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Pete Dunne - “Keep your hands off what is mine”

Prompt: So I was at work just sitting at my desk listening to music when ‘Next Contestant’ by Nickelback came on (Yes, I listen to Nickleback don’t judge) and I immediately started writing this in my brain, so it’s kinda based off it. Jealous Pete. 
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Warnings: None
Words: 1800+

“Put the god damn dress on and come out!” Liv yelled from the bathroom of your shared apartment “Everyone is town!” 

“I don’t know if I want to go out” you mumbled from the couch 

“You have to! Enzo, Cass, Carmella and everyone else are coming out!” Liv exclaimed

“Exactly everyone is going to be out” 

“Who gives a shit if Pete is going to be there” Liv shrugged. 

“I do” you sighed sitting up. You met Pete after the UK Tournament and you hit it off straight away. When he joined NXT with Tyler and Trent you spent all your time with him. Although you weren’t in a relationship. Pete made it clear from the moment that you started hanging out more that he didn’t want a relationship. He wanted to focus on his career which you completely understood. So you and Pete became more than a friendship but less than a relationship, which you were fine with until a week ago Pete started to ignore you. He wouldn’t text you back, he ignored you memes and even would turn the other way when you saw him backstage. 

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Damon Imagine

@sarcastic-vampiregirl  #23 #25 pls😍 Damon Salvatore

#23  “You aren’t dreaming, look, I’m here, this is real.” 

  #25  “It’s me! It’s me! Calm down, baby, please.” 

*I have exams coming up so other imagines will be updated either slower or just after my exams depending on the stress* (Also sorry if this feels a bit rushed)

*You meet Damon in a bar and become close, but he never tells you that he’s a vampire, so when Klaus, someone you’ve merely heard of, snaps his neck you break down thinking you’ll never see him again.*

“Thanks for the drinks Damon, I really needed a night of relaxing and you gave me just that.” You sighed contently as you strolled down the streets of Mystic Falls, hand intertwined with Damon, a guy you had met a couple of weeks ago and grown close to.

“No problem, hey, before we get to your house, I need to tell you something…” He trailed off as he stopped the both of you before leading you over to a bench near the park, you didn’t mind following him because you trusted him.

“Is everything okay?” You asked seeing how hesitant he was to tell you what was wrong, but just as he nodded there was a gust of wind and suddenly Damon was captured in a headlock by an unknown man, “Hello Damon.” The man spoke in a deep British accent as he smirked at his advantage on Damon, you were frozen to your seat terrified as Damon tried to remove the man’s grip, “Klaus.” He growled angrily, you had never seen Damon so angry before!

Suddenly he calmed down slightly and glanced at you before clearly shouting, “Y/N, Run home and stay inside!” It was as if your whole body was compelled by his voice as you picked yourself up and got ready to run, but before you left you saw Klaus with a fierce look on his face grab Damon by the head and snap his neck.

You screamed before running away as Damon told you to do, and you were immensely relieved when Klaus didn’t follow you. You didn’t stop running until you were in the safety of your own home, where you started crying uncontrollably, 

“Damon.” You whispered in disbelief as your mind kept focusing on his death, you slid down to the floor as you curled up in a ball and cried. You wanted to go out and get him but you couldn’t bring yourself to open the door, Damon’s last words echoing through your mind, “stay inside!”

He had never told you about anyone against him, especially someone so willing to kill him and it made you shake with fear until you grew wearisome and fell asleep.

You quietly gasped jumping awake as you heard a thump coming from the kitchen. You tried to calm down and quieten your breathing as you stood up and slowly walked towards the door that would allow you to peak into the kitchen hopefully unnoticed.

You helplessly looked around for anything that could be a weapon, but the only thing within your distance was pillows and a table.You squeezed your eyes tightly shut, promising yourself that it would be okay before opening them and peaking around the corner, but there was nobody there. 

You let out a sigh of relief as you turned around only to scream. A hand closed around your mouth gently to muffle your scream as you frantically tried to pry the hand off you so you could run, but the intruder also had a hand on your waist.

“Shhh, Y/N, it’s me.”

You blinked upon hearing the familiar voice but shook your head as the man before you removed his hand, “I must be dreaming.” But Damon, who you saw die that night, merely shook his head as he lightly smiled, “You aren’t dreaming, look, I’m here, this is real.” 

He tried to touch your cheek but you moved away growling in anger as you released from his grip. “You’re dead! I saw you die, that man, Klaus, he..he…” You burst into sobs as you wrapped your arms around Damon as he comforted you.

“You’re not really here, I’m hallucinating, aren’t I? Why is this happening to me?” You shook your head and pushed yourself away from Damon only for him to gently grab you and pull you in front of him,  “It’s me! It’s me! Calm down, baby, please.”

“But how?!” You cried pulling away once again before storming over to the couch to sit down and breathe, Damon was hesitant before he also made his way over and knelt down beside you, “You know how I wanted to tell you something tonight, well, it’ll explain a lot, okay, but you have to promise you’ll listen and not scream or hate me until I finished, okay?”

Weakly, you nodded as he took your trembling hands in his, he  looked away before glancing up at you and whispering, “Y/N, I’m a vampire.”

He paused and waited for your reaction as you sat frozen in your spot, you didn’t know what to think so instead you just nodded for him to continue, Damon smiled gently as he calmly rubbed your hands with his thumb before continuing, “That man, Klaus, is one of the oldest vampires, and I have been on his bad side for a few hundred years now, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner and if you want to know anything at all just ask me, I will tell you everything, because you matter to me and I love you.

You gasped as the words left his mouth before finally building up the courage to speak, ”Why-” you stopped yourself and winced, winced at all the information Damon had just told you, and there was still more for him to say but you needed to know one thing,”Why did I feel like you controlled me to run and go home? Ever since I came in before I fell asleep, my body refused to leave the house because your words echoed in my ears…”

Damon nervously smiled, ”That was because I compelled you, it’s a trick we have, but you can prevent it by either having vervain on you or in your system, I have an old bracelet at home that has some vervain in it, if you want, I can get it for you to protect you, I just had to get you out of there before Klaus decided you were worth something, I didn’t want to lose you..”

Even with all of the information you received today you lightly smiled at Damon and squeezed his hand reassuring him, “I understand, but please try not to do it again though, andIwant you to tell me everything, are there any other vampires in this town? How can I protect myself? Can you teach me self-defense?” You asked curiously as you bit your lip. 

Damon laughed at your enthusiasm before laughing and nodding, “Anything you want I will tell you and help you with, especially defence against vampires.” That is when he leant in to kiss you and you met him half way because even with this new information, you still loved Damon, and now, you just had to learn to get used to everything, and you knew Damon was there to help you with it all.

Thoughts from a Mini Thrones-A-Thon

So I just spent the better part of the last hour torturing myself by watching clip after clip of Sansa Stark being treated horribly in Game of Thrones, starting with Joffrey showing her Ned’s head and ending with The-Scene-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named that happened on a certain wedding night in season 5.  It was awful, but there’s a method to my madness, I swear.  I wanted to get a sense of how Sansa’s troubles have changed her and made her perceive and interact with Jon differently from how she may have done had they been reunited after many years in which nothing bad in particular had happened to her.  

Instead, I found myself focusing on the different ways the various men in Sansa’s life treat her, and I’m not just talking about the differences among rape, creepy groping, and sweet hugs and forehead kisses.  I noticed right away how different Jon’s body language and tone of voice are from those of the other men.  From Joffrey to Petyr to Ramsay, and even Tyrion to some extent, all of them step into her personal space and take charge, leaving her with little to no agency or choice.  Joffrey bullies her and has her beaten; Petyr gropes her and verbally strong-arms her; Ramsay, even before he starts raping her, uses his torture and domination of Theon to show Sansa that he, and not she, is the one in charge; and Tyrion, while he treats Sansa very decently, guides her around within the perimeter of the gilded cage in which his family has imprisoned her.  (Granted, she was very young at the time; had she been older, the dynamic between them may have been quite different.)

Jon, however, is the opposite.  From the moment they meet at Castle Black, he (literally) steps back and lets her have the agency she’s determined to recover.  He even lets her approach him when they first hug!  And during both of their disagreements later in the episode, he argues with her from a distance; he doesn’t touch her or step up in her face, so to speak.  She’s actually the one grabbing his hand at the breakfast table and insisting on taking action, rather than the other way around.  And throughout their journey around the North, he respects her and her boundaries, especially her physical boundaries.  Even when they argue, even when he raises his voice, even when he’s annoyed as heck with her, he never lifts a hand to her (not even to within a foot of her); he never grabs her arm; he never tries to force his own opinions on her “because I’m the man”; and he never pulls a Petyr by trying to gaslight or manipulate her.  The one time, as many other Tumblrs have pointed out, when he initiates physical contact with her, it’s to give her a very gentle, non-threatening kiss on the forehead - i.e., positive physical contact, which she hasn’t had with another man since she lost her father. (Just to be clear, I’m talking about positive physical contact in general, not in a sexual context.)  In short, he treats her with utter kindness, gentleness, and respect.

Which brings me to the last part of my theory.  I haven’t seen all of Season 6 yet, but I’ve watched most or all of Sansa’s scenes in it, and I’ve observed that she acts markedly different with Jon from the way she acts with other men.  She puts a mask on around them that she loses when she’s with Jon.  With other men, she’s the shrewd strategist (i.e., council scene with Davos and Tormund), the brittle, wronged ward (i.e., the Mole Town scene with Petyr Baelish - and notice how she shows almost no emotion when she first rides to the battlefield near Winterfell with Baelish and his army in “Battle of the Bastards”), or the commanding Lady of Winterfell (i.e., the disastrous attempts to get Houses Mormont and Glover to aid House Stark).  But with Jon, she loses the mask.  She lets herself do what I did a very long time ago, when my parents and I had left a destructive cult and the therapist they had me see advised them to give me free rein to express the anger I’d been bottling up for years, so I could get it out of my system.  Well, I let loose (verbally, not physically), and so does Sansa.  She yells at Jon; she questions his judgment; she disagrees with and once or twice even ridicules his decisions - because she feels safe enough to do it.  At some level, she understands that he won’t retaliate with violence or gaslighting or putting her back in her cage, as the other men would have done.  She probably has faith as well in his willingness to forgive her for it because he’s done so once already, back at Castle Black when he told her there was “nothing to forgive.”  Yes, she goes a bit overboard at times, but then so did I in my anger, and once I’d gotten it out of my system I began to stabilize again.  And I think we see signs of Sansa’s stabilizing in “The Winds of Winter.”  I don’t mean that she’s mentally unstable, just that she was suffering from the sort of emotional instability that could be expected of anybody who has gone through what she has.  And, unlike many of those people, she has a gentle, kind, loving person waiting for her on the other side.  When she apologizes to Jon (and it’s a true apology, not one such as the men before him have forced or manipulated out of her) and says he is a true Stark to her, I think she’s showing him true gratitude for sticking with her and being so incredibly kind to her.  I think that she values the gentleness and freedom and safety she gets with him far more than she’d value being named Queen of the North, and that’s why I don’t think she’d betray Jon in a million years.  It’s also why I think she’ll fall in love with him once they find out about his parentage and open herself up voluntarily to the vulnerability of sex and marriage.  I don’t think anything short of what Jon offers could ever make her do that again.

Sorry, way too long ramble.

TL;DR Sansa has suffered unbelievable cruelty, manipulation, and other forms of mistreatment throughout Game of Thrones at the hands of men who take away her agency and violate her boundaries.  Jon treats her with kindness and love and never infringes on her agency.  She won’t betray him.  She will eventually fall in love with and even voluntarily marry him. 

In trying to come to terms with the writing for 6x15, I thought I’d try to rework some detail aspects of it. This has been turning around in my head for the past couple of days, of a way to keep the same basic premise of the last episode but just adjusting some plot points and character beats that would’ve improved it’s overall reception and retain Emma’s character progression.

More than anything I just needed to get this out of my system. If you’re tired of reading my thoughts on this, feel free to skip it. This is lengthier than I had intended, and as expected has some salt sprinkled throughout, so yeah, here goes:

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Dean cheats on the reader, so she runs with a secret and stays in a small town working in a diner when the boys come back into the picture

Dean and Reader

ANGST, cheating, forgiveness, emotional and physical abuse, fluff, seriously like teeth rotting fluff

Word Count:  2,777

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           Another hunt, another fight. Your boyfriend was angry again, and per usual he went to the bar down the road from the motel. I decided to go down and talk, as I walked in I saw him dancing with a skinny blonde, making out like teenagers. I never knew my heart could shatter like that. I walked back out and back to our room, I knocked on Sam’s door and saw the door open. He saw your condition, “what’s wrong?” I started sobbing, “He cheated on me Sam” He grabbed me and held me as I sobbed into his shirt. “I’ll have Cas take you home to pack okay, you can use one of bobby’s cabins” I just nodded and went back to the room and gathered my things.

           I prayed to Cas to help me out, I heard his wings and he immediately knew the situation. He touched my forehead and sent me back to pack my belongings. “I do not understand y/n, why would he do that?” “Because he can” I knew there would be a day he would find someone better than me. Cas helped me with my belongings, packing my car.

           He hugged me tightly and promised to keep in touch. I started the car and headed out into the great unknown. I had never felt so alone in my life, I knew I wasn’t but it still destroyed me, every fiber of my being.


           I heard pounding on the door and knew it was Dean, I wanted to kill him for doing that to her. She was like my sister, and I was supposed to protect her from the heartache. I opened the door seeing Dean an absolute mess. “You deserve to feel that! How could you??” “I know Sam, Cas already talked to me. I always promised I wouldn’t break her heart but I did anyway”

           “Well she’s gone now, so you can back to being a one night stand guy” “I don’t want to” I shook my head and slammed the door in his face. He deserved what he got coming to him. Cas had zapped in later and revealed that she was pregnant, she had called him panicking. I sent her a text and told her she wasn’t alone and that I would help when I could.

Reader POV

           After finding out that I was pregnant, I decided to leave the hunting life. I had used one of Bobby’s cabins, close enough to a town that had a diner that was hiring. So, that’s what I did, I worked and slowly fixed up the cabin to be homey and comforting.

           I was about six months along and found out I was having a girl and couldn’t be more thrilled about it. Today was a full shift day, so dressing comfortable was key, and with it being a nice warm spring day I wore leggings and an old band t-shirt that used to belong to Dean. It was four in the afternoon and the dinner rush had just started.

           I started to not feel well, and Lou could see that as well. “Hey go home, I know you’re not feeling well” “Thank you so much” Before I left I grabbed dinner to take home hoping it would help. I set the food on the roof when I heard a sound I hoped I never had to hear again. There they were, getting out and heading toward the doors.

           I quickly got into my car hoping I wouldn’t be noticed, which didn’t work at all. I finally got the car started when they both looked my way, eyes going wide realization. I quickly got out there hoping they wouldn’t follow. But who was I kidding? Of course, they would find me, that’s their job.

           Once I made it home, I took a quick shower wiping the sweat from the day. It was a perfect evening for having the windows open and the radio playing. I dug into my food and absolutely enjoyed the food. ‘Never Be Alone’ by Shawn Mendes came on the radio and I instantly started tearing up. The truth was I was alone, I didn’t have anyone except for the little one growing inside my stomach.

           I was pulled out of my thoughts when there was a knock at the door, I guess it was now or never. I turned the radio off and steeled myself for the impending fight coming. I opened the door to see both boys, I stepped aside and let them come in. I sat back down and started eating my dinner again. “What are you guys doing here?” “Just finished a case and decided to get some food”

           I nodded and continued eating, feeling better now that I had some food in my system. “Well thanks for stopping by” I picked up the wrappers and threw them away grabbing a bottle of water and leaning against the sink. “I’ll let you guys talk, I’m gonna grab some food and bring it back” “Sam I know what you’re trying do and I’m too tired to deal with this”

           Suddenly I really didn’t feel well, to the point of falling to the ground and crying out. “Call an ambulance” I could hear Sam on the phone and then felt two arms help me up and pull me to the couch. I tried so hard to not find comfort in these once loving arms that I felt protected, now I felt heartbroken.

           The ambulance finally arrived, whisking me away to find out what was wrong. They got me settled in a room after the poking and prodding. The boys sat by my bed, there were no words spoken, just silence. The doctor finally came in, and had informed me that I was pushing myself too hard and from now on I was on bed rest until the baby was born.

           After the doctor left, I rolled to my right side with a pillow under my expanded belly breaking down in the worst way possible. “Could you just leave? HAVEN’T I SUFFERED ENOUGH?” I was angry, beyond angry. He was never there with the horrible morning sickness, he wasn’t there when you went to your first ultra sound and found out you were having a girl. They weren’t there period.

           Visiting hours were over and the boys left, hopefully permanently. Cas had flown in to check on me and to make sure my daughter and I were healthy. It was like clockwork, every week he visited and kept in touch, making sure my daughter was safe. “I was fine before they showed up” “I need to tell you that Dean isn’t himself anymore. He doesn’t smile and he drinks way too much for one man to consume.”

           “That’s his fault Cas, not mine” He kissed me on the forehead and flew away. I fell asleep quickly but it wasn’t a restful sleep. All night I had nightmares and flashbacks to that night. The nurses had to come in on multiple occasions to calm me down, it was hard staying stress free.


           I decided to go see the brothers figuring out a way to fix this. I knew Dean was remorseful for his actions but I don’t think he fully understands. “Sam Dean” “I really screwed up, didn’t I?” “I think you need to see why she’s being the way she is” I touched his forehead and brought him to her room. I sent him into her subconscious to see what she had dealt with before him.

Dean POV

           All I saw was a piece of crap trailer in the middle of nowhere. I opened the door to see her cowering in the corner, bruises covering most of her skin. Then I realized that this was before we rescued her and brought her with us. I walked to the back to see her ass of a boyfriend with another woman in bed.

           I walked back out to see that she fell asleep in the corner. The whole time I watched she was beaten, screamed at and most of all, cheated on. I watched every time when that asshole bringing multiple woman home, her spirit being crushed more and more. Cas finally zapped me out, I was speechless and I knew I had to do whatever it took to get her forgiveness and to be there for her and our child.

Reader POV

           After being awake for a couple hours, I decided sleep wasn’t going to come until the Winchesters were out of town and out of my life. I called Lou and explained the situation and he was completely understanding and offered his wife’s home cooked meals to keep you stress free. I guaranteed him that I would take him up on his offer, his wife was an amazing cook.

           He also told me that he had a talk with an amazing young man, he said he could see the sadness on his face. “It’s not going to work Lou, he did something unforgiveable” “Can I tell you something? I know about the hunting world, hell, Bobby was like a brother to me” I just don’t know” “I’m just going to ask to give him a chance, ok?” “Ok”

           After that phone call I had a bad headache and asked if the blinds could be lowered to get the room dark. I turned on my phone listening the music that helped me feel better and relaxed. I saw the door open and Dean walk through the door way, he had a bouquet of pink roses and a teddy bear.

           I opened my mouth to say something, he put his hand up hoping to stop me. “I messed up, like big time here. You are an amazing woman, and I did something unforgiveable. Cas showed me your past and I broke even more because I became a monster like he was. You deserve better but I hope I can work to be forgiven because life has been hell without you and I really want to be there for you and our kid.”

           “It’s going to take a lot of work Dean, it’s been so horrible being alone and I’ve cried my share of tears over the last six months.” He walked over and sat on the side of the bed and took my hand kissing the knuckles. “I will do whatever you ask” “Then ok, I will move back to the bunker but I get my own room for right now” “Whatever you want, I won’t argue”

           Once I was released from the hospital, Sam had helped Dean and I pack up my belongings and put them into my truck. I sat with Dean in baby while Sam drove my truck behind us. We were on our last leg to the bunker when we decided to stop for food and to stretch. I was really craving a cheeseburger, so that’s where we stopped.

           After the amazing food, we kept on our path home. I started falling asleep but couldn’t stretch out enough. “If you want to, you could use my leg as a pillow” “Thanks” I put my head in his lap and automatically felt better, but I needed to be careful. Once he started running his hand through my hair I was a goner.

           The next thing I knew I was being lifted and carried, I was too tired to really care. So, I snuggled in closer reveling in the human contact I had needed on multiple occasions. Once my body hit a bed I was back asleep and comfortable for once in my life.

           I woke up to the smell of bacon and coffee, so I stretched and followed the amazing smells filling the hallways. I walked into the kitchen to see Dean at the stove and Sam on his laptop. “Good morning” I saw Dean turn around and smiled that smile, Sam got up and kissed me on the cheek and made me a cup of herbal tea.

           I sat next to Sam and saw he was doing research on how to handle stress during your pregnancy. “We need to make sure that you stay stress free” “I’m already feeling better just being back here” Dean set the plate in front of me as I zeroed in on the bacon, and the chocolate chip waffles. We ate in silence just enjoying being together.

           “I found a room to make a nursery, so if you wanted to do some shopping we could” “I like that idea” We planned to meet in the garage around one, so I went to get a hot bath, I needed to soak. I walked in and saw that the water was already there with lavender oil in the water. I stepped into the nearly scalding water and sighed contentedly.

           Once I was dressed, I headed out to the garage in a pair of bleached skinny jeans and flowy tank top that showed off my bump. We rode in silence and enjoyed the music playing through the speaker. We reached the store and Dean looked like he wanted to ask what we were having. “It’s a girl” He got this smile on his face, like he was the happiest man in the world.

           “I hope you’ll like the name I pick out” “I’m sure it’s unique like you are” I smiled and nodded my head. “Austin Renee” He reached out, interlocking our fingers together. “It’s beautiful” He leaned in as I leaned in, kissing each other for the first time and feeling the anger just melt away.

           We picked out furniture, clothes and made sure we stocked up on diapers. It was into the evening when we finally made it back. We walked in hand in hand, knowing full well he was going to work his ass off to gain forgiveness.

           Over the final trimester of my pregnancy he did everything in his power to fix things between us. We recently started sleeping together for about two months, he always talked to her or sang to her. He was over the moon when she kicked and moved around. I was at my due date but nothing was happening so I did some of the things that were suggested.

           Nothing was working, so the last resort was having sex, and of course Dean was totally happy to oblige. It’s not that we hadn’t been physical since I came back but my hormones right now were over board. Boy, did we try, but for some reason she wasn’t budging at all.

           There was an urgent case that they had called on and was asked for help. So, of course we argued and I ended up winning. I would rather be stuck in a car than in a bunker completely alone. To say there was tension in the car was an understatement, “I’m sorry Dean, but you will not miss the birth of our daughter! You can be an asshole all you want but I’m in the right”

           Of course, I had to start tearing up, I hated my hormones. He grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him. “I’m sorry too, I know you want me there but I just worry that something could go wrong” “It won’t I promise! We do have an angel on our side” The rest of the car ride was better and relaxing.

           We made it to the hotel before sunset, but they only had one room left with double beds. I was ok with that completely, Sam had ordered pizza and a two liter of caffeine free coke. I got comfortable after a filling meal, when I felt a weird pain in my back. “Are you ok sweetheart?”

           Right at that moment my water broke, “Umm Dean, it’s time” Dean just stood there like a statue while Sam was calling an ambulance. After the umpteenth time, he broke out of his trance and rushed over helping me through the contractions. The paramedics arrived finally, and informed me that I was too far into delivery to move me.

           So, with Dean behind me talking me through the contractions, our little girl came into the world. They put her on my chest and I was in love, she was beautiful and had a set of lungs on her. “You did so good baby, you were a beast. She’s so beautiful just like her mother” It was all so simple, we created this beautiful little human who had so much love already.

           Once we reached the hospital and settled, I fell asleep with Dean next to me holding Austin and was already wrapped around her little finger.

Here’s something no one asked for but I got inspiration to write after talking about it in a cute Tsukkiyama rp that I’m doing with @haikyuu-hc-hq. Also I wrote it in like an hour so I dunno.

Summary: After seeing a show together Akiteru takes Kei to his apartment where Kei drinks one too many beers and tells his brother just how much he cares about Tadashi.

Why do I like writing about drunk confessions so much?

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Fraternizing with the Enemy [JasonxF!Reader] [One-Shot]

Merry Christmas everybody, consider this my gift to you! ^^

I swear I’ll get back to my requests asap, I just really needed to get some BatFamily Christmas Fluff out of my system.

I hope you guys like it! :3

[If you enjoy my writing, feel free to request something when requests are open! ^^]

Fraternizing with the Enemy

Fic Summary: Jason never was a big fan of Christmas, as opposed to his girlfriend. She could’ve found a better way to get him in the holiday spirit, tough.

Word Count: 1,8k

Warnings: None

The doorbell of the manor chimed right as (y/n) was about to toss a handful of flour at Tim. While the girls had gone out for some last minute Christmas shopping, she’d decided to stay back and help the boys bake cookies. However, Dick and her had been forced to watch as Damian and Tim already failed at agreeing on what kind of cookies to make. She’d just been thinking about what kind of nightmare decorations would be, when the first egg flew through the air and smacked the youngest of the family right in the face. That had escalated into an all out war which in turn had resulted in them being covered head to toe in baking ingredients as well as leaving the kitchen in a similar state that would most likely cause Alfred a heart attack. 

“(Y/N)!!!” an angry shout basically cut through the happy atmosphere, making the young woman freeze in place before dropping the flour to the ground and diving behind the counter with a shriek of: “Hide me!”

The voice belonged to none other than Jason Todd, her boyfriend of two years. And the guy was beyond pissed.

“(y/n), what the hell did you do?” Dick asked with a raised brow.

“Well…” she started, popping her head out from her hiding spot and sheepishly rubbing the back of her neck. “Jason was being all bitchy about hating Christmas, although I know he doesn’t really hate it, and I was getting sick of it, so I may or may not have superglued a Santa hat onto his helmet and replaced his guns with candy canes.”

“Ha! You’re dead meat, (l/n)!” Damian laughed while wiping a mixture of butter and flour off his cheek and flicking it towards Tim, who glared at him in response before reluctantly agreeing with his brother: “True. Jason loves you to bits, but that was a ridiculously stupid move.”

“I know.” she whined. 

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More about tipping points/hitting the wall

Some of you might have read my post about ADHD “tipping points,” a situation where a person who was functioning fairly well goes through a change in environment, expectations, or support systems where they can no longer cope, and become extremely disabled. They look and feel like they’re falling apart, and they may get diagnosed for the first time.

Someone mentioned that this phenomenon sounds an awful lot like autistic burnout. I agree, to some extent. However, I think it’s possible to reach a tipping point without burning out entirely (though probably not vice versa). Why?

I’ve actually had two tipping points in my life. One in college, where I sought out and got a diagnosis, and I did not burn out. And one during graduate school, where I did.

So, what was different about college? 

It wasn’t use of formal disability accommodations. Ironically, in college, I did not seek out or receive any accommodations from my school, or even register with the disability office. In grad school, I did register with the disability office and got accommodations for some assistive technology and executive function coaching.

More frequent breaks. My college was on the quarter system. I routinely burned out by the eighth week (luckily my finals were papers which were due early), and spent the end of the quarter and the week or two of breaks in between recovering. By the beginning of the next quarter I had my enthusiasm and mental functioning back. My graduate school was on the semester system, which tests one’s endurance a lot more. Also, graduate students are expected to work on breaks, so I never got a chance to fully recuperate between semesters.

Ability to subtract things from my life. I was involved in a number of clubs and dorm activities my freshman year, including an orchestra and a small student music group. I gradually cut back, until I was involved in no organized activities and my socializing consisted of informal hanging out with friends during mealtimes and in the afternoons and evenings after class. I finally gave up (and made peace with giving up) playing an instrument midway through college, along with drawing and fiction writing, which I had loved. In graduate school, there was very little to cut. I needed to take care of myself and spend time with my partner. I cut back on blogging, social media, volunteering with a local disability organization, and a class I had yearned to sit in on concerning the philosophy of psychiatry (I regret all those choices). It still wasn’t enough, and it made me feel out of touch with the reasons I’d pursued studying neuroscience in the first place.

Limited self-care tasks. In college, I deliberately arranged my life so that I would not have to struggle with self-care, which was time-consuming and exhausting for me at the time. I lived on campus in a dorm (where cleaning staff cleaned the bathrooms and cooking areas), ate mostly in the dining hall, and thus had limited cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping. In graduate school, my partner and I shared an apartment and cooking, cleaning, and shopping duties. To be close to campus and downtown, we lived about a mile walk from the grocery store, so just buying groceries was an ordeal.

Support outside of school. In college, living near home and with parental support, I was lucky enough to try occupational therapy (OT), therapy for my anxiety and depression, and medication. In grad school, I was cut off from my previous support network and had to build a new one. I did find a therapist and a prescriber after a while, but it took a long time and some false starts. I tried executive function coaching, but I really needed something more intensive than I got. The free executive coaching through disability services wasn’t helpful, and some of the suggestions were even counterproductive (e.g., switching certain sorts of lists and planning from paper to digital to be more “efficient”, or testing out unhelpful organizational software I had to pay for).

My overall environment. I loved my college. I loved my few close friends, I enjoyed the culture of the student body in general, I loved my teachers and my classes. My senses and emotions were nourished by the physical campus, and the town around the campus was the perfect size with the right amount of things to do, and the ideal balance between “real world” and “college bubble.” My graduate school was in a place that I, frankly, hated. I hated the undergraduate culture there, too, and because the town was dominated by undergraduates during the school year, I hated what they turned the place into. I loved my lab and adviser, and I enjoyed my classes, my teachers, my peers, and my department, but I didn’t feel like I fit in. My entering class never gelled as a unit; there were a lot of cliques, and I didn’t belong to them. I tried to make friends by starting a writing group but it didn’t last when I had to cut activities to stay afloat. My labmates were friendly to me and would respond when I talked to them, but they never sought me out to socialize either inside or outside the lab. My partner hated living there and was angry I had chosen to go there, and was even more isolated than I was. He had no one but me there, so I needed to spend a lot of time and energy on him and repairing our relationship that I didn’t always have. In academia, you go where the jobs are, no matter how heinous the town or the university/department culture. I had thought it didn’t matter to me where I lived since I didn’t go out much. The experience taught me that my physical and broader social environment make a huge difference–and therefore that I should rethink academia.

I suspect that I came close to burning out in college many times, but because of the college environment itself and the coping strategies and support networks I chose, I always brought myself back from the brink. Thus, I ended up with a tipping point that did not end in burn-out. My graduate-school tipping point ended in burnout and in a lot of ways, resembles autistic burnout. About a year after my burnout began, I am still recovering.

TL;DR? Here are some conclusions:

1) You can have more than one tipping point in your life. They can be more or less severe.

2) You can have a tipping point without burning out. You probably can’t burn out without having a tipping point.

3) Just like your environment and coping strategies determine whether you hit a tipping point, they also make a difference in whether you burn out.

4) Being diagnosed, developing coping strategies, and using services doesn’t prevent you from having tipping points again later.

Has anyone else had tipping points without burnouts, or multiple tipping points of different severity?


anonymous asked:

Hi Calli! It's been a long time since I saw your asks open! I have just a quick question. I guess this could be a question for you and Jen because she doesn't seem to have her asks at all. Anyways, pretty generic question and one I'm sure you're tired of getting, but I'm still curious: after all of the spoilers and interviews we have gotten, do you guys think that Olicity will get back together with each other by the end of season 5? I'm scared they'll stall them again.

Hi. For the cliffhanger, do think that Oliver will be stranded on the island for all hiatus? I’m really hoping this doesn’t happen. I just really hope the cliffhanger isn’t Olicity related. I hope Olicity reunite with each other in S5 and that that isn’t left as a tease/cliffhanger. I’m tired of this game. We’ve more than paid our dues in angst. I’d been like… a year and a half.

Reading your convo and gif war with jbuffyangel was cute lol. May I ask what you’re glass half-empty about? And what do you think the cliffhanger will be?

I’m combining these three anons into one reply since they’re all so similar and arrived in my inbox within several hours of one another. While I was getting some good sleep, there was some concern happening up in here. 

Hi anon(s)! I’ve actually had my inbox open since I returned from my last little break, a couple months ago. Either people didn’t notice or didn’t want to send me stuff, I have no idea. But I’m more than happy to field questions. 

First things first: YES, I think Olicity gets back together by the end of season 5. That’s been my mantra all season long and I’ve only gotten more and more sure of it the closer we get to the end of season 5. My opinion hasn’t changed, I guess, is what I’m saying. We have paid our dues in angst. And the stall has stalled itself out, so to speak. Shows can’t spin wheels forever, eventually the audience gets frustrated and the reasons for spinning those wheels kinda break down. We’re at the end of that, I feel. 

My good friend @jbuffyangel has really gone more in depth on the reasons for believing in a reunion than I’m going to go into. So I assure you, she’s also right here with me in being all systems go for a reunion. 

Now, some of you may have seen the teasing convo she and I had on twitter last night. We’ve been having this argument for a couple weeks now and it’s entertaining and I kinda made it public without really saying what it’s about. It’s clear that maybe some might think we’re arguing about the cliffhanger. Without saying what it’s really about, I will say this: It’s NOT about the cliffhanger. No, it’s far more silly than that. 😉

To be honest, we don’t talk about the cliffhanger that much. I don’t think either of us have a clue about that but I think we both agree that we don’t feel it has to do with the Olicity reunion. Not saying it won’t involve Oliver and/or Felicity, just not their romantic status with one another. I rather feel that’ll be settled in 5x22, actually, leaving the finale for other pressing matters. 

I don’t have any firm specs on what the cliffhanger actually is, but I’m also not really worried about it either. Then again, I haven’t been really worried about anything all season long, so I might be a poor barometer. I understand some are nervous and I get why. I hope you’re pleased with how it turns out, however it turns out. 

Just remember: OLICITY IS RISING. Tomorrow’s episode is just the official start of that. The reunion will likely NOT happen in 5x20 and I hope fans aren’t too disappointed when it doesn’t happen. But it will happen. We’re days away from that reunion. Isn’t that amazing? I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty excited about it! 

Give Me Love-- Harry Styles

All I want is the tastes that your lips allow,

My, my, my, my, my, my, Give me love. My, my, my, my, my, my, Give me love.

Give me love like never before.


I sit on my bed, staring straight at the creme-colored wall of my bedroom opposite of my bed. My eyes have lost the redness and puffiness from crying, the tears now long dried onto the flushed skin of my cheeks.

 Every time I see his face flash across my mind, I take a swing of the odd yet effective combination of Vodka, beer, Whiskey, and Rum mixed together into the glass beer bottle. In the other hand, I hold what I think to be my eighth cigarette, and I’m gripping onto both objects as if they were the only things that were keeping me alive. 

Come to think of it, they probably are. Every time I think of him, the heavy cloud of emotions that is suspended over me crashes down onto me, threatening to suffocate me under the ruthless, painful memory. The substance of alcohol I hold and a long drag from the nicotine seems to be the only thing that can fix it.

 No. It does not fix it; it suspends it again.

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Originally posted by snowylicious24

Pairing: SamxReader, Crowleyxdaughter!reader
Word count: 2,716
Warnings: smut
[She’s Leaving] [Hell’s Princess] [Hi, Franky] [Witches]

Dean smirked. “Really? You’re asking me for help?” He teased. “I’m surprised you don’t have your nose in a book or browsing the internet.”

“If you’re just going to make fun of me….” Sam glared.

“No, no. I had to get that out of my system.” He chuckled. “You know what she likes. Just go off that. You make her laugh, smile, and for some reason she loves you.” Sam rolled his eyes. “Just tell her how you feel.” He shrugged. It wasn’t like Dean had experience.

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I’m on the trip of a lifetime, right? I mean, how many people get to have “Parallel Universe” stamped on their passport? I should be hitting the museums, snapping selfies, and stuffing my face with Earth-Two delicacies. But it’s hard to enjoy a trip when you’ve just witnessed the violent death of your evil doppelganger and saw your best friend kidnapped by a maniacal speedster who makes Heath Ledger’s Joker look like Santa Clause. 

After the tragic showdown, Earth-Two Iris (aka Mrs. West-Allen?!) deposited me at the nearest aerial tramway station and zipped away to CCPD. As I let the crowd shuffle me onto the next tramcar (I was still reeling), I couldn’t help but geek out over the nuclear fusion-powered metro with touchscreen sliding glass doors. I must’ve been shaking something fierce though, because a pregnant lady offered me her seat. As soon as I sat down, everything hit me all at once. Barry – kidnapped. Joe – murdered. Caitlin – evil. Ronnie – dead (again - that guy can’t catch a break on any Earth!). Where did Zoom take Barry? Is he locked in a cage like Jesse? Is he being tortured mercilessly? But, most important, how the hell do I find him? Without The Flash, it’s just me and Harry taking on the topsy-turvy world of Earth-Two. Even if we did find Barry, how could we possibly defeat Zoom? I mean, I’m still a newbie at vibing, nothing like my power-hungry doppelganger, Reverb! Despite the man bun and predilection for blasting people, I didn’t want him to get murdered. No one deserves that. What about his family? Did he have a girlfriend? Did he have a little Fido scratching at the door, waiting to be taken on a walk? My musing on Reverb’s domestic life gave me an idea: maybe if I channeled his cranial kung-fu powers, Harry and I might stand a chance rescuing Barry and Jesse on our own! 

The tram filled up pretty fast. Normally, I’m a bit claustrophobic, but this time I was grateful for the close press of human bodies because it offered a shield to hide my attempts at test-driving Reverb’s skills. There was an empty Coke bottle on the floor (a classic on any Earth) and I focused all my brain power and tried to move it. After ten solid minutes of glaring (I think I popped some blood vessels in my eyes from how hard I was straining!), I gave up. Images of Barry just kept flashing in my head and my stomach was churning with fear. How can I possibly hope to manipulate energy forces if my limbic system is flooding my brain with all the feelings?? 

I got so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t even notice that I had circumnavigated the entirety of Central City three times. That was precious time to find Barry, wasted! As much of a pain as he is, I knew I had to get back to Harry and fill him in. Oh, frak. Me and Harry… he might kill me before Zoom does the job for him. Time for some Pranayana – so glad I took that yoga class a few months ago! Breathe in, breathe out. This is kinda like “Star Wars: A New Hope” when Luke has to learn to rely on his own instincts and refine his mastery of the force once Obi-Wan peaces out. If Luke can do it, so can I! All hope is not lost. We got this. I think.

anonymous asked:

How do you pace yourself and not leave everything to the last minute?

I generally start by highlighting and annotating the syllabus for each course and transferring all pertinent assignments/dates into my planner.  This allows me to manage my time well from the very beginning of the semester and identify where I can readily work ahead, when I should be starting projects or studying for tests, etc.  

Every Sunday evening, I look at my upcoming assignments, tests, essays, lab reports, etc. in my planner for each class for the next two weeks, as well as any other personal, athletic, or extra-cirriculuar commitments I may have.  I utilize this time to create daily goals and to-do lists for the upcoming weeks, which allow me to visualize the volume of work ahead of me, as well as the time commitment I’ll have to dedicate to my academics.

This method definitely comes in handy if I see I have a horseshow on a given weekend, followed by two tests on Monday.  If I plan out each day’s study sessions in advance, I’ve left myself enough time to begin preparing for the tests ahead of time so that I’m not scrambling later or feeling unprepared the morning of the assessments.  Consequently, I don’t have to cram material while at the horseshow or extremely late on Sunday night.

Another method that often works well for me is somewhat of a reward system.  If I meet all of my studying goals for a given week or month, I’ll reward myself with some nice-to-have that I’ve had my eye on.  When the school year gets into full swing and I couldn’t feel any less like studying, the prospect of an eventual reward usually motivates me to work that much harder.

For most individuals (myself included), time management and organizing your study schedule and habits is a series of trial and error - you’ll find methods that work extremely well for you, as well as ones that are more detrimental than beneficial.

If anyone else has any advice, please feel free to contribute!


Just to get it out of my system, some of the things that pissed me off

  • Why is this show determined to give sophia as little screen time as possible? (also is sister actually gone for good coz if so bummer)
  • WTF is with this rapist and murder and torturer sympathising that theyre going for? Like idgaf if dougnuts didnt see it that way, idgaf if bayley feels really guilty, idgaf if piscatella had some pain at some point (which BTW wasnt even his - he abused his power and had a relationship with an inmate and then made that inmates sexual assault about him WTF)
  • That ending kinda made it feel like the whole season was inconsequential. Like everything they suggested might happen didnt in the end - no demands met, no confession from piscatella, no justice, glorias son was fine, suzanne was fine, nicky and lorna were on goodish terms, like what was the difference between the end of the season and the start? Theyre all being separated sure. And what else?
  • Already said it kinda what what theyre doing with pennsatucky makes  me SO FUCKING FURIOUS and is disrespectful on so many levels i cant even
  • also find it hard to believe that the second she gets laid Boo suddenly becomes a shit friend, seemed a bit ooc to me
  • the continuous casual references to sexual assaulting the guards without any kind of opposition got a bit much too yknow
  • that swat guy at the end. Like at some point the whole thing of anyone with a little power is a violent arsehole gets more then a little old
  • Still bitter bout my fave characters losing screen time to a group of brand new nazis as well as all the other newbies that they just havent made me care about yet, so far theyre very one dimensional 
  • piper n alex WHO CARES OMG
  • stop hurting suzanne all the time, someone take care of suzanne
  • stop hurting nicky all the time, someone take care of nicky 
  • i cried when poussey showed up and thought flashbacks to her would continue but then they just didnt at all??
  • I hate few character more then the two crack heads and omg did they get a shitload of screentime, total waste if you ask me i skipped most of it. Especially the talent show - WASTE OF TIME 
Rude - [NCT] Boyfie!Jaehyun

[A/N] Jaehyun is… my innocent baby. He still is.I’m sorry. *lace hands and pray for me, babies.*

The front opens and closes and you didn’t look up to see who it was because you’re so engrossed in arranging the cookies the way you wanted it to look. It’s probably just Jaehyun, you thought. The guest are coming in an hour or two and everything has to look prefect.

Shoving one crumble into your mouth, another hand came from behind you and over your shoulders and grabbed another cookie, making the circle of cookies incomplete. He pressed his body to your back, pushing you further to the counter, repeatedly as he chewed loudly. He snaked an arm around you and rested his chin on your head.

He dips his thumb underneath your shirt and teases you with it. You squirmed in place, gurgling, ‘What are you doing, my mom is here.’ You tried slapping his hand off but he claws them, scratching your tummy, pressing himself on you in a two seconds relapse. Grinning widely behind you because he knows exactly what he’s doing to you.

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Self Reflection

I have realized that I am a bit of an asshole shipper lately that I fail to see facts. And I have to reflect on some things..and hopefully get them out of my system before I get corrupted as well. Also, because I will feel much better saying it out loud. I’m not trying to be some goody good good boy, just trying to understanding of this whole BB and BS discourse.

1) Not all BS shippers are homophobics. They have their own reasons just not to ship BB. Please understand that not because what you see is right doesn’t mean they are wrong.

2) Not all BB shippers are holy, one in particular had been a whole jerk lately. While I understand his point completely, I still think his methods are wrong. So uhm, less toxicity I guess. In behalf of the BB shippers who are trying their best to uphold the integrity of the BB ship, I apologize about those who brings negativity to both shipping tags. (Myself in the past included, sorry)

3) See, BB shippers mostly want the LGBT representation to be real since up until now, LGBT treatment is still rocky specially in the eastern part of the world so for guys, so please do understand that. The representation means a lot to us.

4) So why BB being canon matters and not other pairs? Well, it’s the most baited so people had hopes. And I just wish people will not give up on this ship just because their fellow shippers are being rude. I hope they stay because of the chemistry of the two and the beauty of their potential relationship. That’s suppose to be the reason why we ship them right?

5) Regarding Sunny-bees, while I am not comfortable with it, I guess people ship what they want to ship right? That’s suppose to be the bottomline in all of this. Thus, respect begets respect.

So i guess, there’s no point in ship wars now. Just ship in peace?

I’m already tired of the negativity and all that. Let this old man have some break and I bet a whole lot of the fandom deserves peace too.

I’m going to say this: I really don’t like Steven Universe anymore. I had actually wrestled with it for a whole year. Aside from a friend outside of Tumblr last month, I never told anyone about my current feelings for the show. I was afraid I might get some backlash if I do, but now I want to get this out of my system.

Many of my followers are fans of SU, and I always respect that. Continue watching! 

I don’t know why I woke up early and had to get all these dumb sketches out of my system, but apparently I did. 8| Granted I’ve been wanting to do this stuff for awhile, but why now, I couldn’t guess.

I love this part. Magical transformations, sparkly clothes, spell-breaking kisses, happy ending music = all of my favorite things yaaasssssss

As an aside, I think this Tiana Appreciation Week thing that’s been going on is really cool. Glad people are giving her some love. I feel like this movie’s already being forgotten and I don’t want it to be. It’s got its flaws, but so does every single Disney movie ever.

heh heh Daisy as Charlotte tho