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fine - pt3

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based on fine by Taeyeon

words: 2.1k

summary: Your in love with Jimin, your best friend, who’s also a player and you don’t know how to tell him about how you feel.

genre: angst

before your read: I just made up the ‘Anomeni and Enit thing because I didn’t want to use real places just because! 

part 1 - part 2 -


It wasn’t long before your classes had finally ended and the torture of painting with shaky hands was finally over. You were studying for your finals and you were also finishing the essay that you had to finish for next week but you had decided to do finish it today, in hopes of having the weekend go by smoothly. 

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Today, I fucked up by attempting to print over 18,000 pages.

At the school I go to there are printers for the entire student body; however, every student has a limit of how many pages they can print. This limit is supposedly enormous. I have been told by seniors (I am a freshman) that the limit is around 1000 pages.

During my English class yesterday, we got a chance to work on our essays, which were due today. I had already finished mine and was bored, so I held down CTRL and Enter in my Microsoft Word document because I wanted to see how many pages I could create. After about 9000 pages I got bored again and saved my work and closed Word.

Today, I got to school and then realized that I hadn’t printed out the essay yet, so I went to a school computer and sent it to the school printer, but it didn’t print. I tried a few more times, but it still didn’t work. Then I emailed it to my friend and he tried to print it. Guess what? It didn’t print.

My friend then noticed that the document had over 9000 pages that I totally forgot about. It was a sudden moment of realization that I had hit both mine and his print limit in a matter of minutes even though nothing had actually printed.

We went to a teacher and explained the situation (with emphasis on me being an idiot) and he said it would be $10 each to reset our limits.

So on Monday I will be coming to school with $20 because today I fucked up.

TIFU: Internet`s best fucked up stories are here.

Our little star >> Jungkook, You (Part 2)

A beauty like you | Our little star part 1

-Having your own family is a huge responsibility, but forming a family should be based on love. 

A little thing since I hadn’t updated and I actually should not update lol XD but I couldn’t resist. Thank you @gimmeyourhope for your help ;)

Once the song ended, the boys threw themselves on the ground breathless and tired. They had been practicing for four hours and it was finally over.

They were drained by their sweats, breathing hard and really thirsty. Jungkook felt like he was going to die, his body was aching, he barely had enough sleep last night. Thanks to his Eunbyul who hadn’t stopped crying throughout the whole night.

“How’s our star?” Hoseok asked, giving Jungkook a bottle of water. He accepted it and swallowed half of it before finding his breath to talk.

“Healthy and super active.” He shook his head.

“Kids are always like this.” Namjoon noted. He was panting, his hair sticking to his face and his mouth was slightly open begging for air.

“But I can’t sleep.” Jungkook whined, lying flat on the ground. “She doesn’t stop crying.”

“She will when she grows up.” Taehyung said, making Jungkook look at him with an expressionless face. Was he supposed to be happy about that fact?

“I was just saying.” Taehyung shrugged, grabbing the water bottle from his hand.

“If you are that tired…” Yoongi started. “Then come with us and stay at the dorm tonight.”

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Watching a video of a former Microsoft Software Engineer who worked on Windows, saying that he and a team of people had to go through Windows’s source code to change any variable names or comments with curse words lmao

First Time - Bucky x Reader (NSFW)

Author’s Note: omg this is probably my longest story. it was 6 pages on microsoft word. like holy crap. Anyways, I hope you enjoy some Bucky loving.

Request: Love your writing! Could you do a bucky x reader smut, long story short: reader is an avenger and they find out she is a virgin, they go to a club where she is being man handled by a guy there, and then she asks bucky to make love to her! Thanks!

Warnings: sex and cursing, y'all

Words: 2,674

That Friday night, there was a change of pace. You had been living at the Avengers tower with the rest of the team for the past two months. Being the newest member and the youngest, you were slightly babied, and everyone was always trying to include you and make you feel welcomed and loved. It had started with weekly movie nights on Fridays, and it had been that way since you had first gotten there. However, that particular Friday night, Tony had a new idea. Playing truth or dare.

It wasn’t that you were scared. You didn’t really have anything to hide. You trusted these people. Besides, you were actually having fun with everyone. You felt comfortable and excited being cuddled up to Bucky. You had a crush on him ever since you arrived at the tower and you considered yourself lucky that he even considered you a friend. That is, until Tony picked on you.

“(Y/N), truth or dare?”

You weren’t going to pick dare, especially after he had dared Clint to lick the toilet for twenty seconds. “Truth.”

“How many guys have you had sex with?”

Your eyes grew wide and you knew that if you had been drinking something, there would have been a spit take. You felt Bucky tense from beside you and heard Steve chastising Tony.

“Oh, come on. It’s just a question,” Tony tried to defend himself, and kept looking at you, expecting an answer. “Besides, she has to answer. It’s the rules of the game.”

You felt your face redden as everyone eyes were on you. You looked to your hands on your lap and you felt Bucky’s arm tighten around your shoulders once he noticed your embarrassment.

“Um…none,” you mumbled, hoping that no one heard you.

“You’re a virgin?!” You heard Tony exclaim and heard someone hitting him in the head. Probably Natasha.

You wanted to cry, but sucked it in and looked up to see the surprised faces of the team.

“Don’t look so shocked, guys. I know it’s sad, but it’s not that big of a deal.”

“No…it’s not that it’s sad. It’s just…how? Dude, you’re hot!” Clint exclaimed and you looked at him with a face.


“Ok, well, how about we help you meet someone?” Natasha said, smiling at you.

“We’re going to the club!” Tony yelled and you rolled your eyes.

“I don’t think that’s what Natasha meant,” Bucky said and you looked at him, noticing that he looked as stoic as he was when you first met him .

“Don’t care. You all have thirty minutes to get ready. We’ll meet up here,” he said, rising and leaving towards his room to get ready. Everyone begrudgingly followed and started getting ready. Natasha and Wanda gathered their clothes and went to your room to get ready with you. Luckily your hair was already straightened, so you had time to work on your makeup and your outfit. You were actually a little excited to go to Tony’s club. Not to meet someone, but to actually get out of the tower for one night. besides, you were too much in love with Bucky to actually notice any other guy.

Wanda picked out your outfit; a black long sleeve crop top that showed your incredibly toned stomach and a matching black, tight skirt that reached your mid thigh. Your heels were a little taller than you’d like, but you had to admit that you looked incredible. Natasha kept your eye makeup simple, with a popping red lip. Wanda wore a red, tight dress that almost matched her hair and Natasha wore some high waisted, tight jeans and an edgy bralette.

You all met up with the rest of the team and you blushed, noticing Bucky’s gaze on you. You couldn’t help but notice how handsome he looked with his jeans and leather jacket.

“Hey,” you said, walking up to him.

“…Hey. You look amazing,” he said and you blushed at his compliment.

“Thanks, so do you.” He smiled at you and soon after, Tony started leading you all out into the car and into the club.

The music was pounding and you girls were excited to get to the dance floor. You walked with Nat and Wanda to dance floor and began moving your body to the beat of the music. Bucky looked on from the bar. Steve said something from beside him, but he was too busy paying attention to you, making sure you were safe.

“You’ve got it bad, dude,” Sam said and Bucky turned to him, confused.

“What?’ he said.

"It’s obvious you’re in love with her, Buck,” Steve said. Bucky ignored their comments, not responding because he knew they were right. His eyes shifted towards you again and tensed when he saw someone trying to dance with you. The man was tall, his skin tan, and his hair dark. Bucky rose from his seat, ready to go over to where you were, but held himself back to assess the situation. He watched as the man grabbed your arm and even from the distance, he could tell how rough he was holding you.

He stalked towards where you were standing, thankful for Natasha pushing the man off of you. He walked behind you, towering over everyone in the small circle. You glanced behind you, feeling a presence and noticing the murderous look on Bucky’s face. He wrapped his arm around your waist as he glared at the man who had been manhandling you.

“Is there a problem?” he asked, his voice low and it even intimidated you.

“None of your business, asshole,” the guy said and you had to physically wrap your arm around Bucky’s abdomen to restrain him from beating the man across from you.

“I think it is my business, considering she’s my girlfriend,” Bucky practically growled out and you noticed the man backing off a little. You were a little surprised that he had called you his girlfriend, but figured it was only to drive that asshole away.

“Whatever, dude,” he said and walked away.

Bucky slowly turned to you and you noticed Natasha and Wanda shy away towards the bar with the rest of the team to leave the two of you alone.

“Are you okay?” he asked and you looked down, slightly humiliated.

“I’m fine…thank you for that.”

“Anything for you,” he said and you smiled up at him.

“Um…do you think we could go home?” you asked and he smiled at you.

“Sure,” he said. You let the rest of the team know that you were leaving, a lot of them too drunk to really pay attention and left the club.

“I’m sorry,” you said and he looked at you with his eyebrows furrowed in puzzlement.

“For what?”

“It’s just…it’s been an embarrassing. I mean…that thing with that guy at the club, and then the fact that I’m in my twenties and I’m still a virgin. What’s wrong with me?” you said, looking straight ahead as you both walked the few blocks to the avengers tower.

“(Y/N), nothing is wrong with you. You’re perfect. Anyone would be lucky to have you.” He sounded genuine and you wanted to believe that he was, because that would mean that he liked you back. But you knew he was just trying to make you feel better.

“Yeah, right. Then why haven’t found anyone yet? I mean…would you?” The words left your mouth before you could process them and you immediately felt awkward for even asking him something like that.


You stopped walking and turned o look at him, him doing the same.

“(Y/N), I probably should’ve told you this before. But, I love you. I’ve liked you since I met you and my feeling for you have only been growing stronger. You don’t have to feel ashamed or embarrassed around me. Like I said, you’re perfect.”

You smiled at him and grabbed his hand, tears in your eyes. “I love you, too, Bucky.”

He hugged you and you two continued making your way to the tower, hand in hand.

Once you arrived, you both made your way up to your shared floor and you smiled shyly at him.

“Bucky? Do you think you might want to…you know?” You felt awkward asking and regretted it once he looked at you in confusion.

“(Y/N), you know that we don’t have to do that,” he said and you smiled shyly at him.

“I want to,” you said and he took a determined step towards you.

“Are you sure?” he asked, grabbing your upper arms gently. The feeling of heat from him flesh hand and cold from his metal hand sent shivers down your spine.


His flesh arm traveled down to grab your hand and he slowly led you to his bedroom, closing the door behind him. You suddenly felt nervous. You trusted Bucky and you loved him and you knew that he would never do anything to hurt you. But it was your first time, and you were naturally anxious to lose your virginity.

He walked towards you slowly, trying hard not to startle you. He wrapped his metal arm around your waist and the other one gently cupped your cheek as he leaned down to kiss you. The kiss was gentle and sweet and you were suddenly filled with gratefulness that you had waited for your first time.

You kissed for a while, the feeling of his skin on yours and his scent overwhelming all your senses. Your hand hesitantly moved to his shoulders and pushed his leather jacket off. he let go of you only for a moment and soon his hands were on you again. His hands moved to the hem of your crop top, his two different fingertips gently tickling your stomach, sending chills throughout your body and an unfamiliar heat to the bottom of your stomach.

He broke the kiss you pull your shirt off of you and you blushed under his intense gaze. Your hands traveled down his chest and then you took his shirt off.

His hands wrapped around your bare waist and he brought you impossibly close to him. He kissed your lips, until his mouth traveled to your jaw, down your neck. You craned your neck to allow more access and noticed that the scar tissue that connected his shoulder to his arm was in your line of vision. You brought your hand towards the junction and gently ran a finger on the scars. You felt him twitch in response, but he relaxed once you pressed a gentle kiss to the area.

“I love you, Bucky,” you said and you felt him sigh and smile against your neck.

“I love you, (Y/N).”

His arms reached behind you and you felt him unclasp your bra. You wanted to feel embarrassed when his eyes took in your breasts, but you were too busy noticing the love and lust in his eyes. He caressed them both and licked his lips in anticipation. You were absolutely beautiful.

He led you to the bed and laid you down. Your chest was heaving in anxiousness and excitement and you couldn’t help but let out a small moan when you felt Bucky’s mouth wrap around one of your nipples. You embraced his back as his ministrations to your breasts were driving you wild. You felt the pressure in your lower stomach increasing and you knew you needed release in some way.

You felt Bucky’s hand move to waistband of your skirt and he pulled it down, along with your underwear, in one fluid motion. You suddenly felt shy and your hands moved quickly to cover your most sensitive area.  

“(Y/N), are you okay?” Bucky asked looking up at you, when he felt you tense.

“Yeah, it’s just..no one’s ever seen me like this,” you said and he gently nuzzled his face into your stomach.

“It’s okay, love. Just relax, okay?” You nodded at him and laid back, removing your hands. You saw Bucky shifting downwards until his face was at level with your pelvis.

“Bucky?” you mumbled, confused. You were about to ask what he was doing, but before you could, his head shifted downward and you felt his tongue lick you were you were craving it the most. You let out a startled gasp as he started circling your clit with his tongue, his hands paying special attention to your thighs.

“Oh, my God, Bucky,” you moaned out as you felt one of his metal fingers push into your opening. The stretching feeling you got was slightly uncomfortable, but the large amount of pleasure you were feeling was overwhelming all of your senses.

“Bucky…please,” you said. He continued to keep his mouth on your pussy, his mental fingers pumping into you at a quick speed. You didn’t know what you were begging for, but you needed release.

You felt as if your body was about to explode, but before it could, his fingers and mouth moved away from you. You whimpered in disappointment until you saw him shuffling out of his clothes. Your eyes widened as you saw his hardened penis escaping the restraint of his boxers, but you immediately relaxed when his eyes met yours. He crawled on top of you, never breaking eyes contact.

“Are you sure?” he asked and you nodded. You wanted this and you wanted this with him. He leaned over to his nightstand and took out a condom. He ripped the package off and slid the latex over his shaft. He looked into our eyes as he slowly entered you, groaning when his penis met your wet warmth.

Your eyes got wide and your gasp got stuck in your throat from the pain from him entering you. He stopped moving when he was fully inside you, letting you adjust to his size. He kissed you on the forehead and whispered sweet nothings in your ear to help distract you from the pain. Once the pain reduced, you gave Bucky a slight nod and he started slowly thrusting, and you were content to find the pain being replaced by an intense and amazing pleasure.

His thrusts slightly increased pace and you couldn’t help the small moans and occasional screams that left your mouth.

“Bucky…yes, please…oh, my God,” you said sporadically and you heard him groan in satisfaction.

“You’re so tight, baby,” he said and you shuddered when he lightly bit your neck.

The pleasure was blinding and you felt the pressure that had been building up burst. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head and your back arched as your orgasm hit you. Your mouth opened in a silent scream and you felt your heart almost beating out of your chest. Bucky kept thrusting, helping you ride out your orgasm, but it wasn’t before long that he felt himself come, as well.

He supported himself on his elbows from above you and smiled lazily at you. Your sweaty skin was sticking to each other and there was a certain smell in the air, but at that moment, Bucky had never seen anything as beautiful as you.

he pressed a chaste kiss to your lips and kept smiling at you.

“I love you,” he said and you giggled. “You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

“I love you, too,” you said and he moved off of you, slipping out of you and you whimpered at the loss. He laid on his back and pulled you to his side to cuddle with you.

“Thank you, Bucky,” you said, and then continued. “For being my first and for loving me.”

“I’ll always love you. No matter what. Now, let’s go to sleep,” he said and pulled you closer to him.

“Are you sure you don’t want to wash the sheets?” you asked, knowing about the red stain that was surely on them.

“We can do that tomorrow,” he said, exhaustion evident in his voice and you shrugged against him.

“I guess we can,” you said and fell asleep soon after that.  


Somebody open a bottle of champers and organise a house party because this is it, ladies and gents! 12 pages on a Microsoft Word document that didn’t want to kill itself and it might have gotten a bit fluffy at the end but it’s done. I struggled a bit with the “what-happened-next” scene so let me know what you thought. Many thanks and apologies to theunlikelyavenger​ for being patient with me and my tech whilst processing your request. I hope this is what you were looking for (I’m willing to change it a little if it wasn’t). :) Also I had prompts from nerd-kat–hell-yes​ and floating-balloon​. Enjoy, my darlings! I’m going to go and pass out somewhere with a cup of tea. 

Prompt(s):  You nailed it. Abso-lutely nailed it…  I NEED PART THREE ASAP. PLEASE MAKE IT LENGTHY. 
Please please please have the reader end up with loki. Pleeeaaase
Is there going to be part three for strength?!

“Strength” (Part 3)

Part 2

It had been a long day. Your chat with Loki had created as many questions as they had answered and you couldn’t focus without knowing the answers. You found yourself seeking advice from the once person you never thought capable of giving it.

“Hey, Tony. You here?” You asked, walking into the seemingly empty lab.
“Yeah, over here.” He said. A hand shot up from behind the countertop and waved. You circled around it and saw that Stark was on the floor, gathering up pieces of paper. Kneeling down, you helped him gather them together. Once they were collated and tidily arranged on the table, Tony conjured a packet of blueberries from somewhere and hopped nimbly onto the side.
“What’s up kid?” You took a deep breath and released it.
“Has Bruce spoken to you at all? About me, I mean.” Tony ripped the top of the silver packet, shaking his head.
“Well, he’s been acting a little strange – I’d go as far as to say skittish – around me.”

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*literally my longest post so far*

so, i have been missing for like 2 weeks , so sorry for that, but i got my reasons.

the Very Important AssignmentTM was due last week and and in the early days heading to the due date, i literally woke up at 6am just to write things down in microsoft word, then go to school at 8am till the guards kick me and my friends out (at 6pm ish). return home just to do the said assignment until 12am.

then, when the due date was approaching closer, i woke up, two or three times each night, because i was that worried. some of my teammates arent contributing enough to the assignment because 1. they dont care, or 2. they dont know what to do… so i had to do most of it.

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virgoimagines  asked:

Hi I love your imagines ! I had two questions though - hope that it's okay to ask! you mentioned an app that helps you sort out your imagines, I was wondering what that app was - if you're comfortable sharing

Thank you So much my dear!
Of course I don’t mind sharing them:)
At the moment im using a tablet and normally for my imagines I would use my notes on my iphone, but as its a tablet I was worrying about where my imagines were going to be written.

I found this app called Jotterpad and its almost like Microsoft Word, everytime I write a new imagine it makes a separate folder automatically and it has been a big help, I’ve found that my Imagines are easier to find. Normally it would take me days to write an imagine and to find it but with this app I’ve written like 22 imagines over the past couple of days x

In The End (Part II)

Heeeeey ya!

I know you guys have been waiting and I have promised like, two weeks ago? I’m sorry it happens that I am an idiot.

My home computer had a problem and Microsoft word doesn’t work anymore, which obligated me to put it ll in the drive, I have a phone version I use to brainstorm things… What happened is that I finished most of it in the Phone and when I accessed the from the computer it wasn’t there. Result? I had to write it again because I forgot to sync with the updated version and I lost it when I opened on the computer *facepalm*

But finally, here we go! This chapter was a bit longer, but I thought it would be good to end it here and begin the next one where all things get moving :)

Hugs and special thanks to: @silverob, @dvvkroh, @starcoweek2, @fishyinthec, @emmahamburger, @topazpearl, @nattalund, @diaangmindbender, @axis2500, @gloriousthingfest, @fandomgirl07, @minthia-ren, @unicornwafflezlover, @dumbluckycharm, @disneystarcofish, @timedaquarius, @chimicherryorcherrychanga, @stardjami, @im-this-kind-of-girl, @sparkly-eyed-dork, @dannymg777, @baybay-nicole, @love-axeman, @mrevaunit42, @imjustherefor-starco, @marcorndiaz, @ladyxgilex, @will-shut-up-4-wifi, @keys-n-flames, @instantlydecaffeinatedphilosophe, @skjccla27, @julia-bramhall, @valentine1604, @mama-sally, @tara-rosenbrock, @monkuee, @manifisto42, @eevee269, @another-wided-eyed-girl, @thatshylatinagirl, @connelly2019, @darthe, @born-in-olympus, @kraytay, @itsjennifulthings, @animelover4157, @the-elf-i-love, @tagnuke2, @secretlyinthestars, @captainawesomeperson, @bear-is-driving, @loreleysiren, @keezybugaboo and @theonealwayswatching for the likes and reblogs!

Another shout out for @starcoweek2 for such incredible event that started this, Thank you!

Thank you all for this! I couldn’t do it without you! I hope you guys enjoy!

Part I

The first time he saw her, he felt pain.

Not the usual pain, not the kind of when you get hurt or injured, the pain that went through him was the kind of pain that he felt when he faced something from his former life.

But much worse.

Every time he had met angels into their Mission, it had hurt (mostly emotionally.) It hurt to see what he once was, to see those beautiful beings of pure light and free of pain, hurt, sadness… To see those wings so full and bright it could blind a human. He could feel the pain on his back, as if his broken wings were missing what they once looked like and wanted to hug the angels.

He couldn’t.

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thatstrangecomicguy-deactivated  asked:

What software programs do you use to write your scripts? I know Microsoft Word is a key go to for most but Scrivener seems to also be a more in depth helpful tool among creators lately.

both of those are VERY popular among my peers. i use final draft.  had to learn it years ago for hollywood shtuff and now i use it for EVERYTHING

literally everything.  and final draft 10, which they just released is the best version yet. but that’s just me.

alcurarlucia-deactivated2014060  asked:

Hello! I was just wondering what tool you use to actually do your writing... I had been using something called 'Scrivener' until very recently. It's not opening up on my laptop anymore... and it was really nice! You could write scenes and lump them in a folder for a chapter... and it's just hard to go back to using like, Microsoft Word. Any suggestions?

Hello there!

I haven’t gotten this question in ages, so much that I can’t find the last time I answered it :0 (so, here you go!)

Also (for those of you who asked me in the past), yes I know of Scrivener! It’s a pretty cool program~ I have a couple issues with it, but they are mostly advanced/publishing stuffs. I actually used Scrivener until my PC died, and it was actually that same event that triggered a change in the way I wrote.

You see, I don’t use Word, or Open Office, or Libre Office.

I use Evernote.

[[So, this reply is rather long, thus I will toss the rest of it under the Read More. Again, sorry mobile peeps]]

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one of the other departments at my work is pissed at the marketing department (us) for “stealing” ownership of the information desk from them so they’re trying to go behind our backs and circumvent the design office, ignoring that all marketing, posters, and signage have to be approved by us

  • they tried to hide an entire event from us
  • we caught them because of fucking course we did
  • we had to do an emergency rush job to approve the poster they “designed”
  • it’s hideous and our designers are crying
  • they can’t make the corrections we asked them to because they don’t know what they’re doing, so they send us the file to correct it
  • a word document
  • it’s a word document
  • a department at a university with over 3,500 employees tried to design an official poster in microsoft word because they were mad that their bad management lost them control of the information desk
  • our designers are still crying

when your job is office-based you don’t develop many skills that impress other people in an emergency like knife fighting or fire lighting or how to hotwire a car, but at 7am this morning my dude was desperately trying to send a 2 page exam to the printers for school and it was all automatic so if he sent the whole 300 page PDF they were going to charge him 1000 Euros and it wasn’t a clever enough programme to let you select pages to print. He was sitting there panicking in his pyjamas with no idea what to do and I was all *cracks knuckles* ‘move over babe, I got this’ and in 2 clicks I had extracted pages 13 and 14 and saved them as new documents and his printing cost went down to 3 Euros and he looked at me like I’d just done MAGIC 

I mean wait till he sees what I can do in Microsoft fucking Word

AU where Mercy and Genji knew each other before Overwatch in college (Submission)

(( this was submitted to me by @dancingtragedies !! They are super talented and this fanfic is really great!!! )))

(Hello 👋, I’d like some critic on this short skit I made for Genji and Mercy before I post it. I’d greatly appreciate feedback. Sorry it’s so long, I tried to keep it short but got carried away 😅)


Angela stared at her keyboard, hoping to get a small break from staring at the bright white screen of the laptop she held inner lap. She placed two fingers on the side of her head rubbing her temples on both sides trying to ease the growing headache she’s had for an hour now. She has been staring at the blank white screen of the Microsoft word document for hours now with no progress but a sentence starting her introduction on rapid cell growth development research project. The more she looked at the clock, the more stressed she felt at the loss of time, the loss of sleep and the deadline creeping up minute by minute, second by second. She wanted desperately to go to sleep but she knew she couldn’t until this was done to where she wanted to be. If she got even one day behind on this she would never get it done on time. She was in progress of getting her masters she had no excuse now for late or mediocre work. Her PH.D. was on the line, her career, her future and 6 years of college behind her could go to waste in one single research article. She’s come this far she can’t give up now. She checked her paper work and notes hoping to find inspiration to get her out of this writers block and start the fluid motions of tapping at the keyboard.
“During cell reproduction, the enzy-”


There was a light knock on the door followed by a short silence. Angela’s eyes widened with her train of thought gone now focused on her apartment door. She checked the time: 2:13. No way was she expecting someone at this hour. She suddenly felt very jittery as she slowly got up from her couch leaving a depression of her body from sitting in it for so long. She shakily grabbed the fencing sword Genji left on her coffee table near her and walked towards the door holding the sword infront of her.


It repeated
“No… I don’t need this now… Not now” she said softly preparing herself for the worst.
“Ms. Ziegler?… Ms. Ziegler are you up?” The voice broke the silence.
She froze grasping on to the door handle. Immediately her whole body relaxed and her arm drooped the sword to the side of her thigh at the sound of the familiar voice. She opened the door to find Genji standing there holding food in his gray beanie and green, white, and and black hoodie, jeans and two bags of jack in the box in his hands.
“Ugh… Im sorry it’s so late - I should have called or come earlier or something..” he said scratching his head embarrassed with a dorky smile on his lips.
“I know you usually stay up late studying so I brought you some food in case you’re hungry.. Oh and I left my sword here -”
He stopped,and looked at Angela holding the said object but he was more concerned on the loss of blush in her cheeks, they were pale, she was in a cold sweat with bags under her eyes which are usually light and peaceful now heavy and dulled. She leaned against the doorway, smiled and gave a relieved sigh, “Mr. Shamada, you scared me” she said placing her free hand on her chest. “I was not expecting anyone this late” she finished with a half hearted chuckle trying to bring her composure together.
But her body was working against her and she could feel it. It was hard for her to stand up straight, her head started spinning, she began taking deep breathes in hopes of getting oxygen to her brain, the adrenaline rush didn’t help her either. She first felt weakness in her knees, then ringing in her ears… She knew what was next. Her vision started blurring slowly blacking out and lost feeling in her legs. For a split second she felt weightless. She went from standing at the door talking to Genji, to staring at her ceiling held up in Genji’s arms lying on this lap. She started hearing sounds which slowly came back as faded out voices, which eventually came together as Genji’s worried voice echoed through her apartment.
“Ms. Ziegler! Ms. Ziegler! Are you okay?… Angela!”

Saying her first name out alone was enough to make him turn red. He was not used to the custom of addressing people by their first names; especially Angela’. He cradled her face and pushed back her untied blonde hair away from her eyes. His dark eyes darted fast looking at her eyes to her mouth for a sign of consciousness and a response. He reached for her wrist and put pressure on it looking for a pulse.
“Your pulse is very high” he said
Angela groaned and looked down at her wrist he was holding.
“You’re doing it wrong… You’re supposed to use your use your two for fingers not your thumb” she responded.
Surprised and a bit relieved at her response he switched his fingers over her wrist and tried again. “You’re thumb has its own pulse… So you would get inaccurate readings using your thumb..” She continued still in a daze. Genji chuckled, “Even when you are the patient, you are still the doctor” he said and smiled down at her. She smiled back in response to his smile and feeling the warmth of his chest near her face. “It’s slow.. But slowly coming back” he said after sitting still holding her wrist correctly. Angela didn’t respond but just looked up at Genji with sleepy heavy eyes. She was falling asleep in his warm arms. She felt safe and it would be so perfect if she didn’t have that slow creeping feeling of stress of her research paper still waiting on her coffee table. Her brain screamed at her to move but her body didn’t respond charmed by Genji’s embrace on the floor. Or was it the sleep deprivation? Or both?

“.. I’m really sorry.. I shouldn’t have come this late.. I probably scared you” he said now drawing attention to his fencing sword inches away from her hand on the floor where she dropped it. He looked back at her for a response but she said nothing and kept her gaze fixed on him. Usually she would have a smart remark to everything he’d say or an “it’s okay” or “apology accepted” but she just laid there motionless giving nothing but a big warm smile to him.
Genji could feel his face flush with heat and took his eyes away from her gaze and stared at her wrist she was holding, “Th-This isn’t like you..” He said trying to hide his blush, showing concern. He began to recall past experiences they have had together, how she would always ask did he eat? What did he eat? How much time did he sleep? Hopefully those questions could help him get to the bottom of this. He felt the breeze from outside sweep across his side and remembered that the door was still opened from outside along with the food still bagged on the floor.
He firmly cradled his right arm and gently supported the back of Angela’s neck, placed her arm around her body and carefully scooped her up with his left arm up off the floor and held her princess style and carried her to the empty couch. He placed her gently on the coach and she gave out a small pleasured moan as she stretched out on the furniture now finally closer to her first objective. However, she didn’t move again and just watched Genji picked up the sword and food and closed and locked the door.
He finally turned his attention back to her and noticed she was now sitting up free from his grasp reaching for the laptop again.
She froze and just looked up at him staring at her from across the room.
“When was the last time you ate?”
Angela opened her mouth to speak but found herself struggling to answer… “Uhhh… Hmmmm… When was the last time I ate?…” She said repeating the question. Her mind was a blank with nothing but a faint memory of a granola bar breakfast. “Breakfast?” She said shrugging her shoulders.

“It’s technically the next day.. You haven’t ate all day. What about sleep?” He asked. The tables now were turned, she was the patient and he the health care provider. Angela felt awkward and on the spot, she wasn’t used to it since she’s used to being the interrogator.
“Well.. What about it?” She responded back slowly coming together again.
“You know very well sleep is important. You always drill that into me when I don’t sleep.” Genji said. Angela sighed, “I can’t sleep.. I need to do this or I’ll get behind..” She cradled her head in her hands. The headache was coming back, she began to heavy again the weightlessness spell was gone she suddenly felt gravity come back drag back down to earth again, back to her stress hole, her hell she was in.

“But you can’t right now… You just fainted.. You haven’t ate or slept all day. You can’t bring your best in this state” Genji replied now walking up to her.
“No. I have to now. I can’t wait. It can’t wait. I’m so close I can’t stop.” She persisted her voice beginning to crack, “I’ve come this far, this has to end. It’s gotta end somehow and somewhere and it’s gonna be now because I’m so tired of this stress all the time! 24/7 being top in grades, procedures, projects! All for what?! It’s never ending! There is no rest I can’t afford rest!” She could feel hot tears of frustration fall down her cheeks. She hadn’t realized she started crying in front of Genji. Not Genji, he was never supposed to see her like this. The thought of it made her feel vulnerable and weak which made her cry more and she began to blame it on the sleep deprivation again.
Genji stood still amazed at the secret he’s been allowed to hold, her vulnerability, her trust, her feelings. He couldn’t truly understand the pressure pinned against her. He didn’t know what to say or how to comfort that and all he wanted was to help her so bad. The sight of her tears made him instinctively kneel down towards her sitting and embrace her. Angela gasped at the sudden gesture and once again she was enchanted by his embrace again. He firmly wrapped his arms around the back of her shoulders and buried his chin gently in her left shoulder. She felt light again and wrapped her arms around his shoulders too. She still had tears flowing from her face and they slowly began to drip on to his hoody.
“I’m sorry, Genji.. I didn’t mean to act this way” she said gripping on to his hoody with her hand.
He tightened his embrace and placed a hand on the back of her head, with his other arm gently moving to hold her whole back.
“Don’t be.. I can’t imagine the stress you are going through… But I want you to know this: You are amazing and you will do amazing things no matter what is ahead of you. You are inspiring and kind and courageous to do what hasn’t been done before. You are going to do and achieve the unthinkable… But please promise me to take care of yourself? Please? You are always looking out for others but never yourself”
He pleaded burrowing half of his face in her tangled up hair. He loved the vanilla scent of shampoo she used in her hair, it made it always smell good.
Genji’s words lifted her up and her tears stopped flowing. She felt the weight of stress that held her down suddenly release and the longer and tighter he held her, the more it didn’t seem to matter anymore. Her face still had the last remaining tears flow down across her face and she breathed in shakily and sniffed,
“Okay” she said and burrowed her face in his warm neck.

After what seemed like an eternity of bliss, she finally had the inspiration back to continue her work she could feel the fire burning in her giving her a new drive.
“Thank you, Genji” she said and gently pulled away from him so that they were face to face. She smiled gratefully and without thinking leaned forward and kissed him on his left cheek. She began to wipe away the tear stains from her face not noticing Genji standing there stunned with the feel of the fresh angel kiss still on his cheek and began to turn his whole face into a deep red.
“Excuse me” she gently said holding the bridge of her nose covering the running nose she had from crying and went towards the kitchen for a napkin. Now Genji’s head was spinning going in circles replaying the moment that just happened over and over in his head.
“Did she just kiss me? Did she just really kiss me? No way she just kissed me… but she did..” He thought to himself over and over again lost in thought until Angela called his name snapping him out of it.
“Huh? Oh! Yes?! Sorry” He replied embarrassed getting his thought together again standing up looking at her across from the other room.
“Did you want to reheat your food from Jack in the Box?” She asked with a yawn pointing to the microwave.
“Uh.. No I’m okay. But Angela, you need to sleep now” he persisted and walked quickly towards her to catch her if she fell again.
“I’m fine” she said waving her hand down to shrug off the topic but she knew that she wasn’t. He pulse was racing again and seeing the sight of the fast food bags started to make her stomach roar. She was stubborn.
Genji sighed, “Well if you won’t sleep, will you please eat?” He asked gently nudging on her arm ready to catch her again.
Angela looked at the greasy food he bought, “not the healthiest choice..” She said thinking out loud and opened the fridge in hopes of finding left overs only to find her salad now too far spoiled to eat. “But it’s better than food poisoning” Genji remarked pointing to the wilted lettuce.
Angela sighed, “Well that’s true and if you insist” she said and walked to the couch to sit and eat.
The grease from the fries made it hard for her to tap on her key board she kept having to wipe her hands on her clothes just to get a fast edge on typing. She was able to get over her writer’s block after Genji’s encouragement and write a paragraph on her paper at least. But the greasy fingers were getting to her, “This is annoying!” She exclaimed. Even though her hunger was stained she was still very grumpy from just 3 hours of sleep now more than 24 hours ago.

It was 3:30 and she only did a fraction of what she needed to do for today. Between checking the time and complaining about greasy fingers she lost her train of thought again. This time her mind was going blank and no matter how hard she tried this time it just would not come to her again. She sighed and threw herself back on the couch. She turned to her left to see Genji sleeping on the other side of the couch. He looked really comfortable with his feet up and his head resting on the arm rest and now sleep was coming back to her in full swing. She closed her laptop, grabbed the blanket from under the coffee table and scooted over closer to Genji.
An hour nap won’t hurt - she thought as she gently leaned against his chest and brought the blanket up to he face trying so hard not make any sudden jerky movements that would disturb his sleep. As soon as she laid back on him she blacked out and fell quickly into much needed sleep.
Being a Shamada, Genji knew and was awake during her whole scooting towards him trip and was so satisfied having her choose him as a sleeping buddy. He waited a few moments until he knew she was dead asleep and then gently pulled her legs up on the couch next to him, and hugged her with both arms on to him so that she laid all the way straight on the couch on top of him. He let her head rest on his arms and fixed the blanket to cover her feet. Finally he moved the loose blonde hair away from the face he adored and relaxed back in to sleep.

anonymous asked:

I just read you're looking into publishing an ebook and you were talking about formatting... and now here's me being totally clueless: I always thought you'd just write your stuff in the writing software of your choice and "just" convert to ebook later. Now it seems to me that it's a lot more complicated than that. It's not that I have anything publishable written yet, but I'd still like to look into the whole process. Are there any good resources you could recommend? :)


So, here’s the go, Arden Cho:

There are about a million different “eBook” file formats, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. For the sake of not losing our minds, I’ll tackle the ones used primarily for text-based fiction (novels, short stories etc).

From everything I’ve read (please correct me if I’m wrong!), your main goal is to get a well formatted ePub file that passes epubCheck validation. It’ll be accepted across the majority of current publishing platforms, except of course for Amazon, because Amazon does what it wants, jeeze mom!

It’s cool though, there are a million and one ways to convert an .ePub to kindle friendly formats (those being .mobi, .AZW or .KF8), the main one obviously being through amazon itself.

Now, as far as producing an ePub file…

Oh god, I just researched this and I’m actually horrified at how few word processors actually support exporting straight to ePub.

RIGHT. So apparently most platforms require you to export to .html and then pull it into a third party program (like calibre) to format that into an ePub.

Fucking hell.

But okay, whatever. I can WTF over this later. To answer your actual question:

It looks like your best bet* is to A) use a word processor that will publish directly to .ePub (I’d rec Scrivener if you don’t mind writing with ALL THE OPTIONS! ALL OF THEM! AT ONCE!), B) go through a third party eBook distributor like Smashwords who will pretty much handle the conversion process for you or C) write in a program that will export well-formatted, clean html.

If you go with C, markdown programs are good because all your formatting is represented textually. A lot of “clean” word processing programs (eg: microsoft word) actually pepper a whole heap of program-specific code through your document. This can play absolute havoc when exporting (or even copy/pasting) that text into html (anyone who’s had to work with a wysiwyg editor will know what I mean).

I use iA writer. It’s clean, has good UX and gives me 100% control over what it exports.

Looooooong story short, you can totally use whatever software you like and worry about the conversion process later. My profession just drives me to address that process before I produce the content because planning your workflow and choosing the appropriate tools initially can ensure processes run a lot smoother. My worst nightmare would be wrestling with a horribly formatted 150,000 word document.

* Disclaimer: I’m tackling this whole concept from a web dev POV. I’ve never published an eBook in my life, so I have no idea how strict the validation/guidelines are across the different platforms. You may very well be able to get away with shittily formatted HTML converted to ePub and it’ll show fine across eBook devices - I don’t know for sure! What I do know is HTML and how to produce it cleanly and professionally.

Writing for YE OLDE AUDIENCE (yes they're there; see them? wave hello!)

While I’m here in the zone of writerly thoughts I think it’s worth pointing out that when you write a thing–any “thing”–you are writing for an audience. You need to keep that particular audience in mind the entire time you’re writing, and later, when you’re editing, don’t forget about them. They’re always there. Watching. Creeping. Judging.

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