had to make one of these!

Forever bitter Bioware looked at Bastila, Miranda, Morrigan, Cassandra, Ashley, Jack, and Cora and said ‘You know what? These girls are heterosexual.’


Stay safe for her

Based on an anon’s suggestion, it was supposed to be a simple 1 panel thing, but here’s some sort of a comic instead

Teddy Lupin and The Sorting Hat.
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>11-year-old Teddy :</b> *walks up to the Sorting Hat*<p/><b>Sorting Hat :</b> "Hufflepuff!"<p/><b>Smol Teddy, confused :</b> "But I didn't even wear you"<p/><b>Sorting Hat :</b> "This is your first day and you're already making friendship bracelets"<p/><b>Smol Teddy, holding up multiple friendship bracelets :</b> "It is never too early to make memories!"<p/><b>Sorting Hat, sighing :</b> "Yep, you're a Hufflepuff"<p/></p><p/></p>

and now, finally,,  shiro in a nice!! skirt!


Phillips and pops sketches. :) 


David Tennant Appreciation Week: Day Four

David’s Quirks: A Comprehensive Study

idk man