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Knowing that Kaitlin isn’t going to get any industry recognition for Dee this season is making me kind of angry. She’s always fantastic, but there’s something about these last few episodes that have been especially wonderful.

1-Look at Hero or Hate Crime, when Charlie confesses that they’ve been smoking together:

In a matter of seconds, she goes through several emotions-

  1. slight confusion from Charlie’s plan to cover smells
  2. surprise that he told them about the smoking thing
  3. betrayal/ ‘what are you doing?!’

Notice how she freezes, leans just slightly forward, then farther back

2- In The Gang Tends Bar-

She makes three facial expressions that, in progression, show her feelings 

  1. At the beginning, “aw that’s really sweet, I love him”
  2. Middle, she snaps out of it and looks at the other guys
  3. Lastly, she has a regretted look on her face because she knows she has to rip Charlie up… but remember in The Gang Misses the Boat when Charlie and Dee have a conversation and Charlie says the guys make him do stuff he doesn’t want to do and Dee says it’s peer pressure? I think she ripped Charlie up because a) she’s afraid of her own feelings, and b) she feels peer pressured into doing it

3-Then later in The Gang Tends Bar-

I originally meant it to be funny, but it’s still important.

When Mac gives Dennis the rocket launcher

  1. She looks kind of happy for Dennis. Her brother is making some progress and actually has feelings and cares about things, and got a gift that he loved, which probably means more after his confession that he’s hurt that they never get him anything for valentines.
  2. Maybe even glad that Dennis has Mac, and that being an “old married couple” and the “codependency” she accused them of is actually good.
  3. That if Dennis can show such raw feelings in front of everyone, and he and Mac can have their thing, then maybe it’s okay to accept that she does feel lonely, and there may actually be some kind of connection with/ feelings for Charlie.
  4. Mac and Dennis really have strong feelings for each other, and she’s gonna have to continue sharing a bed with two people who are in love with each other.

(2 was taken from this post, so I take no credit for that great observation)

Punisher: War Journal (1992) #48

Written by Chuck Dixon
Art by Todd Fox

this man’s entire lower half has gone to hell. part octopus on his mom’s side, car dealership dancing windsock man on his dad’s side

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A4 Shigure/Siegbert??? C3 Saizo/Mozu???

Didn’t know if you wanted Shigure and Siegbert as siblings or bfs so I did both~~Anyways these are both such sweet pairs!!

here is the meme thingy this is from!~~

“Open your eyes.”

Where was he?

He can’t remember… anything. Other than the destruction. 

Were they safe? Are they… alive…?

He steps from the chamber looking thing he had been lying in… The place is cold, inciting a shiver out of him.

His clothes. Where were they? He had no shoes either, making the cold stone underneath them unbearable. 

He’s cautious. There’s a glow from a pedestal nearby. On it lies a strange looking device…

Picking it up, its glow grows. 

“You’re the chosen one…”

What did that mean…? What was this voice? 

There was a shaking as the wall began to open before him. He flinched, shielding his eyes from the blinding light that seeped in from the outside world. 

As he stepped out, he looked to the field before him… the mountains in the distance… and the sunrise. 

“This is your kingdom…”

He began running. He did not remember this place being so… quiet… 



Be safe.

- love @gooey-and-chewy

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I play bass trombone, and I'm a cis female. Yesterday, we had a band concert, and a random white woman told me that my instrument was "unladylike" and that I was setting a bad example for her daughters, then proceeded to tell me to go play the flute like a proper woman. Thoughts?


you go girl. keep doing your low brass thing. play whatever instrument you want. play the flute or the viola or the contrabass tuba, it doesn’t matter. instruments have no gender.

honestly people like this piss me off so much

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Su's writing is just atrocious. The entire sardonyx week was a mess. Like amethyst signing a song about feeling bad for the sugilite situation but for what reason? They both wanted to fuse and were both excited. Its not ame or garnet fault at all. And after that pearl being put on a pedestal and even an ep about not hating her and ame is seen comforting her while no one was there for garnet. Like ffs even if the abuser feel "bad". The victim is the one deserving of support CREWNIVERSE.

I never picked up on how bad the sardonyx arc was until I read criticism on here and rewatched it. It’s amazing what you miss when you’re blinded by your love of the show lol.

The fact Sugilite lost control was pretty much Pearl’s fault too, and at the end of the arc Garnet was the one to give Pearl a pep talk and make her feel better, Garnet had to work through how she felt on her own (well, as Ruby and Sapphire) and that’s really unfair.

Waking up the Avengers

pairing: avengers x reader

summary: you get to wake up the team in your own way, every morning

(this was a rewrite of an old oneshot, sorry for not including anyone new)

warnings: none

The metallic hallway floor was cold under your feet as you made your way to the shared kitchen of the Avengers, and you silently cursed Tony for not putting in heated floors for the cold New York winters. The sweatshirt you were wearing came down to your hips, just where the thick sweatpants started. Being comfortable was key for your mornings, since you were in charge of waking everyone up and making sure they got ready for the new day at hand. Training sessions never started before 8am, so it gave you time to eat a snack and wake up before going about the routine. There was one time when Thor had just gotten an iPhone and smashed it with Mjolnir the next morning when the buzzer started to go off. Then, the following morning, Natasha threw hers out the window, and on its way out Clint shot it with an arrow. The Avengers were really just a group of people who didn’t know what the hell to do with their phones.

Your first stop on the route was to Steve’s room, he was still not caught up at a decent enough pace to use an iPhone just yet. He lived on the same floor as you though, so he was the breakfast maker for everyone while you were off getting them to wake up. The door always had this creak whenever you opened it, and Steve learned to sleep through it. You walked to the side of the bed he was facing, and after a gentle nudge to his shoulder you whispered, “Hey Cap, good morning.” His eyes always opened slow as he got his bearings, and you took a moment to appreciate his ruffled hair and sleep eyes. Steve’s room was the cleanest out of all the Avengers, it even smelled decent. Steve rolled over on his back, and stretched for a moment before standing and finding a shirt to go into the kitchen with.

Next was Bucky, and you made sure that you took an extra deep breath before stepping into his room. In the past, you’ve walked into a completely nude Bucky who was also spread eagle on the bed. There’s been times where he’s not even in the bed, and he’s with his weapons by the closet. This time however, he was peacefully sleeping and stirred slightly at the sound of your feet padding across the carpet. You made a point to make yourself known as you came in with a little knock on the door. So he happily smiled and greeted you a good morning, in that wonderful husky voice. Bucky’s laugh made you smile as you made your way out of his room and towards the stairwell.

Clint’s room on the floor below was your next stop, and technically speaking it was Natasha’s room as well. They were easily woken up, considering all you had to do was open the door and yell, “Wake up time!” Those two shot up like there was a murderer at their door. A lot of the mornings you had to duck in case Clint was ‘sleep grabbing’ his bow the night before, and sometimes Tasha would sleep with a gun under her pillow after an unsettling mission. They had the blinds drawn in their room so there was no sunlight coming through. So it was difficult to see what you were walking into some times, let alone what time of day it was.

Down the hall from them was Thor’s room, and it was big enough to fit a king. He was also your favorite to wake up, other than Steve. Thor was the happiest to see you in the morning, and in general he was just the happiest one around the tower. Once you opened Thor’s door, you ran and leapt to the King size bed. “Good morning Thor!” You tickled his sides as he started to warm up and adjust to the light streaming in through the large windows.

“Oh lady y/n, you never fail to make me laugh in the morning!” Thor groggily spoke, and his voice was so deep it practically made the walls rumble. His laugh thundered on even as you walked out of his room, and you continued on with the routine.

Tony was next on occasion, but all he really needed was Pepper. However, she was out of town at that particular moment. So you hopped on the elevator, and rode to the top floor. The billionaire was already awake and moving by the time you’d reached his floor, so he took the opportunity to ride with you down to breakfast.

Everyone was sitting around the giant oak table, joking around and laughing about some of the older mission stories. The super soldiers were just now sitting down with everyone, and they still had their “dance around the kitchen” playlist going full blast. People were singing along, and being nice for once while sharing the pancakes that Steve had just made. You took a moment to appreciate the people sitting in front of you, when Thor interrupted your thoughts by putting his left arm over your shoulder, and announced, “We love you the most, lady y/n.”

“I love you guys too.”


I don’t have a pureblood character yet, so of course I had to make one. She’s currently unnamed and I’ll probably play a bit more around with her design later. She’s pretty much a rehash of an older toon of mine that isn’t apart of Star Wars. 

She’s strong with the Force but isn’t into the whole Sith thing. She instead prefers to spend her family’s fortune throwing lavish parties on big city planets like Nar Shaddaa and what not. More to come about her later, maybe. 

mirror mirror; pt 2

it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? too much happened, but I finally have a bit more time now and hope to be posting more regularly again!

pt 1 !!

characters: taehyung x you
word count: 5406
rating: m ; royalty! au w/ Crown Prince Taehyung + sexy times

Taehyung should’ve been preparing for dinner at the castle right now.

Yet, his Highness stood behind a steaming pot, reading the instructions to instant ramen, something never dare served to royalty but a luxury to the commoner.

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Time to drown you with my curiosity. 13, 15, 23, 27, 45 ,46

Yay!! Thank you lovely <333

13: what’s something that made you smile today?

Today I saw a comment on the mute!reader hc you requested, and it was from someone who’s deaf and they said that the story made them really happy and that made me so freaking happy I’m still smiling.

15: go google a weird space fact and tell us what it is!

Oooh I actually have one from the top of my head when my roomie and I watched a video about things that astronauts are not allowed to do. They’re not allowed to have sex in space because nobody knows what would happen if one got pregnant and then had to make the re-entry to earth. 

23: what’s your favorite thing to do on lazy days where you have 0 obligations?

Watch movies or read. 

27: what’s your favorite bubblegum flavor?

I don’t chew a lot of bubblegum but strawberry

45: do you trust your instincts a lot?

I’m working on trusting them more because I have very accurate instincts but my heart wants to give people the benefit of the doubt and then I turn out to be right. I can usually tell from meeting a person once if they’re trust worthy or honest or if they’re trying to play me. 

46: tell us the worst pun you can think of.

What did the prince call the princess who told bad jokes? RaPUNzel. 

these are actually hella fucking cute y'all

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Top 5 Mexican dishes you've eaten

1) POSOLEEEEEEEEEEE. Oh my god my most favorite soup ever. I am always so excited to have it.

2) Menudo. I know its an acquired taste, but I do so enjoy it with a good dose of lime and tostadas. 

3) Enchiladas. My mom makes some amazing green chicken ones and VERY delicious sweet sweet red ones. 

4) Flautas. I’ve had them so much as a child and I adore eating them when I can. I rarely have them;;;;

5) Chilaquiles. I also rarely have this dish but I so love to have these for breakfast. ;  u ;