had to dull colors like crazy

Confession: I’ve been itching to try my hand at writing Strep Throat for quite some time now!

More Confession: I’m trash, so he will be reaching out to R because it’s lowkey really hard for me to not write Enjoltaire in some way.

When Enjolras woke Monday morning with a slight tickle coloring the back of his throat, he pegged it on the slow shift from summer to fall. The temperature was bouncing around like crazy, and many university students were fighting off the tell-tale signs of allergies.

However, half-way through Enjolras’s first class, the tickle had grown and spread, leaving his entire throat feeling raw and sore. He spent the entirety of class quietly clearing his throat and rubbing gingerly at it as if that action alone would soothe the dull throb.

By the time he met with his friends at lunch, his muscles were aching fiercely, and he was sweating yet shivering. The throbbing in his throat had only continued to grow, and one bite of food told him he wouldn’t be eating much for hot pain flared across his throat when he swallowed.

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but anon…..will u love me 5ever…..

ahahahah actually youll probably hate me after this sorry goTTA GO

Right, she typed eagerly, not missing a beat of excitement. Finally a tumblr update that’s actually useful!

She bit the inside of her cheeks and exited the chat box, absent-mindedly checking her activity page and sighing, because truthfully, all she was waiting for was the notification that he had responded.

Of course, lately her thoughts had all revolved around him. She had admired him from afar – his photography was absolutely breathtaking, the most gorgeous, simplistic, but at the same time complex views of nature. A goddamn picture of a leaf he took almost brought her to tears.

She couldn’t quite remember how her half-assed music blog with lame, minimalist quotes (yes, she was that kind of person) had stumbled across his complete and utter prowess – but she had been star-struck instantly, and awkwardly followed him, hoping in shame that she would stay a shadow forever.

Unfortunately for her, the person who ran the blog had a thing for awkward blogs with awkward tags and awkward everything, because it only took him a few minutes to follow back.

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