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Thinking of Her

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warning: Smut, fluff

Word Count: 800

Submitted by: @chaos-and-the-calm67 - She says: *hums innocently as I drop this into your inbox* I dunno if you need this…so imma just set it down anyway. Just in case…

A/N: I thought of this immediately when I saw the gif. It just had to be written. 

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Until My Last Moment

Summary: Thanks to Bucky, during a game of truth or dare the reader is put into a compromising position..which may or may not lead to more fun positions with a certain super soldier later on. 

Word Count:  6028

Author’s note: Guys…SMUTT SO MUCH SMUTT! The reader also has a past with Wade Wilson..so this is kinda a dead pool imagine too? ( but not in the way you guys will think;)~ the reader also has powers!!)

Sam laughed, “ And that was how I lost my virginity..but if that story leaves this room y’all are cold”. The entire room laughed along with him, even though there was only five other people in it.

You all had been bored in between missions and decided to play a game of truth or dare. When alcohol was thrown into the equation, things got dirty real fast. Steve laughed, “ God after hearing that story I don’t think being a virgin is too bad”.

Bucky and Natasha threw you knowing glances, but the blush on your cheeks made things pretty obvious anyways. How could you not have a crush on the most well liked man in all of America?

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The Little Things

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Fluff and Feels, no dialogue

Word Count: 803

A/N: I saw a gif set the other day that show all the little ways that Dean says and shows that he loves those around him. It inspired this. It’s so Dean and I’m so in love with this little quick piece. Hope you love it as much as I do. 

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Feedback Appreciated. 

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Okay can we talk about the look that Ian gives Mickey when Mickey says that Ian had his back more than his family ever did?

 How tragic is that Ian is shocked when Mickey said that because he has realized just how untrue that is? He clearly knows that Mickey is giving him entirely too much credit. He completely recognizes that he wasn’t actually there for Mickey nearly as much as Mickey seems to remember, and he feels bad because if the limited amount of times that Ian backed him up is considered more than his family… Then Ian is finally realizing just how alone Mickey always was. Looking in Ian’s eyes and seeing that regret and that shame honestly made me forgive him instantly because it was made painfully clear that he knew how much of an ass he was and he feels bad for it (though I had already mostly excused him because he was unmedicated, but this took the cake). I feel like this is something that a lot of Ian haters seem to overlook is the fact that Ian clearly knows that he fucked up and clearly knows that he was horrible to Mickey and that he doesn’t deserve him anymore and that is just so upsetting to see him recognize that. 

Who’s to say that Ian wasn’t constantly wrestling with his guilt at knowing that in the end he wasn’t a very good boyfriend to Mickey even before this moment? (Obviously I know it wasn’t his fault, but try telling that to Ian… especially in this moment.) He recognized that he did build a wall between him and Mickey that hurt both of them. That wall was built when he broke up with him in 5x12, I argue to protect Mickey from hurting if Ian decided to remain unmedicated, but also to protect himself from the pain of knowing he would be hurting Mickey, and also to protect himself from Mickey eventually leaving (which I have no doubt Ian saw happening while his plan was still to keep off his meds). When Mickey punched him in the arm for not visiting him, I felt all of that built up pain and resentment for being abandoned and my heart broke so much. Imagine the resentment he was burying deep up until that moment. All of the visitation days he was waiting, hoping, for Ian to show up and never did. The letters he may have started but never sent because he knew he wouldn’t get a response. So literally all he had in prison was the memory of their relationship and his confidence that if he got to see Ian on his meds that Ian would be back to his Ian, or at least closer, and that they could make it work. Then my heart double broke when I saw the shame in Ian’s eyes for knowing he abandoned Mickey… 

Guys, I am so not fucking okay. I am so far from okay.

The Dark Side

Summary: Both the reader and Jughead don’t know what to call what they have, but they do know they both want more. When Jughead shows up wearing a Southside Serpent jacket, it forces things into motion. 

Word Count: 1141

Author’s note: Okay this might be short but I can assure you it’s filled with both smut AND fluff…it’s gonna hit you in the feels! I wanted to write something for people who don’t like long stories:)

Tonight had been full of surprises, and when you heard a knock on the door you knew they weren’t finished yet. Currently you were sitting on the kitchen counter in FP’s trailer, your arms wrapped around Jughead’s neck while his were around your waist.

He stopped kissing your neck when he heard the knocking again, “ What’s a guy gotta do to get some privacy around here?”. Laughing you urged him to go open the door, the quicker he opened the door the quicker you could go back to what you were doing.

Jughead opened the door, stepped outside, and was completely taken aback. There stood all the Southside Serpents, which was the last thing he expected to see. The leader stepped forward and explained that they were grateful FP didn’t name names, and this gratefulness extended to Jughead.

He handed Jughead a Serpent jacket, and let him know that they were only a call away if he ever needed it. Jughead immediately put it on, but he wasn’t really sure why. Stepping back into the trailer, he remembered you were there.

For a second Jughead was scared how you would react. The last thing he wanted was for you to reject him, especially because after the events of tonight he realized he loved you. Love was not something Jughead thought he deserved, but fuck you made him feel otherwise.

You both weren’t exactly together, but it wasn’t like you were messing around with other people. Jughead had always had feelings for you, but he didn’t know you felt the same way until some insisting from Archie and Betty.

It had all started once you signed up to help write for the Blue and Gold. You’d just moved here and had wanted to get to know some people, and with your love for writing signing up for the school paper just made sense.

You automatically became close with Betty, you were both positive and happy people. The difference was that you were more down to earth and Jughead loved you for that. You shared your happiness, not pushed it onto other people.

From the moment he saw you Jughead was attracted to you, and he remembered the moment like it was yesterday. He had been with Archie standing outside the classroom where they edited.

Jughead had stopped mid sentence, and also stopped walking altogether. Betty must’ve told you a joke because you were smiling, and Jughead didn’t know a strangers smile could make him feel so warm.

Your eyes lit up when you smiled too, and all he knew was that he wanted to be the reason you smiled like that. Archie picked up on it too, “ Why don’t you go talk to her Juggy, or I could-”.

Jughead placed a hand on Archie’s shoulder pulling him back, “ You need to choose between Cheryl and Veronica Arch, I don’t need to lose this one to the orange side too”. Archie of course just smiled, he’d been teasing Jughead.

Jughead walked over to the table where you and Betty had been sitting. Instantly you looked up, and when you looked him over you got butterflies in your stomach. He was somehow so beautiful but sexy at the same time.

He smiled at you and asked, “ Who have you recruited here for the dark side Betty?”. His joke made you laugh, god he was funny too? Betty opened her mouth but you intervened, “ You don’t need to be recruited for the dark side when you were born on it”.

That was of course a joke and to make sure he understood you winked. Jughead raised an eyebrow but smirked, “ You don’t seem like the type, maybe I’ll just have to test you out then”. Archie and Betty just looked to each other in shock, they’d never seen Jughead talk like this.

Was he flirting? Shrugging your shoulders you responded, “ Well then it’s a plan-”. He sat down, “ Jughead Jones”. For a moment he got scared that you might laugh at his name, he knew it was weird but everyone in Riverdale was used to it.

Smiling you responded, “ Jughead Jones…I like the sound of that. I’m (y/n) (y/l/n)”. Jughead sat down across from you, and from there it all just started. It was like from the moment you’d seen each other a fire had been ignited, and the flame just grew.

You’d become insanely close with Jughead and were now in this weird undefined relationship, but you wanted more. There was no one like Jughead Jones and you didn’t want anyone else. You loved him.

When you saw Jughead in the jacket you smiled, “ Am I going to have to pull a “Grease” and get a makeover because I-”. He just rolled his eyes and walked back over to you, resting his hands on your hips.

Jughead smiled, “ You don’t hate it?”. You ran your hands up and down the jacket, “You look fucking hot Juggy….I approve of the jacket”. Jughead smiled, feeling the relief wash over him.

Jughead wanted to trust you, but your face was telling him otherwise. He knew there was still something you weren’t telling him, whenever you bit your lip you were hiding something.

He looked to you with concern in his eyes, “ You can tell me anything (y/n) trust me”. You wanted to laugh, he was reading you completely wrong. Smirking you answered, “ It’s just I now have the urge to call you daddy when you’re wearing that but I didn’t know if you’d like that”.

Jughead bit his lip shaking his head, god he had read you wrong. He dragged down your bottom lip with his thumb, “ If that didn’t turn me on so much I’d kill you for making me so concerned”.

Shrugging your shoulders you explained, “ Killing the love of you life Jughead Jones? I thought we both agreed that dying for your partner was overrated and that Romeo and Juliet was-”.

You were cut off when Jughead kissed you, but you didn’t mind being interrupted that way. He broke the kiss to tell you, “ I love you (y/n)”. Smiling you decided you didn’t want to ruin the moment and stopped yourself from being sarcastic.

Wrapping your arms around his neck you replied, “ I love you too, I love you for who you are Jughead”. And in that moment Jughead finally felt safe, for once in his life he was finally home. Even though it was a sentimental moment he couldn’t help himself, “ You know you sound fucking hot calling me daddy (y/n)”.

He was mocking you from earlier, but you didn’t care. You both laughed for a moment until you realized how turned on you both were. Once again you kissed the love of your life, it had never felt better to be on the dark side.

Title: Come Away with Me
Character: Newt Scamander
A/n: It feels absolutely wonderful to write for Newt again, I forgot about how much I love him as a character and he’s still the cinnamon roll I would die for.

“No, no, no,” You said, stifling a small chuckle while you held your hand out to Newt. “Don’t tell me, I know this.” You reassured, still petting the magical creature in front of you.

“Are you sure?” Newt asked, simultaneously trying to get Pickett to return to his tree. He looked back at you and flashed you a broad smile. “I’m more than happy to remind you.”

“Shh,” You hushed him, kneeling down so you were at eye level with the animal. “This is a…,” You said, drawing out the vowel while you thought. “A Lunarcalf?”

Newt came to your side, reaching and stroking the spade between the creature’s eyes. “You’re very close, they’re called Mooncalves.”

You huffed, running a perplexed hand through your hair. “How you retain all this information is beyond me, Newt.” You said, glancing over at him with a smile while you pushed yourself into a standing position.

Newt watched you get up, giving the Mooncalf a small treat while he looked after you.

You were a muggle that Newt had come into contact with when you were with Jacob at the bank. The two of you were close friends, and you had come with him for moral support while he asked for loan approval.

So when some tall, british man in a bright blue coat tried to steal Jacob away, you were right behind him.

The fast forming friendship between the two of you came as quite the shock to everyone. You’re personalities were pretty different from each other.

It was no surprise to anyone that Newt was a reserved and gentle man. He was naturally very shy and didn’t know how to cope well with normal human interactions so he would always kept to himself.

You, on the other hand, could make friends with just about anyone you wanted to. You were always so positive and energetic it was near impossible for people to be anything but happy around you.

But in a way, it was the opposite variations of your personalities that drew you together. You found Newt incredibly endearing, always enjoying his stories and letting him go at his own pace with you.

And Newt felt like he was in a constant state of admiration around you. Since meeting you in the bank, he noticed how easily you could attune yourself to the people around you. You gave off a sort of aura that made him feel at ease and carefree.

However, for Newt at least, it was always a bittersweet situation anytime the two of you spoke to one another. He knew that once the adventure was over, you’d be obliviated and he’d be stuck with the mere memory of you while you forgot him entirely.

Newt remembered Tina’s warning whenever she caught onto his fondness for you. Getting attached would only make it harder to say goodbye.

And he kept to it at first, he tried to ignore you and keep his distance. But for whatever reason, Newt was just drawn to you. He felt safe whenever he was around you, like all the better parts of him shined brighter once in your company.

You had become too precious to him, and he didn’t even think you knew it.

“(Y/n)?” Newt called out to you, noticing you had gone off somewhere else.

“Over here!”

He made a small turn and saw you observing some of the plants and herbs that resided in the one corner of his little hut.

“Hello there.” Newt said with a small smile, walking up behind you while watching you take some of the leaves between your fingers.

“I can’t believe there’s a whole other world I didn’t even know existed,” You said, looking up at him. “Your kind must think us muggles pretty silly then.”

“Oh on the contrary, actually,” Newt moved to lean against the tabe so he could look at your expression. “We’re quite fascinated by you as well, there was a whole course on muggle studies at Hogwarts, and we even have a department just for your kind in the Ministry.”

Your eyebrows raised slightly, causing a small crinkle to form right in the center of them. “Wow, really?” You asked, a small smile lurking in the corner of your mouth. “Man, I wish I could see your world, I know the American one isn’t too fond of me.”

It was like a lightbulb shot out of Newt’s head, there was a somewhat simple solution to the problem.

“Uhm,” He started, trying to figure out the best way to word his request. “Do you remember earlier, when I mentioned the whole obliviation thing to you and Jacob?”

There was a significant drop in your expression. “Don’t remind me, I’d hate to forget about you,” The two of you blushed at the statement and you were quick to reprimand it. “I mean, your world! And your lovely creatures!”

Newt couldn’t help the big grin that started to take up his face, but he ducked his head to hide it from you. “What if I told you that you might not have to?”

Your gaze flickered over to him, the crinkle in your brow returning. “What do you mean? I may not know that Tina girl too well, but she doesn’t seem like the kinda person you mess with.”

Newt chuckled, shaking his head and causing his curls to rustle about his forehead. “No, she really isn’t. But what I mean is that,” He broke off, finding the words difficult to say even thought everything in him was screaming at him to just pluck up and ask you. “Maybe you’d like, only if you wanted to, maybe you could come back to England with me?”

Your gaze shot straight to him at the sudden request. “You want me to leave New York and go with you?”

Newt nodded, his hands fiddling with the buttons on his yellow waistcoat. “Yes. You see, over the time we’ve gotten to know each other, my creatures have become dreadfully fond of you and I know how terribly they’d miss if you were to go away,” He said, taking a moment to clear his throat. “And I can say the same for myself.”

There was a small pause after he asked his question and Newt began to worry if he had come off too foward. But then he saw you smile and his heart felt like it would flutter right out of his chest.

The two of you shared a heartfelt glance and you simply beamed at him.

“I have always wanted to go to Europe.”

Newt felt the grin take up his face, and in a sudden rush of confidence, he grabbed onto you and pulled you into a warm hug while the two of you laughed together.

Zach’s bed was huge. It was at least a king, maybe bigger.

You supposed it made sense, Zach was a big person. He stood at 6'3 and he was nothing but muscle.

The first time you ever went over to Zach’s you were just supposed to be hooking up. Neither one of you wanted anything remotely serious but there was always such intense, raw attraction from the moment you two had met that it had been almost impossible not to mess around a little.

So when he threw you on his plush king sized mattress you couldn’t help but marvel at how could you fit on a bed with a literal giant comfortably.

One hookup soon became two, then three, then four and soon enough you guys were meeting up every few days.

Instead of leaving almost immediately after he would reach for your hand and just lay with you on his fucking ginormous mattress until his mom got home and he would drive you home.

So it shouldn’t have shocked you as much as it did when while you were both cuddled up on his bed he asked you what you two were doing.

“I thought we were hooking up?” You asked slowly.

“I mean.. We are. But this feels like more than a hookup doesn’t it?” He asked looking up at you from behind his messy bangs.

You had always really liked Zach. He was always nice to you, even in front of his douchey friends. He always asked you if you wanted a ride even if you guys hadn’t planned to hang out that day, if he ever saw you alone at lunch he was quick to grab his tray and come sit next to you, he texted you everyday and invited you to parties after games and never left your side.

That isn’t something that people who are casually fucking usually do.

“What do you want this to be?” You asked still unsure.

His hands pulled you in closer, if possible. One of his hands curled around your bare hip. He leaned in so his lips rested on your collarbone.

“I was kind of hoping you would want to be my girlfriend.” He laughed.

“You couldn’t wait until I had clothes on to ask?” You laughed with him.

He seemed to consider this for a moment. And then he pulled you from your place next to him onto his lap.

“Or we could you know, celebrate?” He raised an eyebrow at you.

He always looked far too good doing that. He must know it too because he always paired it with a breathtaking smirk.

“That’s assuming I say yes.”

You were joking of course. Just the thought of being with Zach gave you butterflies. But you saw that look of self doubt in his eye and the way his smirk lessened only just fractionally.

“Oh, if you don’t want to thats cool too-”

He was cut off by you swooping down and plant you lips firmly on his. He hesitated only a moment before kissing you back, hand in your hair to pull you closer.

“I’d love to be your girlfriend.” You told him when you pulled away.

He gave you one of his charming smiles.


“Of course you idiot.” You laughed at his giddy expression.

He kissed you this time and once again you found yourself on your back on his bed.

from this gifset

I am so amused of this small moment. I love grumpy, irritable Diana. Also, while Hippolyta made sure Diana grew up level headed and grounded, this was the first moment I got that Diana was a princess. 

She’s not entitled but there were certain privileges afforded the daughter of Hippolyta. And you know everyone on the island who liked kids doted on Diana! 

(Those who are less fond of kids might have voluntarily been anywhere but where the hyperactive wee little Diana was. It’s not they disliked the little princess, it’s just: Diana was a child, and Amazons were created fully formed from the sea– what in Athena’s name were they going to do with a tiny person???).

Also, can you imagine Diana’s teenage years? We saw a glimpse of teen!Diana but I bet she had her grumpy, sulky, angry at the world days (months?). 

Plus, plus! Etta’s face and her: ‘Can’t say I blame it.’ 

This moment lasted less than 10 seconds and yet it’s my favorite. 

Just look how grumpy she is! How irritable! She’s not used to wearing collars!  

Requested imagine -

You had just got back from an award show and you were exhausted. Like completely exhausted.

You had been feeling sick all night, the lights and the pressure around you had not done anything to help the headache you had been fighting all day.

You were the assistant to One Direction’s manager, and as she was back in London making last minute plans for their next tour you had been given the job of making sure that all the boys did what they had to at the award show.

It wasn’t a hard job. You got on well with all the boys, they were your best friends in the world, especially after being on tour with them for the last two years, so it was never not a good night when you actually got to go to an event with them. You were in charge of making sure they were all dressed and presented nicely, and had to keep a good eye on them so they made good decisions, but they weren’t stupid, and they’d done these things a hundred times, so you didn’t really have to worry.

It had just been a little awkward with Harry lately. At the end of the last tour you two had been getting close and you were starting to have real feelings for him. However you knew what he did and who he was so you didn’t put your hopes up. You were realistic. You knew he probably wouldn’t be interested in a manager’s assistant, so you distanced yourself.

You had a little break after the tour but now you were back with the boys.

He had confronted you about it earlier in the week when you met up again, saying that he felt you were giving him the cold shoulder.

You swear you could see the hurt in his eyes as he spoke.

Maybe you were wrong about him not being interested?

So the night had finally come to a close and you’ve all gone back to Louis’ home to rest for the night. You were currently in LA and Louis was the only one who had managed to secure a house, the other boys preferring to live in London, so the decision was made that you could all crash there for a few days before having to head back to the UK for the start of tour.

The plan earlier was to head to Louis to change and then head out again to go to an after party, but the thought made you feel even more sick than you were before. You were coming down from the high of the event and it was hitting you hard. There was no way you’d be able to go out again.

The five of you headed into Louis main living room and you looked straight towards the couch. You just wanted to collapse on it.

“Alright guys quick change and we’re out of here! Wanna go party like its 1999!” Liam proclaimed, heading quickly to one of the spare bedrooms that he had claimed for himself for the next few days. Niall nodded and headed in a similar direction. You observed Louis heading upstairs to his own bedroom.  

You on the other hand went and sat directly on the couch, holding your pounding head in your hands. Harry noticed your statue and sat next to you, placing a soft hand on the top of your back, rubbing gently.

“You ok?” He asked, the concern evident in his voice.

“Not really,” you laughed sarcastically, trying to laugh off how bad you were actually feeling. You slightly shrugged Harry off your back.

“Can I do anything to help? It’s your head isn’t it? I always used to get headaches after these stupid award shows?” He said, a lightness to his voice.

You just didn’t really want to be around Harry right now. Not only was your head pounding but your feelings for Harry were right at the surface of your mind again now that he was back in your life and you just didn’t want to deal with the rejection.

“I’m fine Harry, Just go get ready to go out with the boys, I might skip this one tonight.” you shrugged him off completely and moved away slightly, shifting further down the couch.

Harry huffed under his breath. “Can you not do that?” he said, shifting his body towards you.

“Do what?” you huffed back. You were frustrated with how you were feeling and the situation with Harry.

“Shrug me off like that,” he proclaimed. “You know I care about you and I just wanna make sure you’re okay.”

You looked up at him and saw his eyes wide with concern and confusion. You felt bad. You didn’t want to shrug him off, you just didn’t want to fall into the pit of feelings that was starting to develop again.

“I know Harry I just don’t want to deal with this right now.” you said putting your hand through your hair and resting your head on the back of the couch.

Harry looked confused. “Deal with what?”

“You Harry. I just can’t deal with you coming over here and saying that you care about me and making me have feelings for you when-”

He grabbed onto your arm and interrupted you. “Wait. Wait. You have feelings for me?”

You went pale for a moment. Paler than you had been a moment ago. You weren’t meant to confess your feelings to him so bluntly. Now you felt like an idiot.

“Harry just forget about it.”

He shifted closer to you. “I can’t just forget about something like that. I’ve been waiting two bloody years for you to say those words.”

Your head rose from the back of the couch and you looked at Harry. “Really?”

“Yes Y/N. I’ve had feelings for you for as long as I can remember. You pushing me away was breaking my heart.”

You felt guilty. “I’m sorry. I was pushing away because I didn’t want to get rejected it was easier for me to just move away slowly.

Harry placed a hand on your cheek. “You’re so silly.” He chuckled.

The next thing you knew you are being pulled into him arms, your head nuzzled under his chin.

“You know what? I think I might stay here tonight too. Don’t really feel like going out,” Harry said, putting his arms tighter around your waist.

You cuddled in closer to his chest. “That sounds good.”

He chuckled.

Moments later you were fast asleep. Harry reached over grabbing the TV remote so he could settle for the next few hours. There was no way he was moving.

Louis came in from upstairs and saw the sight in front of him. He caught Harry’s eyesight and laughed to himself . “Fucking Finally,” he said to Harry.

Harry chuckled. “Shut up.”

When the boys were finally completely ready they came back into the living room, awing at the sight. Liam gave Harry a thumbs-up and Niall gave him a small smile, knowing how much this moment meant to Harry.

Niall and Liam were respectful of you sleeping and crept out the door with Louis in toe. They knew how sick you had been feeling all day, saw how much you were struggling all through the night, and wanted you to get some rest.

Before completely leaving, Niall secretly took a few shots of the two of you on his phone, knowing Harry would appreciate them at a later time.

The boys shut the door behind them and headed down to the waiting car.

“Fucking finally,” said Liam.

“That’s what I said!” Louis proclaimed.

The three boys laughed to themselves.

Till the end of Time: No Matter What

Second Person - Words 2.8k

Warnings - Missed Miscarriage 

Harry exhaled deeply in his seat next you, drawing your attention so you could see the soft smile he had to offer as he gently slid his hand under yours, his fingers linking with your shaking ones. “No matter what happens, I love you and I’ll help you through it.”


A frown was on your lips as you held the price tag of the stroller you were looking at. It had only been a month that you had found out that you were pregnant and although you had been to a doctor and been reassured that everything was fine. You still couldn’t wrap your head around the idea that you were going to be a mother.

Every day you thought about how this wasn’t something you wanted yet and every day you felt horrible that you couldn’t be happy about the life growing inside you. The thing that broke your heart the most was seeing Harry feel the opposite.

Harry was thrilled that he was going to be a dad and every chance he got he put a hand over your belly and that was the worst thing of all. One morning you woke up with his fingers dancing delicately over the small bump that had just appeared while whispering against your skin that he couldn’t wait to meet the little girl or boy and you had to fight with every fibre in your body to not break down crying.

Harry didn’t notice the way you felt but Anne did. She noticed the look on your face when Harry had told his family that you were pregnant and later that night when she got you alone you cried into her arms.

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The One That Got Away

based on the song by Katy Perry

“Why are you dragging me to a bar, Natasha? I told you that I didn’t feel like going out.” Bucky asked his bossy red-haired friend.

Nat just rolled her eyes before she answered him, “Because, I got tired of seeing you all holed up in your apartment for the millionth Saturday in a row.”

Bucky knew that he couldn’t fight her on this. Natasha was his closet friend and once she told someone to do something, they usually did it out of fear. He wasn’t ashamed to admit that he was scared of her a little.

Okay, more like a lot.

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We do this together

(Montgomery de la Cruz x reader)

A/N: Honestly I never thought I would write a imagine about Monty, but oh my god I’m obsessed with him lately, we all know how attractive it is a redeemable bad boy, I’ve lived this with Reggie already lol.

Anyway this imagine it’s a little sad (?) at first I wanted to write one based on Sorry by Halsey, but it turned out being this, truth is that you end up showing your mood when your writing and obviously I wasn’t in my happiest mood writing this one, but now I am feeling a lot better and I want to write one really fluffy and flirty and happiness everywhere so stay tuned.

I hope you like this one xx 

Warnings: Mention of sexual assault and english is not my first language.

Words: 3.040


It had been a week since I ended my relationship with Monty and since that moment I had been receiving messages and calls, which I didn’t answer, he tried to talk with me every day in the halls or at lunch, but I had avoid him perfectly.

I understood why he felt the need of talking with me, because for him it didn’t make sense that what we had would had ended, our relationship worked so good, we were the image of balance you need between two people in order to make something work. I heard people talk when I passed next to them, how the wonder why we had broken up.

The truth was that I was broken inside, but I was the best when it came to pretend a complete different feeling outside that what I was feeling inside, for example right now in the inside my heart was completely shattered and even more when I saw Monty and his attempts of talking with me, but in the outside I made it look like if I didn’t care about him, like if I didn’t even know him.

I thought that he would end up giving up and he would move on with his life, but day after day he kept coming to me, he didn’t want to forget about us.

There was a day in particular that I found really hard, Monty’s birthday. That day everyone wished him happy birthday in the halls, someone even invited me to the party they were throwing for him at Bryce’s, I obviously wouldn’t go.

When I opened my locker I saw his present, I had bought it a month ago because there were a couple of tickets for an important baseball game and I knew how much he wanted to go and his mother didn’t let him buy the ticket because he got a bad grade, but I knew he wold end up passing that subject and that’s why I bought them, but now they were useless.

I had them in my hand, but I didn’t put them out of my locker so that way no one would see them. That was the first day I felt I could end up crying in front of everyone in that hall, but the sound of a locker closing next to me brought me back to reality and I left the tickets, closing my locker like if there were a bomb inside.

I leaned my back against the cold metal and I looked at the people around me until my eyes met with his for a few seconds, making him start coming in my direction.

“(Y/N) wait please!” he exclaimed when I started to walk away from him.

“Happy birthday Monty!” I looked behind for a second to see how one of the cheerleaders had stopped him to talk to him, even though he kept looking at me.

I locked myself in one of the cubicles in the bathroom, I had to go to my next class, but I didn’t think I could make it; I needed to take a break.

My hands were shaking, which made me even more nervous, so I crossed my arms in front of me, trying to make them stop. I repeated over and over again that everything would be fine; that I had made the right decision even thought it was painful.

I leaned my back on one of the cubicle walls and I slid until I was sitting on the floor, I hugged my legs against my chest and when I heard the bell rang that’s when I burst into tears.

I made myself stop when I heard the bathroom door opening, I even hold my breath to make it look like I wasn’t there, but they had heard me.

“I know there’s someone there” I heard a familiar voice say “I didn’t mean to bother you, but if you need help… I won’t judge” then I recognized the voice, it was my loved friend Hannah.

“It’s me…” I sniffed not moving from my position “(Y/N)” I added.

Silence appeared for a few seconds before I saw under the door how Hannah had sat on the other side.

“Do you want to talk about it?” she knew everything I was going through and all my thoughts, sometimes I wondered if she knew me better than I know myself.

“No” my voice cracked in that moment, showing that I was worse than I expected “I don’t know…”

“I know I’ve said this before… but I think you should do something about it and you should definitely talk to Monty and hear what he has to say about it”

Silence appeared again, this time longer than before. I knew Hannah was right, but if I talked about it I feel like the pain wouldn’t stop and if I talk to Monty I didn’t know how that conversation could end up.

I opened the cubicle door and Hannah stood up quickly, wrapping her arms around me instead of say or ask something else, I hugged her back until I felt I had my strength back.

I spent the rest of the hour with her, talking about the possible scenarios I could find when I talk with Monty, even though I don’t think anything could prepare me for what I would find.

When the bell rang again when left the bathroom and Hannah went to her next class, wishing me luck, and I walked to the classroom where I knew I would find Monty.

He was talking to Zach when they exited the class and when I saw him my heart skipped a beat and my body froze, I was close to turn around and leave, run away as fast as I could, but I saw Zack warning Monty of my presence and when he looked at me he stopped talking.

He started walking in my direction; I guess he thought I’d try to run from him, because I saw his surprised expression when he noticed I didn’t move, looking at him all the time.

“Ca-can we talk?” he sounded almost confused.

I just nodded while I bit my lip, so hard that in any moment I could start tasting the blood.

We walked in silence to the gym, which was empty. I drop my bag on the floor next to the bleachers and I turned in his direction.

“I’m sorry, okay? I don’t know what I’ve done wrong, but I’m sorry, please forgive me” He said walking towards me and taking my hands in his.

I looked at our hands and then at him again. People weren’t use to see this side of Monty, how he needed another person and he would do anything to keep someone by his side, even though he hadn’t to act like the asshole everyone thinks he is.

I put my hands away from him and I saw in his eyes how much that hurt him “You haven’t done anything wrong Monty” I said with a weak smile “You are the perfect boyfriend, every girl would be lucky to have you”

I didn’t know if his expression was more confused or surprised by my words.

“But then… why? Why did you break up?” that was the hard part of this conversation.

“Because…” I sighed heavily looking at my hands, I couldn’t stop playing with them “You deserve someone better Monty and-“

“What? What do you mean with someone better?” he said cutting me “I want you (Y/N), I deserve you” he cupped my face with his hands to make me look him in the eyes.

“You don’t get it… I… I can’t give you what you need” I put my hands on his, moving them away from me “I’m sorry Mont, sorry that I can’t believe that anybody ever really starts to fall in love with me, it is not your fault, I’m a mess and I’m never going to change, I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you because that’s the last thing I wanted to do…”

We stared at each other in silence, I was trying to keep my façade and not start crying and I really think he was feeling the same way because he started biting his lip, something he only does when he’s feeling vulnerable.

“I don’t know what’s going on” he said in a calm tone “But (Y/N), I love you, I am in love with you” he got closer to me if that was even possible “Please tell me what’s happening, let me help you. I’ve tried to ignore it because I know you don’t like to talk about your problems, but this is enough” he put one of his hands in my cheek and that gesture and his words were what he needed to break me and let the tears fall fast through my cheeks.

Without a second thought he brought me towards him and he hugged me, rubbing my hair slowly and kissing my temple. I wrapped my arms around his waist tightly, like if something was going to try to take him away from me.

It seemed like if we stayed like that for an eternity and I was okay with that, because being between his arms was my favourite place to be.

“I didn’t want to…” I cried griping his shirt “I didn’t want to…” I repeated closing my eyes tightly.

Monty made some space between us to be able to look at me and when I opened my eyes to see him I noticed how worried he was.

“(Y/N) what’s going on?” I closed my eyes again and I tighten my lips together trying to find the right way to say what I had to say.

“Something happened to me…” I opened my eyes to see his face when he heard my words through my shaky voice “in that party we went two weeks ago…” my tears started to fall faster and my voice was cracking with every word.

“Wh-what do you mean? What happened?” I could hear how fast his heart was beating in that moment, even faster than mine.

“I drank too much… an-and I went to one of the rooms to rest” I sobbed “someone entered the room… I thought it was you when I felt kisses in my neck” I bit my lip trying to stay as calm as I could “but when I opened my eyes it wasn’t you…” I cried even more than before because of the memory.

I felt his body tense under my hands and how much he was trying to keep himself together.

“I-I tried to push him away… but I couldn’t” he wrapped his arms around me again and I cried with my face hidden in his neck “I was so scared….” I whispered “I tried to scream… fight… and I couldn’t”

“Who did it?” he asked in a cold tone after a few minutes in silence.

I didn’t say anything so he made me look at him and he repeated the question.

“I know what you’ll do if I tell you who did it” I said wiping my tears.

“Of course you know it! I’m going to do what that son of a bitch deserves!” he exclaimed finally losing it “Why didn’t you tell me anything? You should have come to me first” he add softening his voice and trying to make me look him in the eyes.

“Because I still can’t believe this has happened” I answered looking at him and starting my crying again.

“I’m sorry” he said quickly cupping my face with his hands and kissing my forehead “I’m sorry” he said once again “fuck this is so frustrating” he whispered before making me look at him “but you’re going to be okay, I promise” now he seemed to feel guilty and that made me feel even worse “I’m going to be by your side through everything and that asshole it’s going to pay” I shacked my head when I realized what he meant.

“I’m not going to do anything” I said it so weakly that I almost couldn’t hear me, but I know he heard me because of how he reacted.

“You can’t let this go away so easily babe” he tried to sound as calm as he could “You can’t let him go away with what he’s done”

“I can’t do this Monty… I know what’s going to happen if everyone knows about what happened, one way or another people will look at me and talk about me; it’s his word against mine”

“If someone dares to say something about you I’ll make sure they don’t see the sun again” I couldn’t help but smile weakly, even though I wouldn’t let him do anything to anyone it was a relief knowing that I could count on him and that he was by my side no matter what.

“I love you” I said out of nowhere, getting what I wanted, which was see him smile “I just thought you would be better without me after what happened, because I don’t know if I will be the same again” I said looking at him through my glassy eyes.

“There’s nothing you can do that makes me stop loving you” he said caressing my cheeks with his thumbs.

I put my hands on his and I closed my eyes, enjoying the touch of his skin against mine.



“You have to promise me that you won’t do anything if I tell you who did this” I said after a long silence.

I didn’t want to say his name out loud because it was something pretty painful, but I think Monty deserved to know.

“I… I promise you” he said not very sure

I opened my eyes, I knew he would be furious no matter the name I said, but I knew even better that when he heard who did this he probably would lose it, but I had to do it “It was Bryce…” I said feeling a lump on my throat.

I felt his hands tense and I could see how he clenched his jaw; he had to sigh deep a couple of times to control his berating.

I slide my hands through his forearms, making him come back to this moment and not think about all the possible scenarios where he killed Bryce. There was a mix of rage and helplessness in his eyes, something I hadn’t seen before.

“I’m so sorry for doing this to you, I’m sorry for ruining your birthday” I said with a shaky voice.

“You haven’t ruined anything” he said calmly “You haven’t done anything wrong, do you hear me? So stop apologizing” he added kissing my forehead.

I gave him my best smile thanking him his words “Can we leave?” I asked in a whisper.

He nodded before kissing my lips carefully and wrapping his arm around my shoulders. He grabbed my bag and we left for the rest of the day.

After that day I didn’t go to school for a few days, the same way I didn’t go the week after the party, it was like coming back to that again.

Monty came to my house after classes and he stayed until I fell sleep at night, but that day he didn’t showed up at his usual hour, I decided to wait in case something came up and he was coming late, but after an hour I called him, not getting an answer and then I started to get worried.

I went to his house to look for him, I saw his jeep on the entrance and that calmed me a little bit because at least I knew where he was, but when I knock at the door and nothing happened I started to get worried again. I took the emergency key, which I obviously knew where it was and I got in like if I were at my own house.

“Monty?” the house was in complete silence.

I went upstairs to his room and then I heard his voice, in his bathroom, I heard how he was swearing and letting some groans scape his lips.

“Monty?” I asked knocking at the door.

I suddenly stopped hearing him and after a few seconds he unlocked the door, I waited for him to open it, but when he didn’t I pushed it open and then I saw him, he had a black eye and cuts in his nose, cheek and lips.

My eyes were wide open by that moment and I went to him quickly, taking his face between my hands carefully.

“What happened?” I asked worried.

I didn’t get an answer, just the look he gave me every time he does something he know I don’t approve and then I knew it, I knew what he had done so I put my hands away from him.

“I had to do it, I promise you I’ve tried to control it all this time, but today I couldn’t help it anymore” I noticed how his voice was about to crack “I couldn’t do like anything happened after what he did and I wasn’t there to stop it” and then it hit me, he felt more gilt than all the rage he could hold against Bryce and getting in a fight with him was a way to try to release all that guilt.

“Look at me” I said putting my hands on his neck “there’s nothing you could’ve done, you can’t blame yourself for this”

“I should have been with you and nothing would have happened” he said with tears in his eyes.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and brought him closer to me, trying to comfort him “stop it Mont, it’s not your fault” I felt his arms around my waist and how his body relaxed under our touch.

I didn’t know how I would get over this or if I could be the same again, stop feeling this fear that something is about to happen all the time or the feeling that I’m hopeless, but if I knew something for sure was that if I had Monty by my side I would be fine and we’d get over this together.

What do you mean you don’t know who Batman is?

Bucky Barnes x ReaderWord Count: 1,263

You only had a few minutes.

The mission was a simple one. Infiltrate the charity banquet, find the plans for the weapon that Hydra was building and then haul ass out.

The charity banquet was being thrown by Xander Scott, elected politician in the area. He was suspected to be in cahoots with Hydra. Just what you needed, more corrupt government officials. Like there weren’t enough of them already.

You and Sam were dancing in the middle of the large ballroom. Xander Scott owned the hotel, so it was safe to assume that he had an office there. The two of you were dressed to the nines to fit in with all of the ridiculously rich people around you. Steve, Natasha and Wanda were at another location close by just in case things got out of hand. It would’ve been too suspicious for you all to be there.

You looked over Sam’s shoulder and saw Bucky standing at the bar. He gave you a small nod and then disappeared.

“I’m going to run to the ladies room, sweetheart.” You said to Sam playing along with the charade that the two of you were a couple.

“I’ll be waiting.” He winked before you went in the same direction that Bucky had gone.

“Okay guys. Let’s get in and out without a fuss.” Steve said in your earpiece.

“It’s the two knuckleheads and (Y/n). I’m praying there will be minimum fuss.” Natasha joked.

“To their defense, the knuckleheads have managed to act civilized 90% of the time.” You added as you walked right past the woman’s restrooms. Making sure that no one was watching you, you took a left and walked down a hallway that you were sure you weren’t supposed to be in. The heels you were wearing wasn’t making it easier for you to be stealthy.

“Bucky, are you in position?” Steve questioned.

“I’m here. Waiting for (Y/n).”

You walked towards the door that you knew was Xander’s office. Bucky was there waiting for you inside. You closed the door behind you.

“I didn’t get followed but that doesn’t mean we have all day.” You said to him as you started to search the office alongside him.

“I’ve looked in the obvious places. There’s nothing here.”

You quickly tried to get into the mindset of the crook. Scanning along the walls, you tried to find something that was out of the ordinary. There was a giant bookshelf that was on the opposite wall of the door.

“Something about these books seem a little…” you tried to move one of the books and saw that they were fake. All of them on the middle shelf were connected together making a long row. You pulled them down and the bookshelf opened right in the middle leading down a dark hallway.

“I’m getting some major Batman vibes right now.”

“What’s Batman?”

You froze and turned to look at Bucky, “What?”

“What’s Batman?” He repeated, “Is that like a friend of yours or something? I don’t know who that is.”

“What do you mean you don’t know who Batman is?”

“Guys!” Steve shouted in your earpieces, “are you seriously having this conversation right now?”

“Sorry.” You and Bucky said at the same time. You grabbed the gun that you had in your thigh holster and went down the hallway first. Bucky walked closely behind you.

The hallway lead to a small room. There weren’t any windows or anything hanging on the walls. There was barely any light. The only table in the room was stacked with papers.

You and Bucky dug around until you found the blueprints. Bucky stuck them on the inside of his coat pocket before the two of you left the creepy room.

“You guys are in the clear. Just get out of there safely.” Natasha said to you as you walked back into the office.

The two of you pushed the bookshelf back together before making sure you didn’t leave anything out of place. Bucky walked out of the office first and you closed the door behind you.

Just as the two of you were going to round the corner of the hallway that lead back to the party, you heard footsteps. The sound stopped you in your tracks.

“You’ve got company headed your way.” Steve warned you and Bucky.

You knew that you only had a short amount of time to do something.

“Kiss me.” You said to Bucky.

Shocked at what you ordered him to do, he froze in place. “What?”

“Public displays of affection make people uncomfortable. Kiss me now!”

Bucky faltered for a split second before grabbing you by your waist and pulling you closer to him. His lips were on yours before you could tell him to kiss you.

Maybe the thought of you kissing Bucky crossed your mind a time or two. You would admit that it had. Bucky was the most attractive man that you had ever laid eyes on.

It was easy to get a little lost in the heat of the moment. Bucky completely forgot that he was in the middle of a mission the moment his lips touched yours. He had been wanting to kiss you for quite some time and now seemed like the perfect moment.

“Excuse me?”

The two of you came up for air and saw someone standing nearby. He looked like he was one of Xander’s guys. You braced yourself for a fight.

“No guests are allowed back here.”

Bucky chuckled a little, keeping his hold on you for show, “Sorry, I just needed a moment alone with my beautiful wife.”

“He hasn’t been able to keep his hands off of me all night.” You joked.

The man smiled dryly, “Let me escort you back to the party.”

You both followed the guy back to the ballroom were everyone was dancing. Discretely checking behind your shoulder, you saw that the guy left once he made sure you and Bucky were where you were supposed of be.

“Sam is waiting outside for you guys.” Steve said in your ear.

Bucky grabbed your hand and lead you outside. Once made it out safely, you felt a weight lifted off your shoulders. You and the knuckleheads actually did it without a ruckus.

“What are you doing holding hands with my wife?” Sam joked when you and Bucky approached him.

“After that kiss, I think that she prefers my company. Don’t you, baby?” Bucky winked at you making your heart skip a beat.

You decided to mess with him a little. “Bucky, don’t flatter yourself. I would’ve kissed Vision if he were there instead of you.”

“Damn! She told you.” Sam joked as the three of you got into the car that was waiting for you.

Bucky hit Sam before sliding in after you. He was quiet for most of the trip back to the Tower. Sam, who was sitting in the passenger seat, was too busy on his phone and talking to the driver to notice.

You decided to be a little bold and move closer to Bucky. He looked at you when he noticed that you moved towards him.

“Just so you know, I wouldn’t have kissed just anyone back there. You’re special, Barnes.” You whispered in his ear.

He smirked, “So, what you’re saying is that you like me better than everyone else.”

You smiled, “I guess that’s what I’m saying.”

Bucky leaned even closer and kissed your cheek softly. “I like you more than anyone else too.”

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Dirty Thoughts

Summary: The Reader lives with Abraham and Rosita and has been in Alexandria for only a few weeks. Reader has a major crush on Daryl and Abe invites him to dinner one night. Daryl and Reader finally get what they want from each other. Smutty Smut. Daryl x Reader. Enjoy!

Warnings: SMUT (All my blog is so… ;) )


You stared over at Daryl, watching as he picked up one heavy crate of supplies after another, lugging them from the truck parked at front of the gate, to the side of the street. His arms glistened in the sun, as sweat ran down his big, muscular body. You bite your lip a little at the sight of him, looking him up and down with one thing only on your mind. You imagine what it would be like to run your lips up and down his neck, what his tongue tasted like. Your mind begins to wander, thinking about all the things you would do to the man you stared down.

You had only been in Alexandria for a couple of weeks, but in that short amount of time you had developed a full on raw physical attraction for the man they called Daryl. His big muscular body was like nothing you had ever seen before and the way he made you feel when he was close enough to touch. He didn’t say much, to you or to anyone else, Rosita told you that he wasn’t at all a social person. You tried to make excuses to talk to him and get to know him better, but he was always short and stoic.

Rick and Michonne had saved you from a couple of walkers out in the woods a few weeks ago. Before that you were travelling on your own, you had been with a group, but you had snuck away in the middle of the night. The men there were anything but friendly and you had saw what they did to their women, you had only been with them a short time before you ran off. Before that you had been with a close friend from the days before the world ended, you and her made it quite a while after before she was bite and turned.

Now, here you were seemingly hitting the jackpot, Alexandria was a heaven that you never thought you’d see again after the world went to shit. Not only were the people nice and the supplies decent, but there was also the added bonus of this beautifully rugged man, that it just so happened didn’t know how damn attractive he was. He grunted a little in the hot Georgia sun and lifted one of his big hands to his forehead, wiping away the sweat the heat had caused to build up. You bite your lip a little harder, feeling yourself tingling all over as you imagine his hands over your body. You rub your stomach a little absentmindedly, not hearing Rosita come up from behind you on the road, towards the gates of Alexandria.

“That man has to be deaf, dumb, and blind not to notice the way you look at him.” Rosita said matter-of-factly, crossing her arms, coming up to stand beside you.

Your face gets a little hot and embarrassed by her words.

“Is it that obvious?” You ask her laughing a little nervously.

She turned her head sideways and stared at you with a smirk.

“Are you kidding? You might as well be over there straddling him right in the street.” She smiled mischievously.

“Actually… that might work.” She finished and you laughed out loud, feeling a little more relaxed as she joked with you.

You and Rosita had become close in the few short weeks you had been here. You had been assigned to live with her and Abe, you taking the bedroom in the basement of their house.

You stared back over at the man that had you wanting everything that you shouldn’t want in this hell of a world. You stared him up and down again as he lugged the last of the crates over to the stack he had built on the side of the wall.

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Title: Protected
Character: Danny Rand
A/n: Thanks to the lovely user who sent this request in, I had to rewatch a couple episodes because my mind was running a total blank when it came the Hand.

Danny watched carefully as Madame Gao continued to walk towards him, it was silent in the room, save for the sound of his breathing and the clack of her wooden cane against the stone floor. Danny eyed her carefully, not knowing what she was planning.

He had withdrawn from the challenge, but part of him wanted to hear what she had to say. Madame Gao knew about K'un-Lun and about his father.

“I am amused by the way your mind works, Danny Rand,” Her voice commanded the room,echoing off the walls. “You’re different from the others at the monastery, you’re feelings compromise your actions and cloud your thoughts.”

Danny scoffed, grabbing onto Sabina’s arm and guiding her to the exit.

“That simple fact alone will prove to be very useful.”

Danny stopped his movements, gently pushing Vanessa closer to the door before turning back to Madame Gao. “What do you mean.”

There was a flash of a smile and glint to her eyes that made an unsettling feeling grow at the pit of Danny’s stomach.

“I could be wrong,” She twirled the end of her cane around her hand. “But some of my informants tell me your close to the Meachum siblings, no?”

“Ward and Joy have 24 hour surveillance and are the owners of a multi-billion company. You’ll have a lot of trouble on your hands if you try to take either of them.”

“Oh, of course,” Madame Gao took another step, a mere foot away from Danny as she looked at him with piercing eyes. “But I dont think we say the same about the third Meachum child, can we?”

Danny’s face dropped, his fists clenched together so tight the Iron Fist might have been activated again had the sudden rise in his anger not blocked it. “How do you know about her?”

“Such a sweet girl,” Madame Gao said, evidently amused by the reaction she got out of him. “So kind and humble, it would be a real shame if she were found dead.”

“Touch her and I will end you.” Danny growled,

Madame Gao simply laughed, an unpleasant noise that had a menacing tone to it. “Your threats do very little, Danny Rand,” She turned around and began walking away. “Especially if we already got to her.”

Danny’s mind went blank and all he saw was red as he lunged at Madame Gao, who easily predicted his moments, he barely touched her before he was sent hurling back into the wall and crashing to the ground.

“Have a good evening.”

Danny looked up and she was gone, but the alarms going off in his head and every instinct in his body to get to you as fast as he possibly could.

He scrambled to his feet, latching onto Sabina’s wrist as the two of them sprinted to the exit of the warehouse. They made it to the well before she released his hold on her.

“Go find your friend,” Sabina said, giving him a concerned look. “If she’s in danger you must find her, those people are vicious.”

Danny tried to calm his breathing. “What about you?”

“I can find my way from here, my father needs me and your friend needs you,” She started to walk away from him. “Find her.”

That was all Danny needed to hear before he broke off into a run out of the warehouse.

When Danny finally reached your house he didn’t waste any time to frantically knock on the door. Letting out a frustrated cry when there wasn’t an answer after a minute or two of waiting, he pounded on the door and called out to you before he stepped back and observed the layout of your house.

He quickly looked for anyone passing by before noticing one of your windows opened on the top floor, he maneuvered himself on the wall before reaching the inside, shutting the window behind him and quickly going in search of you.

Danny looked in all the top rooms and had to strongly resist the urge to completely tear the entire place apart until he found you.

He paused in the living room, his breathing and heartrate borderline fanatic when he realized you weren’t in the house. His hands found there way to his hear as he tugged on his hair as his vision became blurry.

This was all his fault.

He should have been there to protect you and know you were in serious danger.

Danny’s eyes snapped shut at the thought of you possibly being dead somewhere in the city, he sunk to his knees and started to silently sob.

In his anguish, he didn’t hear the front door open or the footsteps that came to the living room.


His head shot up, seeing you looking at him with furrowed brows and concerned gaze as he was still on the floor, hands slowly falling from his hair as he stared at you.

“Danny, did something happen?” You took a step towards him but you didn’t make it any further as Danny ran towards you, crushing you with an impossibility tight hug.

He had even lifted you off the ground, trying to hold you as close as he humanly could, causing your keys to drop to the carpet as you had to quickly grab onto him for some kind of support as you let out an “Oof.”

“(Y/n)!” Danny cried out. “My (Y/n).” He voice broke off into a muffled mess as he nuzzled his head into the crook of your neck.

You looked down at him and couldn’t help but be confused. He was still holding onto you and it was the most distressed you ever seen him.

“You’re alive.” Danny said once he set you back on the ground, arms only leaving your waist so his hands could cradle either side of your face.

“You really have to explain what’s going on-”

Your concerns were silenced as his lips captured yours in an overwhelmingly urgent kiss, knowing you would have lost your balance had it not been dor Danny’s tight hold on you

You felt Danny sigh as he continued to give you kiss after kiss, his lips left yours so he could plant smaller ones all over your face and jaw as he whispered “I’m sorry” repeatedly.

“You really should explain.” You managed to break out in segments as Danny kissed you between each word before resting his forehead on top of yours.

“I thought you were dead,” He admitted, his warm breath hitting your skin and making it tingle pleasantly. “Madame Gao got into my head and made me think the Hand got to you. And when I came here to look for you, you weren’t here and I thought I had lost you.”

You wrapped him around in a hug, now understanding why he was panicking. “I’m so sorry, I was working late at the bookstore.”

Danny’s eyes met yours and he gave you one small kiss in the middle of your forehead. “We have to get you out of here,” He said, grabbing onto your hand. “They know about you and I can’t let you stay here anymore.”

“Danny, I don’t think-”

“(Y/n), please just this once, don’t argue with me,” His gaze desperately pleading with yours. “Please let me take you with me so I know you’re safe. You can stay at my place so I can protect you.”

You placed your hands on his jaw and leaned his head down so you could give him a small, but reassuring peck. “Alright, whatever makes you feel better.”

Danny grabbed onto your hands and gave them a lingering kiss. “Thank you.”

No Humanity

(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 5 231
summary : Reader turns off her humanity and acts like she doesn’t care about Kai.
it got a wee-bit longer than i expected😅🙈 apologies for the delay
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Two whole weeks without his Y/N and every moment without her in his arms hurt more than the last. He felt as if he was in Hell, unable to breath or think or do anything but feed on innocent people and drink alcohol in a veil attempt to drown the sorrow of what he had done.
Kai never imagined someone would look at him without judgement in their eyes, but with love and understanding. He never thought he’d find someone who loves him and accepts him with all his flaws, someone he’d do anything for. He never thought he’d kill the girl he loves and that both of them would become vampires either, but that had also happened. Emotions had never been easy for him and after his transition when they got heightened, things got complicated. There were moments when it scared him how much he loved her and what he was capable of when it comes to her. What scared him even more was that maybe her friends were right and he’d end up hurting her or worse – killing her again, during one of his violent episodes and on a whim he broke up with her.
Now every time he closed his eyes, he could see her face – tears streaming down her cheeks when he told her they weren’t a good match, that it had all been a lie and he had never loved her, just to get her to go and protect her. Nothing hurt him like the memory of watching her walk through the door with her jaw clenched tightly while she fought back the tears.
It hadn’t taken him long to realise his mistake and he had tried to fix what he had broken, but Y/N avoided him and the only time he had actually seen her since their break up, she had been full on wreck – her eyes had been redder and puffier than he had ever seen them and she resembled a ghost. He wanted to talk to her, to tell her how big of an idiot he had been to ever say any of those words, break her heart and let her go. To tell her how much every moment without her in his arms felt like torture and how his life without her had no meaning anymore, but every time he tried to reach out to her everything ended up in failure. So in the end he was left with only one option – going to her best friend.
    “Have you seen her ?” asked Kai, sitting on the bar next to Damon. “She is not answering her phone.”
    “Hello to you too. Have I seen who ?” wondered the vampire and Kai glared at him. “Oh, her? No. Not since I saw her like two days ago.”
    “You really haven’t seen her ? Or are you just lying to me because if you are lying –”
    “Not lying and I’d rather not see you either.” replied the vampire with a smug smirk. “You broke her heart and if she hadn’t made me promise not to break you, I would’ve already killed you. Twice. And of course she won’t answer the phone if its you calling.”
    “What’s that supposed to mean ?”
    “You broke up with her.” said Damon as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “You told her and I quote ’I can’t do this anymore. This was a mistake. You and I – we are not a good match. We never were. You’ll be happier without me in your life. I have caused you so much pain and suffering, I should’ve let you go a long time ago. I don’t love you. I never have.’ ” said the vampire taking a sip from his bourbon. “Hey, what do you think you are doing twirp ?!”
Kai grabbed Damon’s phone from the bar and dialled Y/N’s number. “I can’t believe you memorised our break up. No, wait. I can.”
    “It’s the little things in life. Now, give me back my phone.” said the vampire, gripping Kai’s wrist only the heretic wouldn’t let go. “What are you even doing right now ?!”
    “Calling her. She might be avoiding me but she surely won’t ignore her best friend.” he said, pushing the vampire an arms length while waiting for her to pick up. When that didn’t happen he dialled again. “Why isn’t she answering ?”
    "Damon, hi !” said a female voice from behind him and a moment later Y/N popped up before his eyes. Her arms wrapped around her best friend, as if Kai wasn’t even standing there.
    “What’s up trouble?” asked her friend, giving her an awkward one arm hug.
    “Oh nothing, just stopping for a drink and a quick bite.”
Kai’s eyes widened. There she was, his girl, looking nothing like the girl he had seen a few days ago. In fact she didn’t look much like herself either. Y/N was wearing a black leather jacket with a short black dress and knee high boots and her hair made in waves. She looked more stunning than ever in that moment but what caught his attention was the fact there was no trace of tears in her eyes. For a billionth time she stole his breath away and just seeing her there was enough for him to feel able to breathe again. Only there was something different about her and the aura around her, it wasn’t just her clothes. He just couldn’t put his finger on it.
Damon glanced between her and Kai. “I’m going to need another glass.”
    “Hey.” smiled Kai. “Wow…  you look stunning. H-how are you ?”
Y/N turned towards him as if she just noticed he was there and ran her fingers roughly through her hair, a blue strand catching his attention. Their eyes met but there wasn’t warmth in her eyes like he had expected. There wasn’t hatred or pain either. Her eyes were just … empty.
    “Oh… you are here.” she sat on the bar stool on Damon’s other side and took his glass, gulping it almost at once. “I didn’t even see you there.”
Kai looked at her suspiciously. Something was seriously off about her but he didn’t plan on wasting time trying to figure out what it was in that exact second and miss his opportunity to finally talk to her and apologise. Quickly he sat on the stool next to her and gripped her wrist just as she was about to snatch a bottle from across the bar.
    “Can we talk ?” he asked, ignoring her death stare. He let go of her wrist and decided to take her silence as a yes. “I um… I know I hurt you and –”
Damon groaned in frustration. “Ugh, that will be my cue.”
Y/N poured herself another glass, her fingers trailing the lid while she watched the amber coloured liquid inside move as sheeplayed with the glass and Kai continued talking. Her eyes stalked the bartender, looking everywhere but at Kai and he wondered if she was even listening to what he was saying.
    “– I wanted to say I am sorry.” he said softly, moving a little closer to her. “I am sorry for breaking your heart. I never wanted to hurt you in any way and in my attempt to protect you, that’s exactly what I did. I didn’t mean any of the things I said to you and I was the biggest idiot to let you go. You are what’s good about me, the best thing I know and I can’t be without you. I need you in my life. Please, I – I need you to give me another chance. I promise not to screw it up and fill every moment of your life with joy. Please,Y/ …”
A few long moments passed and she took a sip from her glass, turning towards him with a small smile on her face. “I appreciate the apology. I really do, but I don’t care what you want or need and I’d appreciate it if you leave me alone from now on, okay ?”
Kai felt his heart sink, watching her get up and slip behind the bar with the bartender. He should’ve known after everything she wouldn’t jump into his arms and say ’I forgive you for putting me through Hell.’ even though, he hoped that would be her reaction. But he didn’t plan on giving up that easily. His eyes followed her every move as she hooked her hands around the bartender’s neck, glancing at himfor a split second and then what he least expected happened and she kissed the guy as if her life depended on it. Rage burned in Kai’s veins as he watched the guy pull her towards him for a long moment and then take her hand, both of them disappearing into the storage room. He glanced at Damon at the pool table and went after her.
There had been many scenarios running through his mind for the past few seconds, but actually seeing it felt as if she had shoved her hand in his rib cage and had just pulled out his heart. The guy held her up against the wall, kissing her so hard as if he was trying to suck the air out of her lungs. His hands were all over her body and so were hers. Purple/black veins flashed under Kai’s eyes, watching the guy’s lips moved down to her neck while she moaned in pleasure and gripped on his hair, tilting his head enough for her fangs to sink in his carotid artery. The guy tried to fight her off but didn’t make a sound and Kai listened to his heartbeat, noticing how soon he’d be dead. There it was again, the feeling something was off about her. His girl would’ve never drank right from the vein, she always went for a blood bag, not wanting to hurt anyone.
    “That’s about enough of that.” muttered Kai. A split second the guy fell on the ground and Y/N screamed out in pain, her hands holding her head.
    “Mala–chai –” she hissed, her eyes flashing with warning.
    “Can’t believe you are making me say this – show some restrain.” he bit his wrist, healed and compelled the guy to forget about all of this and leave them alone. As soon as there was no one else in sight, he turned towards his girl. “What is wrong with you ?! How can you kiss that guy ? How can you kiss him like…  that ?!”
Like you used to kiss me and only me. he finished in his mind.
    “Awwh were you jealous ?” she wiped her chin, her vampirism showing. A split second later Kai was pinned on the wall, her arm pressing against his neck. “That’s funny. You broke up with me because you never cared about me or loved me and now … you are jealous.” Y/N laughed, let go off him and took a step back, bending over to get her jacket. “Do me a favour and stay out of my way. I’d hate for my hand to accidentally run into your chest.”
What ?! he thought, frozen in place. Had she really just said that? His eyes followed her as she walked outside and he went after her, flashing before her just as she was about to go through the exit.
    “Why are you acting like this?!” he asked. “There is something different about you and it’s not just your outfit or your new eating habits. Since when do you dress like that or dye your hair ?! You were always a ponytail - jeans - converse girl and now it’s tight short dresses and knee black boots.”
    “None of your business.” she pushed him off her way but he gripped her wrist. “What !”
    “What are you doing ?” he asked serious.
    “Going to my car, as if its not obvious.” she fixed her hair and placed her hands on his chest. “I can’t run in a dress. Duhh–” Y/N tapped his nose, smiled and bumped into his shoulder on her way out of the Grill, not even saying ‘Hello’ to Stefan.
    "What’s wrong with her ?” asked Kai.
    “Who ? Y/N ?” asked the vampire, folding his arms on his chest. “Maybe she woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning –”
    “Ha.Ha. This is serious Steven.” said Kai, following him to the pool table. “We broke up. She said she doesn’t want to see me ever again and when I accidentally ran into her like a week ago, she broke into tears instantly and almost got herself impaled in her hurry to get away from me. Y/N never wore boots or short dresses, not even on our dates and now she is all … dolled up. Like so dolled up I just –”
    “Don’t you dare say it.” said Damon, leaving a bottle with bourbon on the pool table. “If you do, I will have have to stake you.”
Kai sighed. “Do you know if um … if there is someone else ? Is she seeing someone ?”
    “Awh you are jealous.” smirked Damon. “No, as far as I know she isn’t unless you count Katherine who somehow became her new bestie. Those two together are not to be messed with, trust me.”
    "Katherine ? Elena’s doppelganger ? That makes no sense. Y/N can’t stand Katherine.” he thought out loud. None of it made sense. Y/N couldn’t stand even the mention of Katherine’s name because they had lots of bad blood between them. Why would she gravitate towards the doppelganger and not her friends, unless… she shut off her humanity. “I gotta go.”
Kai vamped outside, looking around for her or more like listen for her because he knew there was no way she’d use a car. Her humanity might be off but that didn’t mean she’d decide to help the pollution problem. He closed his eyes and then he heard it, a sound he could never mistake – a vampire feeding, and he ran in the direction of the sound about two blocks away.
    ”Motus.” he muttered without any hesitation, sending her off yet another guy. He couldn’t help but notice how both guys kind of resembled him and he knew why she was acting like that. “When did you turn it off ?”
Y/N grinned at him. “Awwwh you got caught up on recent events. Good for you.” she said amused, purple/black veins flashing under her eyes as she tried to run towards him but he raised her hand and she dropped on the ground, screaming in pain. “S-stop – you ar-e hurtin-g me.”
Kai knelt down next to her. “Sorry, sweet cheeks but you are off the rails…and its my fault.” he cooed, brushing his fingers against her cheek. “Which makes you my responsibility and I promise, I will fix you –”
    “I don’t need fixing.” she groaned.
    ”–and then I will find a way and fix us.” he pressed his lips onto hers and dropped her unconscious on the ground. “Whatever it takes.”

Y/N cracked her neck, feeling a sharp pain in it. Her wrists were tied together behind her back and the cold floor touched her bare skin. She tried to get herself free but as soon as she pulled on the ropes, a stinging feeling and a sharp pain shot through her body. “What the Hell ?!
    "Oh hello.” grinned Kai, sitting cross legged on the floor in front of her with a can with cola in his hand. “Lets see – strawberry or raspberry ? Which shake you want ? I could never remember. It was the pink one, that I know –”
    "Hilarious.” she tried pulling on the ropes, groaning in pain again as a sharp stinging feeling shot through them. “You are so charming in your attempt to get me back. What’s next ? You will link yourself to me because you are terrified of being all alone for the rest of your existence ?”
    "Ouch.” he took a sip from one of his shake. “If I recall correctly, you were the one saying and I quote ‘As long as I am alive, you will never know what its like being alone ever again.’ French fries ? I got your favourite curly ones from the Grill.”
    "No, thanks.” she pulled on the ropes again. "Need I remind you I am technically dead. Thanks to you, I might add. Why are we at my old high school ?”
    “Because this is exactly where we met for the first time. Remember ?” he scooted over closer to her. “It was Christmas, I had just siphoned the spell keeping your annoying friends out of Mystic Falls and had kidnapped Elena to practice magic with her, or rather on her. You were the last thing I saw before I got shot with that crossbow and went into coma for a few days. Yet after only one look you somehow kept sneaking into my comatose dreams. Also everyone is on break and this is the last place anyone would look for us.”
    "Us ? There is no ‘us’. We broke up.” she leaned in towards him, pulling on the ropes again. “Correction. You broke up with me because and I quote ’You will be happier without me in your life.’ … and you were right. Look at my happy face.” she grinned at him. “Now, let me go before things get ugly.”
    “If you keep pulling on the ropes, you will only hurt yourself.” he pointed out.
Y/N rolled her eyes. “Save your concern for someone who actually cares.”
Kai scooted over next to her, holding the french fries and a milk shake. “Curly fries and raspberry milk shake. Your favourite combination. I still don’t get it though. Sweet and salty. Anyways, there is also a burger and I told them not to put any pickles in it because I know you hate them.”
Y/N glared at him and pulled on the ropes again. How it was possible that the knot got tighter the more she struggled ?! “Why am I here Malachai?”
    “I told you. I wanted us to talk.” he said as if it’s obvious. “I miss you. I miss waking up next to you in the morning, going to bed with you every night. I miss feeling your head on my chest while you fall asleep … and I am going to fix my mistake and get you back.”
    “Funny. I don’t miss any of those things.” she rolles her eyes and smirked. “Also the person you are looking for can’t come to the phone right now. Cuz she’s dead. You killed her. Twice. ”
Kai brushed his fingers against her cheek, gently touching her lips afterwards. “No. You are still in there.” he thought back of the flicker he had seen in her eyes when he had kissed her earlier. “My Y/N is still in there and I really hope after all this is over you will forgive me for everything I did to hurt you and everything I am about to do, because I know I will never forgive myself unless you do.”
    “Hope ?” she snorted. “You are pathetic. Why would I take you back and/or forgive you ? You are a monster. An irredeemable piece of trash. Even your own family didn’t want you.”
Kai swallowed, reminding himself at every word she said that this wasn’t her. Whoever was standing before him only had her face, her voice but wasn’t her. Y/N had never thought any of those things about him. She had always supported him and defended him. Even after the wedding fiasco … when she had showed up instead of staying home and he had accidentally killed her when the windows shattered. Luckily for him, he had thought ahead, knowing how stubborn she was, and had slipped some vampire blood in her coffee earlier in the day. Other ways he wasn’t sure what he would’ve done or how he would’ve continued living. He was pretty sure he wouldn’t have been able to.
    “You are right. They didn’t.” he said quietly. “But you did. Even after my actions at the wedding cost you your life. And you forgave me for that, you will forgive me for this too –” he flicked his wrist, breaking her leg while casually taking a sip from his shake. Y/N screamed out in pain, thrashing on the floor. “Flip the switch.
    “No.” she groaned in pain and he flicked his wrist again, breaking her leg on another spot.
    “Turn it on.” he demanded.
Y/N laughed, watching his eyes flutter closed for a split second every time she screamed out in pain. “Let me guess.” she flinched again when her leg broke on another spot. “This is hurting you a lot less than it’s hurting me.”
    “Your attitude blows.” he stated, taking a sip from his shake before breaking her other leg in two places at once. “Turn it back on –”
    “You know what else blows?” she hissed. “Being in love with you. Carrying for a psychopath with no redeeming qualities, pushing away all my friends every time they tried to open my eyes–” she screamed in pain again. “This is kind of fun. Come on, break my arms next. Better yet – rip my heart out.”
Kai clenched his jaw. He tried it the nice way, now he was going to have to push further. “Is this fun too ?” he smirked at her, pulling the air out of her lungs with magic. “You know, maybe you are right. Maybe I should kill you, shut off my humanity –” he smirked at her, pulling at her heart with magic. “It will be so much fun ruining your friends’ lives for all eternity–”
    “You are n-not goin-g to k-kill me.” she gasped for air, struggling at every syllable. “I am t-the girl t-that yo-u love.”
    “Right again.” he leaned in, gently brushing his palm against her cheek. Her eyes lit up for a split second and he suppressed a smile. “I love you, which is why I am willing to go to extreme lengths to get you back.” he pressed his lips against hers, kissing her deeply. For a second she felt a flicker of emotion, just like every time he touched her. Didn’t take her long to shove that flicker away before it had turned into a fire. All of the sudden someone yanked Kai away. Y/N blinked fast a few times seeing her best friend here and struggled to get herself free, knowing either way they will try to get her to flip the switch back and with both of them teamed up things would not end well for her, or for any of them.
    “You kidnapped her ?! Have you lost your damn mind ?!” said Damon. “Do you plan on burning up the school too? She is not going to flip the switch back ! I am taking her to the cellar. We will weaken her, torture some sense into her.” Her best friend pushed Kai off him, heading towards her.  She yanked on the ropes again, trying to get herself free when Kai grabbed the vampire’s arm. “What?” snapped Damon.
    “Let me do this my way.” asked Kai. “Don’t you get it ? I am the only one who can reach her. I kissed her and there was a flicker of emotion there. I saw it in her eyes. I felt it. I can get her back without your help.”
    “The Hell you can !” snapped the vampire. “I have more experience with this than you can imagine. You have no idea what it’s like to deal with a vampire with no emotions. You look at her and you see your girl but its not he–”
    “Do you think I don’t know that ?!” Kai raised his voice. “I am her emotional trigger, only I can do this. You might hate me for what I did to Elena, and at times I wonder why I went with your mother’s insane idea when there were so many other ways to get back at you and Bonnie for ditching me in 1903 –”
A split second later Kai few right out the door, smacking against the locker with a loud bang. “Don’t bring up what you did to Elena. I am this close to ripping your head off and one day soon I actually will. I am taking her with me. She is my best friend. We do this my way.”
Kai got up, clenching his jaw. A second later Damon attacked him again, slamming his body in the lockers with his hand around his neck. ‘Motus.’ muttered the heretic and the eldest Salvatore flew off him. Neither of them seemed to notice Y/N had almost gotten herself free and was getting ready to make a run for it.
    “You two are pathetic. Can someone stake me or throw me a deck with cards? I’m bored…and hungry.”
    “I’m a little busy right now, sweet cheeks. Be with you in a jiffy.” grinned Kai and launched towards Damon again. They fought, each of them almost to equal advantage. Kai sent Damon flying through the hallway and she heard him slam against the lockers and judging by the sounds of spilled coins – the vending machine too. The eldest Salvatore growled and launched against Kai who raised his hand causing him a witchy migraine and the vampire dropped on the ground. A groan left her lips and her interest shifted to the flickering flourescent lights overhead until Kai stood in front of the door, fixing the collar of his shirt. “Now that this is dealt with, we can go back to our fun time. What are you craving – AB or B or O positive ? I think I have some of each in my car outsid–”
Y/N’s eyes widened and before she had had time to think or blink or say a single syllable, her best friend flashed behind Kai, raised his hand and in a swift motion beheaded him. His head rolled into the cafeteria right past her and her heart stopped, all the air getting pulled out of her lungs at once.
A piercing scream left her lips and she yanked on the ropes with every ounce of strength she had, not carrying how the vervain ropes dug in her skin almost to the bone, and freed herself. As if from underwater she heard Damon’s footsteps nearing her. Not that it mattered, there was nothing that mattered to her anymore. All she could think about was how she had just lost the man she loved. She had really lost him and there was no way to get him back. There was no longer ‘Other side’, there was nothing. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she kept crying out his name, crawling over to his head muttering  'No, no … this can’t be happening.’ Every emotion she had suppressed for the past week and a half flooded her mind at once seeing his blue eyes wide open, starring at her while the lower half of his body bled out a few metres away in the hallway. Everything she had said to him, everything he said to her… and now he was gone and she couldn’t make it right.
    “No, no… this is not real. You are not gone ! You can’t be gone!” she sobbed. “I can’t be without you. Oh my God –” she cried, cupping his face. A moment later someone’s arms wrapped around her from behind. Y/N clenched her jaw and closed her eyes. “Get away from me Damon or I swear I will tear you limp from limp –”
    “I never thought I’d be happy to see tears in your eyes.” said Kai and a moment later her hands were empty, there was no blood on them or on her clothes. She turned around and her eyes widened instantly. Her hands wrapped around the man she loved, tears still streaming down her cheeks. “I’m sorry, I – I didn’t want to put you through this but you didn’t leave me a choice.” Y/N pulled away and cupped his face tracing every inch of his face with her fingertips and then his lips, smiling through tears. Then all of the sudden she pulled away much to Kai’s confusion and kept backing away from him until she was almost on the other end of the cafeteria. “Y/N? I’m alive. This is real. I used a spell –”
    “N-no.” she muttered unable to even look at him. “A-all the things I did. All the people I killed. What I s-said to you… I – I am so sorry. I d-didn’t mean a word –” she sobbed. “Y-you probably h-hate me right n-now. I – I deserve it.”
    “Oh Y/N…” he smiled, cupping her face and pulled her into his arms. “I know you didn’t mean any of it. I don’t hate you. I could never hate you even if I wanted to. It wasn’t you. I know that.” he stroked her hair, while his shirt soaked up her tears. “I am sorry. I am so sorry for breaking your heart, for everything I did to you – killing you at the wedding, for kidnapping you today and for torturing you, making you think I was dead –”
    “Y-you don’t hate me ?” she looked at him through tears. Kai shook his head smiling.
    “Y/N, I am in love with you.” he said softly. “All those things I said to you…  I don’t even know who this person was. It took me less than a day to realise what a huge mistake I’ve made. I can’t live without you. I need you in my life more than I need to breath. My feelings for you are the most real, strongest thing I have ever felt in my life and I got so terrified I’d hurt you, I decided to let you go… and broke both our hearts. I can’t imagine you’d want me back after everything I did today but I will spend the rest of my existence trying to make up fo–”
Y/N’s lips crashed against his, her hands tangling in his hair as he slowly backed her against the wall when she tripped him and they fell on the ground,laughing. Nothing Kai did during the past few hours mattered to her, not the physical not the emotional pain. All that mattered was they were in each other’s arms again and nothing was ever going to stand in their way again.
    “I will always want you.” she played with his scruff, smiling through tears. “Y-you love me ?”
    “Yes !” he smiled, cupping her face. “More than anything. I love you with every cell in my body, with all my heart. I love you and I – ”
    “I love you too.” she pressed her lips against his. “I never stopped.”
    “I need you to give me another chance. I meant what I said earlier. If you do, I promise not to screw it up. I promise to love and cherish you for the rest of my life… and even after, wherever I end up. I need you. Just — why are you looking at me like that ?”
    “You look so cute right now.” she tapped his nose. “I love you. I want to be with you, more than anything but –” she paused, watching him sweat for a few moments. “– if you ever do that again –”
    “Never again.” he rolled on top of her, his lips smashing against hers. “I will never let you go.”