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FINALLY! BLACKSAND ANIMALS! most of them are regular pitch and sandy, but there are also Mr sandman and Pi shawn tagging along if you see!

this took so long because as you have seen folks, been pretty busy with school, anyways, here are basically all the request, some weren’t made because the animals chosen were now way too much different from pitch and sandy, some others were repeat, but in teh end we had a huge variety guys, pretty great! 

Bonus not really or it is???ptffffff


With the unfortunate disbanding of 2NE1, a lot of us have been robbed of our favorite ‘Girl Crush’-style girl group. Who’s going to slay our asses without them? Who is going to provide the level of badass-ed-ness we need to survive? Have no fear– I’m here with a list of badass, fierce, confident ladies, and while no one can ever replace 2NE1 in our hearts, these girls might be able to numb the pain a little bit.

These groups are rookie groups– not just because there were quite a few really good badass groups that debuted this year, but because many of them need your support. Girl Crush concepts are often slept on, and I’d hate for some of these groups to have to disband because they don’t have enough of an income.

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Sweet Soriel

Click pics for bigger versions/easier reading time.

This was the biggest excuse to draw Papyrus being great, in a sweater holding a small child, bunch of Sans expressions, goat mom and skeleton kisses. Ever. Also, based on conversations I had with @friendlytroll​.



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I honestly really like Final Fantasy XV, Finished it about two weeks ago. I had to make some sorta fanart for it after Cry started playing it. :D

I have no clue the time taken, only I have drawn this during every stream video and then some.

I couldn’t think of which Regalia design to put so I put the one that was more memorable haha.

Also sup guy is a moogle type plushie.

Sorry for not uploading much in so long.

Bigger version on my DeviantArt (Krystami) as I think putting a link is messing it up.

indigoninja  asked:

8, 13, 14, 15, & 27

8. Describe their general appearance, post a screenshot or draw them

already answered uou i wish i had an in-game version of guy to show off, but i dont own fallout 4 lmao

13. What kind of situations are they likely to avoid?

any sort of physical altercations already in progress, having to go into water (who wants to get wet and soak up rads, what a pain), tense situations, and sanctuary in general

14. Do they have any fears or phobias?

guy has lots of little fears, mostly surrounding his bigger fear of being killed. not scared of heights, surprisingly.

15. Describe their morality. Is it black & white or are there grey areas?

id say there are grey areas when guy is considering things about himself, but its mostly black and white when hes considering other people. he gives himself way more moral freedom than he lets other people have.

27. Do they cry easily? What’s likely to set off the waterworks?

he actually doesnt cry easily, but will if he lets his emotions get the better of him. thoughts about his wife and life prewar will usually get to him. he cried after sitting in a memory lounger for like a solid hour

This is Miss. Bell. I randomly drew this two days ago, and had lost the original small piece of paper, then later that day redrew a newer and bigger version of it. Miss. Bell’s name and just look was inspired by my friend with that last name actually.


I had a hard time deciding whether or not I should have @markiplier with glasses… I also feel terrible that I didn’t have that much in @therealjacksepticeye‘s chibi, so I gave his silly version a bigger change.

Also, I felt like a creeper looking up a ton of references of these two amazing youtubers…. Literally had to look up their shoe to make sure it was something similar….

Besides all of that, I hope they enjoy the fanart and continue posting videos on youtube. Also, these are 60% of the full size, and I’ll be more than happy to somehow send the full size file them if they want it.

I almost forgot, congrats on 12M subscribers Jacksepticeye! You deserve all of them :)

anonymous asked:

so i was just wondering, since you have that massive selection of fic recs, do you know of any BAMF rose fics or things like bad wolf!rose or time lady rose? thank you for your time!!

Hi! I’ve read and know of quite a few actually :D. This got long so I’m putting it under a read more and dividing the list into three categories.

First: Bad Wolf Rose fics

Warning: telling you that these are BW fics is a little spoilery for some fics (gif not mine)

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snowyesque  asked:

hi!!! um, i just saw your post of the 6th novel illustration scans and i was wondering if you had any bigger versions? o: if not tho that is a-ok \o/!!! (also, that sucks about your facebook account and your laptop charger wtf)

(Please ignore the tabs…)
(I hope you don’t mind if I answer this publicly…) 

Well, this is the largest version I have, for the full illustration.

However if you want any certain part you can zoom in and get a better quality version of that part.

For example: 

(or even bigger *cough*)