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i don’t normally post things like this here but these gdrawings i made while trying to explain jojo’s overall plot to to a friend during a skype call crack me tf up every time i see them on my screen

yoojung  asked:

is it finally time to reveal my phil wearing makeup dreams YES it is. so the first one was of him doing a liveshow and someone asked what foundation he used and he pulled out this palette and he was like "and if you mix these two shades it's like-perfectly my skin colour" and then he said what foundation dan uses? and then he was like "they're both indie brands, so ill be really surprised if you can find them, let alone buy them" Ok Phil

AND THE SECOND ONE was like. there was a new tag going around where everyone had to use the same makeup products to create a look and phil did this. really dark smokey eye with a cat eye and it was Very Good and then i woke up unfortunately

oh course dan would be that guy who uses the expensive indie makeup smh and now i really want to photoshop dnp wearing makeup??? thanks aeryn :((

send me your dan and phil dreams

Collection of thoughts I had during my second viewing of Rogue One:

-Anyone who doesn’t see that Cassian is bisexual is objectively wrong

-Bodhi talks way faster than I remembered and he never shuts up

-K-2so still made me laugh every time he speaks

-‘Cassian thinks so too’ why does Cassian not want to bring Jyn to Jedda? Is it just that he doesn’t trust her? Would he rather go alone?

-Chirrut and Baze were way gayer than I remembered like damn guys chill

-Cassian’s hair looks so soft I just want to touch it

-Bodhi died as he lived: alone and in a cargo ship

-The hug at the end makes me irrationally emotional? Like it’s not a romantic thing (to me) it’s just relief and gratitude and sadness and fear all poured into one action

-The music was better than I previously thought it was

-Cassian is a bit of a dick to people but I kinda love it

-Bodhi’s face throughout Jyn’s speech to the rebel council was so perfect

-Everyone deserved better honestly why did they have to suffer?


Finally, the guy we have all been waiting for! I present to you, the angsty meme lord, 707!


Hey guys!

Because I watch a lot of YouTube and I love reading these types of things, I showed my mother about 20 seconds of a YouTubers most popular video, and three pictures of them (The first three that popped up when I googled their names) and asked my mum about them!
She was a good sport and came up with some hilarious answers to my questions. She was a little shy at first, but warmed up and had a laugh at some videos I showed her.

She liked Jenna best, but enjoyed Mark’s videos as well! If she had to choose between them all, she told me she would watch Jenna Marbles the most.
This was just a bit of fun, and I enjoyed showing my mum some people I find very influential.

I asked her about SMOSH, jokingly and she had this hilarious question:

Piece Of My Heart

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Y/N L/N (Reader)

Pairing: MOC!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2kish

Summary: The Reader and Dean are going through a tough time in their relationship due to the stress caused by the Mark of Cain.

Warnings: Angst, Language, Sensual Moment

Author’s Note: Hey my lovelies!! So this is my entry for @kazchester-fanfiction song challenge. I got the song “Piece of my Heart” by Janis Joplin. I really hope you guys like it! A special thanks to my beautiful Ree @neversatisfiedgirl for looking over this and helping me get over my dramatic meltdown. Thank you boo!! Enjoy!!

My eyes zeroed in on his mouth as he brought the glass up to his lips and tilted his head back, downing the amber liquid in a fraction of a second.

How many rounds had it been? I didn’t know. All I knew was that Dean was tilting back shots like they were shots of jello without wincing at the aftermath.

I looked over at Sam, who was whirling his drink in his glass, a worried look on his precious face as he stared at his brother. Things were slowly going downhill. The three of us knew it.

But most of all, Dean knew it. And the fact that he dismissed it with a wave of a hand or another bottle of Jack, pissed me off more than anything.

He knew what he was doing, the Mark was taking a hold of him. Ever since Sam and I cured him from being a demon, things hadn’t really been the same. He had kept me at arm's’ length, saying he hated himself for what he said and did to me. He went so far as to telling me to move out of his bedroom and into my old one.

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Little Birdie (Joker x Reader)

Originally posted by mrsdarkness14

Originally posted by hotiekiss

Requested by Anon: Can I have a Joker imagine we’re the reader is a girl Robin and the Joker kidnaps her and makes her his new “toy?” Thank you!!

Summary: You’re the adoptive-daughter of Bruce Wayne. Despite your rebellious attitude, you do what you can to appease him and Gotham, even if you have to fight by his side. One night at a party, you’re taken by the Joker and he sees to use you as a weapon. 

A/N: I actually really enjoyed writing this XD I hope you guys like this. I might eventually write a second part to this.

Warnings: Mild suggestive stuffs, torture, electroshock torture.
Pairings: Joker x Reader

“Another party,” you sighed, smoothing out the material of the dark red dress you had put on. You checked your reflection in the mirror and walked away from the mirror, looking out the window at all of the cars that were pulling up in front of the mansion.

You rolled your eyes, crossing your arms over your chest. There were about 10 million other things you would rather be doing than attend another one of Bruce’s parties. If he wasn’t out being Batman, he was holding a ridiculous party as Bruce Wayne. Bruce had made your life better, you wouldn’t deny that. He had adopted you when you were ten, allowing you into his secretive life. You were sure that he never meant for you to stumble across his greatest secret as quickly as you had, you were a really curious kid.

You still remember questioning him on it, although at the time you were more worried about him getting hurt over anything. The Bruce you knew, looked weak, nothing like his alter ego. But you guessed that was just part of the persona. He was definitely willing to answer any questions you had for him, however, he was less inclined to let you join him. It took a whole year of constant begging for him to give in and allow you to be trained.

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Starbucks - Pietro Maximoff

So this is a really cute idea that I wanted to try out… Enjoy it maybe?

Pietro Maximoff (AoU) x Reader

He came in like a flurry of wind. That wasn’t exactly a simile or a metaphor, he literally just crashed into the door and scattered papers everywhere. It didn’t bother me all that much, it was a bit snowy and windy lately. Poor guy didn’t even have an umbrella.

The guy picked up the papers, trying (and failing) to discretely move into the small line that had accumulated around the desk.

When he eventually arrived to the station he glanced up at the menu for less than a second before turning to me.

“I’ll take a iced vanilla latte, printessa” I couldn’t help but scrunch up my nose at this guy with the Russian accent.

“My name is Y/N. It says it on my tag. So if you could be kind enough to read it then that would be helpful… sir” It looked like my reaction amused him.

He was seemingly dead set on fixating those icy blue irises onto me without speaking. I didn’t know why, it just appeared as if he was studying me. I tried to clear my head and hurriedly took down his order.

“An iced vanilla latte… will that be all?”

He blinked, breaking away the permanent stare, “That’s it, printessa”

I was practically seething as I uncapped the old sharpee and raised it to the side of the cup.

“Name?” I asked.

He smirked back, “Pietro. Pietro Maximoff”

As much as I was beginning to hate this asshole I couldn’t help but love the way his foreign name rolled off the tongue. It didn’t help that his hair was almost bleached, giving him a more questionable and oddly attractive appearance.

Well, hot or not, he was still an asshole.

An idea popped into my head as I scribbled down something on the cup.

A few minutes later his latte was done and I called out, clear as a bell…

“Nietro Maxisoft?”

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy look so shocked in my life.

And dammit I loved it.

Well… I’m still getting used to writing his character so go easy on me! It was just a drabble!

I’ll post a full-length fic now!

okay sorry this looks really simple and plain but i had made a really pretty picture with jungkook and i forgot to check my spelling lmfao so i quickly made this one really fast buy anyways!! i just hit another milestone ommgg!!!!! THANK YOU GUYS SOO MUCHHH!!! 

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Lowly Assistant (Part 1)

Notes: I don’t have this entirely planned out, but I do know where I want it to go. I hope you guys like it, and as always, constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged.

Word Count: 904

How you ended up here, getting stared down by your boss’ second oldest son, you couldn’t say. All you had done was tell him that Bruce was currently in a private meeting with the head of Research & Development Wayne Technologies, and he looked about ready kill someone. You even had a slight suspicion that he might have added you to his shit list.

“I can email Mr. Wayne if you’d like. It’s the quickest way to contact him. He has his phone, and the computer in his office has an alert system set up.”, You said politely.

“Do it.” he replied stiffly.

“He should be done shortly in any case, you can see him in his office as soon as his meeting is over.”

“Thank you ever so much for your permission oh lowly assistant.” he snapped.

You just smiled at him trying not to be bitter. Now was a good time to remember how grateful you were to your best friend from college, Tim, for helping you even get an interview at Wayne Enterprises. You had been expecting to maybe have a chance at getting a spot as a receptionist or an office aide in human resources. You definitely had never expected to get an offer for the position of Bruce Wayne’s personal assistant.

Bruce Wayne was a good boss, and a reasonable one. Sure when you had figured out his secret about her nighttime activities, you had seriously reconsidered your life, but he had promised that you wouldn’t have to deal with any of that bleeding into his life as Bruce Wayne. You had a good thing going for you here, and you weren’t about to mess it up just because one of his sons was being a complete ass to you. You had thought Tim was exaggerating, but perhaps there was more truth to what he had told you.

Just as you thought Jason might actually try to throw something at you if he had to wait any longer, Bruce’s office door opened, and he himself escorted the tall, modelesque woman from Wayne Tech to the elevator.

“Y/N, please clear my schedule for the rest of the day.” Bruce said.

“Yes Mr. Wayne.” you said as he and Jason walked into his office.

You did as he asked, and settled into the slow routine of your usual tasks. You were working on preparing his notes for an event the following week, when the elevator opened and out walked an assistant from the ground floor, and a couple of detectives from the Gotham City Police Department that you recognized from events you had attended with your cop ex-boyfriend.

“Excuse me, Mr. Wayne is currently occupied, if you’d like to set up an appointment with him, he will be available briefly at 10:15 tomorrow.” you said.

The detectives walked past your desk and straight to Bruce’s door and you followed them quickly.

“Mr. Wayne, I am so sorry, they just went straight past me.” you said rushedly.

The female detective with dark hair spoke first, “Mr. Todd, we have a warrant for your arrest.”

“What?” you exclaimed, thoroughly confused looking from your boss to his son.

“On what grounds have you obtained this warrant.” Bruce said calmly.

“Mr. Todd’s blood was found at a crime scene. He’s a suspect in a murder.” the tall blond detective said.

“What time was I supposed to have committed this murder.” Jason asked lazily.

“Please come with us Mr. Todd. We have some questions for you.”

“Don’t answer anything until your lawyer gets there.” Bruce said as he pulled his phone out.

You could see the worry start to cloud his eyes so you acted quickly.

“If it happened last night you’re mistaken, Jason and I were on a date last night.” you blurted out.

All heads in the room turned to you. Jason looked at you curiously.

“And you are?” the female detective asked.

“ Y/N Y/L/N, I’m Mr. Wayne’s personal assistant, and Jason and I went on a date last night at 7 pm.” you said.

“Is this true Mr. Todd?” she asked.

“Yes.” Jason said stoically.

“How long were the two of you together.” the male detective asked.

“He left my place at around 6 this morning.” you said.

“…and this was your first date?” he asked.

His partner gave him a funny look, “Detective, I don’t see the relevance in that question.” you stated bluntly.

“Mr. Todd we still need to take you in for questioning, but we’ll let out Lieutenant know about this. Ms. Y/L/N I’m going to need your contact information.” The more professional detective said.

“Of course.” you said and gave it to her.

As they left with Jason, Bruce gave you a questioning look that you didn’t dare meet. You both waited until you were sure they were both gone before speaking.

“What was that?” Bruce asked sternly.

“It just came out.” you said nervously.

“I thought we agreed that you weren’t going to get involved in anything not regarding to Wayne Enterprises.”

“Your family does regard Wayne Enterprises.”

“You know exactly what I mean.”

“Well it’s too late to take back now.”

“It’s fine, we can still fix it.”

“I’ll leave you so you can call the lawyer.”

You made your way to the door, and just as you were closing it behind you, you heard his voice call out, “Thank you”.

After just finishing a hella mentally and emotionally abusive relationship I’d pretty much decided that I never wanted another relationship again. The past relationship really effected me badly and I was super depressed so my friends suggested I got tinder with them as a laugh to try and cheer me up and oh man was it funny. I never took any of it seriously but then however after swiping left to many odd and weird looking dudes I stumbled upon one guy who caught my interest.

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But guys did you see Miles eyes lit up everytime Tristan did something new or his situation had changed?!

Like the first time when he squeezed his hand, he was such a puppy and hopefull and awh!

The second time where he has woken up, that smile and his eyes are filled with love and he can’t believe how beautiful he is.

The third time where he walks, I mean have you seen those looks and that smile!!! The way he said that his boyfriend was amazing!! I’m still fangirling over it!

But let’s not forget when Tristan ‘Told’ Miles to fight for the play, that little moment after it was so special and you could see just how much he loves this man! And will never give up on that!!

Ups and Downs

pairing ; daveed x reader

note ; i need to stop writing about daveed man

word count ; 2445 (longest so far)

genre ; Angst / Fluff

warnings ; cheating; some took place before hamilton

“Hi, my name is Daveed Diggs and I’ve got something to say.”

That’s what caught your attention. That simple phrase, so long ago. He’d been standing on the stage of a small bar, looking out at the audience with such bright eyes, like he was so happy he was able to get up there. There was nothing in his hands, as opposed to everyone else that night whom of which had notebook paper or notecards with them.

This guy, Daveed, was prepared enough to know what he was going to say. You took a second to look him over fully, just because he’d interested you so much. He had on a loose fitting grey t-shirt, the word “Oakland-ish” written across the front with little designs around it, jeans with holes in the knees and small ones on the thighs, but what caught your attention the most was his face.

He had a neatly trimmed beard, starting from the bottom of his cheek and stretching across his entire face, skipping little spots to separate the mustache and cheek-scruff, and the front of his chin. His eyes, although the bar was poorly lit, looked brown or a deep, almost black, and his skin was a light-caramel color.

You remembered tapping on the table with the pad of your fingers, listening as intently as possible to what it was that he “had to say.” The words, speaking of his life, of the troubles he faced, they moved you more than you could comprehend at the time.

You hadn’t realized that those words would change your life.

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She’s Gone

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

Pairing: Negan x Reader, Negan x Julie (OC wife)
Word count: 1,135
Warnings: Swearing, slight angst

Part 13 of Runaway

You and Negan seemed to skirt around each other. When one would take a step towards being more, the other took a step back, and Gabby was in the middle- the bond that held the two of you together.

For your birthday he was able to find you a copy of your favorite book. It was only a few months after Gabby’s first birthday, and you were still reeling from him giving you a necklace. Which you didn’t even have anymore. Negan had realized it the first day you were awake, and you were devastated. You didn’t know that Negan had Jack looking whenever he had free time.

For her second birthday, Jack and a couple of the other guys did their faces up like clowns. It was sweet, but kinda creepy. Gabby loved them, though. Once again, you loved seeing how everyone wrapped her gifts up. Once again, the night of the party, he surprised you. With the necklace you had been so sad to lose, and a simple silver ring. You wore it on your right middle finger, and rolled it with your thumb absentmindedly.

Her third birthday was out in the backlot, playing hide and seek, and tag. Her laughter echoed through the trees, making you smile. “She’s got some energy.” Negan chuckled as he stood next to you.

You nodded. “Yes, she does.” You chuckled. “Let’s just hope she doesn’t get your temper.”

He laughed. “Same goes for you.” He smirked. “I ain’t the only one with a temper.”

Rolling your eyes, you shook your head. “Alright, Gabby!” You called out, moving forward a bit. “Time to get cleaned up for bed!” You watched as she stopped where she was running and looked over her shoulder at you. Her hair was getting quite long, and still held it’s curl. No matter what you did with, by the end of the day, it was loose and fairly wild.

Gabby debated bolting back into the trees when Negan’s voice broke through the air. “Gabriella Harmony. You heard your mother!” He raised an eyebrow at you when he heard you chuckling. “What?” He asked, curious.

You bit your lip, smiling. “You’re such a dad…”

“Are you just now realizing it?”

“Nah, but now you sound like one.” You shrugged.

Gabby same up, smiling at Negan. “Sorry, daddy!” And instantly, he melted.

He picked her up, pecking her cheek. “You know I can’t stay mad at you, princess. Come on, let’s get cleaned up.” She wrapped her arms around his neck like she always did. Negan glanced at you. “Take some time for yourself. I’ll come by when she’s asleep.”

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Title: you know my stop

Pairing: Destiel

Rating: General

Wordcount: 1,088

Notes: completely pointless fluff from this prompt post list



Castiel felt a firm hand on his shoulder, jostling him.

“Hey man, isn’t this your stop?”

Startling awake, knocking the hand off his shoulder as he jumped and squinted out the window, Castiel shot to his feet. The familiar brick side of the corner bodega down the street from his apartment came into focus as the bus rolled to a stop.


Grabbing his bag, Castiel nudged past the stranger that had woken him up.

“Thank you!”

Was all he got out, because this was his stop and he was so dead on his feet that he managed to fall asleep in the bus and all he really wanted right now was to curl up in bed with his cat and forget about work.

It was chilly and windy outside as he hopped of the bus at the last second, briefly looking over his shoulder to see the guy in the leather jacket give him a small wave.

Which Castiel didn’t manage to return before the bus rolled on, still groggy and disoriented from his impromptu nap.

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“Make-out with a stranger and steal their jacket for $150.″

This was way out of her league, she was just a quiet, high school student that wanted a little extra cash for collage - not some hooligan that wanted to end up with a black eye and a criminal record for theft.

Surveying the room she tried to find someone who had their jacket on the back of their chair - which meant it would be much easier to leave the diner with it.

3 People.

First victim. A middle-aged man: Glasses, suit, brief case. This guy screamed sophisticated. Maybe.

Second victim. Not an option: Skinhead with a bad case of acne, the man looks like he scream in her face if she even glanced at him.

Third victim. A red-head, around her age, leather jacket looking down at his phone. obviously.  


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Boyfriend! Mark~

Hi! Can you make a Boyfriend!Mark ~ you probably know who this is but I’m being lowkey 😏😏😏

thanks for the first request egfauyerbcrh I’m cryingggg

Dis my first request wgfwdfhjbef I’m so excited and nervous feel free to give meh feedback yeah?

  • Lets start with how you guys met
  • You were both lost on your first day of high school and were running around the school like crazy trying to find your class and because both of you only had attention for the numbers on the doors, you both run into each other
  • You almost end up with a concussion or something
  • Mark being the nice Canadian boy he is apologises first.
  • He’s yelling out “sorry” like 20 times a second and you’re kind of angry that this is how your first day went but… he’s so cute looking so you just tell him that its okay
  • You both find out you’re in the same class so you walk run to class together
  • When you finally get to class everyone is staring at you two
  • He tries to play it cool and walks in to find a seat but he trips on his own feet
  • His ears are all red now but he’s still playing it cool and you kind of stand there stifling a laugh
  • There’s only one seat left and that’s next to Mark so you just sit there
  • Mark tries to be all Mr. Absolutely Fully Capable but inside he’s dying because he thinks you’re super pretty and cute
  • You guys continue to sit together in class and become pretty close
  • Mark like really likes you. Reeeeeaaallly likes you.
  • He’s been wanting to ask you out but he doesn’t know how to and complains to Donghyuck and Donghyuck has seriously had enough so he secretly writes you a letter pretending to be Mark asking you out to a café near school and gives it to you at the end of class.
  • When Mark found out about Donghyuck’s evil act he almost burst into tears but then he gets a text from you saying you’ll be happy to go
  • Now his heart is about to explode from emotions
  • He is so nervous during the date he’s stuttering every time he talks but tries giggle his way out of embarrassment
  • You love his little giggle so much (I love it more than anything omg you don’t even know man)
  • He buys you a hot chocolate and asks the waitress to write a message on your cup
  • When he sees the waitress come towards you guys with your drinks omg he becomes so nervous and almost runs away
  • When the waitress puts the drinks down you smile and thank her then look down at you cup and you have the biggest smile ever
  • Mark is about to puke when you look up - he’s going green
  • The lid of the cup reads “I like you”
  • He tries to explain to you that he’s liked you from day one but he’s stuttering hard and you couldn’t help but peck his cheek and tell him that you like him too
  • Now we’re up to the dating part
  • He’s still nervous but happy that all that weight of asking you out is gone
  • Skin ship is rare but holding hands is fine
  • Occasionally gives you a kiss on the cheek while in public but not too often
  • If you gave him a kiss, hug, back hug any sort of affection in public he would be so shy and giggly
  • He likes to buy you food
  • When its that time of month he knows what’s up and buys you extra food and gives you more affection but he’s nervous af because you can get kinda aggressive
  • Lots of late night calls even though you tell him to sleep early
  • Often calls you over to his place so you can play video games together
  • He often writes songs for you and plays guitar for you and he would giggle and blush like crazy when he’s done
  • Likes seeing you in his hoodies because you’re smol and they are oversized on you
  • Always blushing when you’re in his hoodies and just wants to hug the hell out of you
  • You like wearing his hoodies too because they smell of him dshfiugbrv
  • You guys barely get into fights but when you do he always apologises first
  • Buys a stuffed animal to give you when he apologises
  • Whenever you wear your hair up he really likes it and finds you really really pretty
  • Likes to send cute messages in the morning and it really makes your day
  • Lot’s of lame jokes
  • A lot of the time you’re laughing at him, not the joke
  • He likes to play with your hair
  • Poking his cheek is fun
  • He’s not much of a jealous type but if you get too close to another guy he’ll probably become really angry and nervous that you might leave him
  • But like, who would leave him? He’s too cuteeeee
  • Request for a part 2 if you want because I really bloody love Mark omg
  • omg i hope you liked it reughv iuehgv iehr

Drop and Pick up … Again xD

Okay Guys, since we had to drop the Boku no high spec kareshi-sama Omegaverse Manga because @cocktalehours is working on it already, we can pick up another one instead.
It’s a shota 3P manga called Jupiteru ni onegai by Yoshimi Arai.
I’m in love with this Mangaka’s artstyle.
It will be released on November 24th and I already pre-ordered it. We can’t wait to start working on it.
It looks soo cute, right?!


Christmas Dinner

Request: 🔔 Could you do a Christmas one where Jason shows up to the manor for Christmas with a girl and it’s the batfams first time meeting her and it turns out she’s Jason’s fiancé and they’d been dating for years but no one knew 🔔

Fist Christmas request. Finally!

Your heart throbbed as the two of you approached the door of the enormous manor. Heavy sighs escaped your mouth, while all Jason could do was sigh back. A little more than you did if he daresay.

Jason felt his own great lighting up in a torturing fire seconds before Alfred opened. All he could think was that Bruce criticized everything he did. He was to afraid that Bruce would force him to give up on you. And by taking a look at your form, Jason was sure Bruce’d be right. He didn’t deserve you. Not one but. But you had signed up for everything the moment you admitted you loved him.

“Good evening master Jason” Alfred’s voice snapped Jason or of his thoughts. Great, now he zoned out while being right next to you on this important evening. How petrified must have you been all the while he was zoning out.

“Hello Alfred! Merry Christmas!” Jason spoke while sweat dripped past his raven strands and down his forehead. “This-this is (y/n), my future wife!”

Alfred’s eyes flitched for half a minute before his whole face lit up in adoration.
*Well come in Miss (y/n), Master Bruce will be ecstatic to meet you!“
    You smiled at the loving old man and walked right behind him and Jason.


Jason felt his blood run cold there moment Bruce called his name. Maybe he shouldn’t have brought you here. His grip on your hand tightened instantly and roughly, to the point of crushing your fingers with his own. Though on the other hand, you were doing the exact same thing too.

“Who’s that?”

That was Tim’s voice. A new wave of sweat started to fall from Jason’s forehead before he finally found the courage to speak up.

“She’s (y/n), my fiancée”

“Fiancée?” Tim asked, shocked, not expecting such answer coming form Jason’s mouth.

“We’ve been dating for four years now.” Jason admitted and looked at you, bringing your hand to his chest.

   You awkwardly blinked at every angle in the room, trying not to get upset by the looks you were receiving. You wanted to speak, to apologize for coming to a house for dinner, when you weren’t invited in the first place. And so you did.

“Look I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have come. Jason please give me my keys and I’ll just-”

“You’re going nowhere!” Jason growled, grabbing your forearm and finally turning to fully face his family members. There was a fire burning inside of his and there’s wasn’t any other way to get rid if the lamp in his throat. “And you better get used to her!”
  You squeezed his hand, as to stop him from yelling bloody murder at them. They didn’t deserve it anyway. They were probably surprised at the very least.

Add Alfred figured no more words were to be mouthed by both sides and thus he led you to the dining table.

“Is there anything in particular you’d like me to bring you miss?” The butler turned to you with the most understanding expression.
   “No. Just some water should be enough. Thank you!”
And with a view his head, the old man vanished, leaving you wordless in a completely awkward situation.

Your heart throbbed, noisy, inside your ears and your hands shook. You knew that soon Alfred would be back with your waste and yours and Jason’s food, though your appetite seemed to have been long gone to a trip away with Jason’s. Now he seemed more nervous than before. Here wanted -no- needed his family to accept you, yet if they didn’t he knew he never needed the anyway. The two of you were fine before he brought you here and hell, you two’d be better now that you finally meet them all.

When Alfred came back all you could do was gulp while he’d set the food filled plate down, before you. And now you were sure you didn’t want to eat. Becayse for the first time in your life the (perfectly cooked) pork’s smell made you want to vomit inside your mouth. Your stomach took awful turns as you could practically feel the intense looks you were receiving. They were stabbing you everywhere on your body, yet, you daren’t look at anyone and anything else rather than your plate.

“Come on guys! Why are you so fucking rude huh?” You heard your boyfriend yell while slamming his first on the table.

“It’s too much at once Jason!” The one you recognised as Dick (mostly by photos) admitted, speaking for everyone in the room. “First, you tell us you have a girlfriend that you’ve been dating with for four years, without us acknowledging her mere existence and to top it all, you announce your getting married to her! Give us sometime!”

“Grayson’s right! I still cannot believe Todd had found someone!” Damian exhaled, while raising his hand to grip on his raven hair.

“Damian!” Tim demandingly spoke.

“What is it Drake?” Damian answered with a suggestive time as if to ignite Tim’s temper, only to receive a notice by Bruce.

The older man cleared his throat and sipped from his glass of wine before he spoke. “ My sons are just trying to imply that you are welcome here (y/n).” You jumped on your seat at the sudden reference of your name. And of course, your manners wouldn’t let you ignore Bruce Wayne as he spoke to you. You turned to your side and locked your eyes with his as you listened to him going on with his small speech.
“We just need time to appetite the spoonful Jason just fed us. You are always welcome here. You’re part of the family.”

You nodded at response, a shy smile covering your entire face as you rolled your eyes away from his in embarrassment. Bruce Wayne. Billionaire, playboy and whatever your mind could and couldn’t think at the very moment was your soon to be father in law.

How awesome is that!

Your eyes immediately wandered around to find Jason’s one’s. Suddenly that knot in your stomach was replaced with the feeling of relief, happiness and by Jason’s expression you could feel, he was feeling the same as you. You were both accepted.