had to google that taylor swift song

I was tagged by @liohnelmessi thank you Jen!

Name: Monta

Nicknames: Monti, Mon

Star Sign: Capricorn

Height: 1.70m I think

Sexual Orientation: .

Hogwarts House: Idk I think I’m more like Hufflepuff :D

Favorite Color: Blue

Cat or dog person: Cat

Lucky Number: Don’t know 4?

Last thing I googled: Hufflepuff

Favourite animal: Tiger

Favorite Fictional Character: Peeta Mellark

Favorite Singer/Band: Ariana Grande

Dream Trip: London

Dream Job: Writer

When Was This Blog Created: In 2012 I think

Followers: 1.9k

Following: Around 300

Reason for my URL: Focus is one of my fav Ariana songs

What Made You Decide to Make the blog: Well I had a one fandom blog that I deleted and then I made this blog that used to be a Demi blog

Last song I listened to: Out of the Woods by Taylor Swift

Last movie I watched: I haven’t seen any movie in some time

Top 3 favourite TV shows: Sense8, Gossip Girl and The Penguins of Madagascar

I tag: @taylorisapuppy @anankinskywalker @rightthereiek @nativeroute