had to make this because of reasons

I think the only way anyone could upset me with headcanons would be if they killed off one of the trio in order to make the ship “pure”. 

I had a snarky tag comment a while ago from a person I have since blocked, who was complaining in the tags that I had ruined a “pure” m/m ship by adding Ursula, and I was this close to replying to them publicly and watching them get eviscerated because excuse u, my poly queer ship is entirely pure as is, tyvm. It was always a poly queer romance right from the very inception. I didn’t just shoehorn in a female character at the last minute just for funsies and to piss people off, the plan was always to have a m/m/f poly trio who fall in love and live (that’s an important part, LIVE. I edited so much toxic poly smut back in the day where someone always died and left the “true otp” behind and I H A T E D it  HAAAATED IT) happily ever after.

Which isn’t to say you couldn’t ever write fic about one or more of them dying if you wanted to (you monster, I’m just kidding) I’m just saying that one of them dying doesn’t erase the fact that the characters are and always will be queer and don’t conform to the simplistic binary of gay or straight. They’re bi/pan and that’s perfectly “pure” enough. So I mean, you can kill Ursula off if you wanted to to make a “pure” gay ship, but uh, that’d make you a pretty terrible person, sorry. I don’t make the rules.

Actually in this instance I do. And they’re poly bi/pan queer immortal idiots in love and there’s nothing you can do about it. 

Rainy Day Cooking

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Summary: You and your boyfriend, Yoongi, try something new on a rainy day.

Requested: Yes

Pairing: Yoongi X Reader

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None

You loved rainy days. You could sit and watch the water droplets run down the window all day. The scenery outside was so picturesque. The aura on rainy days was so calming and peaceful as well.
Another reason you loved the rain was because it meant that your boyfriend, Yoongi, had the day off.
Usually when you both had the day off, you would just stay home, cuddle, and watch movies. Today you wanted to do something different though. You stood in the kitchen, making sure you had everything that you would need to make spaghetti.
“Y/N-ah? What’s this?” You looked up to see Yoongi leaning in the doorway, staring at the organized mess you had on the center island.
“Stuff to make dinner.”
“Oh. What are you making?”
“WE are making spaghetti!” He stared at you with a blank expression for a moment.
“Repeat that.” You smiled and shrugged your shoulders.
“You always share your music with me, which is something you love. I just thought that I’d share something that I love with you. Cooking.” He took a second to think about it, before he finally sighed and walked over to you.
“Okay. But if the house burns down, just remember that this was YOUR idea.” You clapped your hands excitedly and giggled.
“Okay! First, let’s season the meat.” You put all of the seasonings in with the raw meat that you already had in a bowl.
“Now take your hands, and mix it all together.”
“You want me to touch this. With my bare hands. Do we have any gloves that I could use?” You rolled your eyes, trying not to laugh at the face he made.
“Just do it. It’s not gonna kill you to touch it.” He groaned under his breath as he slowly put his hands in the meat.
“This feels wrong. I don’t like it.” You laughed again, kissing his cheek.
“You’re doing great. Make sure it’s mixed really well. I’ll start on the sauce.” You walked over to the pot on the stove, giggling to yourself as you listened to Yoongi grumble under his breath about the feel of the raw meat on his hands. As you emptied the sauce into the pot and put some extra spices in, you felt Yoongi come up next to you.
“Are you done mixing?” You looked up to see him staring at his hands.
“My hands feel like..like..I don’t even know what they feel like, but they feel gross.”
“You can wash your hands if you’re done mixing silly.” He bolted over to the sink, immediately turning the sink on to scrub his hands.
“Oh come on. It’s not that bad.” He ignored you as he continued to scrub the feeling off of his hands. When he was done, he turned to you and smiled.
“My hands feel so clean now. What’s next? And please don’t tell me that I have to touch anything else that’s raw..”
“Nope. Now we have to cook the meat to put it in the sauce. Go ahead and dump the bowl into this pot here and turn it on.” He followed your instructions and stood next to you at the stove.
“Now what?”
“Now we wait for the meat to get done.” You stirred the sauce while you waited, and you felt a pair of eyes looking at you. You glanced at Yoongi and saw him smiling softly at you.
“What are you looking at?”
“You really love cooking. Your eyes have this little twinkle when you cook that I never really picked up on until now.” You blushed, but kept silently stirring the sauce. Once the meat was done, you dumped it into the sauce and stirred it all together while Yoongi started the noodles.
“This much I can do on my own.” You smiled, watching him. He had a concentrated look on his face that you couldn’t help but smile at. You dipped your finger into the sauce and wiped it across his cheek, quickly turning away to pretend like you didn’t do anything.
“Did you just..? I know you didn’t just..oh it’s on.” You looked at him, only to be met with a wet noodle hitting your face.
“You threw a noodle at me.”
“You wiped sauce on my face.”
“It was the ghost..I didn’t do it..” He raised his eyebrow at you, while you just smiled sweetly and kissed his clean cheek. He chuckled, grabbing another noodle and placing one end in his mouth. He handed you the other end, causing you to bust out laughing.
“You are such a cheeseball!” You grabbed the other end anyway, and you both nibbled on it until you met in the middle and shared a sweet kiss. When you pulled away, he grinned at you.
“Noodles are done.” You playfully rolled your eyes at his joke and grabbed some plates. Once you made yourselves a plate of spaghetti each, you went to the living room and put on a movie.
“So, how was cooking with me? It wasn’t too bad, we could’ve made lasagna. That has a lot more steps.” His eyes lit up a little as he glanced down at you.
“Can we make that next time?” You smiled as your hand stroked his cheek.
“I guess that you like cooking then. Sure, we can do that next time.” He grabbed your hand, gently kissing the palm.
“I see how much you love it. That’s why I want to do it again. I like doing the things you enjoy.” Your face felt like it was on fire because of the sweet words. You cuddled into his side as you both watched the movie and ate your meal. Cooking became a whole new wonderful experience for you after that, and you came to appreciate rainy days more. You enjoyed these things more when the person you loved was there to enjoy in the experience with you.

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I think laith should be canon because Lance represents the future. Keith's spent his whole life chasing after other people who for some reason or another abandoned him. His parents, the garrison, Shiro. Keith hasn't had faith in Lance, he saw someone hostile and didn't even think about giving him a chance. But Lance is a constant. He never abandoned him. Allura did, Hunk kind of so. But not Lance. For the first time Keith is the one who's being chased. The hunter becomes the hunted, huh?

,,,, i am gonna actually cry,,,,,,,

this makes me too emo but this is pretty true lance has never left keith and over the seasons it has become more true than ever

i have faith in laith yall 😭😭 keith and lance are so good for each other like when lance needs comforting i can’t wait for keith to be right there to show that they both have each others backs now


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Hey, I love your blog! It's actually what finally made me watch Veronica Mars and I'm so glad I did! I just wanted to ask if you would be willing to explain a little about your headcanon of Cordelia as asexual? I don't disagree at all, I just had never thought of her character like that for some reason, and I'd be interesting in hearing more if you're willing to share. Have a great day!

Hey there! There’s little that makes me happier than finding out someone decided to watch VM because of my blog, so thank you for letting me know and I’m glad you liked it. If you’ll excuse me, I’ll indulge in my silly celebratory ritual…

Now, onto your question. Before I try and explain, I should warn you that my answer might not be eloquent at all because “Cordelia is asexual” is something that I feel as opposed to a headcanon I have sound reasons for, you know? But I’ll do my best.

In a nutshell, it just makes sense to me, you know? But let me list down some of the things that make believe Cordy was ace.

  • Cordy was the typical 90s Popular Girl, and as such, she dated a lot. Or at least, she was portrayed as boy crazed. But… she always approached dating as a sport of sorts. It was a competition, and she wanted to get the best prize (boy.) She never showed romantic interest in any of her conquests, they were all a means to an end (either because they were rich, they had contacts or they were the male equivalent of a Trophy Wife.)
  • Even when she did show interest in people beyond this dating competition, she mostly chose men with whom A) a relationship was unlikely (e.g.: Wesley), B) intercourse was unlikely (e.g.: Angel), C) she was the one calling the shots and therefore deciding whether sex was on the table or not (e.g.: Xander, Groo.)
  • She’s one of the few female characters in the Buffyverse who didn’t show an overt interest in sex at some point or another. For instance, when Faith mentions slaying makes her “horny and hungry”, Cordy says “gross”. Now, it might be the appropriate reaction for a girl of her social status, but Cordy always spoke her mind, so I feel it’s entirely possible she thought sex was gross. Moreover, she genuinely asks Xander if looking at guns makes girls want to have sex, as if she’s not aware of what precisely makes a girl want to have sex, even if she’s a girl herself. Then, she seems surprised when Xander admits everything makes him want to have sex because he’s a teenager. Now, it would be normal for a girl like Cordy to try and hide her own sexual desire since it’s frowned upon for girls to discuss their sexuality openly. But she seems to be more interested than anything in finding out what makes girls and boys want to have sex, as if she had never experienced that herself. 
  • She showed interest in pursuing two relationships in which sex was off the table and this was literally a non-issue for her. First, with Xander when she thought he turned into a sea monster. And then with Angel (compare how much of an issue the not-having-sex was between Buffy and Angel…)
  • She was never shown exploring her sexuality like Buffy or Willow were. In fact, she’s only shown having sex twice (although it might be implied she had sex with Groo, it might also be possible that she never did, considering Groo wasn’t a typical suitor and she was the one calling the shots in that relationship): once, in Expecting, and then, with - ew ew ew ew ew - Connor, but we now know she wasn’t herself. As regards Expecting, I can easily understand that as Cordelia experimenting and trying to find out if sex is something she might be interested in, you know?

Anyway, I hope this makes some sense.

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You know how Cas mentioned in s6e22 (I think? The one that Cas narrated while praying to Chuck) that he wouldn't go to Dean with his problems because of how much Dean had sacrificed for him? But here's the thing. I for some reason paid more attention to Cas than Dean (even tho I'm a Dean girl) in terms of sacrifices. So, do you have any examples of Dean sacrificing for Cas? Even in the seasons after six. Sorry if this didn't make sense.

Here ya go:

Dean - I try so hard not to have feelings, try to show as little emotion as possible, don’t tell anyone how I feel but end up doing it through gestures and even though I may seem angry it’s because I’m worried and I love you - Winchester 

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Hello! I've read and enjoyed quite a bit of your meta (you have such a gift with words!) I apologize if you've addressed this before and I somehow missed it, but I was wondering if you had any thoughts on the idea that Steve is motivated to get the old Bucky back, rather than accepting the 'new' one? I saw a meta discussing how unhealthy MCU Steve could be for Bucky because of this and it had some interesting thoughts but was written by someone that came off as very anti-Steve in another meta.

Hi! Nah, I don’t think that’s true. There’s tons of reasons Steve is fighting to get Bucky back: mainly, he has fond memories of their friendship, he wants that connection to his home, and he wants Bucky to be safe and okay. He probably feels guilt over Bucky’s death and wants to Do The Right Thing and Make it Right, as Steve often does, which contributes as well. 

But we don’t see Steve rejecting the new Bucky. He doesn’t even know who Bucky IS anymore, and he acknowledges that throughout the film. For the first half of the film, Steve believes that Bucky is responsible for the bombings, he knows that Bucky is violent, and he doesn’t trust Bucky at all. He tries to arrest him, and then shackles him, and then discusses the intel with Sam before accepting that it’s solid. Bucky is unpredictable, and quiet, and full of triggers – completely unlike the Bucky Steve once knew. And Steve accepts all of this… but still he wants to help Bucky. He recognizes that his friend is not who he once was, even if he carries the memories. And he’s fine with this.

We have to remember that no one understands Bucky’s situation quite like Steve: Steve’s also been frozen on ice, he’s also woken up confused in a new century (although, yes, different from Bucky’s experiences). He’s also been a soldier that’s used as a weapon that changed history. He’s changed, and he’s different from the Steve that Bucky would remember, both physically and mentally. They’re both different people, just with a shared past. And they both understand how different they are from who they were.

So I had the impression that Steve was just trying to be an anchor for Bucky. Small memories given here and there, a reminder that Bucky has someone on his side, and a promise to help Bucky FIND OUT who he is, without blame. But I saw no indication in Civil War that Steve was a) fighting for someone who is no longer there, or b) was trying to force Bucky back into a role. The fight scene at the end showed them adapting into different, equal roles, fighting in unison, which had never happened before that moment.

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I think the people in that gifset might be the soldiers who died in the first iron man movie, in the very beginning??

You know? I had the exact same thought!! I can’t go back and check if they look similar though. Also, they’re totally wearing pretty different armour though and I can’t think of a reason why, except it making them fit in more with the scene. So idk. It is a really cool idea though because that would mean that Tony still thinks of those soldiers, on a level that puts them right up with the avengers in this vision/dream thing and that makes me wanna cry

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Duuuuuuude. Did the rewatch this morning. NICOLE HAUGHT. NICOLE HAUGHT. NICOLE F*CKING SWEETIE PIE HAUGHT. And vice versa, KAT BARRELL. KAT BARRELL. KAT F*CKING PERFECT BARRELL. Sorry (not sorry) for the shouting. WynHaught was just as I had hoped they would be. The Earp sisters will always make me ugly cry. Damn you, Andras.

NICOLE HAUGHT AND KAT BARRELL IS RIGHT. Shout away dude, I’m into what you’re putting down. What a gift episode 7 was for so many reasons. Wynhaught and Earp sisters for the win, always. I’m sure I’ll yell about them a lot again in my episode rundown, because it seems impossible for me not to.

Peter Parker + “Mr. Delmars daughter // hispanic reader.”

You knew Peter Parker, but not from school. You didn’t go to the Midtown School of Nerds and Baby Geniuses, you went to the school on 46th street, the one whose principal kept a crossbow in the bottom right drawer of his desk. No, the reason you knew Peter was because he was a regular at your papa Ricardo Delmar’s deli-a deli you worked at every day after school.

You had just set your bag down behind the counter when Peter came in. He was wearing his usual sweater and flannel, and even more common smile. His smile was nice, goofy, yet never failed to make you smile in return.

“Hey Pete,” you smiled as he placed down a pack of gummy bears and a drink in front of you. He leaned against the wood countertop, fingers curling around the edge and teeth gnawing at his bottom lip.

“Number five?” You asked. Peter always got the same thing- though the candy varied, sometimes it was gummy bears and other times it was sour candies, he always got a pressed down number five with pickles and a glass bottle of Grapeade Snapple.

“Yeah,” He nodded, “And ca-”

“Can you get it pressed down with pickles?” You smirked. His cheeks turned a cute pink color.


“Sure,” you nodded, you leaned back on the stool and turned to look into the small kitchenette area, where your cousin whipped up the orders, “Robbie!”

“Yes!” He shouted back. You could picture your lanky, acne ridden cousin with one ear phone in, leaning against the mini fridge you kept the condiments in, texting his girlfriend Sophia. Sophia was nice, a bit of a loudmouth who was always chewing a pack of gum that came out of Robbie’s pay, but nice all the same.

“Number five with pickles-and press it down for me, please!”

“Okay!” You turned to Peter, who’d been looking at you with a small simple and dazed expression.

“Five dollars,” you told him, snapping him out of whatever he’d been thinking of. “Oh, right!” He chuckled. He reached for his back pocket where his Batman wallet was and pulled out a few singles and some change.

“Shit,” he swore. You frowned concerned, “What is it.”

“Nothing,” he sighed, “I only have two-fifty.” That wasn’t enough for his sandwich.

You knew what your Papa would do, chase him out of the store- though it was Peter Parker, so probably just take a picture of him and make him write an IOU, but unlike you, your papa didn’t have a giant crush on Peter Parker.

So you told him not to worry about it.

“Wh-no,” Peter said when he saw you took out your own wallet and slipped a five into the register, “No.”

“Peter,” you said to him, leaning on your elbows, further into the counter, “Relax, really, it’s okay. Robbie pays for his girlfriend’s gum habit,” you joked, “It’s no biggie.”

“But I feel bad,” Peter said, he shuffled his body closer to the counter so his knees were pressed right up against the glass, “Besides, I’m not your girlfriend.”

“Please,” you smirked, “We both know if we were dating I’d be the one wearing the pants.”

He looked down at the counter, at the faded stickers and tapped over index cards about the age restriction on drinking, and then back up at you with this small smirk playing on his lips and a look, determination maybe, maybe hope or a combination of the two, shining in his eyes.

Peter opened his mouth to say something, you leaned forward, hoping that maybe today would be the day he asked you out; only to be cut off by your cousin Robbie looming over you and dropping his sandwich on the counter. Peter stood straight up and averted his eyes, stuffing his sandwich into the small plastic bag that held his gummy bears and Snapple.

“Hey Peter,” he laughed. You glared at your cousin, though he paid it no mind as he threw an arm over your shoulders.

“Hey Robbie,” he murmured, not looking up.

“How’s everything?” Robbie asked, almost mockingly. Oh my lord, your cousin was an ass. You reached up and pinched his forearm; hard. He retracted his arm and held it close to his chest.

“Bitch!” he hissed in Spanish, glaring at you. Pete obviously recognized the word because his head snapped up and glared at your cousin, though you didn’t pay really pay attention, not even to the two wailing police cars shooting down the street, you were too busy trying not to really hit your cousin.

Sure you’d been called worse but you were sure Peter was going to ask you out and he’d just ruined that!

“I’ll make sure to tell papa you called me that when you ask for a raise.”

“You know I’m asking for one next week!” You shrug, “Shouldn’t have called me a bitch.” Robbie shot you a snide look,

“Should have told me after your boyfriend left.” Your head snapped to where Peter had been standing, only to see an empty space.

“Fuck!” You swung your fist so it landed firmly on your cousin’s biceps.

“OW!” He cried, taking two large steps back from you, “Stop hitting me!”

“I would if you’d stop being such a little bitch! Oh my god Robbie, I swear he was going to ask me out!”

“Calm down,” Robbie rolled his eyes, “White boy’s liked you for almost as long as you’ve liked him. He’ll ask you out again.” You crossed your arms over your chest.

“And if he doesn’t?”

“Then you find someone other than a white boy with a messed up eyebrow to marry, I don’t know!” You didn’t answer, instead, you turned and faced the front door and pulled out your phone. Peter did not have a messed up eyebrow-it was just thin.

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im genuinely confused i dont understand why chloe cant be bi when she had boy toys(meaning more than one) so wouldn't she of figured out she was gay after the first one? and that "look" she gives jefferbitch didn't look fake to me...(speaking as a bi)

heyyy i’m trusting no harm’s intended here love but no she wouldn’t have found out she was gay after the first one because flings/relationships can end for reasons other than realising you’re gay obviously……….. i had four boyfriends before i realised i was gay it’s honestly irrelevant like experimentation is a thing in your teens and compulsory heterosexuality comes into play an immeasurable amount. the reason she’s not bi is because she says using her mouth with words multiple times that guys are gross and that rachel saved her from her phase with boys. if you still want to make her attracted to men after that then ur like…….. nasty. she very clearly has gone through a phase (knowing chloe, probably put herself through shit she didn’t like because she doesn’t look after herself well at all) and is finally comfortable in her sexuality. you’re looking for things here to make her identity invalid. also if you’ve been following me then you should know my answer to this question already because ive talked about this in the past thousands of times and i’m just gonna stop responding to stuff like it because it just uses up useless energy and i think you’d know what you were doing. search through my blog for this shit

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I left my girlfriend because she wasn't supporting my decision on taking T. Does that make me a bad person?

NO ofc not!! u doing what u wanna do!! n if she doesn’t support it then u did what u had 2 do. honestly, idk why people potray leaving others as a bad thing (i mean it is if u leave 4 no reason) but sometimes u gotta cut ties w people when u know they’re emotionally bad 4 u n physically and just plain out not good!! like vibe w ppl who make u feel good n understand u, n don’t try to make u feel bad abt urself for taking days off on ur own w out communicating, bc sometimes u just wanna be alone u feel me! take it from me, i left a lot of ppl w negative energy behind and im HAPPY like best decisions of my life & now i have good bf, best friends who make me laugh n understands and a life where im not so swallowed up by negative engery!! so trust me ull find a good gf later on soon who will love u n support u

Caught  |part 2|

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Genre: Fluff, Mermaid!AU

Word Count: 2,541

Summary: When you decided to help your dad on his fishing boat for the day you never thought you’d end up catching something other than a fish in your net, but when you found yourself looking into the deep brown eyes of a mermaid you don’t know what to think anymore.

A/N: I decided to make it into a mini series of sorts because I really wanted to continue it. Who knows how long it will be though so it might not even be a mini series. Also I’m glad some of you guys actually like this au like it increases my motivation tenfold every time someone reblogs or comments on it I just alkjhdsgkjanksajh. You guys are great thank you so much! 

Part 1

You had told your father that you didn’t know how he ended up getting caught in your net, you just knew that he lost his memory and for some reason was naked. This led him to assume that Taehyung had been in some sort of shipwreck and now, after giving him some clothes to change into, he was driving the ship back to the dock where you said you would take him to the hospital. Which was another lie because how were you going to take him to the hospital when he’s a mermaid? Obviously there have to be some differences in anatomy there. Or did the kiss change all that? 

It was all very confusing and messy and as you stood outside the door of the cabin waiting for the mermaid to change into clothes your father had given him you couldn’t stop thinking about how exactly you would deal with this. As soon as you got to your house you were going to have a long talk with him about what exactly was going on and why a kiss from you gave him legs. 


The sound came from inside the room and truthfully you didn’t want to know what had happened, but you didn’t have a choice. “Are you okay in there?” 

“N-no…How do you wear these, they’re so constricting!” The mermaid complained, and you heard him still struggling with whatever article of clothing he was attempting to wear. Legs were still new to him so he needed help getting to the room and you had hoped he wouldn’t need help getting dressed. 

You sighed, already regretting what you were about to do, and turned around to open the door and attempt to help him. When you opened the door you were prepared to have to see his naked form again but this time you were greeted by the sight of Taehyung laying on the floor partially wearing your father’s large shirt while trying to pull a pair of obviously too big sweatpants up his legs. Fortunately he had managed to already get underwear on so you weren’t as surprised as you had been earlier. 

“If you managed to get the underwear on I don’t see how the rest of this is a problem.” You commented as you walked over to help him get back on the bed and in sitting position. 

Taehyung pouted at you as he sat up and the pants fell to the floor. “I’ve never worn clothes before so everything is a problem.”

“Maybe you should’ve thought about these problems before kissing me then.” You retorted, making him frown.

“I don’t need your help then, I’ll get it on by myself.” You wanted to laugh at how  pouty he sounded but you decided that it wouldn’t help your case with him. 

Grabbing onto the shirt, you straightened it out and helped him put it on right before buttoning it up. Your dad’s shirt was obviously too big on the skinnier man and you thought it looked cute the way it hung on him and swallowed him up. You rolled up the sleeves for him so his hands were visible and when you were finished with that you looked down to the sweatpants that had fallen to his ankles and you realized he had accidentally put both legs in the same hole. “How did you manage to do that when you put on the underwear perfectly fine?” 

“I don’t know, this one was bigger than the underwear it was confusing.” 

You didn’t want to ask how it was confusing for him, instead you reached down and fixed his pants then helped him pull them up before finally settling and looking at him, ready to talk about serious things. “Now that thats finished, whats the deal with the whole kiss thing?” 

His eyes went wide and he started to nibble on his bottom lip as he looked away from you. “Ah, the kiss? Well I needed someone human to kiss me so I could get these.” He patted his thighs for emphasis. 

“Why did you need someone to kiss you? Was I the first human you came across and you decided that I would be the perfect person to trick?” Your question was a bit passive aggressive now that you heard it out loud but you didn’t care. 

“You weren’t the first human I came across, but you are the first person to actually kiss me. A lot of humans don’t seem to take kindly to someone rising from the ocean and asking for a kiss and I learned that the hard way.” 

You laughed at his story, imagining how confused the poor people he came across must’ve been when they encountered a random man in the ocean requesting a kiss. Did they know he was a mermaid or did they just see his top half and figure he was a creep? Either way the visual was funny in your head. 

“The kiss must’ve been something really important to you if you were willing to just approach random humans to get it.” 

He whipped his head to look at you and his brown eyes held yours as he smiled  brightly. “It is very important to me! The most important thing! I’m very thankful for you [Y/N], because you helped me get it!” 

For a moment you wanted to be happy for him because the joy on his face was infectious and made you want to smile. But then you remembered that he had stolen the kiss from you and overall you were still suspicious about the kiss and what exactly he would gain from getting legs. It made you feel a bit bitter and brought backache memory of the salty taste of the ocean from his lips. You cringed just thinking about it. 

“Just don’t do it again. Its really rude to just kiss somebody without their consent.”

His smile faded and he nodded as he looked back down to his feet. “I know, I’m sorry about that. I just really needed it and I was sure you were my only chance. I really feel like you’re the one.” 

The one? The one for what? Before you could answer the door to the room swung open and you looked over to see your dad standing there, looking at the two of you warily. “We’re docked now so you should get going if you’re gonna take him to the hospital.” 

“Alright, we’ll go.” You stood and looked over to Taehyung to offer a hand because you knew he was still unsteady on his new legs and would need help getting off the boat and all the way to your car. He grabbed your hand with his much larger one and you helped him hoist himself up onto his feet. From there you went up to the top deck and helped him down to the dock. He did most of the work but you could see how much effort he had to put into it with the way his face contorted in pain when he put a little bit too much pressure on his legs.

Eventually you got him all the way to your car which, thankfully, wasn’t too far away. You put him in the car and then made sure to tell your dad you would take him to the hospital and call him when you got home. When your dad walked away you started your car and drove toward your home. 

As soon as you started driving you noticed the excitement on Taehyung’s face and you realized this would have been the first time he got to ride in a car. He was absolutely delighted with the wide boxy smile on his face giving away his joy, he pressed his face against the window, like it would give him a closer look at the buildings and people he passed. 

“I’ve always seen these but I never thought I would actually ride in one.” He said and looks back over at you and for a second before biting his lip and turning back to the window. 

You lowered the window all the way down to give him a look behind the glass and even if you didn’t think he could get happier he did. He put his head partially out so he could feel the wind against his face and let it blow his blond hair gently. Although you had wanted to stay neutral towards him right now you couldn’t help but  look at him and find him cute. 

As you drove past stores fronts and restaurants Taehyung took it upon himself to lean out the window at every stop sign or red light and yell a friendly“Hello!” to passersby. To you it was a bit embarrassing but for him it was like his first ever interactions with the human world and humans that weren’t you or your father and he couldn’t be more excited. It was kind of cute to see him so excited but your embarrassment out weighed the cute and as soon as you could you sped up, hoping to get to your home faster. 

Once you actually did get there you sighed in relief before proceeding to help Taehyung into your apartment building. 

“You live here?” He asked and stared in amazement at the building that towered over him. 

You shrugged as well as you could from your position under his arm. “I live in one of the units here. Its an apartment building, lots of people can live in one huge building like this.”

Taehyung continued to look up at the building for a bit until you ushered him into the lobby of the building. Once inside you were glad to see the elevator was available because you were not going to use the stairs to drag this tall man up to the fifth floor of the building to the apartment when half the time you didn’t have the stamina to drag yourself up the stairs either.

The two of you got in the elevator and were accompanied by a little old lady that you recognized because she lived a couple doors down from you. You gave her a friendly smile that she returned before you pressed the button for the fifth floor and the elevator doors began to close. You and Taehyung stood on one side while the older lady stood on the other and for a second it was a peaceful ride until you recognized the smell. 

You really couldn’t tell anything was wrong until you noticed the woman scrunching up her nose and trying her hardest to stealthily block her nose with her finger. Thats when you decided to take a whiff and you were hit with the intense smell of fish. You wanted to gag, but held it in out of politeness and instead you pinched your nose with your fingers so you wouldn’t smell it. 

Looking over at Taehyung, you found that he wasn’t disturbed by the smell at all and was instead in awe at the elevator, looking at the buttons and the mirrors surrounding the walls. Maybe he was used to the smell of fish because he lived among them? 

Finally the elevator beeped and the doors opened on your floor, letting fresh air into the tight space and freeing the poor old lady from the smell. She hustled down the hall to her door as you pulled Taehyung from pushing any buttons on the elevator and helped him walk the few feet to your familiar door, the gold 507 was slightly rusted but always a sight that relaxed you because you recognized it as home. 

You fished in your pants pocket for your keys and when you reached them you quickly unlocked your door because Taehyung was leaning on your shoulder and it was beginning to become uncomfortable and the smell of fish was more potent than ever. Finally, when you were in the house you sat him down on your old couch and plopped down beside him, to rest for a minute before deciding to do something about that smell. 

“This smell is killing me we need to bathe.” You sighed as you struggled to convince yourself to stand again as your laziness set in. 

“What smell?” Taehyung quirked his eyebrow and leaned over to sniff you. 

“We smell of fish, but you probably can’t tell because you don’t know what fish smell like.” Now that you think about it you don’t know how you didn’t notice earlier considering he was literally rolling in fishing earlier. Maybe this whole thing about him being a mermaid was enough to distract you from such a pungent smell. Either way you’d like to get rid of it before your roommate gets home. 

“I know what fish smell like!” 

“Really? Well what do they smell like?” 


“I mean……You got me there.” You shrugged before pushing yourself off the couch and helping Taehyung to the bathroom where you sat him on the toilet. With him sitting there you turned to the tub to start running water and then turned back to him. 

“Alright well to bathe you just….like wash your body with this soap thoroughly and you won’t smell anymore hopefully. You might have to wash a few more times though considering you lived with fish and then rolled around in them on the boat.” You explained 

Taehyung nodded. “Do I do this without the clothes?” 

“Yes, I can wash the clothes separately in my washing machine you just have to wash your body.” 

“Why can’t I just wash my clothes and my body at the same time.” 

You stopped for a moment about to question: why can’t you wash your clothes and your body at the same time? Before shaking the question from your thoughts. You might be going crazy. “It just doesn’t work that way, anyway, you can just get in the tub, take your clothes off, and wash until the smell of fish is completely gone. I have other things to do so call if you need anything.” 

Before he could say anything else you turned the bath water off and left the bathroom to go get some more clothes for him from your roommate’s room. While you were there you decided to send a quick text to let him know you were just borrowing some of his clothes for a bit. 

To: Sweet Stuff 

I’m borrowing some clothes! I won’t take anything expensive, love you! :)

You decided that was good enough and started going through his drawers for something not expensive and something that would fit Taehyung’s long body, when suddenly you heard a loud splash come from the bathroom. In your mind you were hoping he just slipped and caused some water to spill but didn’t accidentally knock himself out somehow. 

“[Y/N]!” Taehyung called and you sighed heavily before going back to the bathroom. You didn’t even hesitate this time before swinging the door open and looking straight at Taehyung and his…tail that was hanging out the other end of the bathtub. 

“Uh….I think I’m going to need another kiss.” He smiled sheepishly.

You could practically feel your soul leave your body. 

@lurkdusoleil and @black-john-lennon you have had me thinking about Kurt cheating all afternoon!  :)

There are only 3 reasons why Kurt would cheat (physical cheating/sex) that make sense to my understanding of his character.

  1. Burt dies.  If Burt dies and Kurt feels he has lost his tether on the world then he is as capable as anyone of lashing out for something to do that will make him feel more than the hurt, or hurt him in a way he isn’t currently.  And sex feels good so Kurt could easily turn to it.  (It’s hard to imagine unless he and Blaine are separated by physical distance because we know Blaine would be attached to him instantly.  And if Blaine were there Kurt probably wouldn’t.  Blaine would love him emotionally and physically and pretty much erase this motivation.)  So there has to be enough distance between them that Kurt feels that gulf of sorrow completely on his own.
  2. Kurt is competing with someone and it goes too far.  In this case, he would need to be in some performance scenario with another man that threatens him (like Sebastian did) AND he would probably need to be drunk.  Now Kurt and alcohol don’t really go well but if he got a little past his ability to control and the 110% performer came out then, sure, Kurt could end up kissing and grinding away at some dude until he/they came in their respective pants.  (Yes, in this scenario Kurt doesn’t take his clothes off.  He still has protective armor and if he disrobed then I think it would jolt him back into awareness.)
  3. He is cheating on someone else WITH Blaine.  There doesn’t even need to be a good reason.  But if Kurt is dating someone else and Blaine shows up BAM pants away and dude is all in for sexy times.  Every.  Single.  Time.

I’d love to hear what you all think.  I know I am a Kurt stan, or at least I have a strong grasp of what I think his motivations and struggles are.  No shade to Blaine.  Blaine is awesome.  Kurt just comes easy to me.

Hi, @taylorswift 💙
I’m Lily! I’m thirteen years old (ugh, so young, BUT YOUR LUCKY NUMBER!!!!) and I live in New York (YAS WE’RE ALREADY GONNA BE BFFS 😸).
I’ve been listening to your music for nearly as long as I can remember! 😱 Unfortunately, I’ve had some bad luck getting your concert tickets for your past tours😭 however, on July 11th, 2015, my mom FINALLY got tickets to the 1989 World Tour! We had been trying so hard to get tickets, and ended up getting them on the morning of! 😲 I’m still bummed that I didn’t have enough time to make a cute costume, but who cares! That night still feels magical, even though it happened a little over two years ago. My favorite part was when you mentioned your old albums, like Fearless and Speak Now. 💙 For some reason, I wanted to cry at that part, because part of me thought that you had forgotten about those albums, as silly as that may seem. 💙😂
A lot of people don’t believe me when I say that you are a best friend of mine. You and your music have changed my life in the best way possible! I am so grateful to have you during my hardest times. At school, I’m usually really shy, and making friends is really hard for me. No matter how much I try, I’m never someone’s “first choice”. I always end up being ditched. And I hate it! 😪 Taylor, how did you do it? How did you survive school without feeling useless or unimportant? Because that’s exactly how I’ve felt in the past two years. I don’t know what to do! The good part, though, is that I have your timeless, relatable music to turn to. Thanks to you and the magic you’ve made, I know I’m never alone. 🙏💙
Anyways, I’m aware that you’ve been really busy lately, and have important “things” coming up. PLEASE do me a favor and think about me, and all of us swifties when you are sad or overwhelmed. I want nothing but for you to feel happy and calm! 😇 And remember, that you are a human being. You and your privacy should always be respected, NO. MATTER. WHAT. 💙 You’re my escape from reality, Taylor. In all ten years of your career, you’ve given me nothing but pure happiness. You are going through such an unthinkable time right now, and I can’t imagine how hard it must be. Taylor, you’ve given me courage not to give up, and I hope I can do the same to you. Hang in there! I can assure you, that YOU’VE GOT THIS! 💪
I’m sorry that this paragraph (more like essay🤣) is so long, there’s just so much I want to say to you. The chances of you seeing this are extremely slim, because you don’t follow my blog, and even if you do happen to see this, I don’t expect you to read it all. I just want you to remember,
There’s so much I want to say, but I know I can’t waste your time more than I most likely already have😂 I hope we can see each other soon! I love you endlessly!
Thank you.
Love, Lily 💙

P.S., ignore my face and my horrible selfie-taking skills!

My facebook newsfeed is filled with angry comments about the rainbow crosswalk in my city. Didn’t realize how my intolerant people there are in my city.

I want to defend myself, as I am two spirit (please google if you don’t know the definition. I am native so this is how identify my sexual and gender identity)…and the crosswalk means a lot to me. I went through so much depression and bullying as a child due to my gender and sexual identity not fitting the cookie cutter.

But why don’t I defend myself? Because I’m not publicly out. Like my theatre people all know, and a handful of people outside of it. My sister knows but none of my family.

I had the option either way and I chose to live a heterosexual life for many reasons. I like men as much as I like women. And a husband can help you make a baby for free. There’s no way I’d be ridiculed publicly for marrying a man. I wouldn’t have to fight for rights with a man. Plus I didn’t actually meet my first lesbian in real life until I was married. I now have many lesbian friends, but like I said I’m married and monogamous so it’s not even a thing.

I realize I’m part of the problem. But I have a great deal of family who would disown me. I went through so much shit when I was a kid and didn’t know how to hide myself to “pass” as normal that the thought of subjecting myself to that again willingly just…isn’t…something I want to do.

I realize trying to pass as gender normal as an adult is a huge part of my depression and weight gain. I know that.

I’ve felt so shitty about myself all week anytime I open facebook for staying silent.

Literally, feel so shitty that if my parents were in town I’d go over there, come out in person…then do a huge facebook post. But they aren’t. And it isn’t something I want them to read about online. Or hear over the phone. It’s a huge thing:“hey…you don’t really know the daughter you’ve been raising for 31 years”. Like…the fact I felt the need to hide who I am from them will feel shitty to them. They are amazing. Back in the 70s in small town Newfoundland when my dads cousin came out- the entire town stopped talking to her…except my parents. They defended her at the cost of their reputation. I just didn’t want to tell them because I wanted to be normal. I just…blah.

When they return next month I’m going to have to come out. So that next time something comes up I can be a part of the solution instead of the problem.

Witcher Headcanons-2 (Geralt, Yen and Ciri)

Previous: http://eileniessa.tumblr.com/post/163188388136/witcher-headcanons-1-yennefer-and-geralt

11.      One of the reasons Geralt is so overprotective of Yennefer (and Ciri when she is staying with them) is because he’s worried the peace is too good to last and that he’ll lose her again. He can’t let that happen

12.      A couple of thugs Geralt had angered in Toussaint tried to kidnap Yennefer to teach him a lesson but when they turned up at the house she turned them all to ice and shattered them, she wanted to make a good first impression in the south, that she was no damsel

13.      When Ciri gets stressed or fed up with the court she blinks to Corvo Bianco out of the blue because it feels like home to her and because she always seeks Yennefer and Geralt’s advice

14.      Yennefer watches Geralt as he competes in Toussaint’s annual tourney and he always makes his vow on her love, many of the other knights and ladies are jealous of the pair.

15.      When the Witcher potions are filtering from Geralt’s body he lies with his head in Yennefer’s lap as she sings to him and uses magic to relax his body

16.      Ciri picks flowers from Yennefer’s garden in Toussaint to put on her bedside table because they remind her of home and help relax her. The pair love picking the flowers together and Yennefer magically preserves them for her

17.      Yennefer sometimes holds lessons for the children of Corvo Bianco’s workers, at first they were terrified of her, but after a few weeks they utterly adored her and it made Geralt so happy to see the joy on her face.

18.      Yennefer once saved a young child from a terrible fall and they still keep in contact, the child likes sending her drawings, she’s kept all of them

19.      Dandelion and Zoltan take the micky out of Geralt for his new-found love of wine until the Witcher sent them each a bottle of wine from Corvo Bianco’s vineyard which has been enhanced by Yennefer’s magic. The friends have both now been converted.

20.  Geralt spent weeks trying to track down Yennefer’s gwent card and he takes it everywhere with him and always feels great pride when he uses it

Hi guys, here are another 10 of my Witcher headcanons for you, hope you like them. If you think any would make a good fanfiction give me a shout and feel free to comment what some of your own are :)

hi guys! so, recently two of the mods had to take a break from the blog for personal reasons, and that left a lot of the responsibility to mod reshi (round of applause, everyone!) 

because of this, we’ve decided to look for a couple of extra mods! all you’ll be expected to do is queue up rhodey-related posts, make a few yourself (optional, but highly recommended), and answer some asks (we take turns)

if you’re interested either send this blog an ask or message me, the admin, on my personal tumblr. I’ll explain the posting rules and if you’re still in, you’ll get a trial run. 

looking forward to hearing from some of you soon! 


Hey! First of all, let me say that you’re awesome for stating your opinion in a respectful way rather than sending hate, I appreciate that a ton!

Just to make something clear right away: I do not at all fetishize gay couples; I won’t ship something just because it’s gay, y’know? For example, I personally prefer AusHun over, say, PruAus. 

The reason I answered that ask the way I did was to avoid any sort of conflict–I didn’t believe I had the knowledge to make a long message about it. Besides, I said I ‘respect’ them and their opinions; that doesn’t sound like I’m against the LGBT+ community. If I say I respect someone, does that mean I’m against them? 

I don’t know if that’s the message that was given off, but if that’s how it sounded, I apologise! I am not against the community in any way, and never will be! Like I said, it’s completely the person’s choice to do what they want with their life!

Here’s the thing about my shipping: usually, when I see two characters that have the potential to be a couple, I focus more on their personality and how they suit each other. They could be a gay couple, a straight couple, but that’s not what’s on my mind. What I do think about is whether they can actually have a relationship together, based on their traits and flaws. 

I don’t recall saying that gay love is fictional; it exists, and it’s there. I know the community suffers, I know there’s a lot of hate to go around, and I genuinely hope that none of you guys have to ever face that. You all have a right to live your lives the way you want, no one should interfere.

In a nutshell, what I’m trying to say is: I am not against the LGBT+ community; I do not fetishize your love at all; I don’t have much knowledge on this topic and I didn’t want to accidentally offend anyone; everyone should live the way they see fit, so long as they don’t harm others!

I hope this clears up your doubt–I don’t mean to start any conflict in the comments or something, I just wanna have fun making aesthetics, y’know?

anonymous asked:

Well camilas grandmother just tweeted the 5h tweet quoting and shading 5h so why is no one talking about that , Sophie now do u understand that all parents and teams of 5h and camz are messy except sinu who has always remained quite mike, Clara, alejandro and Normanis parents all behave childishly so lets not make it another reason to hate on 5h when both sides r immature, go see camilas grandmother's Twitter all d good c stans r asking her to delete it since it starts drama

I only knew about Mike’s tweet because someone told me about it, I don’t go on twitter - tbh I didn’t even know Camila’s grandmother had a twitter - but if this is true than it is as childish as the rest, and she is as well behaving like a 13 years old fangirl