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Okay I need some insight, so feedback would be greatly appreciated. But what’s the best site, at least for mobile, to read online manga from? I actually tried to start reading haikyuu the other day from kissmanga, but it kept crashing on my iPad. I haven’t been using my computer to read or watch things online because the last time I did I got a nasty virus and my whole system was wrecked. Had to be set back to factory default to get rid of everything. My iPad I feel is safer. So any other suggestions would be helpful.

I want to catch up, I feel so behind and everyone is losing their shit rn over the twins and I’m missing awesome shit. I’m trying to avoid being spoiled, I don’t want to avoid tumblr completely. Unfortunately there is no blacklist option on mobile yet and I wish there was tbh.

you guys ever wonder why some little kids are obsessed with dinosaurs? is it maybe because they were a dino in their past lives? because just imagine, learning in class that millions of years ago these ancient beasts walked the earth and suddenly theres just something so achingly familiar about these reptillian creatures. they’re just old souls in new bodies, finally able to walk the earth, and it feels like coming home again.

and let’s not forget the space kids. The ones who look at the up at the sky and they don’t know why but every time they look at the stars they feel homesick, like the stars are blinking out something only they can understand. and they like the sun but sometimes its hot, too hot for a spirit used to the coldness of space. but they know that if they look hard enough into the sky, when the air is clear and the stars are bright they can make out the words ‘you are stardust’, and the light that they are made of is bright again

Fraternizing with the Enemy [JasonxF!Reader] [Drabble]

Merry Christmas everybody, consider this my gift to you! ^^

I swear I’ll get back to my requests asap, I just really needed to get some BatFamily Christmas Fluff out of my system.

I hope you guys like it! :3

[If you actually enjoy my writing, feel free to request something when requests are open! ^^]

Fraternizing with the Enemy

The doorbell of the manor chimed right as (y/n) was about to toss a handful of flour at Tim. While the girls had gone out for some last minute Christmas shopping, she’d decided to stay back and help the boys bake cookies. However, Dick and her had been forced to watch as Damian and Tim already failed at agreeing on what kind of cookies to make. She’d just been thinking about what kind of nightmare decorations would be, when the first egg flew through the air and smacked the youngest of the family right in the face. That had escalated into an all out war which in turn had resulted in them being covered head to toe in baking ingredients as well as leaving the kitchen in a similar state that would most likely cause Alfred a heart attack. 

“(Y/N)!!!” an angry shout basically cut through the happy atmosphere, making the young woman freeze in place before dropping the flour to the ground and diving behind the counter with a shriek of: “Hide me!”

The voice belonged to none other than Jason Todd, her boyfriend of two years. And the guy was beyond pissed.

“(y/n), what the hell did you do?” Dick asked with a raised brow.

“Well…” she started, popping her head out from her hiding spot and sheepishly rubbing the back of her neck. “Jason was being all bitchy about hating Christmas, although I know he doesn’t really hate it, and I was getting sick of it, so I may or may not have superglued a Santa hat onto his helmet and replaced his guns with candy canes.”

“Ha! You’re dead meat, (l/n)!” Damian laughed while wiping a mixture of butter and flour off his cheek and flicking it towards Tim, who glared at him in response before reluctantly agreeing with his brother: “True. Jason loves you to bits, but that was a ridiculously stupid move.”

“I know.” she whined. 

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More about tipping points/hitting the wall

Some of you might have read my post about ADHD “tipping points,” a situation where a person who was functioning fairly well goes through a change in environment, expectations, or support systems where they can no longer cope, and become extremely disabled. They look and feel like they’re falling apart, and they may get diagnosed for the first time.

Someone mentioned that this phenomenon sounds an awful lot like autistic burnout. I agree, to some extent. However, I think it’s possible to reach a tipping point without burning out entirely (though probably not vice versa). Why?

I’ve actually had two tipping points in my life. One in college, where I sought out and got a diagnosis, and I did not burn out. And one during graduate school, where I did.

So, what was different about college? 

It wasn’t use of formal disability accommodations. Ironically, in college, I did not seek out or receive any accommodations from my school, or even register with the disability office. In grad school, I did register with the disability office and got accommodations for some assistive technology and executive function coaching.

More frequent breaks. My college was on the quarter system. I routinely burned out by the eighth week (luckily my finals were papers which were due early), and spent the end of the quarter and the week or two of breaks in between recovering. By the beginning of the next quarter I had my enthusiasm and mental functioning back. My graduate school was on the semester system, which tests one’s endurance a lot more. Also, graduate students are expected to work on breaks, so I never got a chance to fully recuperate between semesters.

Ability to subtract things from my life. I was involved in a number of clubs and dorm activities my freshman year, including an orchestra and a small student music group. I gradually cut back, until I was involved in no organized activities and my socializing consisted of informal hanging out with friends during mealtimes and in the afternoons and evenings after class. I finally gave up (and made peace with giving up) playing an instrument midway through college, along with drawing and fiction writing, which I had loved. In graduate school, there was very little to cut. I needed to take care of myself and spend time with my partner. I cut back on blogging, social media, volunteering with a local disability organization, and a class I had yearned to sit in on concerning the philosophy of psychiatry (I regret all those choices). It still wasn’t enough, and it made me feel out of touch with the reasons I’d pursued studying neuroscience in the first place.

Limited self-care tasks. In college, I deliberately arranged my life so that I would not have to struggle with self-care, which was time-consuming and exhausting for me at the time. I lived on campus in a dorm (where cleaning staff cleaned the bathrooms and cooking areas), ate mostly in the dining hall, and thus had limited cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping. In graduate school, my partner and I shared an apartment and cooking, cleaning, and shopping duties. To be close to campus and downtown, we lived about a mile walk from the grocery store, so just buying groceries was an ordeal.

Support outside of school. In college, living near home and with parental support, I was lucky enough to try occupational therapy (OT), therapy for my anxiety and depression, and medication. In grad school, I was cut off from my previous support network and had to build a new one. I did find a therapist and a prescriber after a while, but it took a long time and some false starts. I tried executive function coaching, but I really needed something more intensive than I got. The free executive coaching through disability services wasn’t helpful, and some of the suggestions were even counterproductive (e.g., switching certain sorts of lists and planning from paper to digital to be more “efficient”, or testing out unhelpful organizational software I had to pay for).

My overall environment. I loved my college. I loved my few close friends, I enjoyed the culture of the student body in general, I loved my teachers and my classes. My senses and emotions were nourished by the physical campus, and the town around the campus was the perfect size with the right amount of things to do, and the ideal balance between “real world” and “college bubble.” My graduate school was in a place that I, frankly, hated. I hated the undergraduate culture there, too, and because the town was dominated by undergraduates during the school year, I hated what they turned the place into. I loved my lab and adviser, and I enjoyed my classes, my teachers, my peers, and my department, but I didn’t feel like I fit in. My entering class never gelled as a unit; there were a lot of cliques, and I didn’t belong to them. I tried to make friends by starting a writing group but it didn’t last when I had to cut activities to stay afloat. My labmates were friendly to me and would respond when I talked to them, but they never sought me out to socialize either inside or outside the lab. My partner hated living there and was angry I had chosen to go there, and was even more isolated than I was. He had no one but me there, so I needed to spend a lot of time and energy on him and repairing our relationship that I didn’t always have. In academia, you go where the jobs are, no matter how heinous the town or the university/department culture. I had thought it didn’t matter to me where I lived since I didn’t go out much. The experience taught me that my physical and broader social environment make a huge difference–and therefore that I should rethink academia.

I suspect that I came close to burning out in college many times, but because of the college environment itself and the coping strategies and support networks I chose, I always brought myself back from the brink. Thus, I ended up with a tipping point that did not end in burn-out. My graduate-school tipping point ended in burnout and in a lot of ways, resembles autistic burnout. About a year after my burnout began, I am still recovering.

TL;DR? Here are some conclusions:

1) You can have more than one tipping point in your life. They can be more or less severe.

2) You can have a tipping point without burning out. You probably can’t burn out without having a tipping point.

3) Just like your environment and coping strategies determine whether you hit a tipping point, they also make a difference in whether you burn out.

4) Being diagnosed, developing coping strategies, and using services doesn’t prevent you from having tipping points again later.

Has anyone else had tipping points without burnouts, or multiple tipping points of different severity?


Airbrushed Perfection

Author’s note: Oh. My. God. I can’t believe I finally finished this gAH. All my Reigisa feels kinda exploded aaand this fic was born. It’s my longest fic yet and and and and ;~; help it’s not a prompt, I’m so sorry but I had to get this one out of my system asdklfasd

Summary: AU. Rei’s a make-up artist and his high school crush, Nagisa will be his next (swimsuit) model. Deciding to be a good friend, Rin makes sure everybody leaves early once the shoot’s over and only god knows how they ended up on the floor like that. 

Word count: 5,5k of pure fluff hOLY


Some would say one would grow bored after a while, but oddly enough, Ryuugazaki Rei, devoted make-up artist, never got tired of making people presentable for the camera. Make-up was an art form and no one could convince him otherwise. Their models were beautiful without make-up, yes, of course, but adding a little color here and there, along with some brushstrokes, their features would be highlighted and could be proudly represented to the world.

During high school, Rei had always thought he’d become a scientist, a biologist or maybe even a librarian until he came across this one photo in a beauty magazine. It was a before and after picture of a woman who had undergone a so-called “make over” and Rei remembered instantly falling in love with the concept of make-up. She was radiating with confidence, her eyes were sparkling and looked absolutely gorgeous with that pink shine on her lips.

After that, Rei practically delved into this world and found himself drowning in it. There were so many videos on YouTube, articles, books, stores, products, and people who were more than willing to help him become a pro himself. It was a bit awkward to ask the girls at school what kind of brand of foundation they used, but they were usually open about it and at some point, Rei was the one giving advice to a handful of people.

Except… to that one guy who had been sitting a few tables away from him. The one who was always skipping around, doodling on his desk, smiling at everyone and laughing out loud whenever Rei embarrassed himself.

Hazuki Nagisa.

His high school crush.

They had never had a proper conversation except for some polite small-talk because they happened to take the same train to school. Rei was too socially awkward to start a conversation so he decided not to while Nagisa was the most social person he had ever seen in his life and was not afraid to talk to anyone, including him. Sometimes they’d talk for more than five minutes, which was basically Nagisa rambling about a new anime he had come across and Rei listening to every word, secretly loving the way Nagisa moved his hands in rapid motions, trying really hard to describe everything.

It was both fulfilling and unfulfilling. Just listening to him was not enough and Rei wished he had had the balls to approach him, but every time he wanted to, he’d see Nagisa hanging out with a couple of senpais and Rei would instantly turn around and sneak away because those senpais looked very intimidating.

And so Rei stuck to watching him every now and then during class, enjoying his presence and accepting that he had succumbed to something as silly as having a crush on a classmate.


… Right, he had been drifting off and quickly apologized with a bow to photographer Matsuoka Rin who was sending him his infamous glares. Couldn’t exactly blame him, since Rei often daydreamed about stuff (“stuff” being Hazuki Nagisa) for a good fifteen minutes until he’d hear distant yelling.

He jogged over to the male model Rin was currently taking photos of, reached for his hip bag, which contained about ten different brushes and powders and started touching up his make-up. It had become such a standard routine for him so Rei barely had to think while he swept the coated brushes over the man’s cheeks and forehead with ease.

In the beginning he was pretty awkward around their models, especially since they often did shoots for bathing suit magazines, but he got used to it after a while. The female models were always very nice to him, smiling shyly and sometimes even asking him if he was single, while the male models merely acted polite and didn’t pay that much attention to him.

This one was no exception. Just did as he was instructed, turning his head to the side and holding still while Rei blended out his contours.

When he was done, he excused himself and went back to his assigned spot, which was right behind Rin, so he was within earshot.

Not that that mattered, though, because his mind started to wander off again. For some reason he was particularly distracted today and let himself become fully absorbed into his own thoughts as the continuous clicks and flashes were eventually drowned out.

“Good work, everyone. Thank you!”

Rei jumped up because Rin had casually shouted the words right next to him, probably to make sure he would hear them, and quickly adjusted his tie before he bowed deeply and thanked everyone for their hard work.

It wasn’t long before Rei had cleaned up his little vanity table, thanked all the models he had worked with today and ended up talking to Rin and the rest of their team about their new project next week.

“So next Tuesday we’ll be shooting for Free! Weekly and we’ll be working with one of their new models. It’s our only project for that day, but according to the editor, that model’s a handful to work with,” Rin explained and played a bit with the straps around his camera. “Oh, well, I guess we’ll see. Nothing we can’t handle, right?”

Everyone agreed loudly, bowed and left. Rei stayed behind as usual to chat with Rin for a bit before they got ready to leave. Even though Rei acted like a daydreamer from time to time, the two of them got along pretty well and often stayed behind to chat or get a cup of coffee together.

“Why is this model a handful to work with? I’m actually kind of curious now,” Rei said and slung his bag over his shoulder, adjusting his glasses while he was at it.

“Dunno,” Rin answered with a shrug. “According to the editor he was super energetic or something and bounced all over the place during his interview. Meh, whatever, we’ll figure something out. He gave me the dude’s portfolio so I’ll go check that out tonight. Find his good sides and shit.”

“What’s his name? I can do a quick background check,” Rei inquired and already got out his smartphone, ready to open his Google app.

Rin threw his head back with a bark of laughter. “Go ahead, you nerd. His name is Hazuki. Hazuki Nagisa.”

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 Hey so I rewatched The Internship and got some serious Stuart feels so I decided to get this out of my system.

Title: Three Inches Up

Word Count: Um…. a lot…. IDK and I don’t feel like finding out.

Warnings: Mentions of strip clubs and nudity and sexual stuff. Swearing too.

Prompt: You have a major crush on Stuart but he barely even notices anything besides his phone let alone you.  When Team Lyle heads to the club things get interesting.

Multi-shot: Probably. Cause damn it’s long and I still want to do a bridge/ morning after scene.

Three Inches Up

Your team had a rough start.  They didn’t get along and it wasn’t until Quidditch did you guys really come together. From then on you guys started to hang and become friends. During all this quality time you had developed a huge crush on Stuart.  He was funny and was very good looking.  He had a lot of things in common with you .  All of theses things made your heart do stutter steps whenever he did make eye contact with you.  You wish he’d look up from his phone and notice you.

The next challenge was to create a popular app.  You had no clue as to what to do.  You were stumped. 

“Alright guys, let’s take this new team spirit and apply it to this next app challenge. We got this.” Billy announced at the meeting to brainstorm ideas.

“Yo, it would help if we had an idea for an app.” Stuart said in his usually pessimistic ways.

“You bet your sweet ass it would Stewie.” Nick said to a sour faced Stuart.

“No. Never Stewie.” Stuart grimaced at the word.  It was better than “Dark and Stormy’ though.

Nick nodded. “Okay, you don’t like ‘Stewie’. Perimeter breach acknowledged.  It’ll feel good when this one warms up to me.” He looked at Billy and smiled. “You know it’s going to happen right?”

Both Billy and Nick were grinning at each other while Nick continued. “I’ll break you down like a two-by-four, Bronco. Watch me do it.” Stuart looked up from his phone just long enough to give a look of disgust and confusion to Nick.

Billy noticing the lull decided to break in with some words. “Okay, let’s brainstorm this puppy. We’re going to put the coffee in the pot and let it percolate. Let’s go!”  The chipper tone and odd words just left you and the rest of the team confused.  Perco-what?

The team decided to go and look back at apps that were popular, bin it and categorize  the needle movers.  To the confusion of Billy and Nick who thought that people, as always, were the way to go about it.

Then Billy got stuck on his exchange-o-gram idea that he swore wasn’t like Instagram, it was, and decided to go on another rambling rampage. What the hell did he mean by on the online. He even dragged poor Stuart into it.

“Holy shitballs Billy we don’t have time for this.” Neha exclaimed clearly annoyed with them getting off task, again.

The computer in the room turned on with a message from Graham.

“Hello fellow interns. Graham Hawtrey here. I’ve taken the liberty of attaching a link to our app, which has already been downloaded 236 times.” Graham said with a smirk on his face that really pissed you off.  Arrogant prissy asshole.

“Great. We’re going to lose yet again another challenge, we’re not gonna get these jobs, and our lives are basically ruined.” Yo-Yo said from the sidelines with a stricken face.  Billy and Nick exchanged glances.

“Okay, hold on a sec. You lives aren’t ruined. You’re 21 years old, you’ve got your whole lives ahead of you.” Nick said with confusion.

“Do you even know what it’s like to be 21 right now?” You asked sadly.

“A quarter of the kids coming out of college can’t even get jobs.” Stuart said glumly.  You wanted to reassure him but you doubted he’d want you to do that.

“That’s a correct statistic.  Mother says you can work hard and go to the right schools but nothing’s guaranteed anymore.” Yo-Yo sighed.

“That’s life sorry.” Lyle put his two cents in.  You were getting kind of bummed out right now.

“They are right.  The whole american dream you guys grew up on, that’s all it is nowadays, a dream” Neha sighed feeling the down and out attitude that now filled the room.  

“You’re too young to be this cynical.  Do you really see the world this way?” Nick asked curiously.

“That’s not how we see it. It’s just the way things are.” Stuart finished his eyes still glued to that dumb phone of his.  You really wanted to smack it out of his hands and yell look at me.  That seemed a little desperate though.

“Alright, everybody up. Here we go. Let’s do it. Breath of fresh air time.” Billy ushered with his hands.

With that, after some protests from the group, they ushered you out to dinner.

Billy was speaking a different language with some of the restaurants patrons and workers.  The whole crowd started to belly laugh making the rest of the team stare at each other with confusion. 

“My friend here says there is a dance club down the street that is supposed to be great.” Billy exclaimed his eyes and face light up from merth.

“You’re shitting me.” Nick yelled back.

“I shit you not.” Billy replied

“Let’s go.”

So Team Lyle got up and made their way to the dance club.  You had tried hard to start a conversation with Stuart but he barely mumbled replies because he was so focused on his phone.

Just as you were about to yell at him you entered the club.  Well, strip club.  Your mouth dropped open, there were girl half naked just walking around.  Scantily dressed girls danced and gave lap dances around the club.

“You sure he said dance club?” Nick yelled over the bumping music.  You could barely hear yourself think.

“You know, I was rocking Mandarin, he was rocking Cantonese, something clearly got confused in the middle but I say, boom goes the dynamite. Happy accident, right?”  

Stuart hadn’t even looked up from his phone so he didn’t notice the stipperes and half naked girls.  You were so over this.  Tonight you were going to make his look up and notice you or finally get over it.  You’d just need a little liquid confidence called alcohol.

With your shaken up group, besides Neha and Nick who decided to hang back for a little, you arrived at the table.  When Nick and Neha arrived  everyone got shots.  You quickly downed the shot and reached for another. Neha gave you a look but said nothing. 

After the third shot you started to feel a little buzz.  Your throat throbbed from the warm burn that you kept inflicting on it.  You could tell you inhibitions were being thrown to the wind.  You wanted to dance.  

“I’m going to go dance. Anyone want to join me?”  You questioned

You looked at Stuart but he, of course, was on his phone. You just frowned before getting up and dancing.

You danced for a long time eventually forgetting about the boy who wouldn’t look up.  Some how you’d lost your sweater and was now in just your bandeau and a mini skirt.  


Across the dance floor Stuart was just scrolling on his phone not really paying attention to the club.  He barely noticed the half naked girls dancing and giving lap dances.  Nick was sitting next to him watching his young friends have a great night.  Not Stuart though.  Neha was in the water tube with Yo-Yo dancing and going crazy, Billy was going around yelling about the exchange-o-gram moments, Lyle was hanging out with his dance instructor crush and (y/n) was dancing like there was no tomorrow.  Without a top.

He turned to look at Stuart with a frown.  He looked at the phones screen and saw he was looking through (y/n)’s Instagram. (Billy would be upset.) He again glanced at the toppless (y/n) dancing and moving her hips.  An idea came to him.

“Great big world out there, my friend. Just three inches up, I beg you.”  He tilted Stuart’s chin up.  Stuart looked up to see (y/n) dancing and wiggling her hip. Again, without a top.

“Holy shit.” Stuart gasped

Nick smirked to himself. “Any questions?” (y/n) was still just dancing about not noticing the extra pair of eyes on her.

“Wait, how did you know?”

“You weren’t being very sneaky with the Instagram.  Plus just because I’m old doesn’t meant I don’t have eyes.”

Stuart just blushed. “Was it that obvious?”

Nick just laughed. “When you weren’t glued to your phone you were glued to her.”

“It’s just I’m so awkward and she doesn’t even like me.” Stuart sighed watching (y/n) dance.  Her skirt was starting to ride up a little on her hips.  He crossed his legs.

Nick laughed in his face. Stuart just gave him a confused look. “Holy shit you were being serious?” Stuart nodded. “ Are you sure you’re smart? That girl has been crazy about you since the Quidditch game.” 



WIth that Stuart got up to go dance.


You felt hands on your waist.  You turned around and saw brown eyes and black rimmed glasses.  You smile as you realised it was Stuart.

“I see you discovered the world.” You smiled as danced with him.  Perhaps grinding a little more than you would if you hadn’t been drunk.  You put your hands on his neck swirling your fingers into his hair.

“Yep, it was just three inches up.”

To N. I say
Nothing you did
was close to any kind of love
you used me
until I was broken

even though it took me years to figure out.

I had to rip you out
shatter you
extract you forcibly from me
or you would never leave

and I refuse to be sorry for saving myself.

To E. I say
you were right.
I was fucked up
and broken
and so were you

wasn’t that just so fascinating?

when I saw you
love and fear blended together
and after a while
I couldn’t tell them apart

sometimes I still can’t.

I was never good at letting go
and you made it just so hard for me
I held on way too long
and lost myself in the process.

To L. I say
I am sorry.
you were there
when he was not
and I needed someone
to cling to

because I felt like I was falling.

You deserved more
you deserved better
and I could never really blame you
for leaving me behind.

I had to learn to catch myself.

To S. I say
I’m glad I never loved you
You made me dizzy
you made me tremble
but you were poison.

And you killed me oh so slowly.

Your kisses were warm
but never your eyes
and neither your words
and I didn’t want to freeze.

so I migrated to warmer realms.

To J. I say
You met me
at a strange time
when my mind was crooked
and my sanity had wandered off

And you were just one more of my delusions

To me you never were
your own person
for that I am sorry
and I am so thankful

for you did not give up on me.

—  to all the boys I’ve loved, 11/04/15

I’m posting this ficlet here instead of straight to AO3 since I suspect it’s part of something longer; I just haven’t decided what that is yet. I had to get at least this much out of my system, though, because I still seem to have unresolved feelings about Percy and the Briarwoods, about what they may have left behind, and what, for that matter, is left behind in Percy, considering our resident gunslinger can still be quite uncommonly persuasive, can hex his enemies and cast illusions, and can apparently still summon creatures of mist when he’s of a mind to, because that’s not creepy as fuck or anything.

So here’s one idea of how he figured some of that out in the aftermath.

(Obligatory disclaimer: written in a bit of a mad rush and unbetaed, so forgive me if I’m forgetting any relevant canon details. With hours of footage to wade through, it can be tricky to fact check. ;)

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Mad Max fic: Green

There were so many Norse myth references in Mad Max: Fury Road that this crossover was pretty much inevitable. I couldn’t help myself.

Technically, everyone in this fic is dead, but it’s G-rated aside from that.


Nux wakes to a wild heady wet smell and a vague feeling of strangeness. It takes him a moment to realize that what he’s feeling is the absence of pain. He can’t remember a time when he didn’t hurt.

He reaches up to feel Larry and Barry, and they aren’t there.

He sits up then, eyes snapping open, and scrambles to his feet. He’s barefoot, and there’s something soft beneath his toes, soft and wet. He looks down, and sees that it’s green.

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Your First Hunt

Hi! So this is my first fic ever, and I’m really really nervous that it sucks or is unoriginal but I’ve been working on it for a few hours and just need to get it out of my system. So I hope someone out there likes it! Feel free to like/reblog/send me some anon love for it, because it’d be extremely appreciated! Ok on with the story:

Word Count: 1841

(Gif below not mine! But I sure wish that smirk was.)

The second the three of you entered the bunker, Sam and Dean were already arguing. To say the least, it had been a tough hunt. The three of you had tracked a werewolf after following a string of reported animal attacks in local newspapers. You had only known the boys for a about year, but this was your first hunt. After your family was killed by a vampire Sam and Dean eventually took down, you were quickly caught up on the fact that the things that go bump in the night were, in fact, real. With nothing else in your life seeming to matter anymore, you dropped out of college and hit the road with the boys. The adjustment had been easier than you anticipated. You quickly fell into step with the boys, picking up on their quirks and finding yourself a role within your new group. You also found yourself falling in love with Dean fast and hard once you became comfortable. Your hands-on training started only a few months ago, after you and Sam had finally gotten Dean to agree to the possibility of letting you in on some of the action. Dean was adamant about you not coming tonight, but he caved after weeks of yours and Sam’s combined constant begging. The idea of being able to fight side by side with the most important people in your life was all you wanted… And it wasn’t like you got anything done while they were gone. All you could think about during each hunt was the idea of them not coming back.

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Drabbles; Minho/Key

author’s note: minho injuring himself got me thinking about some scenarios so i wrote these two drabbles on a whim. please excuse the somewhat half-assed job because i probably took about an hour to write these on my phone. still, i hope you’ll have fun reading them! enjoy! ^^

The pain that Minho feels when his foot lands at an awkward angle is nothing compared to the pain of Kibum ignoring him for days. Because that’s exactly what’s going to happen once Kibum finds out he has injured himself again. Minho already knows he is going to get it worse this time because it’s just supposed to be a fun basketball match for charity so did he really have to give it his all?! Well, Minho knows the answer now. In fact, he hears it in Kibum’s voice. His boyfriend is most definitely going to give him an earful, that is, if he was ever going to talk to him.

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I can’t stop thinking about Kylo and Hux getting married, so have some silly headcanons:
  • Let’s just start with the fact that they would be the WORST couple to help plan their wedding. I feel very sorry for anyone involved.
  • Like Hux is that person who has to micro-manage EVERYTHING from the font on the invitations to the thread count of the napkins and don’t even get him started on the seating chart. 
  • And Kylo is worse than any ‘bridezilla’ type you see on reality tv. The tantrums he will throw if he think he isn’t getting his perfect goth aesthetic wedding are unreal. Like chill, it’s not the florist’s fault that there’s no such thing as a pure black flower. 
  • The only thing that even remotely saves the whole situation is that at least Hux and Kylo seem committed to the same vision of their ultra dark and creepy wedding, instead of arguing with each other. 
  • Although there are some problems when it turns out that the outfits that they had chosen were in ‘clashing shades of black’ so they demand new ones at like the very last second. 
  • Kylo insists on walking down the aisle to the Imperial March (yeah walking down the aisle is traditionally a bride thing but who cares about gender roles when you have a chance to make a dramatic entrance).
  • He also wants to wear his helmet the whole time but Hux puts his foot down and insists he takes it off when he gets to altar. 
  • Kylo bargains and says that he’ll take the helmet off so long as he can carry Darth Vader’s helmet down the aisle with him so it’s like his grandfather is giving him away. Hux says that it’s totally fine if he wants to make a fool of himself. 
  • Kylo still goes ahead with anyway and it’s ridiculous but the poor Stormtroopers have to hold in their laughter because they know they’ll get force-choked if they don’t. 
  • Phasma is the best man/chief bridesmaid all rolled in one and she takes this role very very seriously. Like, there’s a rumour going round that Matt the Radar Technician is going to make an objection at the wedding because he wants Kylo all to himself and Phasma is more than prepared to knock him out if he tries it (she is not in on the deception). 
  • Surprisingly, the wedding actually goes off without a hitch and everyone is very relieved when Hux and Kylo go off on their honeymoon because they really have been completely insufferable for months (even more so than usual). 
pvris lyrics for the signs
  • aries: smoke // this isn't violence; this is just a war in my head; I give it time, but it never seems to end. I feel a fire in the back of my throat, So let's get covered in flames and play some games with the smoke.
  • taurus: my house // Never thought that I would feel like this; such a mess when I'm in your presence. I've had enough, I think you've been making me sick, gotta get you out of my system.
  • gemini: white noise // It's hard to be what you need through a static screen. Been trying to speak for weeks and weeks.
  • cancer: my house // You're at my bedroom door, Heard your footsteps on the floor; Closer than ever before
  • And now you're in my room
  • You're a cold air creeping through; Under sheets avoiding you
  • leo: only love // I'm hoping you weren't heaven sent
  • Cause only hell knows where you've been,
  • Your built composure's wearing thin
  • And all your walls are caving in.
  • virgo: holy // you can right all the wrongs just to feel you belong, But simply calling out sins don't bring you closer to god.
  • libra: eyelids // I'll face my fear of the sunrise when I wake up with your hand inside mine.
  • It's hard to say "good morning" when it's followed with "goodbye".
  • Just wanted to say "good night"
  • scorpio: ghosts // I'm the one with the ghosts in my bed,
  • but they only come alive at night.
  • Stuck in my sheets an accustomed coffin,
  • I swear that I'll be fine,
  • I'll be fine in the daylight.
  • sagittarius: st. patrick // I know it's chemicals that make me cling to you.
  • And I need a miracle to get away from you.
  • I know it's chemicals, and I need a miracle, And I'm not spiritual
  • But please stay,
  • 'Cause I think you're a saint and I think you're an angel.
  • capricorn: fire // I watched you decay, watched you waste away. Who'd you think you're kidding, baby, digging your own grave?
  • aquarius: mirrors // Darling don't be so shy,
  • I'll see you at midnight and when I close my eyes.
  • I said it three times, I said it three times,
  • You make my world spin, placebo feelings.
  • pisces: smoke // You're just a ghost of blissful feelings,
  • A cloud of smoke that I keep breathing,
  • An illusion, I'm losing you to the games in my mind.

Every week I go back to read Fluttering Feelings’ comments and every week there are people complaining about the pacing and the lack of confession, kisses, etc.

Am I really the only one who has read FF’s description on Comico?

The ‘some’ between two people who are attracted to each other with these fluttering feelings, whether they’re aware of it or not. 'Some’ is a Korean term describing people who are attracted to each other, but are not yet dating.

(Now that I think about it, I have no idea why it translates directly to English no, google translate is not activated). But, I read that a while back, and ever since I read that description I realized that nothing much was going to happen, so now I just come back every week and enjoy it to the fullest, without expecting much.

Ssamba’s slow pacing is so unique and realistic that FF has become my favorite piece of fiction ever. You won’t expect a movie or a series, or even a manga, to have this pacing because of the limited time and limited pages they have, so doing a web comic gives Ssamba the liberty to show how a relationship slowly progresses while having great character development and making it realistic and believable.

It can also be that I enjoy it so much because I’m a very passive person. I’d rather die than making a move or confess to someone I like, so I really understand No-Rae’s actions. I wouldn’t want to lose someone important to me so I would rather just lay back and do nothing. I understand why most people would want a faster pacing and for them to confess their feelings right away, but for me, I really appreciate this type of story and I actually find it more realistic than anything I have ever read. 

Anyway, I just wanted to share that description.

(On a side note, the thing I am expecting the most about this series is how people are going to react after they start dating, I know South Korea is a very homophobic country, so I really want to see that. I’m not expecting much to happen before chapter 100, but I hope Ssamba continues the story to show that).

kind of important life update 😛

wow. I’ve just had the biggest paradigm shift (?¿? not really sure if that’s the right term), ANYWAY my whole perspective and outlook on life just changed like that!! quite scary but exciting as well, I really need to get this out of my system so this post will most likely be messy and thanks if anyone reads it 😂 SO tonight I did something strange, I had my exam earlier today and I got home and really just needed a break so I studied for about 2 hours and then watched some videos and did some reading about consciousness, the universe, checked out some youtube vids from my favourite instagrammers and such, and I’ve kind of felt this coming for a while now but tried to ignore the feeling - but anyway I’ve come to the point where I realised I need to either LET GO of all the negativity of my past and let go of all the bad stuff, the anger, frustration, worry and just move on to better things, or continue holding onto negative thoughts, thoughts about dying, wanting the world to end, wanting to never go outside and see people again because people can really suck sometimes, basically continue holding onto the negative mindset and attitude I’ve had towards life for years - in summary I need to either let go of the negative energy and move onto new things, or hold onto it and stay in my comfort zone but be miserable at the same time. this is really scary for me and I’m sure many of you can relate when I say that if you’ve been sad/miserable/negative or dealt with self hate for a long time, it seems to form part of your identity and you feel so lost without it and unsure of who you are. not to mention sadness can be addictive! whenever I found myself feeling happy for some reason, I’d always find a reason to become sad again. not on purpose, but in my mind I felt that the happiness wasn’t real. that it wouldn’t last. it was fake, temporary and alien to me so I would find a way to slip back into that sad, dark and familiar place or emptiness. and I would find all kinds of things/people to blame - recently I stopped doing this when I realised it was all me, that’s part of what lead to the realisation that I’m in control of myself and only I can make myself happy again. SO anyway, what I want to say is from now I’m going to choose what’s best for me, and I know it will be difficult, but I’m going to give it my best shot anyway. I’m sick of destroying myself physically and mentally, I realised I’ve done considerable damage to my body over the course of a few years but especially in the past 8 months-a year with extremely restrictive eating and I just want to focus on healing mind and body and just taking care of myself. and this time will be different hopefully because I’m doing this for ME and not for anyone else! A really big issue I’ve always had is balance in my life. I’m usually all or nothing - I’ll eat the whole fridge or nothing at all, over exercise and become obsessed or not exercise at all, over study or not give a shit about my grades, etc, but I’m working on improving that. part of the plan is to walk every day for 30-60 minutes as I’ve been quite sedentary during this study period and also focusing on my diet and eating high carb, low fat vegan aiming for raw till 4 most days but just listening to my body. so I’ll probably be posting lots of random stuff about my life in the future, as always thank you all so much for your kindness and support and for following me, I’ve had this blog for over 3 years I think! and there are some of you who’ve been with me the whole time and it’s just amazing the community here ❤️❤️ I am also thinking of maybe starting youtube in the future, if all goes well I might share my story and maybe inspire a few others to choose HAPPINESS and self love. I usually post my meals on instagram so if you are interested in what I eat or what vegans eat feel free to check out my account @chloessun and check out the accounts I follow as well! thank you so much if you read this whole post, lots of love 👅 xxxx

I Can’t Make You Love Me

Rating: teen, just for some language
Fandom: zootopia
Genre: depressing depressed sad pathetic sadness
Relationship: extremely unrequited nick x judy
Language: english
Summary: nick cries alone in his apartment like a big loser. also he breaks his phone. big fun. it’s sad. it has no touch of happiness at all. read at your own risk.

i’m not committed to this as an idea, it’s just another thing i had to get this out of my system after the two interviews where ginnifer goodwin insisted that the relationship between nick and judy was platonic, (but jason bateman and the two creators approved so eh??). ginnifer goodwin has broken my heart. now i must break nick’s. sorry nick. (FEEL FREE TO CHANGE MY MIND) i’m sorry if this is really bad, i clearly don’t write much.

i love shipping these two. i hope i get over this. >_>

this is the song i was listening to, i had a hilarious joke about “bunnie raitt” and edited a little cover image, but the song is copyrighted and i can’t upload it like an audio post. oh well. ): i’m still funny.

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What. The. Actual. Fuck?

So after all that build up of Stydia in 5A, all the teasing and promos involving Stiles and Lydia, and having Scott confirm that Stiles still has feelings for Lydia, Jeff Davis goes and says this:

There better be some grand plan with all of this.

5B better have Stydia because what they pulled was not okay. I’m tired of them dangling Stydia in our faces only to take it away again. That game was kind of fun the first couple of seasons but it’s getting ridiculous now. Either follow through or let it go. 

P.S. I’m still not done shipping Stydia. I’m 4 years in, I’m not letting go anytime soon! All I’m saying is this game they’ve been playing is getting boring now.