so hard right now hahah I can’t help myself


She’s running back and forth bringing toys to everyone

Barry: “Can we start a let’s play with Audrey playing?”
Brian: “She’d be better than Arin.”

She loves Burgie!
Brian is playing with the Burgie puppet and is smooching Audrey with it this is so cute help

They switched to the big camera, forget the game they were playing lol
Barry: “Let’s just watch this baby run around.”

(Arin had given Barry two pink Yoshis earlier because he got him one and forgot he did and accidentally got him another)
They gave a pink Yoshi to Audrey!!

She’s running around all over, you can hear her fast little feet thumping on the ground omg she’s so tiny

And the rest of the Grumps interacting with her, like she keeps running to Suzy (and probably Rachel) and I hear Suzy talking to her, and she was pointing at Jack and it was cute

Brian holding Audrey in his lap and kissing her AWW

That was so sweet aaah!! c:

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Hey your style is really cute! I love it! I was wondering if you had drawn Ryota before because I think he would look so cute on your style. Thank you very much for posting your art it really makes my day to see it and also all of your fuyuhiko drawings are amazing (he = bae). Well, anyways, thank you very much for brightening my days <3.

aww thank you so much for kind words ;;////w///;; I’m so happy to heard that!

about ryota one I did a couple time doodle him but forget to save it ahaha– so here you go, ryota doodle pastel-ish

he is crying im sorry

Another photo from the ACen floor - these two get their own post because after I took their photo, I asked Ellis if he had any new Keith stories and he was like, “Oh man, let me tell you - ” and Nick was like “Don’t you start…!!” and Ellis just kept going, so Nick threw her hands up and said exasperatedly “He’s your problem now!” and pretended to stomp away and Ellis started after her saying, “Aww, Nicole, don’t be like that - !” and just in general they were real cute.


I’m back from HobbitCon and everything was amazing and I am once again kaputt gemacht. I made a lot of new friends and I took over 1500 pictures. We weren’t allowed to film in during the panels but thanks to my amazing camera I was able to take a lot of pictures after each other so I can make gifs of certain moments. Yes, I’ve got both Dean O'Gorman kisses on it haha! :D 

Also I just scanned in my photo’s with the actors and put it under a readmore because it’s going to be a long post haha xD

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