had to make a whole new gifset


get to know me meme: favourite female characters [1/5]
↳ lana lang

“Why? Because I’m not doing exactly as I’m told? Because I’m not stuck in a corner hiding in a book? For once I am not afraid of life and nobody can handle it ‘cause you all prefer the insecure little girl. Well, I’m sick of her.”


‘I feel like I can do this, but I don’t know what to do. It’s like it’s on the tip of my tongue, and I don’t know how to trigger it. I swear to god, it literally makes me want to scream.’

'Ok, then scream. Lydia, scream.’


Hoi there! Just downloaded GifCam and I wanted to test it out. I decided to do a quick gifset of my top 10 favorite Youtubers. All of these guys are super cool and I love them all~

Keep in mind while GifCam makes giffing a whole lot easier, there’s still a lot I don’t know about it and am new to making gifs. I hope these ones are okay for a beginner! I had fun making these tho and I hope to make more in the future :D

Edit: I noticed there’s a bit of a boarder around these gifs, but that didn’t pop up at all while I was editing them, so I’m not sure how to get rid of them. I’ll be sure to keep a look out on that in the future~


one gifset per appearance → spectre premiere, london [2/2] (26/10/2015)

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry had their second engagement of the day when they attended the premiere for the new James Bond film, Spectre. They were treated to a screening of the film and met the cast and crew.

Rachel Weisz said about meeting the royals: “Their whole life is about diplomacy so their job is to make you feel at ease but my goodness do they do it well. I mean, they just put me right at ease. I was standing behind Daniel. The protocol was we had to go to the royal box and the wives met them all outside the box but I had gone to the loo and I was just washing my hands. The guy in charge of the princes was like ‘The Prince is coming!’… so I didn’t have time to dry my hands. I ran to the spot and there he was and I curtseyed and I said, ‘Good evening, your Royal Highness. It’s such a pleasure to meet you. I’m sorry my hands are wet, I just washed them and I didn’t have time to dry them.’ I was a mess and [William] looked at me and said ‘At least they’re clean.’ He just made me feel so good! Then the princess, right at the end, after the movie and when we were leaving - Daniel’s obviously been away filming for a year and I’m really pleased that he’s finished and he’s home - she turned around to me just as she was leaving and she said: 'I bet you’re glad to have him home.’ And I just… My eyes filled up with tears because that was exactly what I was feeling and they make you feel very special. They’re really good!”