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OOC: I am at 100 followers and this is my 500′th post. I guess this should be some sort of milestone.

I just wanted to say you’re all wonderful people. I was immediately welcomed into this weird little community and I’ve had a lot of fun. People have made fanart, fanmixes, and other small contributions to this blog that have legitimately made me happy in what would otherwise be a very dull and somewhat stressful chapter in my life.

Seeing you all interact with this blog during the day is nice. I legitimately look forward to coming home from work and getting to responses.

As I’ve said in the past, I’m not a huge “fandom” guy. I’m not the most social nor am I the most sociable, but I haven’t regretted joining this one.

You’ve all been a wonderful group of weirdos, here’s to more adventures.

135: “Steamroller”. G.I. Joe “Real American Hero” Series 6, 1987.

Steamroller came with the EPIC Mobile Command Center (hereafter referred to as the MCC). He wasn’t the prettiest stick in the tool bin, and he had more abs than there were lifeboats on the Titanic.

The MCC has been referred to as “The Tackle Box” because of the way it opens up, much like those multi-tiered fishing or tool boxes. Personally, it reminds me a little bit of those old Hot Wheels “city” sets, that were just two levels, but you could join ‘em together. Anyways, the MCC was a great vehicle/ play set. It held TONS of guys, and the transforming aspect of it was fun too.

As for the drawing part, whoa nelly, I thought the DEFIANT was a doozy. But this one might take the cake. Actually I know it did, haha. Drawing the TOP view of the MCC took 26 HOURS. The sideview was a measly 4hrs. And Steamroller only took 1hr! But yeah that top view I went full-board on. I just chipped away at it when I was able to, and hence the massive delay in posting. These vehicle drawings are what slows everything down! Haha sigh.

I’ll have a link up on the site soon where you can purchase poster/print versions of either of those views of the MCC, btw.

my dream: i own a medium-small cottage by the sea. there are miles between me and the nearest neighbours and my garden is wild and free. i work from home as an artist making enough to easily sustain myself. in the light from the big windows facing the sea a couple of cats are sleeping. my wife and i dance around the living room, laughing as we almost trip over our dogs who also wants to join the fun. life is finally good

☆ Games at Starlight Shrine: End! ☆

As the last game at the shrine grounds finishes, the people talking about the games events slowly disperse, leaving the area empty. Sheep start to come out and clean up what mess was left over; the tables, the cards, the impressive board game, and even the entire miniature town.

Guess this means that all the games are over now.

It’s in the middle of the night, and the stars are shining; but the festival grounds are still buzzing with life for now, even if less so than before. There’s still some hours left to enjoy the stands, you suppose, even if it’s only very little.

☆ Thank you to everyone who joined our game sessions, gave us tips and helped us out! It’s all of you that made such a fun weekend filled with games possible. We hope you had fun and made some new friends or good memories! That’s the most important thing, after all. ☆

The Sherlock Conspiracy Theorists on this website are literally having the most fun anyone has ever had watching a television show. We are decoding puzzles on multiple media platforms by cross-referencing plot lines from stories written throughout the last 130 years all while building knowledge of literature, math, music, coding, history, geography, chemistry, and television production. We are playing The Great Game in real time. I only wish more people could’ve joined us here because we won’t find another game this intricate in our lifetime, and everyone who finds this later will always be a few steps behind.

I hope everyone realizes this Conspiracy community is not about us being right – it’s about us pushing the boundaries of our intellect and having fun in the process. It’s been an honor playing The Great Game with all of you.

Taeyang trolling CL on IG

It started with Taeyang commenting

‘’Dope video… congratz!!’’

on almost all CL’s recent posts

others joined the fun too

Taeyang started to encourage fans to join too

He posted this on IG

..and even taught fans the right way of using the joke

More YG members finally took notice of the joke

So CL answered to Taeyang’s constant trolling (on which he had to troll again)

But Taeyang wasn’t done

Now they both can’t stop

But most lesbians never went to bars. Occasionally middle-class lesbians could make contacts with other women if they were members of a private group such as the Nucleus Club, an informal New York-based organization of the late 1930s that held weekly parties for lesbians together with gay men.

But although police harassment of lesbians was not common in the 1930s, they knew, perhaps by their observation of gay male experiences, that it was a potential they had to take into account, and that awareness must have dampened the enthusiasm of many to join such a club. The Nucleus Club parties were in private homes, but the group still thought it essential to adopt the rule that each gay man would pair with a lesbian as they left the party and they would go strolling out arm in arm so that neighbors would think the couples had been to a heterosexual gathering.

One should not underestimate the fun in this game of “fooling the straights,” but underneath the fun was genuine fear.

Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers: A History of Lesbian Life in Twentieth-Century America, pg. 108 by Lillian Faderman


“Some of the worst excesses of the Black Mesa Incident have been laid directly at his feet. And yet unsophisticated minds continue to imbue him with romantic power, giving him such dangerous poetic labels as the One Free Man, the Opener of the Way.”

I wanted to jump on the Cosplay Aesthetic bandwagon

Aliens and beards
  • aliens not recognising their crewmate after his beard had been shaven off (honestly, neither can the humans, but the alien-freakout is highly entertaining)
  • aliens watching in confusion as comparing beards suddenly evolves into a full-out competition of beard-beauty (though having suspicions as to how the arrival of certain females of the species might have attributed to that)
  • furred aliens (especially those who can grow their fur long-ish, but well-groomed fur is the basic requirement, right?) joining in for fun, and to tease the competing males (one of the new competitors is an older female with rich fur around her neck, proof of her maternity and genetically encoded Care for her young)
  • furless aliens feeling a bit left out, but pacified as they are asked to act as judges, having a more objective point of view without their instinctual pull towards certain types of fur
  • (also they pick up supplies on the next station, faux fur and wigs and glitter and pretty beads and clams and… everythng. Next competition is in a week, and it shall be fabulous.)

MERRY CHRISTMAS LAP DANCE! This week Rosie and I give each other the sexiest lap dances ever! VOTE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW who you think gave the sexier performance because I strongly believe it to be me. Now go jingle that bell button to join the notification squad!

Fun fact: the amount I had to cut out of this video that constituted pure pornography on Rosie’s part is unreal. Saving that footage for when we’re dezzy for views m8.