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Yuuri and Confidence  – from Start to Finish

So, I was just looking at this gif and had a thought. Look at how calmly Yuuri is listening to and taking in Victor’s words. This might not initially sound like anything special but what really hit me was the fact that he has neutral body language and expression. He’s listening.

Yuuri doesn’t have any over-the-top reaction to Victor’s proximity, tone of voice, or words. Especially considering what those exact words are, it really blows me away to realize how much this moment says about both their relationship development and Yuuri’s own self-confidence. Yuuri is able to truly take in the words and see the meaning behind them.

1 year, or even just 8 months, prior, there’s no way he could have reacted like this. There’s no way he could have had such a calm reaction to his idol speaking lowly in his ear while being in such close proximity and certainly no way he could have been able to sit there and listen to these words without feeling like they were some kind of insult to his person or dig at his skill level in comparison to Victor’s.

And, most of all, there’s no way he could have been holding Victor’s hand throughout the entire exchange.

Now, let’s compare it to a choice reaction from early on that covers all of those same points.

Even before Yuuri runs away, his expression and body language are completely different. Now, these are obviously two different situations, but the argument still stands. Yuuri has become comfortable in Victor’s presence.

Yuuri has gained confidence in both himself and his relationship with Victor; enough to put aside his feelings of idolization and see the situation for what it really is. Over the course of his time with Victor, they have grown close enough that Yuuri can see these words as the support they are intended to be, and see Victor as the person he is and not just the skater he looks up to.

On top of that, Yuuri has been able to gain the confidence in his skills to know that Victor is telling him that he can be better than this. Yuuri knows this now, not just dreams it under layers of anxiety and self-doubt, and takes the words as they are intended to be: a way to motivate him to push beyond any moment of doubt and be the best he can be.

Yuuri has achieved two of his longest-term goals, ones he never outright stated but were always there: building his own confidence and getting close to Victor. Through those successes, he also achieved one of the goals he did state, wanting to meet Victor as an equal.

And, as a cherry on top, over the course of the 9 months these two are together, the development of their relationship is so natural that it continues to amaze even to this day. They really do never cease to surprise us.

Title: Late For the Date
Character: Jake Peralta
A/n: It was a lot harder than I thought to manage school and this because i can no longer procrastinate writing during the day and then just stay up till 2am to finish a story.

Previous Part: http://ofnifflersandkings.tumblr.com/post/164424008027/title-minor-set-back-character-jake-peralta

In retrospect, it might have been a bad idea to invite you over to Jake’s place for the date. The whole building was unpredictable and he legitimately had nothing planned.

Jake slumped down in his seat, hands dragging down his face as he tried to formulate an idea in his head.

That or which persona he would take up when he inevitably makes a total and complete fool of himself in front of you therefore causing him to flee the country and herd goats to avoid the shame.

It’s just that he was so attracted to you, that sometimes he didn’t even know what he was saying to you half the time. He hadn’t felt that way about anyone in what felt like forever. Jake wanted to do this date right, and not halfass it like he did with everything else.

“Hey, Cassanova,” Gina said as she gracefully plopped into the seat next to his desk. “Little bird told me you managed to snag a date with (Y/n).”

“Is this little bird Charles?”

Gina laughed while her and Charles exchanged a quick glance at each other. “Maybe, anways tell me all the details of what you have planned.”

Jake huffed. “Funny you mention that, cause I got nothing.”

“That’s surprising coming from you. You’re usually the top guy when it comes to setting up dates.”

“That’s just it though, all my previous dates have been total flops. And I really want this one to work out,” He said, casting her a hopeful glance. “Any ideas?”

“Oh, you want a full on thing? Then no, I cannot be of help to you. But, Amy and her are good friends, so trying asking her,” Gina said, standing up and stretching. “But I mean if things don’t work out, send her my way.”

Jake only nodded, too distracted by his thoughts but when he did his head shot up. “Wait, what’s that supposed to mean?!”

To say it was chaos in the Peralta apartment would be a drastic understatement for the situation at hand. He had been taking better care of the apartment, but now it felt like every little thing was out of place and had to be taken care of asap.

God, is this how Santiago felt all the time?

That poor woman.

Jake pulled up his sleeve to check the time and saw that be still had an hour left before you were gonna arrive.

After his small discussion with Amy, he was fairly certain that the date would be pretty good. He learned that grand or extravagant gestures tend to make you uncomfortable, and if he treated this like a more casual hang out then you would enjoy yourself a lot more.

That was Jake’s main goal for the evening, to make you comfortable around him so you both could enjoy yourselves.

With everything done all he had to do was sit and wait for you to show up.

Jake checked his watch for the fifth time in the span of a three minutes. His knees jolted up and down nervously as he continued to glance at the door of his apartment, barely listening to the silly sitcom he had playing on the television.

You were almost twenty minutes late, something very unusual since Amy and Captain Holt would boast about your punctuality to him, in hopes something might rub off on him.

Another ten minutes passed and Jake tried not to let the hurt settle in, there weren’t any messages from you and if it was something serious he knew you would have called.

Jake let out a deep sigh and went to turn off the television when there were a few frantic knocks at the door.

His whole heart jumped at the sound and he tried to not seem too eager as he went to open the door. Taking a small moment to clear his throat and smoothen out his hair, Jake finally opened it.

“I am so sorry!” You said with a large huff. “So much was happening, I got lost in a bit of my work and then my aunt called me just as I was about to leave and the woman can talk for ages.”

Jake couldn’t keep back the smile, he was just so happy to see you and that he could avoid the potential heartbreak over you standing him up.

“It’s totally cool,” Jake said, trying to seem nonchalant while his heart felt like it was ready to hop out of his chest and take off screaming. “I mean I don’t have any aunts but I can imagine they would be delightful ladies who would talk to me a ton too.”

Jake brought you inside his apartment and gave you a small tour of where everything was. “Bathroom’s on the second door to the left if ya need it and bedroom is the last door of the hall if you need a quiet place to have a mental breakdown like I do twice a day.”

Jake’s ears perked up whenever you laughed and he noticed you open up your bag to pull something out.

“First of all, I wanted to say thank you for being so sweet about me being unbearably late for our date,” You then took out a paper bag and held it out to him, Jake couldn’t help but smile at the brightly colored chalk that stained your hands. “Secondly, I got this for you because I felt really bad about it.”

Jake feigned a suspicious look as he opened the bag and looked inside. “It’s an everything bagel!” He said with a happy laugh as he unwrapped it. “Look! It even has beef jerky! Where did you get this at?”

You gave him a wink and tapped the side of your nose. “I know a guy, makes anything I ask him to really. And I remember you talking about wanting one so I thought it would make up for me.”

Jake’s whole system was being overflooded with pleasant affection for you that he couldn’t help but lean over and give you a big hug.

Though when he realized what he did he almost dropped the bagel. “I’m sorry, that was really awkward and I dunno how comfortable you are with that kind of stuff.”

You smiled at him and shook your head. “No it’s fine, I thought it was pretty cute.”

Jake set the food aside and helped you out of your coat. “Now the date can officially begin!”

You stiffled a laugh as you reached out to move Jake’s head back to it’s former position. “Jake Peralta, if you’re going to be my muse then you have to sit still.”

After watching a couple comedies and spending a good few of hours just talking and exchanging funny stories while the two of enjoyed each other’s company. Then you finally managed to convince Jake to let you draw him.

Trouble was, he kept making silly faces or intentionally moving poses to try and get a reaction out of you. “I’m your muse? I’m not an overly kinky man, but I must say, I do like the sound of that.”

You shot him a look and pushed on his shoulder so he’s stumble out of his weird position on the couch. “Hush up, you’re distracting me from my art.”

Jake placed his chin in his hand and watched your hands float around the sketchbook and how your eyes would quickly switch between his face and the page. “You’re incredibly attractive like this, did you know that?”

You smiled, still keeping your gaze on the paper. “Why Mr. Peralta, you are quite foward.”

Jake chuckled, tilting his head ever slightly. “It’s true, Gina was telling me about the whole attractive artist thing and I gotta say that I’m into it.”

“Guess that’s lucky for me then.” You said, smudging one part of his shirt while you debated what to do next, missing Jake’s content sigh while he watched you.

“Just a bit more,” You said, taking one last glance up at him and then tossing your pencil aside. “Done!”

Jake eagerly waited for you to flip the sketchbook over but when you didn’t he raised an eyebrow. “Well? Aren’t you gonna show me?”

“Should I?” You asked, placing it close to your chest so it was totally concealed. “I don’t think you’ve earned it.”

“Not fair! I am the best muse an artist could have!” He argued, trying to steal the book away from you.

“Lemme see!”

“Nah, I don’t feel like it.”


Jake started tickling your sides. “Show me! Let me gaze upon my beautiful face!” His laughter mixing with yours whenever you tried to swat him away.

“Fine! Fine!” You wheezed, pushing him off of you enough to plop the page onto his lap.

“Aw man,” Jake said as he held the picture close to him. “I look absolutely dreadful, is this what I look like all the time because I should really work on that.”

You nudged him. “Shut up, you’re not that bad.”

Jake wiggled his eyebrows. “(Y/n), are you trying to tell me that I’m pretty.”

“Would you mind if I was?”

Jake blushed, and cleared his throat. “N-Not at all.”

You leaned against him. “Well you’re pretty handsome, Peralta.”

Jake looked down at you and smiled. “You’re not too bad yourself.”

“Thank you, I try my best,” You said with a smile, leaning over to look at the clock on the microwave. “Oh wow, I think I should be heading home.” You announced, rolling off the coach and springing to your feet.

He stood up, handing you your sketchbook and helping you retrieve your things. “You’re leaving me so soon?” He asked once the two of you were at the door. “I didn’t get to turn my charm on.”

You smiled over your shoulder while putting your coat on. “I think you were charming enough, besides if I hang around you too much I’ll lose the allure.”

Jake leaned against the doorframe while you finished getting situated. “Well, you’re welcome at my place any time. I’d be happy to have you over again.”

“I might take you up on that offer, Detective Peralta,” You said, smiling whenever he chuckled. “Anyways, thank you for a very fun evening.”

“It was fun for me too. Definitely ranks pretty high on my best date list.” Jake said, your gazes meeting briefly as he decided weither or not to kiss your goodnight.

“I’ll see you later then.” You said before he could make up his mind.

“Goodnight, let me know when you get home safe.” Jake told you, awkwardly shaking your hand.

You smiled and nodded before turning around for breif second, then quickly facing him again, lightly tugging on the front of his shirt to give him a small kiss on his cheek.

“Will do.” You said, letting him go and walking down the hallway.

Jake leaned over the doorframe to make sure you were gone before fist bumping the air and closing the door.

Definitely the top of his best date list.

“Before the Lockdown”

Reader walks in on Happy changing.

Happy Lowman x Reader

(GIF isn’t mine)
It was an evening like any other when you were a part of the SAMCRO family, sitting around the bar, drinking, talking shit, playing pool.
Your dad, Piney, was nursing his third drink and you had had one too many, the urge to use the restroom quickly overcoming you as you jumped up, “Gotta pee!” you announced to the whole room who pretty much ignored you as you walked down towards the hall to the toilet. You were just tipsy enough that you had to focus on your steps to walk straight but you weren’t quite too drunk to walk unassisted yet, although you definitely planned to get that way ASAP.

Your day had been hell trying to help Gemma get things ready for the lockdown that would be coming up soon. You had been raised around the club so these types of situations were not new to you. You grumbled at the thought of all those patches surrounding you. You always had a tiny bit of penis envy over the fact that you couldn’t patch in yourself, jealous of your brother, Opie, who had began prospecting as soon as he was old enough to ride.
The guys were nice enough though, they still included you, didn’t treat you like the old ladies or hang arounds and crow eaters. You weren’t just Piney’s daughter you were family to everyone.

You rounded the corner down the hall and walked up to the bathroom door, trying to twist the knob but it was locked, you banged your fist against the door, “I need to pee!” you bellowed and you heard Tig on the other side and some hushed whispers before he replied, “Bathroom is taken doll!”

He wasn’t going to be out anytime soon, you figured he had a girl in there with him, probably blowing him cause he did that a lot, although usually he didn’t mind being out in the open. You wondered what made him change his mind as you wandered down the hall to the back bedroom where you knew there was another restroom.

You stomped up to the door and kicked it open with force, you really needed to use the restroom.

“SHIT!” a voice rang out as you stepped inside the room and you jerked your head to the left to see him pulling his boxers up just in time to cover himself before you saw anything.
Your eyes widened and you froze, “Sorry!” you belted out, throwing your hands up in defense to let him know you didn’t mean to barge in on him. If there was one man you didn’t want to piss off this was him, Happy Lowman.

He was stepping into his jeans and buttoning them frustratedly when you spoke again, “I-I didn’t see anything!” you called out, still frozen and staring at him, he mumbled something and looked down, threading his belt through his belt loops and your eyes wandered to his torso, beads of water were left behind from what you could only assume was a shower he had just taken.
They glistened on his abs and chiseled chest like diamonds making his tattoos pop out at you and you swallowed hard. You never noticed how good looking he was until now, your eyes studying each of his tattoos, and you were both aroused and a little worried that he was going to be angry at you at the same time.

“You didn’t see anything?” he growled from in front of you, he was now fully clothed and you realized that you must’ve been day dreaming for a few seconds in order to keep from noticing him pulling on his REAPER CREW shirt and stepping closer to you.
His eyes didn’t seem angry to you, you didn’t really know what they were, but he just stared down at you and you gulped, nodding your head, “Nothing,” you managed to say before stepping back, “I just need to use the restroom,” you pointed to the door at the opposite end of the room and he nodded, excusing you from the awkward moment that had just taken place and you gratefully shrunk away from him, scurrying to the bathroom and closing the door behind you as you caught sight of him walking towards the open bedroom door.

You took care of your business and stood in front of the sink, thinking about the look in Happy’s eyes when he was standing over you. As you were washing your hands you began studying your face in the mirror. All of a sudden you were worried about how you hadn’t really done anything with your hair or put much makeup on. You thought for a moment that his expression matched Juice’s that one time he was drunk and kissed you, but you shrugged that thought out of your mind, there was no way the Tacoma Killer was trying to seduce you or anything of the sort.

You had seen his type, you definitely weren’t it.

You splashed some water on your face and dried it and your hands off on the towel beside the sink, taking a deep breath and walking back out into the room to see Happy still there, sitting on the bed and staring at you.
Your buzz immediately vanished and your heart beat sped up as his eyes met yours and you looked back at him, trying to figure out why he was still here when he had appeared to be leaving just minutes prior.

You tried to glace to the hallway but your vision was blocked. Happy had shut the door to the bedroom for some reason, and as you stood there trying to reason out in your drunk brain why he would do that, he spoke, “Come here,” he demanded and you felt your ears getting hot.

What did that mean? you thought, walking closer to him and he stood.
“You sure you didn’t see anything?” he rasped and your eyebrows knit together.

Why would he ask you this again? You already told him no.

“I swear I didn’t Happy,” you assured him and he narrowed his eyes at you, as if trying to get you to flinch or change your answer but you held steadfast in front of him.
“Hm,” he scoffed, amused, looking you up and down, “What if I said I wish you had seen something…” he trailed off and your eyes got wide.

Was he…? No. No way. No way Happy Lowman the Tacoma Killer, the Unholy One, was hitting on you right now. Sure he was sexy as hell with awesome tattoos, he always smelled good, he was rarely bested in a fight, he was fearless, and as far as you know he had never lied to you, things that you found attractive, but you weren’t the kind of girl he normally went for, why would he be doing this? Unless..

“Is this a joke?” you blurted, causing his head to snap back a bit in surprise at your reaction.
“Uhh. No.” he answered looking at you with an eyebrow raised.

So it wasn’t a joke, but what other reason could he possibly have for saying he wished you had seen him without his clothes on? Wasn’t that an odd wish?

Drunk you was not the smartest version of you that existed.

You were so busy trying to do the reasoning in your head that you almost didn’t notice Happy’s hand reach out and touch your forearm, running it up your arm to your shoulder before stepping in close to you and wrapping his fingers behind your head as his other hand gripped your hip, pulling you closer to him. 

You gasped as your body pressed against his and you looked up into his dark brown eyes timidly while he smirked down at you, leaning into you and pressing his lips against yours. The kiss was gentle at first but quickly he began to kiss you with more force once your shock subsided and you finally started to kiss him back. 

Delighted with the outcome, you silently thanked God for Tig Trager and the Crow Eater that forced you into this situation tonight.

ik im the last person on this train but like, can we talk about how thomas actually chased dylan as he leaned away?? I mean, wow wow im blown. now i don’t know about you but im 100% down with thomas being totally cool with kissing his homie. ik it was a prank but like, homeboy didn’t back down, js. (im not gonna go on a rant about the actual possible gayness of this post bc i don’t have the time, or the energy at this hour, but i had to share this asap so i’ll just leave it there).

You tell me but if I found out that the person I liked still had feelings for me, I’d want to be with them asap. But yet, Lucas stayed with Maya. That has to tell you something.

I’ll always believe that Lucas & Maya are endgame. It just might take some time to get everything resolved. All I ask is that Maya doesn’t get hurt. She already looks defeated/devastated.


‘That was an awesome red carpet. Did you do it?’


KLAROLINE FANFICColored You In by lalainajanes

Rebekah asks a favor that turns out to be kind of life changing (life ruining?) for Caroline. Living with a temporarily broke Kol is one thing. A really, really annoying thing. And then Klaus is suddenly always around, planted on her couch, drinking her wine and adding snarky commentary which Caroline DOES NOT appreciate. Mikaelson’s and boundaries apparently did not mix.